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pitillogood morning00:59
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sepenit have a mips4000 processor, we could build a linux kernel for it and also put on a crux-psp (mips4000) ports04:12
prologicso blodoy what :)04:27
prologicsome guy wrote a windows app to do what wireless-tools does already04:27
prologicplus dhcpcd ;)04:27
prologicbut cool video04:27
RedShiftofcourse they have technical problems with a perpetual motion machine...04:58
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bjohanhmm, can't type in minicom... anyone knows why?07:17
bjohanheh, i could just no local echo :)07:17
namenloshi, anyone knows what to do, if i read in c a directory, and get for every dirent a unknown type?07:17
jaegerno idea here07:21
namenlosthis is weird. the docu says, that this could happen on some filesystems (i got xfs)07:21
namenlosbus somehow ls manages to get this information.07:22
namenloson tmpfs it works...07:22
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j^2for all you italianians out there -->
RedShiftI don't get it08:16
RedShiftwho's Mussolini?08:16
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jjpkHistory class snoozer I take it.08:29
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* jaeger makes gl-select a bit smarter11:53
* surrounder makes true a bit smarter11:54
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thrice`I'd like to be a bit smarter =\12:33
vektoriSorry, we run out of smart.12:33
thrice`knew I was too late =]12:33
majykprt-get depinst smarter12:34
majykok that wasn't funny12:42
thrice`it would be if it worked12:46
thrice`that's fancy jaeger12:46
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jaegerthrice`: the gl-select change?12:56
jaegerI accidentally left an echo in there that I didn't mean to but I'll remove it next version, shouldn't hurt anyone12:56
jaegerthanks :)12:56
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