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KyKo_Poor Microsoft.  :(00:41
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prologicis there a driver for the netgear wg511 pcmcia wifi card ?03:26
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rxiRomster: you done anythin with boost?05:19
Romsterother than update it no.05:21
Romsteror you mean use boost?05:22
rxitrying to build deluge and its giving me boost errors05:23
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rxirebuilding it again but im not real optimistic05:25
prologicthis netgear wg511 (v2) pcmcia wifi card is a pita05:46
treachsounds munchy, but complicated to build. :P ->
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nipuLI've just come to the grim realisation of how far behind schedule I am for this projects :'(06:30
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namenloshi, i really do not intend to start a flamewar, or something simmilar. i just want to know what where the main reasons to take git instead of hg...07:55
namenlosor was it more the "the kernel guys take it, so do we" mood?07:55
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treachwhy use hg? Why use X and not Y?08:03
namenlostreach: it was only a question, to get a better knowlege about those two...08:04
vektoriThe fact that git doesn't depend on python could be one reason.08:04
namenlosi did not want to convince anyone.08:04
vektoriI'd rather go with bzr or hg, though. :P08:04
namenlosvektori: that is a reason for me, too08:04
treachvektori: I was just about to point at that too. :P08:04
vektoriIIRC hg has some nice tools for using git repositories.08:06
treach"Many Git commands are implemented as shell or Perl scripts, and the quality of these scripts varies widely. I have encountered a number of instances where scripts charged along blindly in the presence of errors that should have been fatal."08:30
treachNice FUD.08:30
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vektoritreach: Yep, but git sure does have a hackish feel to it...09:29
vektoriOr at least it did the last time I used it.09:30
aoni haven't experienced that09:30
aondoesn't feel any more hackish than cvs, for example09:31
vektoriNot the mention it's not very portable.09:31
vektoriDoes it still depend on bash?09:31
aonRequired to run:09:32
aonRequired to build:09:32
aon[archivers/gtar] [devel/gmake] [devel/p5-Error]09:32
aonnot really, no09:32
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namenlosyes, but afaik, you can't use git on windows. which might be a problem for some developers...09:38
aonwasn't that in the works?09:39
namenlosi think, there where/are some attempt to compile it with mingw.09:40
treachit's running with cygwin afaik, and the mingw appears to be wip.09:40
namenlosand i think you could use it within cygwin, but i think, i've heared, that it't very slow...09:40
treachnamenlos: "some developers", would that apply to "crux developers"?09:41
aongit is also relatively new, and the main focus probably isn't to make it run on every non-standard platform either09:41
namenlostreach: no, not really ;)09:41
namenlosaon: afaik it's as old as hg is...09:42
vektoriAnd portable code == better code.09:42
treachalso, from what I have gathered, the shellscripts are supposed to be terminated, or on their way to extinction.09:42
aonvektori: yeah, but come on, windows is a joke09:42
vektoriIt is?09:42
treachah, all pyton programs > c programs?09:42
aontreach: yes09:43
treachshakes head..09:43
treachtries to imagine a firefox in python.09:43
rxitreach: dont laugh09:43
* vektori hugs python.09:43
aontreach: well, i wonder if it would be that much easier than the current javascript firefox we have now09:43
namenlosbut i don't think, that javascipt is much better ;I09:44
aonerm, s/easier/worse/09:44
* treach watches vektori getting suffocated by the python.09:44
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treachPicking javascript at least makes sense.10:25
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tilmanziomg, i just realized i don't have beer in the fridge11:29
aonme neither, though11:34
RyoStilman: you can come around anytime11:36
RyoShi btw :>11:36
RyoSaon: you too, of course11:36
aoni have some in the garage, though11:36
tilmanest time of travel to ddorf: 3-4 hours11:37
RyoScya @ 10 o'clock11:37
tilmantime till be beer is cool enough to drink: 2 hours maybe11:37
tilmanbut thanks for the invitation11:37
RyoSno problem11:37
loupgaroublondtilman, is there no room in the freezer to put it?11:42
tilmanloupgaroublond: there is, that's what i did11:43
tilmanbut if i had put the beer into the fridge yesterday, i could have some right now!11:44
loupgaroublondturn that freezer up! :P11:44
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* treach discovers ";" in vimperator. :p12:21
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tilmanpitillo: pff, why is not alive?14:57
tilmanoh, it's #crux-es hehe14:58
tilmanRyoS: need de-es dictionary15:01
tilmanooh, ftw15:01
RyoSjeje, si, ftw ;)15:01
tilmani don't understand much of what pitillo is saying ;)15:06
pitillotilman, talking about your level... I think reading/writing it a bit more can be good to get more knowledge about verbs :)15:07
pitillolike I said... that is a slow channel, not enought spanish CRUX users15:08
treachah, pitillo is now intelligeble in *two* languages. :P15:08
treach(just kidding)15:08
treachops, I forgot the "un" part. :P15:09
pitillo(like tilman said... in spanish is hard to understand me... for me too :)15:09
treachmmh, I guess you could all switch to japanese instead. ;)15:12
treachheh, there is no crux-jp. what a surprise. :D15:13
aonthere once was that weird japanese distro that was based on crux15:15
tilmanlame joke, kill me15:17
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treachcrux is a breeze, so it should have been "Kaze-linux" then. :)15:56
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treachrofl, schniggie and trusty old MelOne keeping eachother company in :D15:59
treachspeaking of slow channels. :)16:00
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niklasi have a macbook, and i will install crux on it too.. how will i do.. i must have elilo.. any ide?17:14
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niklaselilo isn't on the install cd :(17:14
treachyou've got the right version?17:15
treachyou should use crux-ppc.17:15
niklasi have download crux 2.317:15
niklastreach: i have macbook it intel based17:16
treachyeah, I just realized that.17:16
niklasokey :) do you have any ide?17:16
treachNot very familar with macs, unfortunately, maybe you should try talking to the ppc people anyway.17:17
niklasshould i download it on a usbstick and install it that way17:17
treachI'd suggest sticking to the cd approach.17:18
niklashow will i make a tgz packages..17:23
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treachyou will do it with tar. and gzip. and you will read the man pages for those.17:25
vektoriYou will obey treach.17:26
niklasyes but do you have any good site to recomend?17:27
treachgoogle. if man "command" doesn't do.17:27
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jjpkmaybe that was too much to bear? :p17:31
jjpkTruth hurts, what can I say :p17:31
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thrice`man, our wiki is getting destroyed :(18:27
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nipuL_ugh, should have written a contract for this guy. he calls up today with more requirements21:09
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