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pitillogood morning01:00
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pitillogood morning figura02:00
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bjohanwhat happens if i try to do pointerstepping with a void-pointer in c?02:36
tilmanit's undefined i think02:38
bjohanhmm, this compiler does it one byte at a time02:40
bjohanbut its better to do a typecast first i guess?02:40
tilmani would use a uint8_t *02:41
tilmanif you actually do want one byte offsets02:41
bjohanthis compiler does not have an inttypes.h :(02:44
tilmanuse unsigned char * then02:45
bjohani do :)02:45
bjohantilman, you mean for the pointer type :)03:08
bjohantilman, perhaps, i might be wrong, but is it not customary to use void pointers in c when you have arbitrary data?03:10
bjohanits a function that transmits data over a serial interface03:11
tilmanit's customary to use char*/unsigned char*/uint8_t*03:11
tilmanbecause you can do arithmetic on those03:12
tilmanthe standard says that pointer arithmetic on void* leads to undefined behaviour03:12
bjohanok, thanks03:13
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namenloswhat would you guys choose to convert a html page into a valid xml in perl? html::tree or xml::libxml?03:14
namenlosok, i made my choice, i'll use the libxml, since it got xpath in it, too. so i don't have to use xml::xpath .03:16
sepencontributors, please take a look
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namenloscan anyone tell me, what is so bad about redundant deps?03:33
namenlosi mean as long a the program resolves them, it shouldn't matter...03:33
luxhhm. one mail from the list dropped as spam in gmail03:39
luxhheh, the mail sepen linked to03:40
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DarkNekroshi you @ll !! ;-)05:09
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pitillogood weekend to all07:57
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Jea1Hi! Is there anybody?09:02
Jea1I can't install gnumeric09:03
Jea1CRUX 2.309:03
Jea1prt-get depinst gnumeric09:03
Jea1Следом prt-grt install gnumeric..09:03
Jea1DPANGO_DISABLE_DEPRECATED -DGDK_PIXBUF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED -DGDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED -DGDK_MULTIHEAD_SAFE -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED -DLIBGLADE_DISABLE_DEPRECATED -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wsign-compare -Wpointer-arith -Wnested-externs -Wchar-subscripts -Wwrite-strings -MT gog-axis.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/gog-axis.Tpo -c gog-axis.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/gog-axis.o09:03
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j^2wow, jea1 douchebag09:04
j^2interestly that's my initals too :P09:04
j^2but i'm not in russia...09:04
aonhave you checked lately?09:04
* j^2 runs out site09:06
j^2nope still in texas09:06
jaegerdon't think anyone's touched the gnumeric port in a long time, I should remove it from the tree09:11
j^2i remember the good ol' days :D09:12
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Jea1Can sombody help my?09:22
Jea1I can build gnumeric from port09:22
Jea1I can't build gnumeric from port09:23
jaegeryou'll most likely have to fix the port, it hasn't been maintained09:23
teK_is there a limit on the number of exported ENV vars?09:23
Jea1gog-axis.c:1683:58: error: macro "GSF_CLASS_FULL" requires 10 arguments, but only 7 given09:24
Jea1CRUX 2.309:24
anrykoа че это такое? :)09:25
Jea1У меня не собирается электронная таблица из порта,я не знаю что делать09:25
tilman??? ????? ???? ?? ????09:26
Jea1I can't read KOI-R09:27
Jea1There is UTF09:27
anrykoтам 2 порта: gnome и hnc, оба пробовал?09:27
Jea1Пробовал Гном09:27
Jea1попробую hnc09:28
anrykoну попробуй другой порт09:28
DarkNekroscool i can read russian, but i cannot undertand it xDDD09:28
Jea1Вопрос. У меня собраны пакеты для Abiword, он работал. Когда я пытаюсь установить его из пакетов на другой машине я должен ручками каждый пакет через pkgadd добавлять в систему? Если prt-get то это собирать, а это время.. из мануала по prt-get я не очень понял..09:30
Jea1Кст, как в pidgin поменять кодировку на лету? Я так понял некоторые irc в koi-r?09:32
Jea1Вообще, куча вопросов, и спросить некого :(09:32
anrykoкидаешь все пакеты в одну директорию, в /etc/prt-get.conf ее дописываешь и пользуешь prt-get depinst --install-scripts <prog name>09:33
Jea1Понял. Спасибо.09:33
anrykoна счет кодировок не наю :)09:34
Jea1Спасибо огромное!09:35
anrykoа почему решил crux пользовать, рас неукого спросить?09:35
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Jea1Oh, soryy!!09:35
Jea1I start from LFS.. but I am very stuppid:(09:36
anrykothere is no :)09:36
tilmancreate it then ;)09:36
Jea1I am in ? /join #crux.ru09:37
Jea1Попробуй, может заработает
DarkNekrosmenya sabut DarkNekros :-)09:38
DarkNekrosgood weekend you @ll!!!09:47
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j^2wow...crazy shite in #crux today09:51
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tilmanlol j^209:53
j^2oooohhh i get it now... s/@ll/all :D09:55
j^2<-- caffiene not kicking in yet :(09:55
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Jea1Is somebody in
Jea1Is there somebody? I am testing IRC from Linyx, sorry.10:09
vektoriMaybe you should go and see?10:16
j^2Jea1: logged in as root eh?10:16
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Jea1I am truing to install "goffice" from hnc collection11:08
Jea1It was "prt-get depinst --install-scripts goffice"11:09
Jea1configure: error: Header files for PCRE were not found11:09
Jea1=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/pkg/goffice#0.4.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.11:09
Jea1prt-get: error while install11:09
Jea1What is this wrong??11:09
thrice`are you looking for an office suite ?11:09
thrice`or do you specifically want goffice11:10
Jea1This is Openoffice?11:10
Jea1I am truing to install Gnumeric11:10
j^2Jea1: try openoffice11:10
thrice`I would recommend openoffice, but have never used goffice mysefl11:11
Jea1Is there some analog Gnumeric. Another simple calc11:13
j^2@google linux calculator11:14
clbj^2: Search took 0.39 seconds: gnome- calculator - Linux Command - Unix Command: <>; Calculator running linux: <>; dc(1): arbitrary precision calculator - Linux man page: <>; Download PG Calculator 2.2-6 for Linux - PG Calculator is a ...: (1 more message)11:14
thrice`Jea1: not that I know of; openoffice is a bit bigger, but doesn't have any dependencies, which is nicer11:15
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j^2ZOMG! Optimus Prime is Eeyore! same voices :P11:24
Jea1May be abacus?11:35
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brointhemixsry, wrong window ;)13:39
vektoriRai rai.13:40
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j^2so a moral of tor is dont use it if you are in idlerpg eh? :P15:02
tilmanj^2: well, you suck at idlerpg anyway, so it wouldn't hurt that much for you15:03
tilmani'm just kidding ofc :D15:03
j^2hahah cute :P15:04
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nipuLsweet, just upgraded nvidia17:04
nipuLnow glxgears gets a blistering 10fps17:04
jaegerthat's raw power17:04
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RomsternipuL, you didn't forget gl-select?18:45
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kevinh90i have an old world mac that i want to put linux on22:19
kevinh90ok, sorry, this doesnt seem to be the right place to be22:20
kevinh90i looked at your website, and you are for i686, but your channel is listed on penguinppc.org22:21
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rxiright ...22:22
loupgaroublondthere isn't a crux ppc port?22:30
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nipuLcruxppc is for new world macs23:55

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