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tilmanjaeger: cairo 1.4.10 is out. want to bump it?04:23
tilmanboth .8 and .10 have some performance optimizations *mmmh*04:23
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patroclo7did anyone ever try to provide zsh completion for prt-get ?06:21
teK_but he never finished it because he switched away from CRUX06:24
teK_if I'd only find the time to dig into completion, maybe one could copy from apt-completion06:24
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patroclo7good idea, and the stuff about completion of package names could be taken from the existing zsh completion for pkgutils06:29
teK_I'd really love to do this (given that completion is not as ugly as I feat it to be ;))06:29
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S_Warlocki just wondering where the kdelib and kdebase is put in the port system.09:17
treachalan has the ports in his repo09:18
Romstertheres the kde repo09:30
Romsterthats what i use..09:30
treachisn't that alan's ports?09:30
Romsteri dunno why he keeps a copy in his repo too maybe for testing?09:30
treachor, more likely the kde-repo is just a convinence thing.09:31
treachno. "possible"09:33
Romsterargh.. and i had two s and i removed one tthinking its wrong the other i/a is my vowel problem..09:33
treachhmm? How do you confuse i/a..?09:34
* Romster shrugs09:34
tilmancause you pronounce it like "possable"?09:34
Romsterpreatty i type feneticly.09:35
Romsterand that word is wrong aswell.09:35
treachthat "as well"09:35
Romsterenglish isn't one of my strong points...09:35
treach"pretty", "phonetically"09:35
treachI guess.09:35
Romsterphonetically would of been alot easier than the horrid spellings of soem words and silent letters.09:36
treachit's a bit archaic.09:36
treachph = f09:36
Romsteryeah as in australian phone to american fone09:41
treachit's phone either way..09:42
Romsterdiferent spellings..09:42
Romsternot then why did i see fone..09:42
treachsomeone screwed up?09:42
treachit's wrong.. I've *never* seen that spelling..09:42
Romsterhmm i must of seen leet talk or soemthing then...09:43
treachbut if you compare to my native lanugage it's similar.09:43
aoni think fone might be some radio abbreviation09:43
aonor at least it's used here09:43
treachtelephone = telefon, photograpy = fotografi, etc09:43
Romsteri asked a usa friend09:44
Romsterim honestly amazed its not fone since usa has a habit of changing words to make them shorter09:44
treachphotography, even.. I think. :s09:44
aonyeah :)09:44
treachRomster: no, they have a habit of fucking up the spelling. :D09:44
treachlike doing confusing stuff with s/z.09:45
aonaccording to google other eastern europeans seem to use the CW/FONE distinction09:45
aondunno if others do that09:45
Romsteri must of seen it somewhere in the past.09:46
treach@seen sepen09:48
clbtreach: sepen was last seen in #crux 2 days, 6 hours, 31 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <sepen> contributors, please take a look
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treachaon: hah, nice chart. Now all that's left is to find enough users to actually make the graph show up. :)09:50
aonand automate it09:50
aonnow it doesn't09:50
aonbut, uh, i'm off to army tomorrow :)09:51
treachheh, have fun. :)09:51
aonso i'd rather not have any sort of robotics running for two weeks and messing up everything09:51
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treachhaha, some script on a rampage for two weeks could be messy. :D09:51
* treach enters advertising mode09:53
treachplease consider participating :)09:53
aonif it even is two weeks09:54
aonbut that would seem likely09:54
treachwhat, you think they'll throw you out that fast? ;)09:54
aonnot really, but it could be more09:54
treachtwo weeks military service, that sounds pretty comfy. :)09:55
aonmore like that's when the first vacation might be :)09:58
treachmmh, I suspected that.09:59
tilmanthey think you'll be ready for vacation after only two weeks?09:59
treachprobably best that way..09:59
aontilman: afaik that's quite likely10:06
aonalthough ours should still be a bit less sloppy than the Armén or Bundeswehr, so there10:08
treachhopefully. our army is a mess, and a waste of money as it is now.10:11
treachIf everything continues to go according to plan, we will have more generals than conscripts in a few years. :>10:12
aonyou can start selling managerial consulting to other armies10:14
aon"with solid experience in real-life combat situations"10:14
aonarmén was a bit incorrect there, i guess the whole thing is försvarsmakten there too?10:15
treachwell, we do have some people with such experiences.. but they are badly outnumbered by armchair stragegists.10:15
treachno, the army is correct.10:16
treach"försvarsmakten" is the entire thing, but "vapenslagen" (sorry, can't translate that on the fly) are still there.10:17
tilmansvartmarkten? ;)10:17
treachseparate organisations, sorting under the joint staff. (försvarsstaben.)10:17
aonjust "branches" apparently :)10:18
treachtilman: "vertidigungsmacht". ;)10:18
treach"Krigsmakten" was considered too agressive in the 70's, so they changed the name. :)10:19
treachironically, I think the best german translation of this new pacifist name would be "Wehrmarcht". ;D10:19
treachBut that would cause som serious cognitive dissonance. :D10:20
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tilmanswedish schoolnet fu says defence~ though10:23
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treach"to defend" would that be "sich wehren"?10:25
treachbah, I mean "to defend (yourself)" obviously.10:26
tilmanit's not the word that comes to my mind first10:26
treachok, me and my archaic vocabulary again, I guess.10:26
aoni've concluded that ours quite similar to the NVA :)10:27
aonwe even have their old tanks rotting somewhere10:28
aonhmm, no, someone lied10:30
aonactually used leopards were bought to replace the soviet tanks10:30
aonso we have the bundeswehr's old tanks10:30
tilmanused? ones that already took a few cannon blasts? :D10:30
aonprobably, yeah10:31
treachmore like outdated and refurbished, supposedly.10:31
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treachoutdated and outdated btw, we were using centurions well into the 1990's..10:36
thrice`jaeger: around ?10:54
thrice`or anyone who might know about that one?  trying to update cairo10:55
tilmanmissing #include <ctype.h>10:56
tilmanin cairo-type1-subset.c eg10:57
tilmanthat's a bit strange though10:57
thrice`but known, it seems10:58
thrice`but if noone else had that problem...odd =\10:59
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tilmanthey'll probably release .12 soon11:04
thrice`oh well11:10
thrice`I can't get the patch to apply itself11:10
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thrice`tilman: ah; cairo 1.4.10 builds fine :)  Just saw your comment on its release earlier13:27
tilmanheh, what did you try to build?13:28
thrice`I was trying to go 1.4.0 -> 1.4.6, and that was giving the error13:29
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tilmantreach: ^14:09
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treachtilman: thanks, was afk.15:30
treachsepen: ping15:30
RedShiftping #crux15:31
RedShifthmm, it seems like there aren't many responding to my broadcast ping...15:32
* treach puts on a red filter15:32
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RedShiftsup treach15:33
treachnot much, messing a bit with mrxvt currently. :)15:34
RedShiftsend your mrxvt my best regards15:34
treachlooks like rugek will have to begin living in fear of tuomo again. :D15:36
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sepentreach, pong15:47
treachyo, I was curious about your screenshot of mrxvt, but I couldn't find the link.15:48
treachcould you please repost it?15:48
sepenyou mean my port?15:48
treachno, you had a screenshot with it running.15:48
sepencould be this one?15:49
treachyes. thank you.15:49
sepensee also my config
RedShiftvista look alike15:49
sepenif you want15:49
RedShiftwe all flee what microsoft is, but we want their desktop graphics15:50
treachsepen: I've got my own, but I'll have a look.15:50
treachRedShift: we do?15:50
treachspeak for yourself..15:50
RedShifttreach: fortunatly not, plastik :-)15:50
treach(and possibly sepen :o) )15:50
RedShift <- but this guy wants15:50
treachsee above.15:51
RedShifttreach: have you tried microsoft windows(r) vista(tm)?15:51
treachno, and I have no intention of touching it with as much as a 10 foot pole.15:52
RedShiftyou'll live long and healthy15:52
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thrice`I have to for work =\  I think Vista's a ways out, however15:52
treachGah, I hate just about everything about windows, so I'll leave you guys to discuss it.15:53
RedShiftvista is bad for your heart15:54
RedShiftI felt it15:54
RedShiftafter using it for a while I got chestpains from the endless annoinces it has15:54
RedShiftannoyances sounds better15:55
treachyeah, like 25 million popups. >:|15:55
treachgooooooood I hate those.15:55
RedShiftthe file dialogues, obviously inspired by gnome, are a pain15:56
RedShifteverything is so fuzzy15:56
RedShiftnow people will even know less where they just stored their file15:56
RedShiftthe address bar is pure crap15:56
RedShiftit makes me want to ram the reset button my computer has15:56
RedShiftand really ram the motherfucker15:56
treachI'm not refering to those, but rater the complete flooding of totally moronic messages.15:57
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RedShiftluckily you can disable that15:57
RedShiftbut you have to to three or four of those "are you sure" before you get there :D15:57
treach"Hey, I've found a usb device" "Hey I've connected an usbdevice" "Hey would you like to use the usbdevice I just connected for you?"15:58
RedShiftyeah it's done that since windows xp15:58
treachDrives me absolutely nuts.15:58
RedShiftit's worse in vista15:58
treachI know, I've heard the reports.15:58
RedShiftare you sure you want to use the usb device?15:58
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RedShiftotherwise I wouldn't have put it in, in the first place, mofo15:59
RedShift"do you want install this program?" if I didn't want to install the piece of software I wouldn't have started the installer in the first place15:59
RedShiftman that operating system is annoying15:59
treachgah. Makes me mad just to think about it.16:00
RedShiftyes indeed16:01
RedShiftthat's why16:01
treach <- my current level of "vistaness".16:04
tilmancool, i'm in your screenshot16:05
RedShiftdesktop still looks the same...16:06
treachtilman: yeah, that always feels a bit odd.. :p16:06
RedShiftit has practically always looked the same16:06
treachhas happened to me as well in the past, looking at some screenshot, and lo and behold, who's in it, but yours truely.. :D16:07
treach"polaris"? Don't tell me you're running that opensolaris dist..?16:08
RedShiftit's just the name of this computer16:09
RedShiftno ties to solaris16:09
treachsepen: thank you for your cooperation, I think I found some interesting things I overlooked in the manpage.16:10
RedShifttreach: are you a crux contributer or developper?16:11
RedShiftso just hanging out here16:11
treachI try to help out as much as I can, though.16:11
treachwell, it's a little bit more than that.16:12
tilmanhe's contributing secret ports in a secret repository16:12
tilmanbut it's a big secret, so sssshh16:12
treachtilman: I *did* rewrite a bit of the handbook.16:12
RedShiftreally? aha16:12
treachand surely I've helped enough people here to count for more than just "some hangaround", I hope.16:12
tilmantreach: i didn't intend to downplay what you're doing in any way16:13
tilmanjust wanted to mention the black mesa repo :D16:13
treachhah, ok.16:13
RedShiftblack mesa16:13
RedShiftI remember that from somewhere16:13
treachinternal joke.16:13
tilmanRedShift: half life16:13
RedShifttilman: yes!16:13
RedShiftoh man16:13
RedShiftmy CS days are coming back to me16:13
RedShiftmy god16:14
tilmani'm sorry for this16:14
treachno need to worry.16:14
tilmanhope he won't cut himself because of bad childhood memories ;)16:14
treachtilman: it wasn't you who said I was just hanging around here.16:14
tilmani actually meant i'm sorry for remembering RedShift about CS16:15
treachah. :D16:15
treach"reminding" I guess though. ;)16:15
RedShiftwell I had some good times16:16
tilmanmy confusion-induction count is going through the roof tonight16:16
RedShiftI wasn't much of pain in the ass, I learned and thought, and eventually teached others16:16
* treach sends RedShift back to school.16:16
RedShifttreach: why?16:17
treach"irregular verbs". :D16:17
RedShiftI never had much english classes16:17
RedShiftis it tought?16:17
treachno. taught.16:17
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RedShiftfucking a16:18
RedShiftwell, it's not all that bad16:20
RedShiftI don't make mistakes like it's and its, their and they're, etc...16:20
treachI wasn't really serious. :)16:20
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treachyou don't have to make that kind of mistakes, that position is already taken here. :P16:21
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RedShiftwho occupies it? :D16:21
treachyou need to ask?16:21
treachr o m s t e r  :)16:22
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jaegerheh... I just scrolled up and read the windows discussion18:16
jaegerI don't really know why but I find windows vista pretty entertaining. I think microsoft's trying too hard18:16
treachmore like "totally lost the plot" from what I've seen.18:17
jaegerjust seems to me like they want it to look nicer (some things do, some don't) but they haven't really changed its productivity/flow much. things might be in different menus or the like but it's not really any more useful for me than windows xp18:19
treachI haven't - as I said above - actually used it, but the things I've seen have been nothing short of retarded.18:21
jaegerthe worst part of it is that UAC crap, that's the part that prompts you nineteen times for everything you do... fortunately you can turn it off, which makes things much less painful18:21
treachif we for a moment forget about the popup-galore, moving stuff around for no good reason is generally stupid.18:21
jaegerI suppose I'm not really the target market, anyway, since I spend most of my time in linux18:22
treachI must say, the "Wintendo" name have never been more fitting, IMO.18:22
treachalso, from what I've seen the new control-panel has to be one of the most stupid ideas so far.18:23
jaegeryeah, it's pretty stupid. turned that off, too18:23
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treachI mean, a graphical tool where you have to use a search function to find the tools? WTF?18:24
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treach /bye ZzZzZzZz18:55
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thrice`jaeger: did you see my cairo error ?18:56
jaegerjust looking at it now, actually19:02
jaegerI haven't run into it myself19:03
thrice`1.4.10 builds, while 1.4.6 errored out19:03
thrice`dunno why =]19:03
jaegerboth build fine for me =/19:03
jaeger1.4.10 is in the tree now, though19:03
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thrice`odd; thanks :)19:04
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