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jjpkLinux kernel politics really pissed the -ck maintainer haha03:21
jjpkAnother satisfied disgruntled dev (tm)03:21
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rehabdolljjpk: url?05:03
rxijaeger: you ever seen --with-distro in any of your gnome ports?05:12
tilmanpff, no nasty words05:25
RyoShow can someone argue with no nasty words..05:28
tilmanhe's not argueing :D05:29
RyoShe should :o05:36
tilman> No one denies that Debian is the indespensible core of Ubuntu.05:52
tilmanwget -q -O- | grep -i Debian05:52
* rxi slaps gnome's NetworkManager around with a handful of large trout05:55
rxihow do you remove files from a package wit the Pkgfile?06:03
tilmanrm $PKG/rxi/is/silly06:04
rxithanks tilman/blows/goats06:04
treachah, rxi you're about to take over maintainership of xorg? ;)06:05
tilmanhey, cool06:05
* tilman hands the stuff over and goes on vacation06:05
rxilol only if you dont want to use it anymore :)06:05
rxistupid networkmanager forces you to specify --with-distro in the configure or use a dodgy workaround otherwise06:07
* rxi offers tilman a choc chip muffin06:36
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sepenhi all06:36
* tilman devours the choc chip muffin in an instant06:38
tilmanhello sepen06:38
sepenusually I have problems with contrib git06:39
sepenerror: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/2.3' is not a strict subset of local ref 'ref                                                     pull first?06:39
tilmangit fetch && git rebase origin/2.306:39
sepenand then after applied git fetch, rebase origin/2.3, pull it's solved06:39
sepenyeah, but I appears also06:39
sepenIm currtently working on 2.3 branch,06:40
tilmani'd say you have to re-clone then06:41
tilmanforcing the push is usually VERY BAD06:42
tilmanwhy the hell does this problem only occur with crux' repos?06:42
treachyou're the git expert, aren't you? ;)06:42
tilmanyes. wanna take over?06:43
sepenI never use git ago, seems to be more powerful than subversion, but svn people needs time to migrate06:44
treachtilman: no thanks, I'm too much git, and too little expert. :>06:46
sepentilman, my last git session
tilmanyou didn't fetch and rebase07:01
sepenall after a git fetch07:01
sepenI do this before nothing07:01
* treach wishes prt-get had a "clean" option that emptied "$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR" :/07:02
tilmanit said "error" but pushed anyway?07:03
aontreach: :-(, what's wrong with rm?07:05
sepentilman, my new entire session
treachaon: nothing, it's just tedious, and I had forgotten about the possibility of setting an alias.07:08
tilmansepen: uhhhhh07:09
tilmanwould you please not continue to write to the repo until we know what's up?07:09
sepenok sorry07:10
sepentilman, I tried to clone from 0 the git.contrib but the same error appears07:10
tilmanvery strange07:10
sepenI also using the lastest git binary ...07:10
sepenshould I write a mail to linus?07:11
sepenDears Linus, your git tool don't run at sepen's home ,....07:12
sepenbut, despite this error, I can push without problems ,,,.... very strange07:13
sepenI don't commit nothing until you know what's up happened07:13
treach-happened. :)07:15
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jaegerrxi: I think I used it in one of them for the help screen11:17
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thrice`arnuld's blog is rediculous14:12
RedShiftthrice`: URL14:12
sepenhe's the future new stallman14:13
RedShiftstopped reading about halfway...14:15
RedShiftwhat does he care what we do with our software14:15
RedShiftif I want to make a propitairy piece of shit, why can't I do that?14:16
RedShiftisn't that what freedom is all about?14:16
RedShiftif I want to take a BSD and make a commercial version of it, why cna't I do that?14:16
RedShiftisn't that what freedom is all about?14:16
rawyou know, it's not _THEIR_ definition of freedom so you're just a moron full of bullcrap that belongs to be shot on first sight14:17
RedShiftobviously, not everyone has the same definition of freedom14:18
tilmandidn't we have this kind of discussion just recently?14:50
treachwell, I never heard about anyone belonging to be shot before, so I guess that part is nove.14:51
RyoSplan9 ftw!14:55
RyoS(not serious)14:55
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treachplan9 is cool, but a bit incomplete..14:56
rawI'm looking forward to quantum computers14:56
rawcomputers today are intelisms wich in turn is shit14:57
rawsomeday there will be good and usable hardware with good and usable software14:57
rawtreach: write the code!14:57
tilmanoh god, no14:58
treachthe amount of missing stuff is way out of what's possible for a single person anyway.14:59
rawtreach: regarding plan9s incompleteness14:59
rawwell, they said the same for UNIX but jolitz got the job done!15:01
treachdude, I'm fully entitled to point out that it's unfortunatly not suited for use for anyone except a microscopic amount of people without such stupid challenges.15:01
treachand it's not only the system that is a bit lacking.15:02
treachin fact it's probably pretty okayish, but then there's everything else.. like reasonable applications etc.15:02
treachwere's the useable browser? open office? etc, etc.15:03
treachway more than a single person could fix.15:03
raws/jolitz/bill\ joy/15:06
treachmmh, I'm sure he wrote a few millons LOC of drivers, and shaped up a gui system in his spare time as well, plus ported a few multi-million lines apps as well.15:08
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tilmandon't know that movie or whatever it's taken from15:51
surrounderlol @ dunecat15:51
* tilman hilights treach 15:56
rawtilman: 30015:57
rawtilman: you have to watch the movie once15:57
tilmanguessed it was that one15:57
rawtilman: because of the 'tonight we're gonna dine in hell!' reference15:57
rawand because of king leonidas eating an apple while persians are stabbed to death around him15:57
rawthe only two worthwile scences in the movie15:58
jjpki r dunecat haha16:02
tilmanjaeger: oklahoma ftw :D
jaegeryeah, real smooth16:07
jaegerI cringe every time we make it into the news16:08
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jaegerat least this isn't tuttle16:08
tilmanhehe, i had to google to find what you meant16:10
tilmanthat was fun, though :D16:10
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