IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-06-21

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pitillogood morning01:09
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nipuLdoes cron use 0 or 24 for midnight?01:26
teK_yeah. damn :P01:29
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rxiRomster: thanks for adding the ln to boost03:02
Romsternp what was it messing up?03:03
Romsterguess i should of added a symlink as python does that too.03:03
rxiRomster: pretty much everything that uses the library i think :P03:04
Romsterdidn't with what i was using oh well03:04
rxidid for deluge and something sepen was using i think03:05
Romsterarmok or something?03:05
rxicould be03:05
Romsterdamn big and long to compiel libeary boost is.03:06
sepenboost fixed?03:06
Romsteryeah its fixed..03:06
rxiRomster: yeah tell me about it03:06
sepenthanks romster03:06
Romsterlook at git logs :/03:06
Romsterrxi, and dosn't help it also can't use distcc...03:06
rxiyeah took me like 45min on my core 2 duo03:07
Romsterexcept for a small part at the start b4 it bootstraps itself.03:07
sepenthat's all, a symlink?03:07
rxithats all i needed03:07
sepenwell Ill try now to rebuild ardour03:08
Romstersepen, yeah if you wanna save time jsut add the symlink manually.03:09
Romsteror bear the time it takes to rebuild boost.03:09
sepenyeah I done03:09
sepenboost take a lot of cpu03:09
sepenand I have a 900Mhz yet03:09
Romsterreally, i let it go overnite on this 1.4GHz pc.03:09
Romsterit probbly is like 2 hours i never measured it.03:10
sepenChecking for C++ header file boost/shared_ptr.hpp... no03:12
sepenBoost header files do not appear to be installed.03:12
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/devel/crux.sepen/trunk/ports/ardour/ardour#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.03:12
sepennot your problem Romster03:12
sepenChecking for C++ header file boost/shared_ptr.hpp... yes03:15
sepenChecking for lo_server_new() in C library lo... yes03:15
sepenI had use 'sed' to change /usr/local to /usr03:15
rxicant do a --prefix=/usr in the configure?03:17
Romstersepen they where looking in the path that they wern't installed in..03:17
Romstersepen, why not a configure option?03:17
Romsterrxi, i jsut read that and i was thinking the same.03:18
* Romster hates hard coded configure/make files.03:18
Romsterand oens that say disable htmldoc but they don't...03:18
rxiyeah me too .. should be illegal to no support --prefix :P03:19
sepenRomster, scons port03:22
Romsteryeah really, done that and go what the they installed into /usr/local on me... time to use a chroot03:22
Romstersepen, ah no default method to set it then...03:22
Romsterthey should use #PREFIX# :/03:22
Romsterand the packager sed's it to what they want.03:23
Romsterwhats with the local anyways, like there gonna have a remote directory too?03:27
vektoriUhh, no.03:28
RomsterTertiary hierarchy for local data, specific to this host.03:31
Romsterhmm ok..03:31
Romsterspefic to that computers arch and cpu..03:32
vektoriNot necessarily.03:32
Romsterso its not needed really see why crux didn't use local.03:32
Romsteri have to edit nearly all ports to not use local..03:32
Romsterlike its the wrong thing todo...03:32
Romsteras majority of ports goto local..03:33
vektoriInstalling in /usr/local by default is the right thing to do!03:33
vektoriUsually /usr is managed by some sort of package manager so /usr/local is reserved for manually installed applications.03:34
Romsteri had the impression of mount points for local and remote :/03:34
vektoriWell, that is possible too.03:34
Romstervektori, /usr/local is reserved for manually installed applications, ok i didn't know that bit.03:34
Romsterso crux not using local isn't doing the right thing there?03:35
Romsterbut simplisict and kiss beats the standards?03:35
vektoriCRUX puts stuff in /usr because it's managed by pkgtools.03:36
vektoriIf you started manually installing stuff in /usr it would be a mess because you wouldn't which file belongs to a specific package.03:37
namenlossomehow i got the impression, while reading the wiki page, that core ports should be installed in /usr, and all other ports in /usr/local...03:37
vektori"core" ports? As in the ones in the core repository?03:38
rxialot of gnome stuff goes into /usr/local03:38
namenlosyes, because they are assumed to be on every "crux host"03:38
vektoriAnd then you'd immediately break single user mode.03:38
namenloshm, why that?03:39
rxiand then you have the situation of /usr/local being outside of a network env03:39
vektoriBecause single user mode is supposed to only need stuff in /bin, /sbin etc., not /usr.03:39
vektoriIf /usr is a network filesystem, how do you boot in single user mode?03:40
namenlosok, you're right...03:40
rxivektori: i didnt say network filesystem03:40
namenlosi meant such things, like perl, httpup, and so on...03:40
Romsterrxi, /usr/local being outside of a network env, could make /usr and / on seperate partitions. that would make scesne having /usr/local and /usr on a remote pc if they are all usign the same arch in a bigger setup.03:41
vektorirxi: I didn't say rxi. :P03:41
rxivektori: hehe just checking :)03:41
Romsterguess its all good as it is i was just puzzeled with the local thing03:42
Romsteranbd why we never used it.03:42
vektoriYeah, /usr/local is pretty useless on CRUX unless you have a habit of installing software without making a port.03:42
rxiand it can get messy if you have to /usr's :)03:42
Romsterwhich i never do.03:43
Romsterit be bad for crux to do that.03:43
Romsteronly thing without a package is the kernel03:44
vektoriHeh, I used to package even that.03:44
Romsterheh.. i might start packageing that but not much point..03:45
Romsterunless you wanna install on like 20 or mroe pcs with the same configuration.03:45
rxior your too lazy to wget and extract it03:46
vektoriNo, I did that manually, the packaging happened only at installation time.03:46
vektoriAnd then I could store the old kernel package somewhere if I wanted to roll back.03:46
Romsteroh binary kernel i see.03:47
Romstervektori, thats not a bad idea...03:47
Romsteri keep the old kernels installed a few anyways.03:48
rxii usually keep the image for the life of the install03:48
Romsterfrom 2.6.15 and up O_o03:48
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Romsterrxi, kettchup does the lazy download and extract :P03:54
vektoriketchup <303:54
rxinah too lazy to google and install :P03:57
namenlosprt-get depinst ketchup ;)03:59
sepenare you noted that xfce.git repository port uses /usr/share/doc ???04:01
sepen!= crux style04:01
* sepen hate his english04:02
rxi /usr/share/doc/ is ok in my book04:02
rximan pages arent the be all and end all of help04:03
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Darkyhi you @ll!! ;-)04:46
*** Darky is now known as DarkNekros04:47
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sepenRomster, ardour built fine with that boost fix05:21
sepen=======> Building '/devel/crux.sepen/trunk/ports/ardour/ardour#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.05:21
Romstersepen, good.05:22
Romsterbefore you'd of needed to do a sed change.05:22
sepenI do the sed change05:22
Romsteri'll keep in mind to add a symlink for librarys like that in future.05:23
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nipuLtilman: found another missing dep in the xorg repo, mesa3d depends on xorg-libxdamage06:30
tilmannipuL: thanks06:31
tilmanPkgfile lists xorg-libxt, too06:32
tilmanxt? wtf?06:32
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j^2any aussies aronud?09:01
j^2wtf is wrong with yall? --->
jjpkAnother leadership insisting on legislating morality.09:04
j^2no p0rn! frakn' aye09:05
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anrykohow to start sshd service in kubuntu?09:13
anrykoand where is something like... hosts.allow09:13
tilmantcp_wrappers install hosts.allow09:14
anrykosorry, wrong window :) trying ubuntu... first time09:15
jaegerprobably need to install the openssh-server package (I don't remember its name for sure) and start the service09:18
j^2yep it's exactly that name jaeger :D09:23
jaegermy ubuntu laptop isn't powered on at the moment :)09:24
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anrykois hear anybody who is good at iptables09:51
j^2anryko: define good10:02
RyoSj^2: you are good :o10:03
j^2RyoS: :D10:04
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treachnp: Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence14:00
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tilmantreach: BOOOO14:49
* treach tries to look scared.14:50
tilmani appreciate it14:50
treachwell, having one of your favourites preforming "the sound of silence" would be kind of ironic, wouldn't it? :>14:51
jkrDid anyone try the new ATI driver already?14:57
tilmanthe one in contrib/ati?14:57
tilmansepen and me tried it, at least14:58
jkrDoes it work?14:58
tilmansepen: call "less /usr/ports/contrib/ati/Pkgfile". strange indentation :P14:58
tilmanjkr: guess14:58
treachyay, that's some pkgfile. :/14:58
jkrIt's broken? :(14:58
tilmanjkr: nooo14:59
tilmanjkr: contrib only contains working ports by definition14:59
tilmanexcept subversion-perl14:59
treachjkr: presumeably it was, until tilman & co fixed it. :P14:59
tilmancertain subversion-perl maintainers are also really deaf when it comes to their port14:59
treachanother boot mark in prologic's butt. :P14:59
tilmani'm not kicking his butt15:00
treach..and another one. :P15:00
jkrSo does it work? I can't tell if you're joking :)15:00
tilmanbut by now i'm annoyed that he's ignoring me15:00
tilmanjkr: it really does work15:00
tilmanwelcome, enjoy, good luck15:00
jkrYeah, I bet I'll need the latter one15:00
treachtilman: maybe you need to show a more persuasive side. -(:|   ;)15:01
tilmanjkr: actually, i was surprised how well the new driver worked15:01
tilmanjkr: i didn't use it for long, but it was fast and stable (in doom3)15:02
vicoRomster: thanks for the boost update! Now my ardour port compiles without any Pkgfile hacking :-)15:02
jkrAll I need is the VGA out - don't care about 3d stuff atm15:02
tilmanand why on earth would you want to use flgrx then?15:03
Romsternp vico15:03
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jkrBecause I need that funky ATI tools for desktop clone stuff15:03
jkrAnd what else15:04
tilmani'm using xf86-video-ati from the randr-1.2 branch15:04
tilmanrandr 1.2 ftw!15:04
tilmantoo bad the VGA output of my card sucks15:04
tilmanit's kind of blurry15:04
tilmanthe screen is, i mean15:04
tilmanreally crisp on the DVI output though15:04
jkrI have an important presentation on monday and I need the beamer to work with my notebook15:04
tilmani heard you can really own the audience by saying:15:05
tilman"you can disagree with me as much as you want. but during this talk, everyone who disagrees with me is stupid and ugly."15:05
tilmanthey'll love you15:05
jkrOk, I did this: prepare and compile kernel with the requirements from the README, installed contrib/ati, did gl-select ati, ran aticonfig and now?15:05
tilmanand don't ask stupid questions interrupting your talk :)15:05
tilmanjkr: startx?15:06
j^2tilman: heh15:06
tilmani never ran aticonfig15:06
tilmani just put Option "Driver" "fglrx" in my xorg.conf...15:06
jkrtilman: It's my Abschlussprüfung - if don't think the IHK Leute like that :)15:06
tilmanoh, i see15:06
tilmanno, IHK = bitches, basically15:06
tilmanbitches w/o a clue, too15:06
jkrstartx says "Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exit, 0)"15:07
tilmandepmod -a15:07
jkrlsmod says fglrx is loaded15:07
jkrdepmod -a didn't help15:07
tilmancan you upload the logfile?15:07
jkrWait a second, gotta prepare the WLAN first ;)15:07
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tilmanin the meanwhile, you could check whether it loads the ddx driver15:10
tilmanthe xorg driver, that is15:10
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sepenjkr, Im using crontib/ati, depmod -ae, modprobe fglrx, and using
*** RedShift- has quit IRC15:23
jkrErr, now15:26
sepen404 - Not Found15:27
tilman404 - Not Found15:27
jkrNarf, wait another sec. :)15:28
jkrNow :)15:28
sepen(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/fonts/ ??15:29
sepenthat's fixed in the lastest ati port15:29
sepen# patching file to avoid X11R6 paths15:30
sepen  perl -pi -e "s/\0\/usr\/X11R6\/lib\/modules\/dri\0/\0\/usr\/lib\/dri\0padpadpadpadpa/" \15:30
sepenpffffff my horror identation15:30
tilman^         build() {$15:31
sepenmy vimrc15:31
sepenset shiftwidth=215:31
sepenset expandtab15:31
sepenset autoindent15:31
sepenI'll fix it15:32
tilmanhint: edit it so that it looks nice when you view it with "less"15:32
sepenonly on my repo by now15:37
sepenI need to reclone my contrib.git repo15:37
tilmanthat's better, sepen15:37
treachhope someone has a rather large "lost+found" ->
vektorisepen: Instead of s/foo/bar/ you can use e.g. m!foo!bar! so you don't have to escape / characters with \.15:38
vektoriUmm, s!foo!bar!15:38
sepenvektori, often I use s|foo|bar but fails with some uses15:39
sepensorry s|foo|bar|15:39
vektoriReally? In which situations?15:40
pitillotreach, xD15:40
treachspanish keyboard layout.... ftw? ;)15:40
tilmansepen: s/i.e./e.g./ :D15:41
vektorisepen, works fine here.15:41
prologictilman, my apologies - I was not ignoring you - have just been so busy15:50
prologicthe port has been removed - I gave up15:50
jkrWhy do I have crux-2.3/contrib and crux-2.2/{opt,core}?15:50
tilmanprologic: okay15:50
jkrSo, wha's wrong with my config?15:52
pitilloversions are wrong.... are your /etc/ports/core-opt rsync files well?15:54
sepens\foo\bar ??15:54
jkrThey are from the install CD :)15:55
sepens\foo\bar works also fine15:55
jkrAll I did was removing the inactive from contrib15:55
pitilloummm strange...15:55
sepenhehe   s\/usr/local/foo\/usr/bar\15:55
pitillojkr, the final release? or may be another rc older?15:56
jkrIt's about a month or two old15:57
pitillonot sure why but you can change them...15:58
pitillotomorow I can look to the iso and check them... but seems strange. Fresh install or update?15:58
jkrThe 2.3 to 2.2 or the other way ?15:58
pitilloI think the good way is from 2.2 to 2.3... but may be depends on your situation15:59
jkr`crux` says I have 2.215:59
pitilloI can not help much.16:01
sepenjkr, boot from the 2.3 iso cdrom and use the upgrade tool 2.2->2.316:02
tilmanjkr: wassup?16:02
jkrI think I'll do a complete new install, the 2.2 install is still fresh :)16:03
jkrSorry, I somehow thougth 2.2 was the most current release16:03
vektoripitillo: Hey, that's sepen's line, give it back.16:03
pitilloI will go more crazy than now with this kind of problems16:04
pitillosepen, I stoled you xD?16:04
sepenpitillo, The stole is a liturgical vestment of various Christian denominations.16:05
tilmanvektori: you wouldn't believe how often they use it16:05
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vektoriYeah, I'm scared to let grep loose on the log files.16:05
tilmansepen: nice copy&paste job :>16:05
sepenyeah! benedictus papae16:06
pitillovektori, if you take a look to older logs from another channel... you'll get more crazy than us16:06
vektoriIf I ever go to a Spanish speaking country, I'm sure I'll get along just fine as long as I use "xD" once in a while.16:06
pitillovektori, if you came here... beer/wine and the sun will put xD at your face all the day16:07
treachdon't forget about "jajajaja" and various other strange noises. :P16:07
sepentreach, also: jurps!16:07
sepenlike hommer simpson16:08
tilmantreach: it makes a bit more sense if you know how they pronounce "j" in spanish16:08
treachwell, I guess we're even. Presumeably swedish makes as much sense to a spaniard as the reverse.16:08
treachvektori: jaja, det blir nog bra. ;)16:09
tilmanbork bork bork16:09
tilmantreach: they are probably very confused by "jaja"16:09
treachI know. :P16:09
vektoritreach: The sound in front of "sjukhuset" is equally weird.16:09
treachvektori: that sound is probably one of the most confused ones in this language..16:10
treachno end to the number of different spellings of it..16:10
vektoriHeh. And the finlandssvensk don't use it at all...16:10
treachskäl, stjäl, själ. for instance.16:11
treachall pronounced the same, meaning different things.16:11
treache.g "reason, steals, soul"16:11
vektoriAt least Swedish isn't tonal. :)16:12
jkrDo you know what's yummy?16:12
treachand if you're drunk it might come out as "schäl". :P16:12
jkrPutting frozen cherries and strawberries into a mixer towgether with a bit of water and sugar16:12
*** shiver has joined #crux16:13
treachvektori: "skjukhuset ligger nära skutbanan". ;)16:14
treach"den schuriga shommen vid skön sjafsade om tjönsbyte."16:18
treachok, I'll give it a rest. :)16:18
* vektori gets his dictionary.16:19
treachI don't think it'll help, it's totally fubared. :D16:19
vektoriYeah, I just noticed. :D16:19
treachif you read it, it's all right, but the spelling is totally fucked up wrt the sh sound.16:20
treach"den tjuriga tjommen vid sjön tjafsade om könsbyte. (a true weirdo, for sure.)16:21
vektoriAh. I still need my dictionary, though. ;)16:22
treachok. :)16:22
tilmanswedish schoolnet ftw16:22
tilmanThe word den tjuriga tjommen vid sj is not in the dictionary!16:23
tilmanswedish schoolnet ftl instead!16:23
vektoriIs that the one you tried, or a different one?16:23
tilmanthat's the one16:23
rawhalf an hour to midnight and #crux is doing languages again.16:24
vektoriWell, I think you can only enter one word at a time.16:24
tilmanraw: stress *again*16:24
vektoriMaybe we should discuss Perl in a futile attempt to stay on-topic in some way? :P16:25
prologicanyone familiar with cacti ?16:25
tilmanoh my fucking god16:25
tilmanplease tell me i'm hallucinating16:25
prologicwot happened ?16:26
tilmani looked at contrib/cacti/Pkgfile16:26
tilmanand saw the build function16:26
prologicyes I know16:26
prologicit sucks horribly16:26
tilmanlooks kind of strange :D16:26
prologicI think I chucked it in contrib didn't it ?16:26
prologicyeah I did16:27
tilmanit's in contrib, yes16:27
prologicI'm kinda stuck creating some custom graphs I need16:27
prologicwhich I can't find any decent templates for16:27
prologictilman, I'll probably fix up the build script - the packager sucked :)16:27
prologicyhafri :)16:27
treachthat has to be the weirdest pkgfile yet. :D16:27
tilmantreach: definitely16:28
prologicI've een a few like that though16:28
tilmanyhafri is taking the good stuff16:28
treachhe got the sulky bloke from the lake arguing about sex change operations? :P16:30
*** RedShift has joined #crux16:30
prologicneways ... so anyone here used cacti ?16:30
prologicnot just looked at it's pkgfile :)16:30
tilmanprobably no one16:31
prologicdamn you all suck :)16:32
RedShiftprologic: yes16:32
prologicoh yay :)16:32
tilmanwe all suck, RedShift?16:32
prologicRedShift, my buddy ol pal :)16:32
prologiche runs a data center :)16:32
tilmanjust in case16:35
rawyeye, you sir, are a top spot on /home/raw/list_of_things_i_hate_and_will_kill_when_im_in_charge.txt16:36
tilmani'm on the death list of another guy already16:37
jjpkThey love to hate you, tilman16:37
tilmanawesome ;)16:38
* raw notes that he has no linux installation at home anymore16:38
jjpkThe next thing you know, a muslim cleric will issue a fatwa against you :D16:39
RedShiftkillall -9 raw16:40
rawraw is invincible. Cannot kill raw. Panic... entering debugger16:42
tilmanraw is undebuggable, debugging failed.16:43
rawrebooting system...16:43
tilmanrepeat ad nauseam16:43
rawsleep 2880016:47
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jaegernipuL: what would one need to build a crux64 install from the git repos at the moment? some other already-working x86_64 system and some free space?19:22
*** sepen has quit IRC19:28
nipuLi'll put together some packages, then all you could use Hannes' crux86_64 boot disc19:30
jaegereither way's fine with me, don't mind doing some work19:30
nipuLyou could even use danm's iso19:31
nipuLyeah an existing x86_64 distro would also work if you wanted to build them yourself19:31
thrice`crux64 would be awesome :)19:31
nipuLthere's already a release without multilib19:32
jaegerI didn't think of the previous CD method, that would certainly take less time19:32
nipuLHannes Mayer put it out about 2 weeks ago19:32
jaegeralthough I've got a gentoo amd64 install somewhere around here, too19:32
nipuLno multilib doesn't appeal to me for desktop use though19:33
jaegersame here19:33
nipuLand really the only difference between pure64 and multilib is really just gcc19:33
nipuLplus a heap compat32 ports19:34
jaegeris there a separate compat32 repo?19:43
nipuLit's multiarch19:48
nipuLpkgmk -a compat3219:48
jaegeroh, I get me19:48
* jaeger is being slow19:48
jaegerer, get it19:48
jaegerdamn you, fingers19:48
thrice`is that needed on alot of ports, or just the "not ready for 64-bit" ones ?19:48
nipuLjust to make all that proprietry x86 stuff work19:49
nipuLflash, certain video codecs19:49
nipuLsh-3.2$ pkginfo -i | grep "@compat32" | wc -l19:50
nipuLsh-3.2$ pkginfo -i | wc -l19:50
nipuLa significant portion of that is xorg ports19:51
nipuLwhen i finish this project at work, i'll be looking into cross compiler ports so i can get crux running on my javastations19:53
treachheh, even if you don't use gnome you easily get into the 350 packages range.20:00
jaegerI have 489 on my work machine (with gnome, xorg, etc.)20:00
treachI'm not surprised. :)20:01
thrice`no, I was staying yikes at so many not compiling on 64-bit.  I figured most would be alright (especially xorg)20:01
treachthe number above is just basic apps and a couple of window managers, btw. :)20:02
thrice`760 on my slackware box =\20:02
jaegerthat reminds me, need to post the updated ISO20:11
*** treach has quit IRC20:27
*** pingu1 has joined #crux20:32
pingu1i like install crux20:33
pingu1but i don''t kwon  if i need install the "x"20:34
pingu1ok thank20:36
*** pingu1 has left #crux20:36
*** vicool has joined #crux20:48
*** vico has quit IRC21:06
*** vicool has quit IRC21:06
nipuLwhat the funk was he on about?21:17
jaegernot sure21:17
nipuLoh crap i locked myself out of my development pc, another day of productivity down the drain21:19
nipuLoh well, guess i'll just ahve to spend all day playing civ421:19
*** thrice` has quit IRC21:36
nipuLpop quiz, a simple (minimal deps) program in ports to make audio cd from mp321:44
jaegermpg123+cdrecord? :)21:44
nipuLcdda audio cd21:44
nipuLnot a cd of mp3s21:45
jaegermpg123 to decode them to wav, cdrecord to write them to a CD21:45
jaegerthere may be an easier way, that was just the first thing that popped into my head21:45
jaegerhaven't done any of that recently, bought a head unit that has an ipod hookup21:50
nipuLnever really gone from mp3 -> cdda21:52
jaegerwell, I believe it's that simple :)21:55
nipuLyeah it is21:55
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*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05

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