IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-06-25

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tilman<3 o_O00:43
rxi_hehe down with google00:51
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Romstertranscode updated, let me know if there is any other problems. you'll have to do dependency checking03:49
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nipuLRomster: ...04:32
nipuLgrep dll  /usr/ports/contrib/libidn/.footprint04:32
nipuL-rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/Libidn.dll04:32
Romsterya mono..04:35
Romsternot windows..04:35
Romsteris that a missing file on yours?04:36
nipuLi don't have mono installed04:47
Romsteri'm running depinst transcode, on my safe-build clean install crux system, i'll clean all the footprints up of the other packages too.05:11
Romsterso that none have extra files that arn't in a dependency that make them look missing05:11
Romsterbut new files can exist.05:12
Romsterand i think prt-get should warn of new files not be a fatal error05:13
Romsteronly missing files shouldbe fatal05:13
jjpkprt-get has zip to do with footprint mismatches05:18
Romsteroh yeah doh pkgmk...05:18
Romsteri know prt-get is a front end.05:19
Romsterkinda anoyes me that after a ports -u i got to do a prt-get cache, i would expect prt-get ports -u, would do both commands.05:20
Romsterprt-get is a frontend to pkgutils, why not too ports aswell05:20
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jjpkMake a shell alias, there is no reason to overstretch prt-get05:32
Romsterah why didn't i think of that...05:48
Romsterhi sepen05:48
Romsterta jjpk i totally forgot the alias.05:49
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!! ;-)08:04
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jjpkhi DarkNekros08:10
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Viper_tilman: rsync: failed to connect to Connection refused (111)08:31
Viper_in portdb's log08:31
Viper_for some weeks08:32
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telitiHello! I`m new to crux and installed crux 64bit from hannes (?). It seems like xorg-damageproto is missing in the dependencies of xorg and mesa3d doesnt build. Is there a way to report this? (one more question: in which package the font "fixed" can be found?09:48
treachtilman: didn't you have that added to the faq? :D09:49
treachteliti: xorg-font-misc-misc09:50
telitithank you :-)09:51
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telitiahh, mkfontscale did it ...09:54
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tilmanViper_: hehe, thank you, captain obvious ;))10:27
tilmanViper_: is down10:27
tilmanteliti: mmmh10:28
tilmanteliti: i recently touched those dependencies10:28
tilmanlet me check10:28
telitiHello again. One more question: is it possible to download a package for contrib/centericq somewhere? centericq wont compile on my amd64?10:28
treachyou could try bitlebee instead otherwise.10:29
telititilman: I used: #prt-get depeinst xorg ... there the xorg-damageproto was missing10:29
tilmanprt-get depends mesa3d | grep damageproto10:29
tilmanit does list xorg-damageproto here10:29
tilmanteliti: you're using the xorg repo from, right?10:29
tilmanor does hannes have a separate xorg repo for amd64?10:30
telititilman: yes10:30
telititreach: but binary packages doesnt exist?10:30
tilmanteliti: you could try to 'ports -u xorg' :)10:30
teliti(for centericq)10:30
tilmanteliti: maybe your ports tree is outdated10:30
treachgenerally speaking, no.10:30
telitihmm, strange! I just installed crux some hours ago ..10:31
tilmanViper_: oops, only saw the bit about port db now10:31
telititreach: :-((( I love centericq10:31
tilmanteliti: maybe you can google for a amd64 patch for centericq?10:31
treachugly, assbackwards.. :/10:31
telititilman: thx :-)10:32
tilman"I live to give" --daniels10:32
* teliti laughts ... centericq is sooo nice, isnt it? hehe10:32
treachbitlbee is heaps better.10:32
tilmangentoo ftw!10:33
treachtilman: forgot your pills today? ;)10:33
telititilman: on gentoo centericq also rejects from compiling :-(10:33
telitiamd64 X2 is a strange processor10:33
tilmansounds strange that there's no working patch10:33
tilmanis it that exotic an platform? :P10:34
tilmantreach: which ones? the gentoo-sucks pills or be-a-grumpy-bitch pills?10:34
telitiI already could work out a workaround: it compiled - but after this it coredumped in a row hehe10:34
treachheh, the ones that makes you refrain from speaking nonsense. :)10:35
tilmantreach: anyway, today's a *very* strange day. anything can happen ;)10:35
treachapparently since you praised gentoo..10:35
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treachsurely the world is coming to an end.10:35
tilmanteliti: you could try asking Viper_ about it, but it's a long shot10:36
telititilman: I will try to manually fix it ... learning is something very nice hehe10:37
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patroclo7do you know the differences between prtrej and rejmerge?10:49
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treachprtrej doesn't exist? (or at least it's not official.)11:07
tilmanprtrej seems strange11:07
telitiahh, centerim-4.22 is working fine on amd64!11:07
patroclo7prerej is not official, it is in prt-utils but I wonder why some has created it, if rejmerge does the same11:09
patroclo7so I thought to be missing something11:09
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treachhmm, prtrej isn't too well documented.. no manpage, no --help. :/11:13
treachI'd say rejmerge is the better tool.11:13
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tilman(19:11) < arachnist> <|  lol12:13
tilmanrehabdoll: you're famous? ;)12:13
rehabdollmy cousin sent me one of those links, unaware that it was my site :)12:15
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rawrehabdoll has the best pics! \o/12:28
tilmanbut does he have DUNECAT?12:29
tilmanThe requested URL /dunecat.jpg was not found on this server.12:29
tilmanrehabdoll fails!12:29
rawthat's a weird smilie12:31
raware you a supporter of anti-freespeech?12:31
aonthat would be a good logo for such a campaign indeed12:32
rawthat's correct.12:32
jaeger <-- he does have dunecat12:34
* RyoS likes monkey steals the peach12:36
tilmanit's on alrady, too12:36
tilmandunecat truly is the shit12:36
aoni wish gimp didn't crash every time i try to use the paintbrush12:36
rawI'm laughing my ass off, everytime I see it12:36
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tilman Checkout x264/Pkgfile~12:46
Romsterthought i deleated that already...12:58
tilmanso i'm brave12:58
tilmanand tracked down the subversion-perl build failure12:59
tilmanseems pretty easy/stupid12:59
tilmanapr.h sez:12:59
tilmantypedef off64_t apr_off_t;12:59
tilmanbut we don't have off64_t there12:59
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rawrehabdoll: did you got that picture with the velociraptor of jurassic parc with the tagline 'clever girl' or something like that?13:03
onestepmesa 7.0 released, sweet :)13:28
Romstertilman, don't you use ck4up?13:29
tilmandon't you have sane git ignore flags that hinder you from adding Pkgfile~?13:30
tilmanlame retort, but meh13:30
Romsteryeah i should have .gitignore and add *~ right?13:31
tilmani'd probably use .git/info/exclude13:31
Romsteri never figured it out ages ago and bothered too, just made sure i didn't add them, this time one sliped though.13:32
Romstershould be a default if you ask me..13:32
Romsterits in htere commented out O_o13:33
Romstershould be on the wiki.13:34
Romsteri remember googling ages ago but didn't find it..13:34
Romsterdarn can't read german.13:38
sepensounds like p2p down?13:39
Romstersometing like that i gathered13:40
Romsterlike anyone can moderate the internet :P13:41
rawRomster: no an american attorney is blaming p2p-users for the bad price of agricultural products on the us market.13:41
Romster < woot 64GB SSD.13:41
treachthat's for you romster.13:41
rawor just see treachs link13:42
Romsterraw, ok thats bizare13:42
rawRomster: very bizzare indeed13:42
Romsterta treach i tryed the de/en or no prefix but that dosn't line up on the url..13:42
Romsteroh two z's in bizzare13:43
treachraw: it's the same idiot who claimed "piracy" did more damage to society than bank robberies etc, and thus the police resources were "misaligned".13:44
Romsterwhats to stop people buying popcorn and eating it at home O_o13:44
rawtreach: yep13:44
treachhe should be locked up in some remote sanatory im..13:44
rawtreach: he got hit on the head as a baby I guess13:44
rawtreach: he rambles more bullshit than me, and I didn't know that's even possible13:45
treachI seriously don't get some people.13:45
treachdon't they have *any* integrity?13:46
Romstertreach, likewise13:46
rawintegrety? we're talking about attourneys here13:46
rawif he get's money from the M.A.F.I.A. he says whatever they want13:46
treachand that's where the integrity part enters.13:47
raweven if this is utter bullshit. like all the vegetables eaten in america are popcorn. right.13:47
treachI don't understand people who sell out like that.13:47
treachand even if you're a lawyer, there is nothing to stop you from behaving decently.13:48
treachjust don't accept scumbag clients.13:48
rawtilman: next one ;)13:48
rawtreach: being a lawyer and behaving decently is not a natural condition13:49
rawthat doesn't meant, there are no decent lawyers. but, those are crafted. they don't occur in nature per se.13:50
treachI don't see why, really. There is nothing that says that you have to be a scumbag if you're a lawyer.13:50
rawtrade ethos, maybe.13:50
treachbtw, "Raubkopierer" <313:51
treachI don't think so, more like, lack of it.13:51
treachlike trying to win at any cost.13:52
treachugh, that was some ugly pdf..13:53
tilmanit still is13:53
tilmanraw: obersatz? wer will was von wem woraus? :D13:54
treachlawyer german, w00t.13:55
tilmanraw: that's the obersatz wie use for zivilrecht ;)13:55
tilmanraw: nice fucked up case13:55
rawtilman: yep, the case is 'aus dem prallen leben gegriffen'13:56
tilmanraw: first case we discussed was: "A schlaegt B einen Nagel in den Kopf. wer kriegt schadensersatz, und hat A ein recht darauf, den nagel zurueckzubekommen." or something like that13:56
tilmanraw: our law lecturer is a mix of the depressed attourney from 'scrubs' and piet klocke, btw13:57
tilmanreally awesome13:57
treachlexin.nada.kth ftl, english, serbian, finnish and all other kinds of useless languages. :/13:57
rawyou take law lectures?!13:57
tilman"zivilrecht fuer idioten."13:58
tilmanraw: mandatory, too13:58
tilmantreach: dict.leo.org13:58
* treach bookmarks.13:59
rawgeh, what's the idiotic crap you're studiying called? applied license wars?13:59
tilmani'd rather not say13:59
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tilmanraw: but i'll think we'll deal with patent law this semester :))14:01
rawsounds fun14:01
tilmanthe only fun we get in that lecture is the maniac lecturer :)14:02
treachwell, patent law is pretty clear, isn't it? At least from what I've seen it's the crap that passes as "patents" that is the sticky one..14:03
* treach curses patent examiners and their "creative" interpretations.14:04
rawyou just cursed tilman ;)14:04
tilmanno he didn't o_O14:05
rawaren't you hearing this lession to make decision based on license interpretations? ;)14:09
tilmani think subversion-perl is building14:12
tilmanziomg awesome14:12
rawok, that one's getting rather old14:12
treachprologic, pound sand. :p14:13
rawn8, anyway14:13
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rehabdollraw: no idea, you are welcome to search through my archive :)15:09
rehabdoll.. with obvious and intelligent filenames15:09
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squeeky88hi folks, does anyone know how to burn your own CRUX 2.1 distribution CDROM?  I need to include some special hardware drivers that aren't in the standard dist.15:45
j^2squeeky88: gentoo15:45
squeeky88(and I have to use CRUX 2.1 ...  there's no choice)15:45
jaegersqueeky88: if it's just kernel support you need, build the kernel you want and remaster the ISO with it (or use a floppy)15:45
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squeeky88i'm trying to remaster the CD...  so yes, that's my approach.  (and my system does not have a floppy or an FDD controller, unfortunately)15:46
squeeky88so how does one go about "remastering" the ISO?  I figured I could just go in with an ISO editor and drop in a new /vmlinuz kernel, but don't you have to recreate the boot loader?15:46
jaegerI would mount the CD or ISO, copy everything into a new directory, replace the kernel image/modules, then create a new ISO15:47
squeeky88how do you create a new ISO?15:48
squeeky88is that just burning the CD with "bootable" or something?15:48
sepensqueeky88, why not 2.3?15:49
jaegercreating the iso and burning it are separate but more or less15:49
jaegerhave a look at the mkisofs invocation in the Makefile for 2.3 online to get an idea of the options needed15:49
squeeky88sepen, it's a long story...  suffice to say that I have to use CRUX 2.1 for now.15:49
sepensqueeky88, you can see the 2.3 Makefile to take an idea about the process (imo)15:50
* Romster wonders what limits you to 2.1?16:18
j^2gcc or glib?16:19
squeeky88j^2/Romster, it's compatibility with bundled apps.16:22
squeeky88if i upgrade to 2.3, i need to do alot of work on my app (which I have about 15 boxes running CRUX2.1)16:22
squeeky88i'll upgrade eventually ...  but for now i need to get things working with 2.116:22
Romstersqueeky88, ah what programs are the ones that haev compatibility issues?16:24
squeeky88some libraries, Perl, etc.16:24
Romsterperl should work?16:24
squeeky88if i upgrade to 2.3, i end up having to upgrade my app's version of mod_perl, libapreq, and a bunch of other things16:25
squeeky88it's all alot more work than i can do right now.16:25
Romsteryou want to sync 15 machines using a sync program over udp?16:25
squeeky88really i just need to stay on the same platform as my other systems16:25
squeeky88unfortunately it's not that simple16:25
squeeky88anyways, i think make-your-own-ISO is the best approach16:25
Romsterthere all the same arch?16:25
treachRomster: stop badgering him, presumeably he knows what he's doing.16:26
squeeky88more or less ...  all RAID/Xeon servers16:26
squeeky88i didn't want to pull out the 'holier than thou' attitude ;)16:26
Romstertreach, really wondering why squeeky88 can't sync them all after the first one is up and running.16:26
squeeky88these are all production web servers ...  some running > 1m hits per hour16:26
squeeky88(Romster, see my last point)16:26
Romsterso aplication critical.16:26
squeeky88and no, it's not porn16:27
treachsqueeky88: don't worry, Romster sometimes have too much glue fumes in his head.16:27
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Romsterrunning a machine along side the running one and clone its hdd then upgrade it test it momenterly online if its not right ya can switch back to the origional box in seconds, minimal disruption, kinda be what i'd try.16:28
Romsterbut yeah i guess a modifyed cd wil work.16:29
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squeeky88Romster -- the reality check: lots of these systems are running at customer datacenters.  i don't have physical access to them.  And it'll be a cold day in hell before i convince a knucklehead datacenter tech to do what you're suggesting (without resulting in major fubar, anyways).16:30
treachRomster: go back, read what the guy says. Do try to understand what the problem *is*.16:30
squeeky88thanks treach16:30
Romsterah there all not located int he same location i did nto see that point, so once you got the cd you give it to each admin to update it.16:31
Romsterand i'm typing my letters out of sequence again..16:32
Romsterlazy typing habbit to break.16:32
Romsterso most of the datacenter admins are dumb?16:33
Romsterwould think they be highly skilled to work at one.16:33
squeeky88i don't think dumb is the right word ...  more like just doing what's minimally necessary to prevent a fire.16:34
RedShiftyou should colocate at OpenGate then16:35
Romstertreach, seriously though, it be like hiring a under qualifyed person to do some task thats above his expeareance.16:35
squeeky88i suppose it varies16:35
RedShiftbecause these guys know what they are doing...16:35
squeeky88oh man16:35
Romsterguess minimising time is good.16:35
Romsteri'll leave it at that it's already OT16:35
squeeky88we colo at Internap16:36
squeeky88anyways, thanks to all for the suggestions.16:36
Romsteri don't mean to be a pain really ;)16:37
treachI'm not positive that's a mitigating factor. :/16:37
squeeky88no, not at all.  It's very helpful.16:37
Romstersqueeky88, maybe you could use the 2.3 iso but drop most of the older versions of programs in, like older perl etc?16:38
squeeky88i just have this specific problem to overcome ...  trying not to make it into a larger and more time-consuming one. :S16:38
Romsterthen you'd have the latist rc scripts etc.16:38
squeeky88we pretty much roll all of our own rc stuff anyways16:38
Romstermaybe to much wor..16:38
squeeky88it's very much sounding like it16:39
Romstersqueeky88, anyting worth contributing back to crux?16:39
*** teliti has quit IRC16:39
squeeky88it's just app stuff...  mostly starts Apache with special options, etc.16:39
squeeky88we use crux because it's so minimal, and we really just install a few packages.  Most of what we use is compiled-from-source apps.16:40
squeeky88i.e., it's all the exact opposite of RedHat16:40
Romsterah you didn't package them..16:40
treach"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world"16:41
squeeky88we use a homegrown package system right now...  basically a tarball exploder16:41
treachhow appropriate.16:41
Romsterhehe never was fond of redhat.16:41
Romstertreach, :P16:41
RedShiftpeople still use redhat?16:41
RedShiftpoor souls16:42
RomsterRedShift, yeah really, wow enterprise, not..16:42
treachRedShift: you know, the masses never makes the right choices.16:42
squeeky88alot of businesses do.  presumable for similar reasons as why people use Windows, AIX or Solaris (commercial)16:42
treachRedShift: like, windows, vhs, hitler, you name it. :s16:42
Romstersqueeky88, sounds as if your nearer to LFS than CRUX :)16:42
squeeky88plus you won't be buying a Dell or IBM with a noncommercial Linux on it...16:42
RedShifttreach: for the porn?16:43
RedShiftwell VHS won because it had porn16:43
RedShiftand lots of it16:43
squeeky88Romseter, it's not far off.16:43
treachwell, windows doesn't afaik, so I think the winning factor is "badness".16:43
RomsterRomseter lol ok thats a new one for me i've had alot of variations but not that one before.16:44
RedShiftor it's massive marketingmachine16:44
squeeky88i think CRUX wins because it's at the "thin" end of the spectrum ...  but not totally LFS.16:44
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squeeky88sorry, typo16:44
treachsqueeky88: I use to define crux as a build-kit.16:44
RedShiftdamn I keep erroring with its and it's16:44
treachyou get a base, and then you build your own.16:44
treacha bit like lego. :D16:45
Romstersqueeky88, its ok :) i found it humious.16:45
squeeky88but "base" includes alot of stuff like shells, bin apps, networking stuff, alot of useful things that you generally want.  But then all the add-on stuff is easy to just leave out ...  X Win, etc.16:45
treachit's a bit easier than trying to convince red hat / suse that you *really* don't want gnome/kde..16:46
Romsteryeah and you can be daring and even edit core/base packages too.16:46
RedShiftlego is fun16:46
RedShiftscrap that16:47
RedShiftlego was fun16:47
RedShiftthe models you buy today got like 3 bricks...16:47
Romsteri'm in KDE but i'm finding it a bit bloated.16:47
squeeky88agreed.  Sometimes I ssh into a redhat server and it's got all this X Win crap running ...  using 100MB or more of RAM ...  and other than installation, no one has ever used the windowing UI!16:47
squeeky88big waste of memory, CPU and disk space.16:47
treachRomster: then maybe dwm is somthing for you. :D16:47
Romsterstill it beats windoze.16:47
squeeky88we do it all command line.16:48
squeeky88old school ;)16:48
squeeky88(although alot of what i do is web-UI based, so maybe it's not _completely_ oldschool....)16:48
treachsqueeky88: the worst part is that you waste time and bandwidth keeping the crap up to date, even though you never use it.16:48
squeeky88right, and it's just baggage.16:49
Romstertreach, nah not that light xfce4 or ... (looks in my file) icewm, fvwm, wmaker, dunno what else to try out, i like my GUI on a desktop.16:49
RedShiftyou can choose to not install the graphical environment with red hat16:49
treachRedShift: true, and how well does their tools work that way?16:49
squeeky88ok folks, gotta split. Nice chatting with you all.16:50
RedShifttreach: they don't, because they won't be installed16:50
*** squeeky88 has quit IRC16:50
RedShiftso you just manage it like any other unix16:50
RedShiftan editor and ls /etc16:50
treachmanaging red had that way isn't fun.16:50
treachnot in my experience at least.16:50
RedShiftwell it's better than doing it graphical16:51
treachreally obscurely placed config files, not very readable either.16:51
RedShiftbut that's half the fun :D16:51
treachahem, I'm not *that* bored.16:51
RedShiftmanaging red hat isn't fun in any way16:51
RedShiftI still have packaging nightmares...16:52
RedShiftI don't understand why distros like fedora are so popular16:52
RedShiftthey seem so broken by design16:52
Romsterpeer preasure16:55
loupgaroublondRedShift, not that i don't like crux, but fedora has gotten better at the packaging crap16:55
loupgaroublondit still sucks, but i get paid to fix some things16:55
Romsterwe recomend red hat, gasp16:55
loupgaroublondand RHEL provides alot of things to the enterprise in services, that how the packages work isn't so much of an issue16:56
treachloupgaroublond: I think the point was why it's so popular among "normal" users.16:56
loupgaroublondbecause it's easier to install, and get to a GUI with16:56
Romsterif they reorganised red hat it would be alot better..16:57
treachyeah, and it breaks down every now and then.16:57
loupgaroublondand as long as you don't tinker, it works (not including the fiasco that is fedora 7)16:57
treachheh, 7 is not a good number with rh, I take it. :D16:57
loupgaroublondhaha, nope16:57
loupgaroublondhalf the problems stem from all the crap that is in the new linux kernel though16:58
treachI think the last version of rh I liked was 5.x or so.16:58
treachYeah, I'm oldish. ;)16:58
loupgaroublondi don't blame you, i find working in crux and gentoo easier too16:58
treachI don't like gentoo, but who can resist crux..?16:59
treacheverything is so damned simple.16:59
loupgaroublondinstalling it wasn't :P16:59
treachYou don't have to dig through tons of convoluted crap to get things done.16:59
loupgaroublondif you don't know how to manage linux at all though, crux is very hard17:00
treachwell, it's easy if you know what you're doing.17:00
loupgaroublondmy problems was some stupid bug i had to work around17:00
treachsure, it depends a bit on what you're after. keeping a full blown desktop up and running is quite a bit of work.17:01
treachbut I don't really get why not use suse or *buntu if you're after that kind of experience.17:01
treachunless you *really* like to tinker17:02
RedShiftwhat's so fiasco about fedora 7? (haven't tried it)17:02
Romstercrux works fine as a desktop. a bit of maintaining but i don't mind that.17:02
loupgaroublondyou haven't used suse in a while, have you ;) it plain breaks17:02
treachhehe, 6.2 was the last version I tried. :D17:02
*** patroclo7 has joined #crux17:02
loupgaroublondRedShift, the kernel has problems with multicore chips, suspend and sleep don't work, the new kernel puts in lots of changes that screw things up, networkmanager is out of date, and very buggy, there are random other problems17:03
loupgaroublondall the Fedora guys were busy with RHEL 5 though17:03
RedShiftit has problems with multicore chips? lol :D17:03
loupgaroublondso does Linus Torvalds apparently :P17:04
treachhe does?17:04
jkrYeah, the netowork manager is funny17:04
loupgaroublonda couple of my cubicle mates are working on it, it's getting better17:04
jkrLast time I tried (FC6 I think) it didn't allow WPA together with a static IP17:04
RedShiftI've heard linux-2.6.21 was a very bad release17:04
jkrOnly WPA + DHCP or static IP + WEP :)17:04
loupgaroublondRedShift, exactly17:04
RedShiftthey are working to fix that in 2.6.2217:05
RedShiftwell yeah keeping bleeding edge also means you pay the price17:05
loupgaroublondof course17:05
* RedShift zzz17:05
treachhehe, never had a problem, except the stupid crap.17:06
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:06
loupgaroublondfedora is one of the few 'legally free' distros out there too, so there's that advantadge17:06
treachwell, here they are all "legally free".17:06
loupgaroublondit doesn't have mp3 or dvd support, or anything that can get you sued for in the US17:07
treachI got that.17:07
treachbut it's not my problem. :)17:07
loupgaroublondlucky :)17:07
treachyeah, I'm very happy I don't live in that fucked up country.17:07
loupgaroublondRed Hat is very focused on pushing for open standards, open licenses, etc, so there's a big moral arguement there17:08
jkrI just saw that sicko movie few days ago17:08
jkrReally creepy17:08
* loupgaroublond is unfortunately still stuck there....17:08
loupgaroublondwhich movie?17:08
treachloupgaroublond: I got that, my condolances. :)17:09
jkrThat new Michael Moore movie about the US health care system17:09
loupgaroublondno comment, othrewise i'm not gonna get my work done :P17:09
loupgaroublondactually, any of you guys interested in helping contribute to Red Hat's hardware compat database?17:10
loupgaroublond(yes it means installing a bit of bloat on your system :P)17:10
Romsteri got the last mandrake/red hat, bundle cd's in a fold out case, i should throw that out..17:10
treachheh, hardware compatibilty? I don't think I've got much to contribute in that aspect. :D17:15
*** patroclo7 has quit IRC17:16
*** patroclo7 has joined #crux17:18
loupgaroublondwell, we have a program called smolt that just sends (anonymously) your hardware stats to a central server, (you can also run your own server)17:19
loupgaroublondeventually there'll be a rating system, and more features17:19
loupgaroublondwe're trying to get it to run on more distros, i'm working on debian right now17:19
treachthis piece of junk is way too old to be interesting.17:20
loupgaroublondit definitely would look interesting in the database17:22
loupgaroublondbut i was wondering if crux users might be interested in doing such a thing17:22
*** lasso has quit IRC17:34
*** patroclo7 has quit IRC17:40
*** patroclo7 has joined #crux17:40
Romsterloupgaroublond, i'm intersted in a hardware reporting app, to sugest the drivers needed, and then the user can check there package manager if its there and if not make a package.17:42
Romsteri got old hardware but i'll have new stuff later.17:43
Romsterloupgaroublond, will it be like plugins for each distro?17:44
Romsterto handle how difently it would be to check packages?17:44
loupgaroublondRomster, well, it's not that far along yet :P, but it'll probably be done that way17:47
Romsteri hope so it'll make future expansion easy17:48
loupgaroublondthere'll probably be a wiki sort of database first "if i installed this driver, here's how i probably did it, and why" to which anothre crux user could say how he did ti in crux specifically17:48
Romsterwell for ones that have packages, the package could be listed and the command and any specal notes needed.17:49
Romsterkinda like what the windiz update site did with the dirver checking for windows, sugested on a web page what drivers to download, kinda like that.17:50
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:50
loupgaroublondpretty much, though with user submitted information at first17:51
Romsterhmm don't know what i could submit i've got a cam driver port..17:52
Romsterya be using info off lsusb and lspic etc?17:52
loupgaroublondmostly hal17:55
loupgaroublonddbus, hal, and python are all runtime dependencies17:55
Romsterah hal/dbus stuff.17:55
Romsterpython cool.17:55
Romstersounds portable.17:55
loupgaroublondglad you don't think it's too bloated for crux :P17:56
Romsternah,i got dbus/hal and python already17:56
loupgaroublondporting it to debian was easy, 3 lines of code, ubuntu was another 317:56
loupgaroublondmaking a debian package, too many manuals X(17:56
Romstercrux/gentoo/slackware i supose be simaler?17:56
treachmaking packages for debian isn't much fun. :p17:57
Romsteri've seen debian packages there like huge.17:57
loupgaroublondbut getting it onto debian and ubuntu will make it easier for the whole cross platform argument17:57
Romstermakes crux's a piece of cake17:57
treachloupgaroublond: I wasn't arguing that it shouldn't be done.17:58
loupgaroublondhaha, probably, tough i've neer done one of those either17:58
treachjust that it's painful. :)17:58
Romsterloupgaroublond, true alot use debian/ubuntu17:58
treachunless the application is totally fubar, crux packages are nobrainer.17:59
treachs packages/ports17:59
treach+s. dammit, getting sleeeeepy.. :/17:59
treachrofl. I just did a "date +%H%M%S" here, and got "010001" ;D18:00
loupgaroublondwell, i can talk to mike about it when i'm done with thits18:01
Romsteroh i've tryed to port some apps that are too far gone to even bother..18:01
loupgaroublondthat's reassuring....18:04
Romstermind you i've done alot..18:06
Romsterbut found some really good ones in the process.18:06
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:12
*** squeeky88 has joined #crux18:28
squeeky88annnnnnddd I'm back18:28
Romsterugh i nearly read that as arnold...18:32
Romsterwb squeeky8818:32
rxi_Romster: mee too18:32
squeeky88re: custom boot CD, i tried your suggestions ...  went into the ISO and swapped out the vmlinuz and files.  Now I can boot almost all the way with the new CD, but it hangs with a 'Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel."18:33
squeeky88any ideas?  I've tried a few things... but nothing yet.  Is it really OK to simply swap out the vmlinuz file (with a new one) on an ISO image?  There's no "lilo" like thing to run for ISOLINUX?18:34
squeeky88i'm looking at some Q&A online (via google) but most suggestions say to re-run initrd.  I don't think that's relevant here since it's using ISOLINUX...18:36
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:39
treachping jaeger about it.18:40
squeeky88ok, just pinged him18:43
squeeky88thanks treach18:43
squeeky88(for passing the buck ;) justing kiddin' )18:43
treachnot passing anything really, it's just that he regularly (somewhat) releases an updated iso.18:49
squeeky88i messaged him ...  nothing yet.  What timezone is he in?18:49
treachhe's in ok. :)18:50
treachso he's probably just busy.18:50
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux18:50
*** squeeky88 has quit IRC18:59
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jaegerhrmm... I wonder where squeeky88 messaged me19:58
*** and` has quit IRC20:01
nipuLRomster: -- missing packages21:10
nipuLlibavifile from transcode21:10
nipuLlibdivx from libquicktime21:10
Romstereh i did prtverify...21:11
Romsterk i'll fix that..21:11
Romstermessing with xine-lib atm hrmm this is odd i got gdk_pixbuf installed in my chroot but i'm still missing xineplug_decode_gdk_pixbuf.so21:14
*** Romster has quit IRC21:27
*** Romster has joined #crux21:28
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