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pitillogood morning01:00
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sepenmorning all02:30
sepennow torcs its working finr02:33
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pitillomaintainers take a look to the prtverify fullreport?03:56
pitillothere are lot of junkfiles under opt ports. Can be a good idea to fix them. Some kind of find like this to remove them all:04:07
pitillofind ${SRC}/$name/-type f -name 'README|INSTALL|COPYING|all_junkfiles_type' -exec rm -rf {} \;04:07
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Roomsterpitillo, '-exec rm -rf {} \;' -> '-delete'06:54
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pitilloRoomster, that can be an option.... but the important is the point IMO08:01
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sepenquasijarus ?????
treachwhat's up with this? People, including mods are advertising a different system? ;)09:18
RyoSheard of gentoo?09:18
aoni always am :)09:18
aonlol, that site has sendmail 4.1209:18
aoni think i'll switch to that09:19
treachRyoS: I've heard it's actually called genpoo.09:19
sepenIm too young
RyoSneva forget where you came from!09:27
aoni'd love to have a vax09:28
aonfor just heating if nothing else :)09:28
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* sepen : 'meld' recently ported10:04
sepena gui diff tool like kompare+3diff10:05
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sepenI neva installed conky ago, really rocks
namenlosis this gnome?10:42
sepennamenlos, not, xfce410:43
sepenmy crux box at office10:43
tilmanlooks like vista :>10:43
namenlosah, mine at the office runs dwm ;)10:43
sepentilman, using linsta theme10:43
tilmanconky sucks 5% cpu?10:44
aonmine at the office runs explorer.exe10:44
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sepenhere we have a terminal server10:44
sepensome time ago I was running a fedora core 4 and connected to terminal server via rdesktop10:45
sepennow running/playing on crux and using wxp inside contrib/virtualbox10:46
sepennow Im very happy with my crux box here!10:46
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treachtilman: that's nothing. If I try using conky here, it makes X use something like 30-40% cpu..13:34
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* treach notes that being able to write is a dying skill.15:21
treach"A suspect motorist was to be stopped on the E4 by the police near Nyköping."15:22
treach(DN strikes again.)15:22
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prologicI had an exam the ohter day (wed)15:33
prologic"Writing Skills"15:33
prologicI felt like I was being tested of my english :/15:34
prologicI was a. bored b. a bit pissed off at some of the questions15:34
treachyeah, it's scary how bad people are getting at writing, even people who should know better.15:40
treachlike a "journalist" employed by another major newspaper here who can't keep track of when to use "them" or "they" respectively. :/15:42
pitilloI'm not the worse typing....15:44
treachpitillo: I'm confident you don't make such mistakes in spanish.15:44
treachhe's a swedish journalist, making these errors in swedish. /o\15:45
pitillotreach, I hope I can difference between they and them in spanish a long time.... if not... bad matter...15:45
treachI don't know how the probability of making that exact error in spanish translates, but I think you get the idea.15:46
treachit makes my eyes bleed every time I see some screw this up, and it's getting increasingly more common.15:47
pitillotreach, yes, understood it perfectly.15:47
sepenalso, usually spanish documentation was made by google translator an sounds terrible15:48
treachheh, same here..15:48
treachsometimes I wonder if it was translated from chinese to korean by a japanse rice-peeler and then a machine translated it to swedish. :/15:49
sepenand other times by hispanoamerican people and also differs a lot15:49
sepeni.e ruby?15:50
sepenruby was developed by japanish15:50
treachheh, I don't know ruby, so I can't comment on that. :D15:50
sepenoriginally appears in japan15:51
treachjapanese then.15:51
sepengoto dinner15:53
treach10 Dinner15:54
treach20 EAT DINNER15:54
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jjpktreach: time is money, small mistakes don't matter to press these days16:34
jjpkThat is pathetic methinks.16:35
treachmh, but seriously fucked up grammar that would give you an F in 7th grade isn't acceptable.16:38
jjpkExactly why I think it is pathetic.16:39
treachit's all because you don't use "de/dem" properly in dayly speach.16:39
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treachpeople slack and say "dom" in both cases in normaly.16:39
treachbut that's not accepted if you write it, and then suddenly people get confused and make horrible mistakes.16:40
jjpkYeh, especially when the medium used requires proper spelling.16:41
jjpkIt usually does not matter in informal settings, but sheesh16:41
vektoriIt's equally horrible to witness the deterioration of Finnish.16:42
treachand if you're a jounalist on a major newspaper you should damn well know your grammar..!16:42
treachvektori: I would never notice ;)16:42
treachbut I guess it's the same.16:42
jjpkSuppose you could say Finnish writing is rigid and lags behind.16:44
jjpkBut vektori is right about how degenerated it is getting these days.16:44
treach"sad times are these..." :>16:46
vektoriAt work I feel like banging my head on the table when I get e-mail like "r u goin 2 the meeting".16:47
treachI don't get that numberification.. it takes longer time to rember how to fuck up your words than it takes to write them properly..16:48
treachand it looks silly.16:48
jjpkThey have 12 year olds working there? :p16:49
vektoriSeems like it.16:49
jjpkMentally, at least.16:50
vektoriWe also have people who use "reply all" when asking to be removed from a mailing list...16:50
treachI see this country isn't the only one where education is headed down the drain16:50
jjpkI would say it is mostly public education that is sinking and fast.16:51
treachmotto of the age ->"don't make me think"16:51
vektoriI'd say it's got a lot to do with television and the Internet, too.16:51
jjpkThe quick fix era.16:51
treachvektori: well, tv *is* kind of made for people who *really* don't want to think, right?16:52
jjpkThe majority of shows seem to be that way.16:53
treachI mean, what kind of thinking individual would seriously sit down and watch bb?16:53
treachwe are all supposed to be just stupid consumers.16:53
jjpkBrain: turn it off. BUY BUY BUY16:53
treachright. :)16:54
treach@seen brain16:54
clbtreach: I have not seen brain.16:54
vektoriI'm happy to get rid of my television once the analog transmissions come to an end in August.16:54
jjpkBrain vs Stupidity, 0 - 616:55
treach0-6, 0-6, 0-6 more like it. :/16:55
treachgame, set, match.16:55
jjpkCompletely beat into submission...16:56
treachworse yet. if you're part of the resistance, ie, not going with the mass, you're a threat. :/16:57
jjpkSomething like that.16:57
jjpkStill remember the SHOCK reaction to other students when I told them I did not own a tv.16:57
treach"damn, why aren't you doing as I do? You think I'm doing something wrong?"16:58
treachyeah, people just can't belive you don't spend hours watching that shit.16:58
jjpkFew and far did actually understand my point of view, tv shows are shit.16:59
jjpkSecond, I did not want to pay the government for watching tv16:59
treachno, it's definitely not worth it.17:00
treachafk, bbiab17:00
jjpkPaying 210 or so EURO for a miserable tv license? I have better use for that amount of money...17:01
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jjpkI'm already waiting for the quasi-socialist shit system to collapse in this country.17:34
jjpkIt does not even work these days, but of course they will never admit to defeat :D17:34
treachahem, socialism doesn't really have anything with it to do..17:35
treachunfortuneatly the "one size fits all" is just as common in both systems, just for different reasons.17:36
jjpkThe typical message you get around here is the "common good"17:36
jjpkIn the end, they take your money and you get something half-assed in return17:36
treachcapitalism doesn't work any better imo. It's all about making people buy what you produce, not producing what people want.. :/17:37
jjpkThe problem is that society is not black and white.17:37
jjpkSome want capitalism, others want the nanny state17:37
jjpkOthers want neither.17:37
treachmh, socialism != nanny state..17:38
treachunless you characterise "Oh GOD, a nipple on tv" as not nanny. :)17:39
jjpkI doubt there is any government that does NOT have certain aspects that are clearly nannying the population.17:40
treachthe extremes tend to meet, in a place called "authoritanism" (with some reservation for spelling.)17:41
treachthat's what it is, it doesn't really have anything to do with socialism/capitalism/communism,etc.17:41
jjpkAuthoritarianism I believe.17:42
jjpkonce you get to that stage, it does not really matter what ideology supposively is behind it.17:42
jjpkExtremism is extremism :p17:42
treachand that's the name of the game these days it seems.17:43
treach"get all the power, collect all gold, do not go to prison". :/17:43
jjpkWhenever I hear politicians speaking about zero tolerance and the common good, it usually means trouble :D17:44
jjpkEstablish yourself, abuse your power and screw everyone else over infinity + 1 times17:44
jjpkI have to say parliamentarians are great conmen.17:51
jjpkAt least in Finland they get paid well over 5 000 EUR / month for not even showing up17:51
jjpkFree lunch ftw17:52
treachmmh.. and make lots of really stupid decisions and no real accountability.17:53
treachjjpk: speaking of the nanny state..
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