IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-06-26

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patroclo7  /j #archlinux03:01
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Romsterpatroclo7, susing out the best distro are we :P03:10
patroclo7ehm, yeah, sorry, that was my ex-distro, arch is my actual one :)03:11
patroclo7uhm sorry, it is morning, I meant:03:11
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patroclo7arch was my ex.distro, crux my actual one03:12
Romsterhow are you liking it?03:16
patroclo7crux is more simple and stable than arch, gives me an excellent core of the system and lets me do everything else with freedom and safety03:17
patroclo7and some similarities with arch make me feel at home anyway, so in general I am happy and will stay here03:18
patroclo7and not only for a bit, since I do not like much distro hopping and do not plan to try anything else in the next future03:22
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!03:51
nipuLpatroclo7: well arch is based on crux03:51
patroclo7yes, in fact I decided to try crux for this reason03:52
patroclo7and discovered that what I have liked in arch during the past two years using it03:54
patroclo7comes from crux03:54
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Romsterpatroclo7, cool :) hope you add a ports repo t the ports db if gou start making packages of stuff we don't already have :)05:35
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patroclo7I have applied for registration, if you see any obvious mistake please tell me05:37
Romstersubmitted to the ports db?05:37
patroclo7yes, I have sent the mail for registration and am waiting05:38
patroclo7oh no05:38
Romsterwhen i click on any of the version numbers i get error not there..05:38
patroclo7I am already in the ports db, I see it now :)05:38
Romsterya gotta have the directorys in the same spot05:38
patroclo7yes, I see that the link from my index.html are broken, but I do not know why, the directories are there05:40
patroclo7myabe a problem of permissions, I am going to inspect05:40
Romsterpossibly diferent permissions..05:41
patroclo7at least everything seems to work through portsdb and httpup05:43
Romsterah its only doing that on that host.. as there is no index file..06:00
Romsterprobbly need to add a .htaccess file and make it show the directorys.06:00
patroclo7yes, you are right, but since actually it is going to be used only through portsdb and httpup, may be I can simply remove the index.html and avoid the problem at all06:10
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j^2morning suck07:43
jjpkEspecially the very early mornings...07:44
patroclo7also 2pm sucks here07:44
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* treach ruthlessly pounds sepen's mrxvt port to something to his liking.08:20
tilmanprologic: i fixed subversion-perl08:20
tilmanprologic: apply this to make it work magically
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tilmanof course i don't get it why the port is in git atm08:27
prologicI thought I removed it08:29
prologicyou telling me you wrote a patch or found one finally while I couldn't over the past few months ? :)08:30
tilmani figured the problem out myself08:30
namenlosa little bit ot:
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SourfAre someone using openbox ?08:41
Sourftilman could pvt08:42
tilmantilman could what?08:43
Sourfit  im br08:43
Sourfone minute08:43
treach"it im br"? That's a nice explanation. :>08:44
SourfDon't be affraid ok ? lol08:46
tilmanwe aren't afraid08:47
Sourfwhat is that tool that I can use to make Crux here in my work, to detect the network dhcp08:50
SourfHas it default in  Crux 2.3 ?08:50
SourfI want uninstall here the Fedor and put crux08:51
SourfI am customize a Crux linux to put in a Cyber Cafe08:51
jjpkRead the FAQ of the crux handbook, found on crux.nu08:51
treachor just simply "prt-get search dhcp"08:52
namenlosisn't it in core?08:52
treachof course it is.08:53
Sourfbut doesn't come default in 2.3 ?08:53
treachI'm trying to provide a generic solution.08:53
treachSourf: it is. just look, ok?08:53
Sourfok too me treach .. Haven't problem if I do for myself08:54
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SourfI'm not sleeping to make a game development os and development os . I like to programa in C, Bash, and Lua ... I'm learning xml yeat  .... It will be a hard work08:56
aonyes, xml is such a hard language...08:56
SourfWHere is my nice html ;(08:57
jaeger@seen mike_k08:57
clbjaeger: mike_k was last seen in #crux 2 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <mike_k> the bad thing is that 1.9.94-1 2.0 and current git version performs nearly the same08:57
SourfAnd in the final stage I want help I lot of linux project ... I love code08:57
aoni see08:58
aonyou should reimplement linux in xml08:58
Sourf;( don't say that08:58
tilmanhe's kidding :P08:58
SourfI( know08:58
nipuLSourf: is that you arnuld?08:59
aonactually i think there was some os with major parts implemented in xml08:59
SourfWe must reimplement linux to the quantum technology08:59
nipuLi'll be impressed when the implement linux in a burrito08:59
RedShiftnetbsd could do that09:00
aonnetbsd could implement linux in a burrito?09:01
SourfI will install to desktops here in a sector ... i'll be back .. few minutes09:01
Sourftwo desktop computer , sorry09:01
nipuLonly 2?09:02
Sourfyou must be joking ... you unsderstood09:02
tilmantwo == 209:02
tilmanthree = 309:02
SourfI will configure them yeat09:02
SourfI will be in guiness book .. with the man that more format install and configure computers09:03
Sourfsee yah ..09:03
aonGuinness is nice09:03
Sourf30 minutes09:03
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aonthe beer, that is09:04
aonwas that some troll ripping off arnuld?09:04
tilmanproably not09:04
tilmanmaybe i should try my mad spanish skills on him09:04
tilmando brazilian people speak spanish?09:04
aonportuguese, i think09:05
tilmanyeah, but the arey surrounded by spanish speaking countries09:05
tilmanso surely they know some? ;)09:05
RyoSits similiar anyway :D09:05
aonbut aren't they like the same language anyway?09:05
tilmanmas o menos, i guess09:05
nipuLthey're all spanish except for brazil09:05
tilmannipuL: yeah, i know09:05
aonlike you know, swedish, norwegian and danish? :)09:05
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sepenhey roomster10:45
j^2sepen: my girl says hi btw10:47
vektoriI didn't know we had parents here!10:48
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sepenhi j^2 and girl10:49
* sepen [music_spam] Nine Inch Nails - Further Down The Spiral10:55
aonnp: Audio Lotion - The Finer Essence - 03. Adelante10:57
j^2vektori: hehe, no no my girlfriend :P11:02
vektorinp: Ennio Morricone - Il Ritorno di Ringo11:02
sepenare you listen mika?11:03
sepenhave? or are?11:03
aon'have you listened to'11:03
sepenthanks aon11:03
vektoriMika? No.11:03
treachnp: Ennio Morricone - The Vice of Killing11:07
sepenI play the guitar here
sepenmy local band11:07
aoni used to play the guitar too11:09
aonnow it just sits in the corner11:09
aonmost of the time, anyway11:10
Sourfsomeone knows about a nice wallpaper site11:10
treachdeviantart has tons. google probably knows of a few others..11:10 has some nice pics11:11
aon ;)11:11
Sourfthank you so much for you11:12
sepenaon, my new guitar, only around 400€
aoni see11:17
aoni have a fender standard stratocaster11:18
sepenmexican or usa?11:18
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aonand a 60W fender tube amp :)11:21
sepenI've a marshall 100dfx (not vacuum tube) x(11:27
surroundereeeek marshall :(11:40
jjpkMarshall tube amps ftw11:41
sepentransistors  :-(11:41
aonplexis especially :)11:41
aoni had some MGR15 or something, but a friend bought it from me11:43
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sepenIm going to home, later12:07
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tilmani think this has been spammed before, but so what:12:45
tilmanthat's pretty german12:45
tilman for you non-germans12:45
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rawhaa, unbelievable! I need 256mb sdram...but...but...I have no sdram anymore!12:50
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tilmanraw: i'm shedding a tear for you right now12:53
rawyeah. I wonder where my tons of sdram have gone, right now.12:54
* aon has some12:54
aonnot that big modules, though12:54
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namenloshi, do you guys also have a md5sum mismatch while installing mysql?15:50
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treachnamenlos: it's a corrupt file, try another mirror16:11
treach(I've seen other people have problems with it.)16:12
namenlosah, thanks.16:12
namenlosunfortunatelly, i already sent an email to jue...16:12
treachwell, ideally the port shouldn't link to that file in any case.16:13
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