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pitillogood morning01:00
tilmanhello pitillo01:00
pitillohello tilman, good morning01:00
tilmanmourning luxh01:00
luxhhrm. this ldap thing is confusing01:01
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!!02:49
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namenloshi, could anyone tell me, why let "i = ((i == 10) ? i++ : 0)"; echo $i always prints 0?07:47
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DaViruznamenlos: it doesn't if $i is 1007:54
namenlosDaViruz: thanks, found this out, just right now...07:55
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anrykoin the end of each line in /etc/fstab, there are "0 0", what the first 0 means?08:57
namenlosman 5 fstab08:59
namenlosi guess you mean The  fifth  field, (fs_freq), is used for these filesystems by the dump(8) command to determine which filesystems need to be dumped.09:00
anrykook i already read that in man 5 fstab, thenx :)09:03
anrykobut i dont have man for dump09:04
anrykowhat does that mean?09:04
namenlosunfortunatelly i got only some freebsd man pages for dump(8):
namenloswhether it is the same on linux - i don't know.09:07
namenlosmaybe you got to wait for a more experienced user, than me, to answer your questions...09:08
anrykothenx for your help09:10
anrykoi have one more question.. if the fifth and the sixth fields of /etc/fstab are "1 1"  - it is mounted to /, can i change it to "0 1"?09:13
anrykoThe system gonna start after restart?09:14
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namenlosanryko: i think, it will restart.09:14
namenlosbut i got no idea, what this dump is, since there is no man page for that on my system :(09:14
namenlosi think the dump is used for tapes and floppys (as i read from the freebsd man page)09:18
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anrykowhell.... it didnt :)09:20
anrykodoesnt start09:20
namenlosk, sorry09:20
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namenlosyou brought the settings back?09:20
anrykomm, nope, the situation is complicated, i whas configuring it by ssh :)09:21
namenlosyou don't have physical access to it?09:22
namenlosthat's bad. i am really sorry, for leading you to such a nonsence...09:23
anrykonp, thenx for your help09:24
anrykohey, everything is ok09:31
anrykoit startedup :)09:32
anrykojust took some time... longer thet usual09:32
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patroclo7anryko: if nobody else replied (I was briefly disconnected) the fifth field is boolean and determines if a fs should be dumped09:35
anrykopatroclo7: thenx09:41
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majyklooks like Gnome release 2.18.3 today :
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treachnot yet.16:40
Romsteris here :D16:41
treachwait another 20 minutes, and I'd be willing to discuss it. :D16:41
Romsterlol not 6am yet there?16:42
Romsters/yet there/there yet/16:42
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Romsterrotten power outage...17:43
DarkNekrosgood night ;-)17:43
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jaeger@seen vico19:09
clbjaeger: vico was last seen in #crux 1 week, 6 days, 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <vico> Romster: thanks for the boost update! Now my ardour port compiles without any Pkgfile hacking :-)19:09
Romsternot again with the highlighting nick :/19:10
Romsterover 6 days O_o19:11
majykjaeger, thanks for putting up the Gnome 2.18.2 packages... They work great!19:24
jaegerno problem =) gonna have to do 2.18.3 soon, hehe19:25
Romsterjaeger, the joys of a package maintainer :P19:32
Romsterwhat was the change in gl-select?19:32
Romsterand i'm trying to figure the best method to include support for the nvidia legacy ports.19:33
sepenRomster, see diff at gitweb19:33
Romsterbut i haven't done alot besides edit gl-select manually.19:33
Romsterah should of thought of that one...19:33
* treach thinks of 500 miles/packages whenever he sees gnome mentioned. :p19:34
majyksince we are talking about nvidia drivers does anybody see any text artifacts in gnome terminal? I see them on occasion but that is the only app that has that problem.19:34
majykseems to happen with the nvidia drivers19:34
Romsteryeah i've had it happen in KDE19:35
Romsterlike part of a GUI winder over xchat before...19:35
Romsteranoying but dunnoy why it never refreshed.19:35
treachew, xchat.19:35
treachis that the best you could come up with? :S19:36
Romstercould be just xchat not got a good refresh screen code?19:36
Romstertreach, just because your in irssi?19:36
Romsteror bitchx?19:37
treachno, basically, in my experience, *anything* is better than xchat..19:37
Romsteri don't like alot of ncurses stuff on a desktop pc.19:37
Romsterhmm k.19:37
treachwell, there's "konversation" for instance.19:37
treachpretty popular among kde users.19:38
Romsterfind me a better GUI IRC client i'll try it out, i haven't found anythingdecent.19:38
treachsee ^19:38
Romstertrying to avoid more KDE stuff :/ but maybe its worth trying.19:38
treachwhy? If you're already using kde, why not use as much of it as possible?19:39
RomsterGTK,wxwidgits or other GUI type stuff i'm more into19:39
Romsterbecause i'm trying out other WM's and DE's19:39
treachmeh, if you're putting all that work into kde, you might just as well make the most of it.19:39
Romsterand may move away from KDE so i want as little dependence on it as possable.19:40
jaegermajyk: yeah, I see them19:40
treachRomster: sure, then you should use console apps exclusively. :P19:40
RomsterI like the bar across the bottom, and nice window decorations and right click menu but dosn't have to be KDE providing i can haev them icons like systray.19:41
Romstertreach, lol, i use console excusively on my firewall/gateway pc.19:42
Romsterbut /this/ is a desktop so i use xorg all the time.19:42
treachif that's all you need, fvwm can provide those..19:42
Romsterbut use konsole for that other stuff19:42
Romsteryeah been messing with fvwm, just haven't made the big switch yet.19:43
Romsterand looking at any others i may like.19:43
treachfvwm + trayer is a nice combo.19:43
Romstertrayer hmm..19:44
* Romster takes a look19:44
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sepennetcat irc client by me19:45
sepennot gui irc client but rocks19:45
treachtrayer is down right.19:46
treach(swallowed by an fvwmdock)19:47
loupgaroublondfvwm-crystal does it nicely too19:47
treachthat's cheating. :D19:47
Romsteri might get used to that.19:48
Romstersepen, heh vista theme..19:50
Romsteri'm just so used to the tray :)19:50
sepenIm very satisfied with my desktop pc19:51
Romsterhaving the time there and icons of some programs that can be minimised19:51
sepenwell Im going to bed19:51
Romstergnite sepen19:51
sepenhere 02:52 and I'll up at 0719:52
Romsteryou'd all die of fright if ya saw my desktop :P19:52
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Romsterhmm think i'll mess with fvwm later today19:56
Romsterwould run faster than kde i'd imagine.19:56
Romsterspecially on this old 1.4GHz pc.19:57
treachheh, no shit sherlock.19:57
thrice`er...power outage today, and now my PC wont' turn on =\19:57
treachgood for you. :p19:57
jaegerfeel the love19:58
treachI'd be careful around a "turned on" computer. :D19:58
thrice` kidding19:58
treachjust kidding, not wishing misfortune for anyone. :)19:59
thrice`yeah, i'm bad at them19:59
Romsterless bloat more speed :)20:00
Romsterdidn't spend enougth time messing with it to get it how i wanted it.20:01
Romstershould chick out the wesnoth game if your into turn-based rpg's :)20:01
Romsterin contrib.20:01
treachchick out? :D20:01
Romsterthrice`, pull the power lead out wait 15 seconds then retry20:01
Romsteruseally the pc locks up on the 5 volt standby rail.20:01
thrice`I haven't pulled it from the motherboard yet.  It powers on, and cuts out after about 3 or 4 seconds20:01
Romsteroh diferent fault..20:02
treachnasty powersurges/spikes. :/20:03
Romsteryeah bad things, will have to do the process of emiliation.20:04
thrice`I think the power supply was almost dead, so that's what I suspect.  The mac still works, though, so i'm too lazy to look into it20:04
loupgaroublondsummer here really is about playing chicken with your power supplies, fridge, microwave, airconditioning set on full, and your fuse box20:05
Romsterjust plug another ATX into it if ya got a spare.20:05
loupgaroublondbonus points when you can take down your town's power grid too20:05
Romsteryou better hope its not the motherboard, you could try bypassing the power on line so the psu stays on.20:05
Romsterloupgaroublond, :P20:05
treachwe only get poweroutages here when lightning strikes the grid.20:05
thrice`I think this was a car accident20:06
treachgreat. :D20:06
Romsterlightning and sometimes from power surges from a overloaded grid for some reason then the breaker trips.20:06
treachthrice`: dare we hope he won't do it again? ;)20:07
Romsterseperating a section, then when it recloses so i get 2 brownouts20:07
loupgaroublondhaving a laptop or two is nice, it gives you a bit of security when there is a short blackout20:08
treachI think we've had 2 blackouts here the last 4 years. both caused by major lightningstrikes.20:09
loupgaroublondso you weren't affected by that north east american blackout then?20:12
Romsteri'm lucky to go a month without a brownout long enougth to reset my pc.20:12
treachloupgaroublond: lol, I'd be *very* surprised if I was affected by anything you guys manages to screw up, short of a major nuclear incident. :D20:14
loupgaroublondlucky :)20:20
loupgaroublondnot my fault, i wasn't even born here20:20
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treachanyway, time to zzZZZZzzleep.20:23
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