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prologic$ ./iwsetup.py00:13
prologicNetworks found:00:13
prologic Unaccom00:13
prologic shortcircuit00:13
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rxi_you write that python script?00:24
prologictold you I'm gonna write an ncurses tool00:25
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prologictool is coming along nicely :)01:15
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prologicrxi_, wanna try this ?02:02
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rxi_prologic: sure03:31
rxi_crux sux03:31
rxi_sorry that was my gentoo hugging gf03:34
rxi_i hate crux too dont get me wrong :P03:45
prologicwhy ?03:46
prologicand why do you use it ?03:46
rxi_its not me // i should lock this notebook03:47
prologicI don't understand03:47
prologicbut anyway03:47
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prologicthis is soo cool :)04:33
prologicI won't let you try it yet rxi04:33
prologicstill doing the curses interface04:34
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prologicrxi_, ping05:15
prologictry that05:15
prologicbe sure to, ports -u contrib && prt-get cache05:16
prologicand prt-get depinst urwid pymills05:16
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treachalias updates='sudo ports -u && sudo prt-get cache && prt-cache diff --all'  FTW05:27
rxi_prologic: sorry maybe tomorrow night .. ive got my hands full here :P05:29
prologicwrote the script for nothing :(05:53
prologictreach, I just do it via a cron job :)05:53
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and`how do I give users the access to an alsa sound device?06:30
treachand`: add them to the appropriate group, obviously.06:32
treachand`: if you haven't read the handbook/faq yet, they are highly recommended.06:33
and`I have06:33
treachyou've got an "audio" group?06:33
and`how do I give members of the group audio access to an alsa sound device?06:34
treachadd it, and make your user a member of it, relogin, and you should be fine.06:35
and`actually calling the group audio does the trick?06:35
treachthe alsa devices should be owned by root:audio by default.06:35
treachyou need to create an audio group, and make your user member of it.06:36
and`k I found, I found a group audio now06:36
and`I was looking in the passwd file and it wasnt there06:36
mike_kand`: you can "grep audio /etc/udev/rules.d/25-lfs.rules" for details06:38
treachand`: presumeably because it's in "group". :)06:38
and`I found out06:39
mike_kanyone having trouble buliding parts of kde, particulary kdebindings?
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and`got sound now, thanks06:49
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mike_kRomster: can you please add  "--enable-threads \" to your fltk port? latest cinepaint requires that, and I guess it will not break anything else.06:57
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tilmannew x stuff for the crux masses!09:18
tilmanit's not very w00t09:21
tilmanrandr 1.2 for the free nv driver09:22
tilmanbut i guess nobody uses that one anyway09:22
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* raw downgraded to 6.9 anyway09:26
tilman23:38 *** raw notes that he has no linux installation at home anymore09:27
rawthat too!09:28
tilmanraw: x wise, you're out of my scope of interest :D09:28
rawI know, sorry :/09:28
tilmandon't be09:28
rawThing is, xorg 7.x can't use the bundled vga/digital port that comes with most laptops anymore.09:29
rawwich renders external lcds rather useless09:29
tilmancan't really comment on that09:31
tilmandon't have a laptop :o09:31
rawI use it as my laptop as my main workstation, because it doesn't sound like an aeroplane taking up.09:32
jaegeryou're saying xorg 7.x can't use an external display at all?09:32
treachadd more sense next time your shopping..?09:32
tilmani pondered buying one of dell's ubuntu laptops09:32
tilmanbut they don't even offer those in europe o_O09:33
rawjaeger: if it's widescreen, yes09:33
rawjaeger: usually the vga & digitalport a bundled, so the output on the widescreen lcd is not blurred09:33
treachtilman: thinkpads are pretty compatible, or at least used to be. :)09:33
jaegerhrmm... seems like a pretty important feature to be left out09:33
rawjaeger: however, xorg 7.2 somehow disregards the digital input wich in turn renders the display blurry09:34
rawjaeger: and this is not driver specific, I've tested with i810 and vesa09:34
tilmantreach: i heard some stories that they wen't down the drain since lenovo took over09:34
tilmanraw: did you make a ruckus about this?09:35
rawtilman: on the mailinglists?09:35
rawtilman: no09:35
tilmanyou could open a bug for this09:35
tilmanand yell in #xorg09:35
* raw goes yelling09:35
tilmanif that doesn't help, yell in #xorg-devel, too09:36
tilmanyou could change your nick first, and be a real ass09:36
rawwell, no. most of them know me as an ass there anyway09:37
rawno need for that09:37
rawI yell in freebsd on a regular basis, too09:37
tilmanis it just me or is patch-2.6.21.bz2 huge?09:37
rawit's you, getting older09:37
treachwait until you see the one for .22 :p09:37
tilmanok, .20.bz2 was 3.8 mb, too09:38
tilman(.21.bz2 is 4.4 mb)09:38
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rawtreach: this is an thinkpad09:38
rawtreach: I doubt there is additional sense to be spend09:39
treachtilman: it says 5.5 here.. .22 is 5.9MB..09:39
treachraw: ok, what model?09:39
treachah, ok, it's newer than mine.09:39
jaegerI'll play with it on my sager if I get a chance09:40
rawtreach: most laptops have bundeled vga/digital out09:40
tilmanraw: you should mention your driver + version in the channel09:40
treachMine is just vga out, didn't have any problems when I tried it.09:41
treachbut that was a a year ago or so.09:41
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rawtreach: widescreen?09:43
rawtreach: It's crucial to distinguish here, widescreen LCDs go nuts if the input signal is not of a certain quality09:44
rawvga is not enough to have a resonable viewing pleasure on a widescreen lcd09:44
treachok, as I said, my thinkpad is significantly older than yours, so I don't think my experiences applies. :/09:45
treach(pm 1.3 R40)09:45
tilman"URandR, a UI to RandR"09:47
jaegerguess I won't test it, then, since I only have vga-out09:47
tilmanworst app name ever09:47
jaegermight not even be stout enough to drive 1920x1200 AND 1920x1080 at the same time09:47
rawjaeger: depends on your laptop, I've a bundled vga/digital out wich looks like vga09:48
tilmanthat's a combined vga/dvi-d (or dvi-i) connector?09:49
rawdon't know what they're called but yes09:49
tilmansounds crazy09:49
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rawit is crazy, but that's laptop manufacturing for you09:51
rawand it works well with xorg 6.9 (and openbsds version of 7.2)09:51
jaegerso it's not really a limitation of xorg 7.2?09:55
jaegeror have they patched it?09:55
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tilmanwell, yes.10:12
tilmanforgot that irssi doesn't run on my pc here10:12
tilman2.6.21.5 works \o/10:12
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namenloshi, i got a md5sum mismatch while updating enemy-territory:
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jaegerrxi_: it does support wpa10:46
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treachjaeger: btw, for the next updated iso, maybe you could consider adding elilo?15:45
treachI don't know enough about macs to know if it would be pointless, just thinking about it since there was a guy asking for it a few days ago.15:46
treachyou don't feel well?15:47
tilmanvektori doesn't like elilo15:47
treachwell, how do you boot an intel mac without it...?15:47
treach(with a real os, that is. :P )15:47
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tilmantreach: i have no idea, i was guessing/kidding ;D15:53
treachmmh, could be that he's a mac zealot as well. :o)15:54
tilmanoh please god no15:54
treachI guess not, since he'd have gone ballistic by now otherwise at the idea of replacing osx with crux. :D15:55
treachthat said.. a mini with crux would be nice. :)15:56
jaegeryou can use refit instead16:09
jaegerbut I've got nothing against adding elilo if there's a need16:09
tilmanneed someone to maintain a port for it first, i guess :D16:10
jaegerIf I had an intel mac I'd be happy to16:10
treachI see. Well, I was mostly thinking of the poor mac users out there left out in the cold. :)16:12
* tilman shakes16:12
jaegerI'd be surprised if any of the mac users feel like they're left in the cold but I see what you mean :)16:12
sa0how to install libcaca ?16:48
sa0i get this error : configure: error: cannot find X11 development files.16:48
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tilmansa0: wild guess: prt-get install xorg-libx1116:56
sa0package xorg-libx11 is installed17:00
sa0weird !17:00
tilmansa0: check libcaca's config.log17:00
tilmanfind which file it needs exactly17:00
sa0where to find that log ?17:01
tilmanin the pkgmk work dir17:03
tilmanpkgmk -kw17:03
sa0configure:5409: checking for X11/XKBlib.h17:04
sa0configure:5416: result: yes17:04
sa0configure:5430: error: cannot find X11 development files17:04
sa0is it that file i'm missing ?17:05
tilmandon't think so: "result: yes"17:05
tilmansa0: there must be something else17:06
tilmando you have libslang? :)17:07
sa0doing : grep error config.log17:07
sa0i get : windows.h, conio.h and slang.h missing17:07
tilmaninstall slang17:08
tilmanthat should fix it17:08
sa0package libslang is installed17:08
sa0tilman ?17:11
tilmani don't know17:11
tilmannever dealt with libcaca17:11
sa0ok thx17:12
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rxi_prologic: sorry man .. hadnt seen my gf for over 4 months .. just tried it then and the md5sum for pymills fails (but can be ignored) and iwsetup is missing pyiw module19:25
prologicyou need to prt-get depinst pyiw too19:34
prologicalso in contrib19:34
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