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Jea1Is there russian ports manteiners?03:04
treachthere are russian users who have their own repos, if that's what you mean.03:05
Jea1I am looking for russan support for CRUX :)03:08 is dead when I start using CRUX :-\03:08
treachyou mean like someone able to answer questions in russian, or do you mean enabling russian localization?03:09
Jea1Localization is ok, but my english is bad03:10
Jea1I can't understand some things03:10
treachok. well it seems to work so far. :)03:10
treachthere are russian speaking users though, none of them online currently though.03:11
Jea1I tolk with russian Crux user yesterday..03:12
treachmmh, I don't know any of those.03:13
treach@seen mike_k03:13
clbtreach: mike_k was last seen in #crux 5 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <mike_k> already fixed03:13
treach@seen bd203:13
clbtreach: bd2 was last seen in #crux 13 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <bd2> ah.. thanks Romster03:13
treachthose are, or at least used to be regulars.03:14
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* Romster just got home03:23
Romsterbd2 used to be in here all the time..03:23
Romsterand most of them have my nick in the message too so it gets my nick highlight...03:24
treachheh, that's what you get from talking too much. :>03:25
treachRomster: need some extra job? ;D03:35
jjpkToo much noise in here? Unpossible03:37
treachjjpk: I didn't say that, did I? ;)03:37
jjpkperhaps ;)03:39
jjpkI can't say one gets overwhelmed by the traffic here.03:49
mike_kcan someone suggest where to install ($PKG/??) java apps like this: ?03:59
treachusr/lib/? maybe?04:07
Romsterhmm maybe /usr/share/java ?04:07
Romsterjars are executable :/04:09
treachnot that I've noticed..04:09
treachbesides, I was thinking of how firefox is located.04:10
Romstermaybe even /usr/share/jUploadr/04:11
mike_kor /usr/lib/$name + symlink from /usr/bin/jUploadr -> /usr/lib/$name/jUploadr04:12
treachmike_k: that's what I meant.04:13
Romsterthat could work too.04:13
Romsteryou may need to use a bash wrapper to cd to the /usr/lib/$name then run jUploadr, i've found on some java stuff.04:14
mike_kyes, sometimes04:15
treach"/usr/lib includes objectfiles, libraries and internal binaries that are not inteded to be executed directly by users or shellscripts".04:16
treachsounds like a reasonable place for java apps to me.04:16
treachfhs 2.3, p 20.04:17
treachRomster: "The /usr/share hierarchy is for all read-only architecture independent data files". Doesn't sound like applications to me.04:19
Romsterhmm good point.04:20
mike_kon the other hand, jars are architecture independent04:20
treachyes, but they are not data files.04:20
Romsterthere executables not read only.04:20
treachyour "brain on" switch is broken today?04:21
Romstermeh i'll just piss off then...04:21
Romsterjars compiled bytecode for the java interpreter. and no my brain is not broken.04:22
treachI didn't say that.04:22
treachit's just that there is no contradiction between a file beeing an application and the file being "read only"..04:22
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s_warlockhow is everyone doing08:12
majykpretty good08:13
s_warlockhave someone heard more about software patents?08:14
s_warlocki saw that microsoft brought back that questions some mounths ago08:15
s_warlockis some one here good at gzip errors08:17
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s_warlockget the following error when i try to install mysql on my laptop gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length error08:18
teK_md5sum correct?08:18
teK_well. bad.08:18
s_warlockdont remember the tool that i could use to se if there was some problem width the gzip compressed package08:19
tilmani believe this problem has been reported before08:21
s_warlocktilman, could have been reported before but not from me08:28
s_warlockhave some one heard from sven dahl ?08:28
s_warlockhe who made ucrux08:29
tilmani thought simone did ucrux :D08:29
s_warlockdont know he worked a lot with ucrux08:30
s_warlocktilman, i just comfused to day.08:35
s_warlockhe didn't write ucrux08:35
tilmananyway, i don't think i've ever heard of dahl08:36
tilmani just see his name in some ports every now and then08:36
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jaegerhaven't seen him in a long time, myself08:46
treach2 years ago, at least.09:07
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majykjaeger, is the kernel config in the kernel folder on your updated iso the one used for the kernel that boots the cdrom when installing?09:16
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jaegershould be09:28
majykcool, I'm thinking of rolling my own updated iso at some point09:28
majykjust for the fun of it09:29
jaegerit's a fun project, I'd say09:29
majykhow was the setup.dependencies file generated?09:29
jaegerno idea, I didn't make it09:30
majykah ok09:30
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httpgnome-terminal has crashed10:58
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JeanThe application gnome-terminal has crashed.11:05
loupgaroublondno one seems shocked11:06
JeanWhat to do now?11:07
JeanI am building bug-buddy from port11:07
Jeanbut bug-buddy is heavy11:08
JeanIs there somebody using gnome-terminal from Crux ports?11:09
loupgaroublonddunno, but gnome-terminal is a pretty bloated term, the biggest reason i can think of using it is for gnome integration11:10
majykJean, I do but it doesn't paint it's text correctly and leaves text artifacts sometimes... I mostly use xterm11:11
JeanOk, xterm is more useful11:12
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JeanI had some errors.. I truing "prt-get depinst gtkmm"14:04
Jean=======> ERROR: Directory '/home/pkgmk/distfiles' does not exist.14:04
Jeanls /home/pkgmk/14:04
Jeandistfiles  packages  work14:04
Jeanthat did happen?14:05
rehabdollthe dir defined in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR= needs to exist :)14:06
Jean/etc/pkgmk.conf: PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/home/pkgmk/distfiles"14:07
rehabdollthen "mkdir /home/pkgmk/distfiles"14:09
Jeanmkdir: cannot create directory `/home/pkgmk/distfiles': File exists14:10
tilmanpermission problem?14:11
jjpk/home/pkgmk/distfiles should be a dir, not a file14:12
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rehabdollls -ld /home/pkgmk please14:12
Jeanpkgmk is work correctly but prt-get is not14:14
treachprt-get only calls pkgmk14:14
JeanI know.. to me nevezet today14:16
JeanSorry for my worry14:16
treachno problem, you're allowed to worry as much as you like. :)14:17
treachJean: but you should report the result of what rehabdoll said above.14:18
treachdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul  7 20:28 /var/ports/distfiles14:18
treachshould say something like that.14:19
JeanThanks! It is 764?14:20
treachthat would be 755 unless I'm wrong.14:21
treachif you can't execute a dir, you can't open it.14:21
JeanYess!!! Dear friend thanks!! It's work!14:25
* treach gently nudges aon about wine, with ... more bugfixes. :D14:33
jaegerthere's a surprise14:33
jjpkWhining about wine \o/14:33
aonah, thanks14:34
aonmust've missed that because i nuked my ck4up db14:34
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JeanPlease, help! I lost my sound again!! alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device14:55
Jeanroot@Panama:/dev/snd# lsmod14:55
JeanModule                  Size  Used by14:55
Jeansnd_seq_oss            35456  014:55
Jeansnd_seq_midi_event     11136  1 snd_seq_oss14:55
Jeansnd_seq                51152  4 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event14:55
Jeansnd_seq_device         12044  2 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq14:55
Jeansnd_pcm_oss            43808  014:55
Jeansnd_mixer_oss          20096  1 snd_pcm_oss14:55
Jeansnd_intel8x0           36508  014:55
Jeansnd_ac97_codec         97188  1 snd_intel8x014:55
Jeanac97_bus                6528  1 snd_ac97_codec14:55
Jeansnd_pcm                75908  3 snd_pcm_oss,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec14:55
Jeansnd_timer              24964  2 snd_seq,snd_pcm14:55
Jeansnd                    53604  9 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq,snd_seq_device,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm,snd_timer14:55
Jeansoundcore              11616  1 snd14:55
Jeansnd_page_alloc         13832  2 snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm14:55
Jeanr8169                  31624  014:55
treachJean: don't do that again, that's why there are pastebins.14:57
JeanOk. Pastebins! lsmod is ok but alsa-tools not looking device Sorry I am beginner14:58
treachlike the one mentioned in the topic14:58
treachwho would guess..14:58
JeanIs this offtopic?14:58
treachno. but there is a pastebin mentioned in the topic line for this channel.14:59
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dc905hi all16:06
dc905anyone her run beryl on crux ?16:07
treachthere are a few I guess, but it's not the popular choice I guess. :)16:08
dc905whats the popular choice?16:08
treachNot sure, openbox is pretty popular though.16:08
thrice`lots of people run window managers16:08
tilmanhahaha treach16:08
treachtilman: what? It seems to be pretty popular from where I am at least..16:09
treacheven though I don't use it.16:09
tilmandidn't notice a particular opebox popularity16:09
dc905it looks nasty. i like kde with beryl ... sex on the screen :P16:10
tilmanthought you mention it just because16:10
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treachhehe, well. I'm an fvwm user, so...16:10
treachwhen I'm not using dwm. :)16:10
thrice`i'm surprised at the lack of popularity with fluxbox16:12
treachwell, tilman said it was crap, so everyone dropped it I guess. :P16:12
treachno, sorry.16:12
treachthat was pekwm.16:13
* tilman bites his tongue16:13
teK_fluxbox is quite good *throws stone*16:13
aonfluxbox is hideous16:13
tilmanteK_ is a bot, don't listen to him16:13
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jjpkGrand Ayatollah Tilman leads window manager opinion apparently :]17:10
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tilmanhe prolly think i'm a wm terrorist17:11
treachhehe, I was just kidding.17:11
treachneed some ice tilman? ;)17:12
treachnasty stuff biting your tounge like that. :P17:12
treachbut it would be at least a little interesting to see how people are spread out.17:13
treachtilman and aon in the ob camp at least afaik.17:14
treachme and the the surr-guy use fvwm.17:14
* jjpk gets the stopwatch17:14
tilmani said we need popcon17:14
tilmani hoped aon would implement it17:15
tilmanthat slacker17:15
* tilman goes to look for his whip17:15
treachheh, maybe we could persuade jaeger to implement it in clb. :)17:15
treachkinda like xteddy.17:15
tilmani'm thinking of a program that you run on your crux system17:15
treachI was thinking of xteddy, the bot in #fvwm17:16
tilmangrep -c openbox foo.log etc?17:16
tilmanthe one that's mentioned more often wins17:17
treachheh, well, I was still talking about the popcorns. :D17:17
tilmani think we're totally talking about differnt things17:17
tilmanor i don't get it17:17
tilmanthat's what i'm thinking of :D17:18
treachyes, I got that when you said it was a program.17:18
treachI was trying to explain why I first thought about a bot.17:18
jjpkOpenbox is mentioned so often here that I would be surprised if it were outgunned by something else.17:18
tilman90% it was mentioned was because of a certain bug that made it a pita to use17:19
aontilman: implement what?17:19
tilmanaon: for crux17:19
treachyeah, get popping. ;)17:19
aonah, popco_!r_n17:20
tilmanpopcorn is overrated17:20
treachapparently fvwm ranks quite a bit higher in debian than ob, if I read the numbers right.17:23
tilmanncurses is pretty popular17:23
tilmanwho woulda thunk17:23
treachhah. kde is surprisingly high.17:24
treachconsidering that debian defaults to gnome.17:24
rehabdollfluxbox! \o/17:32
treachI wonder how popular blackbox really is, since it ships on the iso. :)17:33
treachman I'm getting tired.. tilman, I just had a look and realized you said popcon from the very beginning.17:35
tilmanyou misread it as popcorn all the time?17:35
treachI thougth you were refering to snack for wm-flamewars. Yes. I did. :/17:36
* vektori throws treach some popcorn.17:36
treachthanks, but I suppose going to sleep would be a better alternative.17:36
* vektori throws treach a pillow.17:38
* treach throws the pillow at the cat.17:38
jjpkFire in the hole!17:38
treachhe's totally crazy.17:38
treachmeeoooowowowowo, *zoOOOOOOOooooooooom*17:38
aongraphs to follow shortly :)18:02
vektoriaon is a mean scripting machine!18:03
tilmanthat's a very nice script, too.18:03
tilmani'll claim that 25 packages isn't enough , though18:04
aonis 200 enough?18:05
aonguess i could remove the limit entirely18:05
aonno, that's too much18:05
treachman-pages is quite popular, apparently. :P18:06
thrice`it's not fair, though, as fluxbox is not in opt or contrib18:06
tilmanaon: can you sort the output, please?18:06
aonit's sorted but seems something messes it up18:07
tilmanneed more data points18:07
vektoriRandom ftw!18:07
treachthrice`: fvwm isn't either, so..18:08
tilman... they both suck.18:09
treachI'll refrain from answering that.18:09
aoni wonder how updates should be handled18:11
aonperhaps by nuking the db and making everyone run it weekly18:11
aoni guess that's what debian does18:11
tilmansounds okay to me18:12
treachconsidering almost everyone has xorg, and that in itself is a lot of packages, 200 ports might be a bit too low.18:12
tilmanit's probably not worth to make up something more elaborate18:12
treachat least if you want to know something interesting.18:12
tilmanmmh, i mean sophisticated ;)18:12
vektoriMaybe it should trim dependencies.18:12
aonokay, 50018:13
tilmanmaybe we should black list (parts of?) core18:15
tilmanwe know that everybody has got autoconf18:15
* tilman yawns18:15
treachsounds reasonable.18:15
treachit would probably make sense to have xorg grouped in some way.18:16
aonwhole core seems sane, too18:16
treachvim > emacs, lilo > grub. Looks like those issues are settled at least. ;)18:18
teK_what about fluxbox18:19
rawme > rest18:19
tilmani'm the only one of us 3 who runs grub?18:19
tilmantaking out all of core isn't that great perhaps18:19
rawwee, lilo18:19
tilmani take great pride in not having bin86 and lilo18:19
rawone of linux darkest sites...18:19
treachtilman: well, grub isn't exactly recommended in the handbook, that might scare off a few.18:21
treachalso, supposedly most people doesn't have much feelings for their bootloader as long as it does the job.. :)18:22
tilmannipuL: hehe, i've never ever had the need for pkgmk --extract-only18:22
tilmantreach: the fact that you have to re-run lilo everytime the kernel image changes should be enough reason for people to switch18:23
tilmani don't get it18:23
tilmannow, sleep18:23
treachI suppose that's the only advantage grub has..18:23
treachgood night tilman18:24
loupgaroublondi like grub :)18:27
loupgaroublondi don't mind the effort it takes to setup either though18:27
treachI just don't see the point with it, except what tilman pointed to above.18:28
treachit's just slower and more complicated, IMO.18:29
treachaon: I'm a bit surprised to find "purple-plugin_pack" in the list, since that is my own port..18:31
treachor did I miss it somwhere else?18:31
aonah, it doesn't check if they are in repositories18:32
treachok, well that's no problem.18:32
treachI just got that impression.18:32
treachin fact it's a good thing it doesn't IMO.18:33
treachthrice`: looks like your fluxbox will get reported, if you participate. :)18:33
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majykanyone successfully built a gcc 4.2.0 port? I'm have the worst time because it keeps erroring out. I'm rebuilding again, I don't have the error message handy20:58
thrice`could try that =\21:01
majykwow, thanks21:03
majykmost ports are easily tweaked to make them build the next version but I was doing something wrong in my gcc 4.2 hacked port that kept erroring it out... I appreciate the link!21:17
thrice`I haven't tried it, so can't confirm it works...worth a shot, though21:17
majykso far it's building just fine =)21:18
majykI'm going to hack the glibc port and see if I can't upgrade to 2.621:18
majykmessing with glibc is like messing with fire though21:19
majykI've definitely been burned in the past21:19
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