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pitillogood morning00:47
* luxh needs coffee00:55
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Romstermmm coffee :)01:18
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!03:23
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sepenwhere I can find the lastest sources of uCRUX ??05:16
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nipuLwee! running on wirless now06:45
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j^2hola everyone08:32
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nipuLyay, now everything is wireless08:42
nipuLand it's still not midnight08:42
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j^2(i might be jinxing this...) but i havent heard from arnuld in a bit13:56
j^2bruce lee must have gotten him :P13:56
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jaegermajyk: are you here?15:08
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majykjaeger, you rock!15:10
majykthank you15:10
jaegerno problem :) hope they help15:10
jaegerit's not only gnome, it's everything from my clean install to gnome. so there are extras15:11
majykyou saved me tons of compile time15:11
majykthat'll work!15:11
jaegerglad to help, I was gonna do the rebuild today anyway15:11
majykI just finished downloading your updated crux-2.3 iso15:13
jaegerglad it's being used15:14
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sepenhi girls15:16
tilmansup sepen15:36
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DarkNekrosgood night you @ll!! ;-)17:14
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RememberPOLdoes crux have any automated package upgrading system?19:33
RememberPOLto sync with online repositories?19:33
RememberPOLprt-get, apparently19:33
RememberPOLsounds alot like bsd style management19:34
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RememberPOLConcerning the original creation of CRUX, does anyone know which other GNU/Linux system it was mainly based off of?20:52
rxi|workit wasnt based off anything21:02
RememberPOLAlso, does the CD produced by the ISO have a text or GUI based system installer?21:04
thrice`package selection is an ncurses menu, but everything is text21:04
RememberPOLMust there already be HDD partitions set before the installation, or can those be set during the install process?21:05
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jaegerit's left to the user to partition before running setup21:05
thrice`check out for the process21:06
bigbufordi really want to try crux, but am hesitant due to the lack of documentation21:19
bigbufordfor exmaple, i really would like having instructions for settings up WiFi21:19
rxi|workwell its all pretty much generic so the doc's from the vendor would be suitable21:20
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jaegerone thing that's important to know and keep in mind is that crux is linux, so if it works in another distribution it'll work in crux21:20
rxi|workjaeger: in theory :P21:21
RememberPOLis running Trac?22:59
RememberPOLaside from the bugtracker which i know is running Flyspray23:00
jaegerwe ran trac at one point, not anymore23:03
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RememberPOLThe color scheme and font look similar to the Trac default.23:09
RememberPOLAnd the link icons. :)23:09
jaegerthat might have been intentional, I don't remember :)23:09
RememberPOLIs it basically a fork of Trac?23:11
RememberPOLOr a completely different web framework system?23:11
jaegerjust a wiki/bug tracker/gitweb23:12
RememberPOLWhich wiki system?23:13
jaegerpmwiki. does it matter?23:14
RememberPOLJust wondering, really23:15
RememberPOLI run a wiki at http://S11.Info/23:16
RememberPOLand i'm planning on testing out various gnu/linux distributions soon23:16
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RememberPOLDoes crux install with a default desktop environment?(kde/gnome/xfce)23:27
jaegernot really. you're free to choose the one you like. the iso does come with blackbox23:27
RememberPOLIs it possible to upgrade all system packages with one prt-get command, or must each package be upgraded manually?23:35
rxi|workprt-get sysup23:44
rxi|workthat will update everything23:44
rxi|workotherwise prt-get sysup --test to see what will happen23:44
RememberPOLthat will show you which packages are out-dated?23:45
rxi|workwell it will say which are going to be updated23:49
RememberPOLIs there a website I can search for CRUX packages?23:50
RememberPOLOr an IRC bot or any of the sort?23:50
RememberPOLI guess this is the best, eh?
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RememberPOLSo CRUX doesn't come with a default python install?23:52
DarkNekroshi you @ll!! ;-)23:53

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