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nipuLdoes anyone know how to get slim to work, it just drops out when i log in09:03
mrksdo you have a working .xinitrc file?09:09
nipuLyes, i can startx09:09
mrkshm, and slim doesn't load the specified program?09:11
nipuLnothing i try works09:15
treachnipuL: you've set your shell?09:17
treachforgetting setting your shell, or not having it listed in /etc/shells usually have that effect.09:18
tilmanwhy exactly is tcsh in core again?09:20
nipuLbecause it's the best shell in the world of course :)09:20
nipuLmy shell is in shells09:21
mrksand in the login_cmd line of your slim config?09:22
nipuLthis isn't my day, fist i get conjunctivitus and now this!09:22
nipuLlogin_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login ~/.xinitrc09:23
treachand in passwd?09:23
nipuLmy login shell is /bin/sh09:25
treachyeah, but forgetting to explicitly set it in passwd makes slim cry.09:26
nipuLnow the missus will stop annoying me when one of the kids reboots the media center09:28
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mike_kprologic: are you sure zend_optimizer should contain the 'zendid'? I was able to use it without zendid (could that depend on particular script?).12:56
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aonhi sepen14:27
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prologicmike_k, yes it needs zendid definately14:34
prologica lot of commercial php applications depend on this id in order to get the license for their software14:34
prologicI am running such software14:34
prologicplease update your port :)14:34
mike_kalready fixed14:42
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rehabdollthat looks..16:57
rehabdollpretty awesome16:58
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prologick that's just weird17:00
prologicwhen I start dbus I get two msgs17:00
prologicjaeger, ping17:00
prologicthey're both errors in the configuration17:01
prologiccomplaining about the non-existance of netdev and plugdev groups17:01
prologicdbus however does start still and X works - I only found all this out becuase I ran tuxracer and it was being a little slow17:01
prologicso I exited it, and X crashed and locked up my ttys17:02
prologichad to login via my laptop and kill what was left of X (slim had restarted by this stage) but nothing was being displayed17:02
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prologicI sure would like to know what causes X to crash like this and lock up the consoles/ttys17:03
prologicit's a bug/issue I've seen time and time again (not very often though)17:03
jaegerI don't think they're in any way related but you can easily squelch the error messages by adding those groups17:04
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prologicactually that's a reproducable problem17:06
prologicsame steps - same result - X crashes and when slim/X tries to restart just black screen/garbage17:07
prologichave to login remotely and force slim to restart again17:07
jaegerright... but I don't think THAT problem is related to dbus at all17:07
prologicno possibly not17:08
prologichowever the errors/warnings are still there17:08
prologicabout netdev and plugdev - know what those are all about ?17:08
jaegerhave a look in /usr/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf17:09
prologicwill do17:09
prologic<policy group="plugdev">17:10
prologicseems to be the only group-related thing there17:10
jaegerso you can control that by either adding those groups or changing the policy17:10
prologicthe readme doesn't say to create any other groups17:10
jaegeror not starting dbus :)17:10
jaegerbecause they aren't required for dbus to run17:10
prologicok fine17:11
prologicwhat do you recommend then ?17:11
prologicyour port isn't it ? :)17:11
jaegerdepends on the other software you use17:11
jaegerI create them because gnome-volume-manager uses hal and its dbus stuff17:11
prologicxfce4, xchat, pidgin, gmpc, vmware-server, soffice, tuxracer (when it works and doesn't crash), dia17:12
prologiconly real gui apps I use really17:12
prologicand opera17:12
prologicrest is all curses apps17:12
prologicwhat if I don't use any gnome stuff at all ?17:12
jaegerso if any of those need those specific abilities defined in the hal.conf you might want the groups17:12
jaegerpidgin has some dbus support, as does xfce4 I think... but I've not explored either17:13
prologicit wouldn't hurt to add the group anyway and just keep running dbus though ?17:13
prologicI mean it's suppose to be this new fangle danlge new message bus system for X :)17:13
prologick just add the group with an id <99 ?17:13
jaegerid really shouldn't matter17:14
prologicand does the X user (me) need to be members of messagebus and plugdev ?17:15
jaegerI tend to make ids <99 for system daemon users, etc., but that's preference only17:15
prologicso do i :)17:15
jaegerjust plugdev and netdev, shouldn't need to be in messagebus17:15
prologicnor haldaemon ?17:15
prologicyou might be interested in a little python script I wrote for group/user management17:17
prologicwanna try it ?17:17
jaegernot to belittle it, is such a thing necessary?17:17
prologicremember I'm visually impaired :)17:18
prologicanything helps!17:19
prologicit just reads /etc/group and reformats it, also has a few nice options like --next, --last and --script17:19
jaegerI'll take a look17:19
prologictry it anyway I'd appreciate any comments, critical or not :)17:20
prologic$ groupids -n17:20
prologicNext System Group ID: 1417:20
prologicNext User Group ID:   10117:20
prologicfor instnace17:20
prologicbased on those preferences for group/user ids that we both tend to like17:20
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prologicyou can still say it's useless if you want! :)17:24
prologicit's useful for me anyway and I use it all the time instead of grep/vim the appropiate file17:24
jaegerI didn't say it's useless :) just may not be something I need17:27
prologicneways, thanks for the dbus thing17:28
prologicstill would like to know why X is crahsing :) (another day I guess)17:28
prologicjust won't run tuxracer :)17:28
jaegerany useful errors?17:28
prologichow would I catch them17:29
prologicexcept for the ones that'd appear in the Xorg.log17:29
jaegertry redirecting its output if it has any17:29
jaegertuxracer | blah 2>&1 (if you're a bash user)17:30
jaeger>, not |17:30
prologic&> will do17:30
prologicyeah I'll try that17:30
prologicI just hate having to pick up my laptop and re-login to X again :017:30
prologiccool :)17:42
prologicjust finally (been meaning to for months) userids17:43
prologicsame idea17:43
prologicthis can be useful for crux post-install scripts ya know17:44
prologiceg: groupdd -g `groupids -n -g` foobar17:44
prologicbut *meh*17:44
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majykI was wondering if somebody had a set of precompiled Gnome ports... so far google hasn't turned up much17:55
jaegernone that I'm aware of17:56
jaegerI intend to do a new build of 2.18.2 tomorrow, could save the packages if you like18:00
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prologicfixed the problem18:12
majykjaeger, that would be sweet18:14
prologicjaeger, you need to fix the nvidia README slightly18:16
prologicgl-select xorg is the correct option to use now18:16
prologicI'm outta here, gotta go see the nurse18:16
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