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pitillogood morning00:55
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nipuLhmm, let's sign a patent deal with m$, we'll all be rich!!03:07
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namenloshi, if i click on a bug change in the "overall timeline", i get a "unable to connect".03:22
namenlos might be changed to
jjpknipuL: sold!04:21
sepenWe're Sorry.04:37
sepenThe Website is currently down for maintenance.04:37
sepenWe will be back shortly04:37
sepennow available04:41
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roma2Hi, i am new to this list and to crux.04:47
jjpksourceforge always has problems in some form.04:47
roma2can someone give me some assistence on setting up X please?04:48
dmorbHi. I would like to ask you; What makes Crux any different than Slackware, which I am using. Looking at About page on crux homepage a really didn't see anything relevant that would make the difference. And Slackware is older, with more tradition and big following. Sorry if I asked something stupid....04:48
jjpkdmorb: the most obvious differences are that crux is optimized for i686, source based mostly04:50
jjpkThe installation cd has binary packages for core and a few opt ports, otherwise you compile everything from source.04:50
dmorbusing something like Slacbuilds?04:51
jjpkSomething similar yes. crux uses Pkgfiles in its port system04:51
jjpkUsually Pkgfiles are very simple compared to most systems.04:53
dmorbVanilla kernel, and packages?04:55
jjpkThe kernel is left to the user.04:55
jjpkHowever, I would think the kernel source included in the cd is vanilla.04:56
dmorbOK, thanks for your time.04:56
dmorbIf Slackware dies tomorrow... I'll be here04:56
dmorbTill then.04:57
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jjpkThat would be sad.04:57
jjpkUnlikely to happen :>04:57
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tilmanhi guys07:03
tilmansup bro07:08
tilmanprologic: ping07:15
treachnot much, shopping raid pending. :/07:16
* tilman just stocked up on meat and beer for the weekend ;)07:17
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treach" who enter""09:23
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jjpktreach: and ye who parteth11:50
treachyup, they will surely suffer for all eternity. :)11:51
jjpkVery much in line with expectations :p11:52
treachindeed :)11:52
jjpkPerseverance is key in here11:54
jjpkSmall wonder some people can't take it11:54
treachwell, we were covering that last night, weren't we?11:55
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treach"I don't want to suffer!" :D11:55
jjpkQuick fix culture ;)11:56
treachI was thinking of our friend here. ;)11:56
jjpkI'm surprised about the wikipedia deletion12:01
jjpkCrux's article that is.12:01
treachyeah, stupid fucker.12:01
jjpkThey are drawing draconian conclusions over nothing from what it seems12:02
jjpkThe documentation does not really seem to have a license explicitly stated, though o_o12:02
treachseems? They haven't even looked.12:02
treachwell, that's not the "problem" right?12:03
tilmandidn't they delete lots of articles about smallish, unimportant, boring distros?12:03
tilmanor is this a new thing now? ;)12:03
treachthe "problem" as far as I understood was that someone printed the handbook, and suddenly someone thougth "hey, copyright! ziomg"12:04
treachI guess Per would be able to clear up the mess in no time, if someone could get in touch with him.12:04
tilmani need fixed :(12:04
jjpktilman: what happened to it?12:05
jjpktreach: probably12:05
jjpkThe circumstances are confusing me...12:05
jjpkThey should have quoted from the wiki, not from some shady printing house site12:05
treachthings tend to get confusing when people react without bothering their brains.12:06
jjpkLooked at the wiki crux handbook and it does lack an explicit license. GPL is mentioned, but in the context of the OS12:06
treachand this particluar editor seems to have two braincells.12:06
treachone which is comatouse, and the other one jumping on the cable to the iron-lung.12:07
jjpkTo say the least.12:07
tilmanjjpk: part of the problem is that the hosting company sucks12:07
tilmannipuL: \o/12:07
jjpksip's response on the mailing list almost says crux should be run by a formal organization12:09
jjpkWhy bother? it has worked brilliantly without any formalities in the past...12:10
* treach wonders if gmail has sorted sip as spam..12:11
jjpkgmail seems about as annoying as m$ word...12:13
jjpkTries to automagically guess what you want and causes unnecessary pain.12:13
jjpkSHOCKINGly close to the PATH OF EXCESS12:15
tilmanjjpk: nah, i did't understand it like that12:15
jjpkI understand the spat between the idiots who claim it is a copyright infringement as unclear who owns the copyright12:15
jjpkThose wikipedians must be scared to death of legal ramifications.12:16
jjpkwikpedia is based in the US and we know how much they love lawsuits.12:17
jjpk"I'll sue yer pants off!"12:17
jjpkSomething tells me that would even be possible in USA :s12:18
treachwell, as simone says, that page clealy says that the author has the copyright.12:18
treachit's they who are dody, not the wiki-page..12:19
treachdamn, I can't type today.12:19
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tilmanthe cover of that crux handbook book is very pretty!12:22
tilmansince crux stuff is GPL, using the GFDL might make sense for the handbook12:25
jjpkCurrently the documentation can be interpreted anything from public domain to stolen secret documentation :p12:26
jjpkThat is, by an outsider who has no idea how this community functions.12:28
jjpktilman: indeed! That cover shows dedication like no other.12:29
treachjjpk: yes, it's higly confidential, and only distributed under a draconian NDA12:29
jjpkNow it's been leaked to the internets!11 oh noes12:30
* treach gives up.12:30
treachyeah, O holy crap! Let's sue the Internet!12:30
jjpkIt's friday, we'll look the other way. :D12:30
treachtilman: bah, three. :P12:31
tilmanwe probably could just slap the GFDL onto it12:32
tilmantell the world (crux and crux-devel) about it, and ask for objections12:32
treachthat's not how it works...12:32
tilmanfinding all contributors will be a pita i think12:34
treachwell, isn't it mostly Per anyway?12:34
tilmandidn't robert mc meekin disappear from the face of the world?12:34
tilman"mostly", yeah. but that's not how it works... legally :P12:35
treachnot afaik, but he apparnently took a left turn in life somewhere.12:35
tilmanyeah, he went hiking and didn't come back ;))12:35
treachwell, I was hinting at if you get per's permission there probably isn't much left..or am I wrong?12:36
treach <- guess he's not dead yet.12:38
tilmanah, i forgot about his lj12:38
treachbut he seems to have overdosed gnome or something..12:39
tilmani was just gonna say something like that12:40
tilmanthe part about the interview at washington mutual is a bit scary12:40
jaegerit does sound like him12:40
jaegerodd cat12:40
treachamazing, been using openbox all day, and it hasn't done anything stuid yet..12:49
treachmaybe it can be recommended again for people who aren't into dwm/fvwm..?12:50
* treach crosses fingers12:50
treachif it only had sane configuration files, rather than this sucky xml-masturbation crap. :P12:51
tilman"if it didn't involve a web of trust, it wasn't security. it was ... masturbation."12:52
treachlinus ftw. :)12:53
tilmanraw: ditto!12:53
rawfunny is, some genious opened the window in my apartment12:53
tilmantreach: but you'll probably hate it12:54
rawand forgot to close it after rain started12:54
treach"what are you useing here at google? Perforce..? Perforce. I'm ...sorry." :)12:54
rawnow everything is soaking wet12:54
rawluckily I shut the lid of my laptop before I left12:54
treachtilman: yes, I know about it, it's no good.12:54
tilmanraw: phew, the data is safe! ;D12:54
rawat least smth. \o/12:54
rawnote: the genious was probably me12:55
jjpktreach: xml configs get my vote! :D13:02
treachwhy? It's pointless..13:02
tilmani read a rant about xml by someone recently13:02
tilmanforgot who it was...13:03
tilmanah, tuomo!13:03
jjpktreach: sarcasm ;)13:03
treachI was fearing for your sanity. ;)13:03
tilmanit's not as bad as some people pretend it is :/13:03
tilmanmaybe including you guys :D13:03
jjpkPerhaps so. It is too verbose imo.13:04
treachwhatever the purpose, it decreases the readability of the config file so much it's redicolous.13:04
jjpktreach: I say it's too flexible for its own good.13:05
treacha config file of a few dozen lines turns into some 1000 line monstrousity of ascii-poo. :/13:05
jjpkSeveral years ago when I started using blackbox with slackware, I loved the simple and sane configuration files13:05
treachyeah, it's nice.13:06
jjpkNow I mostly use pekwm.13:06
jjpkThe configuration files could be a bit more simple, but they are no xml-masturbations13:07
* treach watches for tilman to begin hooting about pekwm. :p13:07
jjpkThe magic word :D13:07
treachyeah. :p13:07
treachjjpk: as for the rest, I could probably say the same about fvwm. ;)13:07
tilmanhoot hoot13:08
* treach awaits surrounder to popup and yell "fvwm 4 life" and the dissapear again.13:08
tilmani have never heard of this "pekwm" thing though13:08
tilmantell me, what is it?13:08
treachs /the/then/13:08
jjpktreach: give it a few minutes :p13:08
jjpkGuess not :p13:10
jjpkfvwm configuration files are interesting to look at.13:12
treachheh, well, you say that. The man-page is pure entertainment. :>13:13
surrounderfvwm fo liphe!13:13
jjpkThey make some sense, but the authors must have a sadistic element when they decided on the standard.13:13
treachheh, see?13:13
jjpkRight on time :)13:16
tilmanshould i decompress qemu images before using them (ie, writing to them eventually)?13:16
jjpkMight be a good idea.13:20
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clare_hello, just a small query. I recently dowloaded the 2.3 final, and couldn't find in it the "once only" rc.fix for setting up the fonts.13:57
clare_have had to remember how to do it twice now <sigh>13:59
tilman /etc/rc.fix14:00
tilmanit should be there14:00
clare_That's what I expected, on the cd14:03
clare_becasue even if it did it the once, I might get new fonts and want it again.14:03
clare_sorry, s/becasue/because specially for treach14:04
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tilmanclare_: just run "fc-cache"14:15
rehabdollrc.fix ?14:26
ultra_hi all14:32
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clare_thanks tilman,14:34
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jjpkno mo' hope! :s14:47
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treachjjpk: there's some new wine as comfort though. :p15:20
treachwith, *drumroll*  ... "Lots of bug fixes"15:21
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jjpkWine never fails to deliver.16:11
treachone has to wonder about the amount of new bugs going in though..16:11
vektoriMmm... wine...16:11
treachif you constantly deliver "lots of bugfixes" it begins to feel a bit fishy after a while :p16:12
jjpkFix 1, cause 3 more? :p16:13
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treachwell, it's supposed to be microsoft compatible after all. :)16:15
jjpkAt that point, the wine devs have to be on wine to get anything done with the M$ headache.16:15
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