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rxi|workRememberPOL: yeah thats it00:00
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pitillogood morning00:48
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bjohandoes anyone know how to check what symbols are defined in a library?02:42
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teK_objdump -t?02:56
teK_maybe -tT02:57
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bjohanteK_, thanks03:36
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blueCommandwhat is the prefered way to change cruxs locales to utf8?05:21
sepenblueCommand, take a look of this
blueCommandAm I blind? I can't really see something that helps me change it, only another user who had the same problem :)05:26
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sepenyeah but you are reading this from the ***bug***tracker05:27
blueCommandyeah, I suppose so :)05:27
blueCommandSo I will simply go with the hardcore "standard" ways then05:27
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namenloshm, i did it in my /etc/profile file (if i mean the correct thing)06:02
bjohanteK_, still there?06:07
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bjohanteK_, do you know of any reason why a function in a library (elf format) would not be found?06:43
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teK_bjohan: not really, sorry07:47
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sepen$ prt-get cat ocaml Pkgfile | grep Depends10:30
sepen# Depends on:  ncruses, gdbm, xorg-libx11, xorg-libxau10:30
sepen****ncruses**** jejeje10:31
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Romsterthe list seems to be the only one thats active?11:39
treachwell, I get semi-regularily stuff from the others, so I assume they're working.11:40
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Romsterand how di spam find its way on the ML ?11:56
treachno idea, it was a while ago, and I didn't see any reason to keep it..11:57
Romster@seen aon12:00
clbRomster: aon was last seen in #crux 21 hours, 59 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <aon> ;)12:00
Romster!seen aon12:00
-MelOne- Romster, I don't know anything about aon, don't you mean rxi?12:00
Romster.seen aon12:00
* Romster forgets the prefix...12:01
Romsterah just a bit of lag..12:01
treachwrong prefix anyway :@12:01
RomsterMelOne, dosn't know aon O_O12:03
treachMelOne is totally useless.12:05
thrice`@seen aon12:29
clbthrice`: aon was last seen in #crux 22 hours, 28 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <aon> ;)12:29
thrice`oh, oops...sorry ;\12:30
treachha, now the ml has become a place to look for co-workers ;D13:29
treach"Hello, I represent a firm in Nige^H^H^H^H Boston MA.."13:31
rawniger, boston, the same really13:39
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DarkNekrosgood night you @ll!!! ;-)18:20
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