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and`I can't get copy and paste to work in X, is this a known problem?06:35
tilmanjust mark the text and paste it using the middle mouse button?06:37
and`that is what does not work06:37
and`how would I test whether my midle button does anything06:38
tilmanthere's the "xev" program06:38
and`k middle button presses are registered06:39
tilmanit should say "button 2"06:39
tilmanie ButtonPressEvent, ..., button 206:40
tilmanand later06:40
tilmanButtonReleaseEvent, ..., button 206:40
and`It doesnt say button*06:41
and`rather serial 2706:41
and`well it says serial 27 for any mouse event06:42
treachis this pasting into vim?06:42
and`actually it says button 806:42
treachrecently someone decided it was a good idea to disable x in the pkgfile..06:42
and`nah just xterm06:43
and`so It says button 8 rather than button 206:43
and`that would mean the mouse protocol is wrong then maybe06:44
and`k got copy and paste working on an other button06:45
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and`k, sorted, thanks06:48
tilmanyou can use xmodmap to remap the buttons06:59
tilmanie swap button 2 and 806:59
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and`ye, changing to an older protocol woked07:05
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brinstardoes anyone know if the badram/badmem patch comes with the crux kernel? or if it can be easily added after the main install is done?09:01
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treachhaha, desperat? :D15:01
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treach@seen sip18:18
clbtreach: sip was last seen in #crux 30 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours, 55 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?18:18
prologic30 weeks ago ?18:24
prologiccorrect me if I'm wrong, but that's almost last year!18:24
treachwell, he's been in -devel since then.18:25
treachbut I wonder who's taking care of his ports during his "extended vacation". :/18:25
prologicxmas ghost ?18:25
treach(did they throw him in jail? :p )18:26
treachwhat's that??18:26
prologicno idea18:26
prologicit was a joke :018:26
prologicour government sucks18:34
prologicI start a new job soon $60k + super18:34
prologicthe tax rates have chagned since last year18:35
prologicand middle-income earner (like I will be soon) have a hefty $900 increase in tax18:35
prologicwhile $75,001 to $150,000 only had a $500 increase18:35
prologicand $150,001 and over only had a $400 increase18:35
prologicnow how fair is that huh ?18:35
prologicmake the majority of the country pay more18:36
prologicoh no wait18:38
prologicI'm sorry I'm completely wrong18:38
prologic$75,001 to $150,000 had a _decrease_18:38
prologicas well as $150,000 and over18:38
prologicboth by $750 great!18:39
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treachsimple, the people in charge are in the >75 000 camp. And someone's got to pay for it. Like ... you.19:11
treachthey get a raise, you get to pay for it, entirely fair, right. ;)19:11
treachs /./?/19:12
rehabdollthats a right-wing government for ya19:21
prologicentirely fair!19:34
prologicI'd highly reccomend anyone live here :)19:34
prologicit's no wonder our fucking country has a budget surplus int he billions19:35
prologichundreds of billions i should say19:35
prologicwe have some shocking figure like $600 billion in the bank19:35
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treachwell, left or right, doesn't matter. At least not here.19:55
treachit's the same selfserving crap, anyway.19:55
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booradleyanybody around?21:37
booradleywould you happen to know how good crux works with wifi?21:40
booradleydoes the pkg mgt system have all of the proper pkgs like ndiswrapper, wpa supplicant?21:40
loupgaroublondnever used it on a laptop, just my servers21:41
jaegerlinux and wifi work well together, thus crux does too :)21:42
jaegerhave a look at for ports. I believe both are available21:42
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booradleyhow hard is it to add repos to the pkg mgt system?  and does crux provide a custom kernel with framebuffer-tng and suspend2?21:45
loupgaroublondyou can make your own custom kernel with all that junk if you want ;)21:46
jaegercrux provides vanilla source, you can do what you like with it21:47
jaegerpatch all you like21:47
jaegeradding repos is easy, check the prt-get, prt-get.conf manpages21:48
booradleyhow would i set cflags, for example to set for k8 optimizations and sse math21:51
jaegerthey're set in pkgmk.conf for ports/packages21:52
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prologicNB: crux doesn't really do anything special for you23:56

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