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pitillogood morning01:04
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sepenhi guys! yesterday I atached my new 'portsearch' script, can somebody take a look an test it?
teK_I gues this site just assigned 50.000 cokies.. I'll have a look at it this night, if you wish02:13
sepenteK_, also
rxij^2: pong03:01
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Darkyhi you all :-P03:27
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rxianyone know how to deal with spaces in a sed command?04:00
pitillowhat do you want to do rxi ? (I am not very experienced sed user but may be I can help)04:07
rxised -i s/one string/two string/g file04:09
pitilloecho "one string" | sed -e "s|one string|other string|g"04:13
pitillothat works here....04:13
pitillomay be I am missing something, but that replacement is easy04:14
rxithanks ill give it a go04:14
namenlosrxi: afaik you type them prefixed with a \.04:19
namenloswithout the .04:19
rxitried that04:19
* sepen listening Sound And Vision (Bowie)04:20
namenlosrxi: somehow it works here:
namenlossorry for that..04:22
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KyKoUgh, selling something on eBay... fill it all out... click submit and Opera crashes.04:35
* KyKo starts over04:35
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nipuLsweet, got cgit to compile05:27
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namenlosnipuL: are you making a port?06:09
nipuLit's it my opt64 repo git://
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nipuLnow if only i could get it to work07:10
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jaegernipuL: how's the 64 port going these days?08:22
rxijaeger: you trie gnome-networkmanager?08:23
rxiGNOME NetworkManager to be more precise08:24
jaegerrxi: I've tried it. it's neat but I've never had it working in a useful way on crux08:25
rxijaeger: so you have a port for it?08:26
jaegernot anymore08:26
nipuLjaeger: well i've been running it for quite a while without any major problems, just need to find the time to fully implement the multiarch stuff08:26
jaegerI might try it again sometime but it was a big pain... had to patch dhcp and install a bunch of extra deps, dhcdbd, etc.08:27
nipuLmy repo's pretty much mirror the official ones08:27
rxijaeger: ahh thats why i cant get it working then :)08:27
jaegernipuL: cool, just curious. If you want some testing or something, let me know08:27
nipuLthe ports are available via git08:27
jaegernipuL: aye, I saw the links, haven't had time to mess with them yet08:28
nipuLtrying to get cgit to work for me at the moment08:28
jaegernice. cgit is the only web interface I've seen so far that doesn08:28
jaegerdoesn't annoy the hell out of me08:28 runs on a vps so saving memory is important08:28
jaegerrxi: did you create a custom crux network script interface for NM?08:29
rxijaeger: yep and tricked NM into thinking i had gentoo08:29
rxido you mean network script or rc script?08:29
rxiahh sorry no i havent08:30
rxihavent gotten that far yet08:30
jaegerwhat, then? fake gentoo conf.d and whatnot?08:30
rxinah just dump a gentoo-release in /etc and --with-distro=gentoo08:31
rxiseems to accept it and i used a post-install to cleanup and install crux rc08:31
rxibut i got no nm-tool or whatever the actual program is called08:32
jaegershould be a daemon and nm-applet08:32
rxithats it .. got the daemon but no applet08:32
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rxiwell that explains alot .. nm-applet is a seperate package08:38
j^2rxi: hey man, i'm here now09:07
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nipuLyay, got cgit working10:29
sepenThe requested URL /cgit/portdb/tree/ was not found on this server.10:51
sepen Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) is a program for girls, developed and run by girls and their leaders.10:54
nipuLsepen: yeah i just noticed that, the rewrite rule is now in place10:56
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sepennipuL, your do portsearch task as described i bug 175?11:01
nipuLthe cli isn't complete11:07
nipuLbut it does a lot more than your portsearch script11:07
nipuLpkgfile parsing for instance11:07
nipuLi can also get listings from specific repos, get the list of repos, get port driver files, etc11:08
sepenbut my idea was that portdb script can be used from the command line as a part of prt-utils or something similar, and the fact that be written in ruby could minimize their use (imho)11:13
sepenooooooh sorry11:13
sepenwell, a lot of boxes have python installed11:14
nipuLwell i'm not writing it to appease other peoples language preferences, heck i'm not even worried if no one else uses it11:16
nipuLwell i'm off to bed (2:15am)11:17
nipuLthe missus is going to kill me11:17
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tilmantoo bad, he was a good guy11:52
Husiohi, can someone share11:54
Husioit's in AUR but can't compile it...11:54
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tilmanAUR, eh? :>11:56
thrice`wrong distro, I think11:56
thrice`I think AUR is arch11:56
tilmanthere's no crux port for gnome-macmenu-applet :D11:56
thrice`and here I thought pacman was perfect =]11:57
Husiooh, damn11:57
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tilmanjesus, cannot get grub working on this via kt133 box12:15
tilmanthe bios seems to be a POS >:12:15
thrice`lilo the same ?12:34
tilmandidn't try, i hate lilo12:39
tilmani fixed it now12:39
tilmanhad to change the bios' hdd entry from AUTO to USER12:39
tilmanbut leaving the auto-detected settings12:39
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thrice`is there anyway to block against these stupid spam attacks on the wiki18:38
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