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jjpkDistro-dancing Arnuld is back.04:25
rawlapdancing fedora this time?04:28
jjpkBitching about cvs packages and the lack of dependency handling :D04:28
nipuLoh sweet, i need a good laugh today04:37
teK_URL pls04:37
teK_I have not bookmarked his blog yet04:37
jjpkThis is in the crux mailing list, not his blog.04:37
tilmanlol, i forgot how to use cfdisk04:43
rxi_someone should his subscribtion for spaming04:43
rxi_tilman: n00b :P04:43
jjpktilman: weekend brainfarts04:43
tilmanah, n/m04:44
tilmani thought a logical partition could host ... other partitions04:44
tilmandidn't use it in years ;p04:44
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rawtilman: no, but an extended partition can host logical partitions.05:01
teK_who is this Hannes Mayer, he has my deep respect.05:11
jjpknipuL++ :D05:11
jjpkteK_: a surprisingly patient person :p05:12
treachteK_: the guy who showed up here a while ago and suggested we needed a gui installer. :)05:22
teK_This world is so much fun05:23
treachhe was prepaired to do it himself though, so no shame on him for that.05:23
teK_look at Gentoo, the devs were roasted by some people for their new graphical installer05:25
treachI prefer to stay as far away as possible from gentoo..05:25
treachbut as far as this distro goes, it would totally pointless exercise.05:26
treachs would/would be/05:26
teK_"you learn very much about linux simply by installing  gentoo" < i love this one05:26
* treach giges up05:26
jjpkwatching thousands of lines fly by makes you an expert.05:28
treachwell, learning experience aside, a fancy installer is just a meaningless sink of developer time.05:28
teK_jjpk: copying each and every single line from the install handbook, too05:28
teK_treach: positive05:28
teK_+ invinting people who.. well. You know what I mean05:29
jjpkteh arnulds?05:29
treachwell, that's a point as well, but I'd be more worried about having stuff that is particular for crux that *has* to be maintained.05:29
treachthe more distro specific cruft that gets accumulated the more time has to be spent on it.05:30
treachand we're already short on resources.05:30
teK_the less time is available for fresh highquality por(ts|n)05:31
teK_short on ressources? In which respect?05:31
treachyeah, and if the developer quits, who will cover up?05:31
treachteK_: it's quite few people who have to cover quite a lot of stuff.05:32
treachif there were more people I presume a lot more polish could be applied to for instance hotplug/udev etc.05:33
jjpkThere is little to no replacement happening.05:33
treachthere are lots of rough edges under the surface that the user has to deal with.05:34
teK_so udev is one big todo, what else?05:34
teK_I'd love helping out, if I can05:34
treachalso, the pkgutils could use some work, etc.05:34
teK_so it's less work to do in the matter of core/ and opt/?05:36
treachthere are thing that need doing, but currently things seem to stagnate a bit, due to time constraints/lack of interest (what do I know.. could be other reasons as well, but hey, my crystal ball is only so good...)05:37
tilmanhopefully it will be adopted rapidly after the gtk 2.12 release06:06
treachmmh, then all that remains is to get everyone to get on with the program.. :/06:09
jjpkSomeone will always drag their heels06:49
jjpkHopefully it will get adopted quickly06:50
teK_re. jjpk it would eventually be a good starting point looking at the wiki and its TODOs06:51
treachwell, hopefully. the problem with open source, things that should just die, somehow just refuses.06:51
treacheg, tcl, old crufty x apps etc.06:52
jjpktreach: yep06:52
jjpkAlternatively they could be rehauled06:53
treachthey usuall don't, though, they just stay in limbo and people keep using them.06:53
jjpkif it works, don't mess with it. (tm)06:55
treachwell, if it's ugly and broken, but there is no sane replacement....06:56
treachwatch the xpdf/poppler mess for instance.06:56
treachI beginning to wonder what the poppler people are doing, they've been stuck at 0.5.4 for a year or so.06:57
nipuLit just means they attained perfection before even reaching 1.0 of course07:02
treachnipuL: hardly..07:02
treachwatch their bugtracker. :P07:02
tilmantreach: they are currently implementing support for forms and comments/notes07:02
tilmanboth via gsoc07:02
tilmantcl remains alive because it actually looks great on mac osx07:02
tilman*if* they could finally integrate tile into the default tcl distribution, that would be cool07:03
tilmanor a gtk theme engine or whatever :D07:03
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tilmancross-channel spam ftl07:31
rawyeah, well07:31
rawsometimes you forget someone07:31
tilmanalso, OLD07:32
tilmanwe laughed our asses off about that talk weeks ago :D07:33
rawah, ok07:33
* raw returns into his corner07:33
rxi_*dings his bell* fight!07:33
sepen xDD07:35
rawtilman: I like the freak who pops up out of the room utters smth. into the microphone and *immediately* runs away07:35
tilmansepen: o___O07:36
tilmanthat company name wouldn't even be legal in germany i think07:37
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rxi_i hope linus doesnt give up his day job ...07:40
rawI hope crux is developed in a web of trust! ;)07:42
rawat least he has an opinion07:47
rxi_everyone has an opinion07:50
rawabout 10 years ago I was of the same opinion! now I'm not so sure anymore...07:52
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nipuLand now for something completely different
rehabdolllol nipuL08:06
nipuLhaha, i was hearing this weird noise08:13
nipuLat first thought it was one of the hard drives about the explode08:13
nipuLi lean down and the noise goes away, then sit back up. the noise returns08:13
nipuLi walk into the loungeroom and realise what the noise it08:14
nipuLit's my fiance, snoring...from the other side of the house08:14
nipuLi think maybe i'll sleep on the couch tonight08:15
rxi_go poke her08:15
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nipuLah poo, the fires almost out, there's no wood in the woodbox and it's raining outsite09:32
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tilmananyone around who installed darwin on a x86 before?12:52
tilmani want to run it in qemu for testing purposes12:52
tilmanand i'm confused about the whole situation.12:53
tilmancan anyone recommend an installer/iso? :P12:53
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jjpkoh noes!!!111twelve1!1114:43
rawcrux doesn't have /usr/src/linux neither14:44
rawerr, dicede for yourself wich of those negations you want to cancle14:44
tilmanbut at least it has /usr/src/linux-version-number-here after installation!14:45
tilmanraw: Thanks you! Plz contined to help me!14:45
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DaViruzdoes firefox-flash-plugin work under x86_64?17:29
loupgaroublondDaViruz, there is a wrapper that lets you run 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit firefox session17:30
loupgaroublondit's called nspluginwrapper, although i've never set it up on crux, only gentoo17:30
DaViruzthis is a skybuntu box actually17:31
DaViruzno idea, it isn't mine :)17:31
loupgaroublondyou're probably asking in the wrong place :P17:31
loupgaroublondgoogle doesn't know what skybuntu is17:32
DaViruzprobably, but it workend ;)17:32
thrice`skybuntu?  lol17:33
RedShiftnever heard of skybuntu17:37
RedShiftwhat's the difference with the regular ubuntu distribution?17:37
DaViruzi have no idea, i'm just helping a friend and thats what he said17:38
rawskydivers linux?17:38
DaViruzi just realized he is a terminator fan. it was probably meant as a joke (skynet)17:39
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