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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!01:10
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pitillogood morning01:21
maxhgood? i don't have the key to the coffee machine :(01:25
DarkNekrosmaxh, do as spaniards do, sake and punch the coffee machine ;-)01:28
DarkNekrosalso you can try to ask for the coffee machine key01:34
DarkNekrosless dangerous for yours hands ;-)01:35
maxhhehe. the thing is, there's nobody here. the ordinary staff is on vecation01:39
DarkNekrosso... I sorry with you (try the spaniard way xDD)01:40
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pitillomorning sepen02:15
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bjohandammit i lost the pulldown menus in konqueror... any one who knows how to get them back? :S03:14
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pitillocan anyone tell me if is the /usr/lib/$name path of this footprint correct?
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Sourfquestoion ... Are Dockbook XML DTD and XML Catalog a perl modules ?07:35
SourfI don't know where I meet this programa that I need to install the scrollkep07:41
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SourfWhen I finish there I will make the SCREENSHOT of my customized system07:42
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SourfYou will like, I will use the new fluxbox that rox .... Please I need your help .... When I finish I want show you everything of my system07:47
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SourfI want only finish, to come back code and help ! ---- Ahhhh I made a apresentation of Crux in my class and everybody like it ..... and want use too ... inclusive my linux and free software teacher :)07:49
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jjpkPreaching the open source / linux gospel I see.07:54
jjpkI hope he did not promise 72 virgins for using crux :D07:55
jjpk"what?! where are the fancy graphics and gui?!"07:55
thrice`1-click kernel compiles08:00
* nipuL slaps his forhead08:08
nipuLarnuld has a doppelganger08:08
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jjpkHurray for running old crux releases.08:49
thrice`eek, what for ?08:54
jjpkI'm commenting on a post to the mailing list.08:56
jjpkTruly fun when management is reluctant to make any changes :p08:58
j^2oh crazy bastard09:05
sepenguys! PSP or DS?09:08
j^2ds, totally, so many more games09:10
DarkNekrosI agree with j^2  ;-)09:10
j^2<flame war>09:10
RyoSyou can play copies :> watch movies and whatsoever09:10
DarkNekrosmore fun with DS than PSP09:10
tilmani'll abstain09:10
RyoSi'd buy both tough :P09:10
DarkNekroseither with your DS09:10
j^2i think blah blah blah </flame war>09:10
sepenwell both of them are great09:16
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DarkNekrosgood nigth you @ll!! ;-)18:17
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Romster /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -l-L/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.220:57
Romster$ ls /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/20:57
Romster3.4.6  4.0.3  4.1.220:57
Romstervery odd and why do i have 4.03?20:57
Romsterbah 4.0.320:57
Romster$ pkginfo -i | grep gcc-4.0.3, returns noting so i shouldn't have a 4.0.3 in there..20:58
Romsterhmm guess something had soem stuff in there i dunno what its from..21:00
nipuLdo a pkginfo -o21:20
Romsterno owner(s) found21:31
Romsterjc1 hmm think it maybe remains of gcj on my system in the old locations.21:32
Romsterfound my other problem on that program it requires more dependencys..21:32
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/contrib/gcj21:40
Romsteryeah i must of did something funkey at some time..21:40
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