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pitillogood morning01:00
maxhhm. is there some command to set the xterm title from shell?01:04
maxhwould be handy01:04
namenloshm, urxvt has a -title option.01:05
namenlosi think, the options they take are simmilar...01:06
pitillomaxh, , man xterm.... -T tittle01:07
maxhyeah, but i wanna set it in an already open xterm01:07
namenlossorry, never tried that...01:08
maxhi'm quite sure i've done it. can't remember which shell or how i did it though :(01:08
pitillomaxh, dinamically? google -> xterm tittle dinamically01:08
maxhcool. thanks!01:11
pitillogoogle is your next best friend...01:19
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pitillogood morning tilman01:37
tilmanso tired01:38
tilmanthank god it's friday01:38
pitillotrue :)01:38
maxhheh, it's almost monday ;)01:54
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sepenmorning girls!02:14
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namenlosanyone got pam_abl working?03:40
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sepenRomster, here? md5sum for libmpcdec failed05:36
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!05:38
prologichey guess what all :)06:36
prologicI've just gone through all the interviews, referees, checks, etc and now have a position at PWC!06:37
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rxi_private water closet?06:41
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prologicprice water house coopers06:50
Romstercloset < lol06:51
rxi_prologic: sweet06:51
Romstersepen, seems fine here..06:58
Romsterborked archive you downloaded?06:58
sepenhmm now working fine07:00
sepena466bb3c5eca6f70731363858a159725  libmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz207:01
sepen7f7a060e83b4278acf4b77d7a7b9d2c0  libmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz207:01
Romsterok thats funky...07:02
Romsteri got the archive on my pc when i updated the port07:02
Romsterand it builds flawlessly07:02
Romstersomeone updated the archive and keept the same version?07:03
sepen$ file libmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz207:03
sepenlibmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k07:03
sepen$ md5sum libmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz207:03
sepen7f7a060e83b4278acf4b77d7a7b9d2c0  libmpcdec-1.2.6.tar.bz207:03
sepenhmmm sounds strange07:03
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Romsterok they have to of changed there archive :/07:05
Romstereven the md5 sum on there site dosn't match mine...07:06
Romsterwonder what they changed O_o07:06
Romsterguess i'll update the thing and deleate my archive :/07:08
Romsterwhat an anoyance :/07:08
pitillo what a strange history.....07:15
Romstersepen, updated.07:19
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Romsterwould think there be a body if they found blood everywhere...07:41
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appletreedid somebody know a forum for crux???08:03
thrice`there was one, but I think the mailing list is more effective08:04
jjpkThe forum was a mystery. No idea who even managed it until it was shut down.08:08
sepenRomster, thanks08:11
thrice`sepen: tried out the new ATI driver ?08:19
sepenwhat version┬┐?08:33
RedShiftdamn that is a strange story08:33
RedShiftseveral times wtf went through my head08:34
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cptnhi there08:37
Romsterhi cptn08:37
RomsterRedShift, yeah same..08:38
jjpkReiser's story highlights exactly how much gray area there is.08:39
jjpkPlenty of insanity and shady characters.08:40
jjpkMight add that the article seems to have too much sensationalism attached.08:43
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RedShiftespecially the insanity part08:46
RedShiftrussian mafia, wtf :D08:46
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jjpkSame logic with Italian-Americans. THEY'RE ALL MAFIA PEOPLE!!!11108:54
jjpkVery convenient to spice up events.08:54
aonbut then again, we're all drunk and knife-happy, too...09:03
aon(at least if you ask treach)09:03
jjpkCertainly :D09:04
jjpkThat is the typical national image portrayed in Sweden of Finns.09:05
aoni guess it's better than the opposite, though :)09:05
jjpkIn Finland, the Swedish stereotype is usually a homosexual, overly happy person.09:06
aonexactly :D09:06
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Sourfhi people12:51
Sourfnews to you13:12
Sourfto hate xml  look html 5 .. graces of God
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raw the sky, HTH13:52
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jjpkReligion and hostility to xml, interesting :D15:59
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