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prologichey guys I want to try out beryl00:27
prologicbut have no idea which ports to use - since there are none in contrib ;/00:27
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loupgaroublondberyl is too bloated, if you put it on crux, you'll realize that crux isn't actually faster than any other source based distro ;)00:33
prologicokay but so what ?00:48
prologicI don't use crux becuase of it's claim to be faster than any other source based distro00:48
prologicthat comment is superfluous :)00:48
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mike_kRomster: thanks for the fltk02:18
Romsterenabling posix threads i'd imageine be good if there not broken.02:19
mike_kI did no research in that direction. AFAIK, cinepaint build gave me linker errors02:25
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jkrI think I broke X11 :(04:17
jkrDoes anymone know what this could mean: Inconsistency detected by dl-open.c: 215: dl_open_worker: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args->nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!04:17
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DarkNekroshi you @ll !!!05:21
jkrHELLO DarkNekros!!105:31
Romsterjkr, tryed running revdep?05:31
jkrRomster: Already fixed it05:31
jkr`prt-get -fr update /usr/ports/xorg/*` helped05:32
Romsterah k...05:32
Romsterah something borked in the linking..05:32
Romsterbrute force method :P05:32
jkrYup, the was an update of 2 or 3 xorg-* ports yesterday, I think that was the cause05:32
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jkrWhee, that's really uber-hot terror-chili I just cooked :D05:33
treachomg, a food terrorist. :O05:34
teK_get him05:34
jkrYup, this stuff will knock any commercialists "free"-world non-believers out! :D05:35
jkrNow all I need is control of the water supply, then world domination will be mine05:36
jkrWell, I need to make everyone eat my chili first05:36
tilmani'd like to have chili now05:36
tilmanthank you very much, jkr05:36
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treachstrange.. ->
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tilmanwhat's strange about it?05:47
treachusing vim to control amarok?05:48
treachweird idea, at least IMO.05:49
* treach goes back to trying to find out how to have a statusbar with a script executing in it..05:50
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mike_ktilman: do you have an idea about poor i810 driver performance? On xorg 6.9 it was nearly 1.5 times faster05:57
mike_kthe bad thing is that 1.9.94-1 2.0 and current git version performs nearly the same05:57
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tilmananyone familiar with ltrace?06:32
tilmancan't seem to make it report calls in libraries that are loaded by the binrary i'm watching06:33
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treachto stay or not, that's the question.07:34
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RedShifttreach: to what answer?07:39
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and`were would one report outdated links in Pkgfiles?07:43
jkrThere's a email address in each Pkgfile07:44
jkrOr should be, at least07:44
and`just mail the maintainer?07:44
jkrYup, I think so07:44
treachRedShift: well, I presume our guttapercha eating italian friend knows.07:44
RedShifthmm I probably missed something07:45
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tilmanRedShift: there08:00
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rehabdoll in case someone missed it (i did)14:10
tilmanraw: if you don't mind...14:16
tilmanmmh, crap14:16
rawtilman: I don't.14:17
tilmanrehabdoll: j/k ;)14:17
tilmanFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at
rawye hafta be careful with yer o's there14:18
rehabdollah, i had some connection problems earlier, guess some dns-servers are not up to date yet14:18
rawlucky that I mirror this important pic \o/14:18
rawwhole internet would go down14:19
rawand remember: the oold.jpg _MUST_ flow.14:19
jjpknp: Monster Magnet - I Control, I fly14:37
vektorinp: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Motherfucker = Redeemer (Part One)14:38
jjpkI don't know why, but I'm experiencing a déjà vu :o14:47
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tilmani'm not14:47
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treachwtf-8 ftl. :P15:06
treachor maybe not, a "d?j? vu" would be a new experience at least. :P15:07
tilmanagain i'm not sure whether i'm using wtf-8 on this box15:07
treachhmm, syncing ports takes ages again.. :/15:15 seems sane and stable though15:16
jaegerno load to speak of, very slow for me, too... routing issue, I'd guess15:18
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jjpkhi aon16:33
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prologicFor those that wish to try out vmware-server (which btw works great!) - you need to install alan's linux-pam port from his httpup repo17:10
prologicI've email him and asked if he could add it to contrib17:10
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treachsee elilo, refit19:21
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