IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-06-19

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pitillogood morning01:04
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Darkyhi you all ;-)04:03
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niklas^ihave someone done elilo to crux package?04:07
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sepenhi all04:13
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* sepen listening David Bowie : The Man Who Sold The World04:24
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tilmansepen: please explain your  git problem on the crux-contrib mailing list06:21
tilmansepen: and ask whether anyone else saw that behaviour06:21
tilmansepen: i don't know what else to do06:22
sepenyeah! but I need to reproduce the error no?06:22
tilmanyou can send the pastes you showed me06:22
tilmanto show the problem06:22
sepenI lost those pastes06:23
sepenoh! I can find it in this channel log -...06:23
tilman and06:24
sepenwhere you find that06:24
tilmanfirefox history auto-complete06:25
sepenIm at office06:25
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tilmannot sure how well known that is07:07
tilmanalso very ot, hit me07:07
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* treach hits tilman 07:14
* treach hits himself for usually being just as much ot.07:15
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* rxi wonders if he could run pkgutils on opensolaris07:31
treachwell, you could try. :P07:32
rxihehe yeah would like to try zfs07:33
treachtilman has been doing some crossplatform testing recently, I have gathered.07:33
rxiopensolaris runs on x86 too07:33
treachmaybe he'd be interested to hear about your adventures. :)07:33
treachyes, I know.07:33
tilmannot for crux stuff, though07:34
treachah, ok.07:34
rxitilman: ahh07:34
treachanyone who knows how the new libarchived version fares on bsd etc?07:35
treachsolaris could really need a decent package management system :/07:36
tilmannipuL would know07:36
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rximight install opensolaris in qemu tomorrow07:57
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nipuLi know nothink!07:59
nipuLbut seriously, libarchive is part of freebsd.08:10
nipuLi think on net and open they are available via ports08:14
nipuLi'm seeing if i can find the version used in the freebsd source tree08:15
nipuLi would assume it would be current as libarchive is by a freebsd developer08:15
tilmanwell sure it is08:15
tilmanused on freebsd i mean08:15
tilmanwell :D08:15
tilmannipuL: i guess treach was more after the pkgutils side08:16
tilmanbut i don't think there's any portability issues there08:16
nipuLit works08:16
nipuLi've built pkgutils on freebsd08:16
tilmanthought so :)08:16
nipuLnever got much further, too many gnuisms in the scripts08:17
tilmanis it that big a problem to just require bash? :P08:17
nipuLit's not that, you can run bash on freebsd08:18
tilmani know08:18
nipuLmany of the core tools function differently or have different names08:18
tilmanah, right08:19
nipuLsometimes the function differently and have different names08:19
nipuLmd5sum vs md5 comes to mind08:19
j^2anyone ever use trend micro antivirus?08:22
rxij^2: on windows sure08:23
j^2rxi: how is it? do you like it? what brought you to using it? where do you use it, just at home?08:24
j^2(i'm doing research if you can't guess :P)08:24
rxij^2: lol its not too bad from  my expeirences .. probably on par with norton, ca08:25
treach"It's a PITA, I like it, viruses, on my computer" :p08:25
tilmannipuL: alias sed=gsed; source Pkgfile08:26
tilmannipuL: something like that? :D08:26
j^2rxi: you use it just at home?08:26
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rxij^2: nah i dont use anything at home but we have a few clients running their internet security (both smb and retail)08:27
j^2oh nice, smb is what i'm looking at, do you have to have local admin writes to install the client or can you have an unprived guy install it?08:28
rxinever tried a non admin user to be honest08:29
rxii would doubt it tho08:29
j^2crap...i have to roll it out to like 40-50 computers...08:30
j^2there's got to be an easy way to08:30
rxioh you mean remotely?08:30
rxiahh should just work08:30
j^2:-O i must have missed something08:31
nipuLshould and does are very differnt words08:31
j^2like my girl *should* go down on me...but does she? :P08:31
rxinipuL: hehe yeah its my disclaimer i use every day :)08:31
rxij^2: not while your infected :P08:32
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rxij^2: tried logging the machines in as local admin first?08:32
j^2i wanted to see if there was a way i didnt have to, but if that means i have to touch every machine, i guess it isnt _that_ bad08:33
rxii personally havent done it with trend micro but ive done it with avg08:33
j^2i could standarized it08:33
j^2avg is so expensive though :(08:33
rxiget one machine setup and ghost cast it08:33
rxilol its cheaper08:33
rxiusually by half08:33
jaegeranyone have a working wxpython port?08:33
rxij^2: dont know specific pricing but for the soho shit its normally half the price of norton, ca08:34
j^2yeah, avg smb is 2 grand more :-O08:35
j^2actaully no08:35
j^2about 200 more, no real differance08:35
rxicheck the yearly subcription08:35
j^2yeah made a mistake08:35
rxiim not a huge fan of it08:36
rxii lean more to ca/symantec08:36
rxica is pretty reasonably priced08:36
rxiand i like the unlimited subscription08:37
rxiyou just pay for tech support as maintaince08:37
rxibut you dont need it to get new virus defs08:38
j^2too many choices08:39
nipuLavgfree ftw08:39
rxiplus ca have a smb suite which gives you brightstor for a good price08:40
j^2avgfree+centralized administration ftw08:40
rxithe admin pack works with avgfree?08:40
j^2i'd use clamwin, neigh, i have been, but it doesnt play well with domains08:40
j^2rxi: nope, i'm joking, i wish it did08:41
rxiclam aint that good08:41
rxiwe use avg smb at work08:41
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j^2why cant i just roll out ubuntu to everyone...on thats right, fraking IE is required :(08:41
rxigets a bit over zealous at times tho08:42
nipuLbecause ubuntu sucks serious sweaty nuts08:42
rxiand spam is non exsistant08:42
j^2rxi: what do you mean over zealous?08:42
onestepnipuL, nope, my friend uses ubuntu & CRUX at the same time on different machines08:42
j^2nipuL: eh, for a centralized desktop soultion, it ain't _that_ bad08:42
onestepand he seen ubuntu after year of using CRUX08:43
rxistopped access to some files i needed during a 3hr copy over the network cos it thought it was a virus08:43
j^2rxi: frak that blows08:43
* jaeger uses ubuntu as well08:44
rxij^2: seems to play well enough with our AD domain not that we tell it to do anything08:44
j^2i'm starting to think we should take a poll of all the (sys|net)admins here just so we get a head count :P08:44
rxij^2: you'll get a different av from everyone08:45
j^2rxi: yeah, i trust it at home, but oddly my school uses trendmicro, i'm just debapting, though i do like the interface with trend right now08:45
j^2i think08:45
j^2i dunno08:45
* j^2 runs and starts rocking back and forth in the corner08:45
rxica have a trial you can download08:46
rxisymantec is good but pretty costly08:46
rxiheard good things about sophos but its costly too08:46
j^2yah i hated symantec, it was default at ibm, it made my life a living hell08:46
rxiive always managed with symantec08:47
rxihavent done anything on the scale of ibm tho :P08:47
j^2and i really think symantec actually makes the viruses out there, so they stay in business08:47
rxithe media do a good enough job at it anyway08:48
j^2if we dotn get TB or hepitious, our computers will08:48
j^2rxi: thanks for the advice, it's finally nice to talk to someone that's been down this path08:51
j^2i've been so lost it's unreal08:51
rxihehe np08:54
rxijsut remember no av will stop everything and you'll be cool08:54
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rxiRomster: you alive?09:00
rxiRomster: when you do wake up can you put this in the boost port: ln -s /usr/include/boost-1_34/boost/ /usr/include/boost09:02
rxiobviously the 1_34 will need to be the $version bit but im sure you can work that out09:05
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sepenrxi, I had the same problem when I trying to re-port 'ardour'09:12
rxiit was looking for /usr/lib/boost and /usr/lib/libboost_*
sepensed -e 's|-I/usr/local/include|-I/usr/include/boost-1_34|' \09:13
sepen      -e 's|-L/usr/local/lib|-L/usr/lib|' \09:13
sepen      -i SConstruct09:13
sepenthat's the problem I found09:14
sepenbut despite that after pass configuration my compilation crash due to boost09:15
sepenI think boost should avoid to use /usr/include/boost-1_3409:15
rxionce i symlinked the boost dir and made some changes to the python script it seems to work09:15
rxiyeah its pretty nasty09:15
sepenyeah! rxi but not for my ardour compilation09:16
rxiand putting -gcc41 in the library names too09:16
rxiahh bitchen09:16
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rxigrr whats with vim not letting me use the 3rd mouse button09:23
rxibah *sleeps*09:25
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j^2rxi: ping ;)09:51
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prologicany of you guys good with bridging ?10:20
j^2<-- not a civil engineer :P10:20
prologicnetwork briding :)10:20
treachthat's a true geek. married to his network. ;D10:23
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j^2treach: hehe10:57
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tilmanprologic: please either fix subversion-perl or remove it from contrib11:18
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bjohanany one that knows of a repo with PIC related packages?14:01
tilmandoubt there is one14:01
bjohantilman, do you knew if there used to be some PIC ports? I think I have a vague memory of that...14:04
tilmanthe ports db doesn't turn up anything either14:05
tilmanbjohan: are you having problems with libs that contain textrels?14:08
tilmanwhy do you need PIC ports?14:08
bjohanfor work, it would be easier than downloading and setting it all up by myself14:09
bjohani had a hard time compiling the sources for the pic-gcc14:09
tilmanyou're talking about the cpu arch, eh? :P14:10
bjohanyes :) what are you talking about?14:10
tilmani was thinking of position independent code :o14:10
bjohanthat sounds interesting :)14:10
tilmanbjohan: you can try to ask for it on the crux mailing list, but i don't think it will help much14:11
bjohani think i will try to get som binarys from somewher14:12
bjohanbut thanks anyway14:12
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sepenplease can you test it?
sepenalso I atached it to
sepennipuL, here?18:33
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nipuLi saw it21:57
nipuLyay, it just got over 0 degrees21:58
nipuLsepen: a shame it's written in perl ;P22:01
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