IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-06-22

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pitillogood morning00:55
nipuLugh, i hate these people that think they know more than me01:32
nipuLi have plenty time for people who _know_ they know more than me01:33
nipuLjust not people like this moron who was trying to tell me his usb voip softphone needs drivers01:35
pitilloand for who _know_ they know less than you?01:35
nipuLthey are ok too01:35
nipuL"the lcd display doesn't work, all it shows me is the call duration. it needs drivers"01:36
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jjpknipuL: it is fun dealing with people like that eh :s03:21
nipuLyeah, fun like a hole in the head03:34
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namenloswhat is wrong with following sudoers line: richiALL=(root) NOPASSWD: ports, prt-get, rejmerge, sudoedit ?04:04
namenlosi mean there is a tab between richi and ALL04:05
vektoriDo you have a command called "ports, prt-get, rejmerge, sudoedit" on your system?04:05
namenlosshit... you're right..04:06
namenlosstupid mistake. thanks...04:06
vektoriIf you give someone the permission to use sudoedit, you might as well grant him permission to run everything while you're at it.04:07
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DarkNekroshi you @ll ;-)04:07
namenlosvektori: that's a good idea.04:08
vektoriNot from a security standpoint.04:09
namenlostrue, but i do not want to login as root all the time..04:10
namenlosand this is only a stupid workstation.04:11
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sepencontributors here? what are your opinion of this
sepenare you using some script for doing those tasks?05:10
sepenI use this script to find diferences between my ports at my repo and my ports at contrib repo05:11
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Romstersepen, why limit it to contrib to private repo checking and not all other repos?05:46
sepen I run this script from my crontab05:47
sepenonly for know what ports I have out of date05:47
Romsterso oyu got diffed ports that are from contrib?05:48
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sepenRomster, I use it with -v to show differences between file of a port05:56
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sepenalso could be useful rewrite something similar to this script to look for diferences for all repos which have contrib ports06:10
pitillothe adventure of posting at ML... sorry about my post. (Didn't reply to the correct message and I don't know if I did it well. And of course, my english is worse day by day) I think it can be posted in a new thread treach.06:13
pitillos/it can/it could be...06:14
tilmantreach, pitillo: okay06:16
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treachI know it could've been a new thread, but since alan essentially brougth it up..06:27
treachanyway, afk.06:27
pitillook, I hope people post their opinions06:29
pitilloaka "the blood hound" xD06:56
pitillosensitive smell or the needed of a bath... both are fine06:58
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nipuL* tilman declares jihad on xorg dependencies07:58
treachcd /usr/ports/xorg/ && findredundantdeps *  :p08:07
treachbtw, wtf is "xorg-libapplewm"?08:09
tilmanwtf is xorg-libwindowswm?08:09
tilmanthough maybe i didn't port the latter :D08:09
treachgood question as well, google only turns up 9 hits related to libapplewm, most of them related to crux..08:11
rxi_i hate it when that happens08:11
tilmani have 0 crux related hits (of 10)08:12
nipuLstrange i get 603 hits for libapplewm08:34
tilmani'm confused08:35
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sepenhmmm I need knowledge to use ebtables at work pfffff10:05
jkrWah, knowledge... totally useless10:31
RedShiftsepen: just use iptables10:46
RedShiftand configure your bridge to pass packets via iptables10:47
RedShiftebtables is deprecated anyway, don't use it10:47
sepengood point10:54
sepenthanks for the advicement10:55
treachnot quite the same thing.11:27
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jaegerit lives11:36
SiFuhthey died11:38
jkrYay, ATI works :)11:46
jkrUsing the correct CRUX release really helped11:47
jkrBut how do I disable those MARKs?11:47
jaegersyslog marks?11:47
tilmantotally not related to ati11:48
jaegerinvoke syslogd with -m 011:48
jkrjaeger: Thanks :)11:48
jkrAnd how do I disable that udb message at syslogd startup?11:50
jkrI don't want it to receive any remote messages11:50
jkrWhere's the /etc/services gone?11:51
jkrUDP of course11:51
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~/devel/rubinius] > pkginfo -o /etc/services11:51
tilmanPackage   File11:51
tilmaniana-etc  etc/services11:51
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~/devel/rubinius] >11:51
jkrThanks again11:51
tilmanjkr: also, prt-get fsearch /etc/services :P11:51
jkrSure, it just didn't come to my mind why that would be in an extra package :)11:52
tilmanit must be in *some* package:P11:53
jkrIt could be in the filesystem package for example11:54
jkrIt think it's those files are an essential part of any system that has a filesystem :)11:54
jkrArr, installing CRUX is fun :)11:54
jkrEverythings so damn fast11:54
tilmansize /bin/bash11:57
tilmanwow, bash really *is* a fat pig11:57
tilmanlook at those data and bss sections o_O11:57
jkrzsh ftw! :)11:59
jkrIt's even bigger, but also more fun11:59
jkrBig Fun :)12:00
tilmanit's smaller, at least on my box12:01
tilmanlarger bss section though12:01
treach   text   data    bss    dec    hexfilename12:01
treach  64314    896  10240  75450  126ba/bin/dash12:01
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treachthat's dash. :P12:01
tilmansomething's wrong with hose people12:01
jkrThe bss section is ~9000012:01
jkrWhere bash's is ~1900012:01
tilmantreach: 10k in bss. fucking weird12:01
tilmanjkr: yeah, but compare the data sections, too12:01
tilmanand text12:01
jkrActually, I'm not interested in comparing ZSH and Bash - I know ZSH is about a thousand times as good as Bash :)12:02
jkrIf ZSH was 10M big, it'd still be worth it12:03
treachapparently everyone is busy getting drunk today. Only pitillo has bothered with the ml. :>12:05
jkrAh, I knew I forgot something12:05
* jkr gets some beer from the fridge12:06
tilmantreach: i'm rather + than - on the sh compat thing12:06
tilmanbut i won't reply to the thread :D12:06
treachok. It'd be nice to know where the rest of the people stands as well, though.12:08
tilmanof course12:08
jkrI don't really care about a shell's size unless it's excessively bloaty12:08
treachjkr: it's not the size that is the point here, really.12:09
jkrZSH is just as fast as Bash and can do a lot of cool stuff that Bash can't12:09
treach<- another zsh user12:09
jkrThey only way I know to slow ZSH down is to have _huge_ history files.12:10
jkrThat can really slow down the startup and logout by seconds12:10
jkrSo I added some code to my zshrc that checks the history's size on startup and makes it empty after backing it up somewhere, if it's +64K12:11
treach"export SAVEHIST=100"12:14
treachproblem solved.12:14
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jkrI want it all :)12:14
tilmanyou've got issues12:14
jkrI know12:14
jkrI'm also logging all my IRC conversations since 2005 :(12:15
tilmanirc logs are an entirely different matter :D12:15
jkrSometimes I really need my history12:15
jkrSo I don't need to store useful lines in scripts :)12:16
jkrHaving to type a long twice because I can't histbang it anymore can really ruin my day12:17
j^2i've decided i'm going to have sex with the iphone12:59
j^2i dont know how, but i know i'm going to12:59
jkrYay, Vimperator kicks ass!13:07
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treachindeed. :)14:24
vektoritreach: Mmh, celebrating midsummer on #crux? :)14:25
treachyeah. :)14:25
treachjust like new years eve, christmas eve, etc.14:25
thrice`only nicer weather14:26
vektoriReal life is overrated. :P14:26
treachvektori: ya. :P14:26
treachthrice`: oh really?14:26
treachyou define an unabated downpour as "nice weather? :P14:26
treach(it's been raining here since 0300 or so.)14:27
tilmanit's midsummer?14:59
tilmanthought we had another two weeks or so14:59
vektoriWell, the summer solstice was on Wednesday.15:00
treachno, it's today. The dark ages are coming again. :(15:00
tilmanvektori: ok15:00
vektoriToo bad there aren't any bonfires to watch nearby. :\15:00
tilmannobody except some pagan metal fan idiots cares about midsummer here15:01
treachhere, midsummer = lots of dead people. :/15:02
vektoriYeah. Alcohol + swimming = :(15:02
treachdrunk driving, people getting drunk and killing each other, etc.15:02
treachall in all, not much to celebrate.15:03
tilmanhow does that work in sweden? do people start buying alcohol 2 months before the party?15:03
treachno, not afaik.15:03
tilmanafaik system-bolaget only sells a few bottles per person, no? :D15:03
treachbut there are lots of heavy drinking going on.15:03
treachno, not afaik..15:03
treachthat time is past.15:03
vektoriMmh, I hope I won't run out of beer.15:03
treachthere used to be such a limitation, but that was back in the 1920s..15:04
treach(motboken, 1917-1955, RIP.)15:05
treachdamn, I had no idea it lived that long. :/15:05
vektoriFinland used to have prohibition from 1919 to 1932. I think we're the only country in addition to the United States which has had that.15:05
tilmantreach: okay, guess i confused things a little15:06
treachtilman: I guess you were thinking of the amount of alcohol you may bring in from abroad?15:07
treachbecause pre EU membership, there was some pretty strict limits on that.15:07
treachlike a couple of bottles of wine and one bottle of liqour or so.15:08
vektori"den genomsnittliga inköpsrätten per motbok och månad var 1,82 liter alkohol." <- That's not too bad.15:09
vektoriIf that's pure alcohol.15:09
treachI don't think it is.15:09
vektoriOh. :\15:09
treachI might be wrong though.15:09
vektoriHeh, well, that would be about 38 liters of 4,7% beer.15:10
tilmanmotbok =     ration book; bankbook15:13
tilmanis it just me or is that a strange word? %)15:13
tilman    bok som tidigare måste uppvisas vid köp på Systembolaget; sparkassebok15:13
treachsee "Motbokens Orättvisor"15:14
treach"unemployed or people without income never got a ration book. Neither did married women nor younger people in general."15:15
treachthus ration < 1.82 l. :)15:16
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vektoriSounds pretty sane, since unemployed people are usually the ones who consume the most alcohol...15:16
treachit's kind of prejudiced, no?15:18
vektoriTrue, true.15:18
vektori"Och var du kvinna och hushållerska hade du inte chans att få motbok när mannen i huset hade en."15:19
vektoriThat's fair. :P15:19
treachyeah, keep the lower classes down.15:19
treachtilman: I think "motbok" comes from "mot", as in opposing. It's *your* book on the status of your account, as opposed to the one keept in the bank/"systemet".15:24
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treach :p16:08
rehabdollaftonbladet.. brrr16:10
treachdon't read it as news, and it's ok.16:11
treachbeats expressen any way...16:11
rehabdollthey are both a cancer on our society :)16:13
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tilmanprt-get remove web2.017:19
tilmanthis "snap" preview-when-hovering-a-link is making me go crazy17:19
treachjavascripts ftw. :/17:28
treach(probably the most retarded idea in computing history IMO...)17:28
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vektoriI haven't even understood the point of the preview-on-hover feature. Who wants to see what a page looks like before clicking on the link?17:37
tilmantreach: you mean all of js?17:38
tilmanvektori: nfc17:38
treachtilman: essentially, yes.17:38
vektoriJavaScript FTL, the NoScript plugin FTW!17:39
treachI mean, the very idea that you should let some random webserver *execute* stuff on your system...17:39
treachvektori: indeed, plus vimparator. :D17:39
treachsry for the typing. :/17:40
tilmanstill haven't tried it :o17:40
treachyou should, it's pretty cool.17:40
vektoriLooks interesting.17:40
vektoriAlthough I'm more of an Opera guy myself. :P17:41
treachthe only drawback I've found so far is that "extended hints" doesn't go any further than "zz" or so.17:41
tilman\n\n\n\n\n o_O17:41
treachYQ, apparently.17:42
tilmanjesus, this is cool17:42
treachyeah. <317:43
tilmanziomng i'm love17:43
tilmanbut i think i would like to have my bookmark menu back17:43
tilmani see17:44
tilmani wonder whether vimperator beats the web developer extension17:45
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prologicyesterday I had a job interview with PWC as a business analyst, went well - hope to get it actually19:31
prologicbut one of their strong points was they wanted someone who knew JavaScript - I've never had a reason to use or really learn it19:31
prologichave since learned it and just scored 100% in a quiz on w3cschools19:32
nipuLmy fiance wants to move to canberra, so she's hassling me to find a job there. found a cool one last night19:58
nipuLc/c++/python analyst programmer developing real time location systems19:59
nipuLpresumably for tracking cattle20:03
nipuLliving where i do you hear a lot about agritech stuff20:04
nipuLfor example putting a zapper in the cows RFID and use an RTLS to electrocute the cow if it leaves it's designated area20:07
nipuLremoving the need for fenced paddocks20:07
nipuLRomster: your transcode port has unresolved dependencies20:37
nipuLprt-get depends give this20:37
nipuL-- missing packages20:38
nipuLlibavifile from transcode20:38
nipuLlibdv from transcode20:38
nipuLlibfame from transcode20:38
nipuLmjpegtools from transcode20:38
nipuLthey are all in your httpup repo, perhaps you should commit them to contrib20:39
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rxi_jaeger: think im going to put my gnome-network-manager port on hold til they have wpa support23:29
prologicI wanna build an ncurses one23:33
rxi_hehe cool23:33
rxi_make it distro dependant and ill kill you :P23:34
prologicwhy would I do that ?23:34
rxi_dunno .. i could ask the gnome-network-manager developers the same question23:35
rxi_i think they do it for the rc scripts23:35
rxi_but still very annoying23:35

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