IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-07-09

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pitillogood morning00:53
RedShiftmorning everyone00:59
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majykit's 2am here01:00
tilmanmorning guys01:01
teK_six hours ahead but i _feel_ like 2am -_-01:01
RedShiftyeah :(01:02
RedShiftI had to wake up early to drive my sister to somewhere01:02
RedShiftbut it was worth it, she's gone for an entire week01:02
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majykRedShift, you dislike her that bad?01:03
majykmy sister is 5,000 miles away from me01:03
RedShiftshe can be annoying at times01:03
RedShiftawefull taste of music01:03
majykI like to keep my sis a cell phone length01:03
RedShiftand now I have the house to myself, ownage ^_^01:04
majykmy sis lives in Hawaii and I live on the east coast01:04
majykshe doesn't drop by to say hi (ever)01:04
RedShiftyou think that's bad?01:04
majyknot really01:05
majykshe tried to kill me a few times01:05
majykwhen I was a baby01:05
RedShiftLOL really?01:06
majyktotally serious01:06
majykshe hated me01:06
RedShiftholy shit :D01:06
majykI just talked to her on the phone a few hours ago, apparently she doesn't hate me that much anymore01:09
RedShiftdoes she have pictures of hawaii?01:09
RedShiftI'd like to see it01:09
RedShiftdo you have pictures of your sister by the way O:-)01:10
majykI'm sure she does but she never sent me any01:10
majykI've been there01:10
majykit's really nice01:10
majykspent 62 days there in 200401:10
RedShiftin your sister?01:10
majyktook a bundle of pics01:10
majykdude she's 36, like 100 pounds01:10
RedShifthow stuff can get so out of context... :P01:11
majyk100 pound girls are so hideous looking01:11
RedShiftno idea, I don't know the imperial system01:11
majykthere is a 150 pound minimum to ride this ride01:11
* RedShift is metric01:11
majyk100 pounds is equivalent to death bed01:11
majykstick figure01:12
RedShift45 kilogram01:12
RedShiftthat is not much :D01:12
RedShiftbut depends on the girl though01:12
RedShiftfor some this could be their ideal weight, depending on their height, etc...01:12
majyka 100 pound girl needs to go see the doctor in my opinion01:13
majykneeds to start fucking eating01:13
RedShiftmaybe she does eat alot01:13
RedShiftbut just have a very fast metabolism01:13
majykno way... she starves herself01:14
majykI know01:14
RedShiftah I once knew a woman that did that too01:14
majykshe has this misconception that she's fat01:14
RedShiftshould would eat one piece of a _baguette_ and say she's full01:14
RedShiftyeah it's a disease01:15
RedShiftwell disease, more something in your head01:15
RedShiftbut whatever, there are treatments for that01:15
majykonly if you realize you have a problem and are willing enough to seek treatment01:15
RedShiftis she married or seeing someone?01:16
RedShifthe (or she, these days) could help her with that...01:16
majykdefintely not married and always seeing somebody new01:16
majykshe was married once01:16
majykshe has mental issues01:17
majykhas problems because our dad sucked01:17
majykI turned out fine, she suffered01:17
majykho hum01:17
RedShiftwhat did he do (or don't do) if I may ask?01:17
RedShiftyour dad01:18
majykwell he failed to be a dad.... anyways gotta run cuz it's 2:20am... gotta sleep!01:18
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!01:23
DarkNekrosgood morning in the morning ;-)01:23
tilmanhehe, morning01:24
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j^2busy chan today eh?09:06
j^28 hours and nothing..09:06
* j^2 kicks tumbleweed09:06
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* jjpk gets matches.09:25
jjpkMaybe a minor fire would shake things up.09:25
j^2turn up the heat!09:26
RedShiftjjpk, what did we tell you about putting other people's houses on fire?09:26
RedShiftnow put those away or no more #crux for the rest of the month for you!09:26
jjpk"needs more gasoline"09:27
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tilmanj^2: wow, your job must be very exciting ;)09:54
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treachj^2: want to make your own port for it? ;)10:08
j^2treach: alas i'm on a ubuntu server right now, and all my CRUX machines are...actaully routers not workstations :(10:09
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Part`Hi all.10:10
treachhi you.10:10
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* aspetos punches openvpn on the face for stress releave purposes13:58
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