IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-07-10

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prologicquiet day in the life of crux today00:44
prologictrees blowing and the birds singing00:44
teKand everything's working as ususal ;)00:45
* prologic considers a sysup00:45
teKchange CFLAGS and recompile eveyrthing in random order00:45
prologicsounds like fun00:45
prologicbut I'll pass00:45
teKyesterday I had to install DBD::mysql; emerge would have upgrade MySQL, install syslog and so on. it worked afer emerge --nodeps, too. *sigh*00:48
prologicso why are you borhtering with gentoo ? :)00:56
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teKI did not install/choose it myself00:56
teKbut I have to stop $customer whining about missing package $foobar00:57
prologictell $customer to install package $foobar themselves and learn how to use system $blahblah00:57
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teKI don't know how far CPAN Modules are concerned but he will never _ever_ get root.01:00
pitillogood morning01:01
teKlighttp has far too many "fix crash when.." in its changelog..01:02
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teK(I just ran emerge -up world *shiver*)01:02
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vektoriDid I accidentally join #gentoo? o_O01:38
prologic--- [vektori] @#crux, #gentoo01:40
prologic--- [vektori] is identified to services01:40
prologic--- [vektori] End of WHOIS list.01:40
prologictold ya :)01:42
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teKmy company spends _14,00_E (10$?) for its DSL connection (50+ users with internet access)03:29
teKholy shit :P03:29
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jjpkteK: simple company duty to cut costs :p04:31
teKyeah, 1000kBit down ARE enough *g*04:32
jjpkSurprisingly cheap. In Finland you can't find anything below 20 EUR.04:33
jjpkNeedless to say, companies somehow always get better treatment than natural people ;)04:33
teKyep, BUT we have a static IP ..04:35
jjpkOnly one provider comes to mind that provides one static ip by default.04:35
teKit's a business line (asynchros, though)04:37
prologictilman jaeger- jdolan vektori: is very broken04:40
prologicI get "connection timed out" here too04:40
prologicand I run my own mail servers!04:40
prologicverified from another source04:41
jjpkAustralia must be shitlisted apparently. :o04:42
prologicwell no04:42
prologicI cannot even make a tcp connection04:42
prologic$ telnet 2504:42
jjpkShitlisted as in completely blocked and dropped.04:42
prologicI find that very hard to believe04:43
prologicbecuase if that's true, then several /24's are blocked04:43
jjpkRomster is experiencing the same problem.04:44
RedShiftworks fine here04:44
RedShift220 ESMTP Postfix04:45
jjpkThis has been brought up numerous times.04:45
prologicyes works fine from my US box too04:45
prologicit neither works on the the backbond (powertel)04:45
prologicnor the isp ( backbone)04:46
prologicnor the (telstra backbone) networks04:46
prologicsomething is really fucked up here :/04:46
nipuLnothing for me either04:46
prologicwhat isp/backbone nipuL ?04:46
jjpkStill claiming .au is not shitlisted are we? You just mostly proved it.04:46
prologicAustralia is not very well known for it's spammers!04:46
prologicfat people sure, but not spammers :)04:46
RedShiftprologic: are you sure those ISPs don't block port 25 or something? :-)04:46
nipuLjust torrenting04:47
nipuLvery few isps hear block ports04:47
RedShiftwell make sure04:47
RedShiftrun an nmap04:47
prologic+1 on nipuL's comment04:47
nipuLtelnet 2504:47
nipuLConnected to
nipuLEscape character is '^]'.04:47
nipuL220 ESMTP Postfix04:47
nipuLi can connect to my us based server04:47
nipuLbut not lists.crux.nu04:47
sepen$ netcat 2504:48
sepen220 ESMTP Postfix (2.3.2)04:48
jjpkI assume that .au subnets are locally shitlisted at lists.crux.nu04:48
RedShiftwell maybe alot of shit is coming from .au04:48
prologic$ telnet 2504:48
prologicConnected to
prologicEscape character is '^]'.04:48
prologic452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources04:48
prologicConnection closed by foreign host.04:48
jjpkSome years ago there was plenty of overlap between Chinese/Korean/Oceanic subnets.04:48
RedShiftlol @ Insufficient system resources04:48
prologic$ telnet 2504:49
prologicConnected to
prologicEscape character is '^]'.04:49
prologicEHLO localhost04:49
jjpkmaybe they think everyone in the Asia Pacific is a dirty spammer.04:49
prologic220 ESMTP Postfix04:49
prologicwell it doesn't matter04:50
prologicwe need this fixed04:50
prologicor the crux mailing lists are useless to us04:50
prologicNB: They used to work just fine04:50
prologicit's more likely that the firewall and/or blacklists on the crux server is too tight04:51
jjpkNow this is interesting.04:51 or do not have MX records.04:51
jjpkat least I'm not seeing them.04:52
prologicno they do not04:52
prologicand all emails do not work :)04:52
jjpkThere you have it.04:52
jjpkNow if mavrick was around to be poked :D04:52
prologicevery crux developer here seems to have a email address04:52
prologichowever it has never worked04:53
prologicor does not work04:53
jjpkI remember seeing them work a long while ago.04:53
prologicyes well it's very nice of him to donate a box to crux04:53
prologicbut something is screweed up royal :)04:53
prologicor he hasn't had the time to fix/finish things04:53
jjpkVacations are in full swing at this time in northern europe.04:55
jjpkCould take a while before anything happens.04:55
prologicI'll just make a note of things04:56
prologicand kick some ass when they return :)04:56
prologicnow oth if I had access to the box I'd fix this already04:56
prologicbut noone seems to want my help except for contrib ports :)04:56
jjpkOver a year ago I remember there being talk about the network where is hosted.04:57
jjpkI had the impression that mail is not hosted on that box.04:57
jjpkIf that is the case then it would not make much of a difference :/04:58
sepenor psp+linux ????05:19
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!! ;-)05:31
prologicsepen, these are really cool devices actually05:33
prologicI'm going to buy one myself05:33
sepengp2x + crux05:39
prologicgp2x + crux = compact high performance device05:39
prologicwhether you use it for gaming or watching videos05:39
prologicor a large music device05:40
prologicif I could build one with a video camera underneath it, I'd use it as a replacement pico05:40
prologicpico = video magnifier I have (very broken and old now), magnifies from 9 to 11x05:40
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rxiprologic: mate had one of those .. wasnt too bad05:49
prologica gpx2 ?05:53
prologicerr gp2x05:53
prologichackable ? :)05:53
rxidunno sorry .. he just showed me once05:53
prologicI'm gonna get one :)05:54
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rxiid find it useless myself05:54
sepenbetter than psp ???05:56
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DarkNekrossepen, I think is different06:00
prologicnever used a psp06:01
prologicI'd find a psp useless neways06:01
prologicsince you wouldn't be able to hack it very well06:01
prologica gp2x runs linux so you could in theory run anything06:01
prologicsome guy chucked a gps receiver in one :)06:01
sepenpsp is netbsd based06:02
prologicyes it is06:04
prologicor at least they borrow code from netbsd06:04
tilmanif hates australia, then it's probably not our fault06:13
tilmani can happily access anyway06:13
pitillohas anyone samba ant gnutls(1.6.2) together? I had problems building samba with that gnutls version.06:17
prologictilman, I'd like this properly looked into though06:17
prologicif by me or maverick or someone06:17
prologicit seems no AU crux users can access the lists.crux.nu06:17
tilmanprologic: so it doesn't work on port 80 either06:18
prologicI'll check06:18
prologicit does06:18
prologicit just doesn't work on port 2506:18 - connection timed out06:19 - works06:19
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RomsterO_o i've never been able to use anything for bloody ages, and i have got my reverse dns recorld fixed..06:27
prologicgot nothing to do with that06:29
Romsterif it didn't work on 80 then i'd not be able to load the site..06:29
Romsteri thought i was blacklisted from a borked reverse lookup06:29
prologicnot necessarily06:29
Romsterbut nope it was not that, but i like it being fixed and not telling me i'm a dialup user in canbera when i'm on dsl in victoria06:30
prologicbecuase I've just found telstra/bidpong, aanet/dataco, eftel/datafast all to be "non-working" (connection timed out for port 25 on
Romsterjust where is the blacklist on the site itself?06:30
prologicalso comcen is also blocked06:30
Romsterand i'm on datafast :/06:30
Romstersounds like alot of /24 blocks as you said or is it the whole of australia on the 202/203 umbers?06:31
Romsternever been able to use the list in like way over 6 months probbly more find my last post on the ML that'll be wehn it stoped roughtly06:32
Romsterthe problem is more widespread than i thought..06:33
Romsterhmm 110 gives connection refused but 25 times out?06:33
tilmanthere's no pop3 daemon running?06:34
prologicno I shouldn't think so06:34
prologicRomster, stop confusing the issue :)06:34
prologicwe already know what the problem is06:34
prologicjust have to fix it06:34
prologictilman, can any of you guys fix this, or do we have to wait for maverick ?06:35
tilmanthe latter06:35
tilmani'll ask jaeger- about it when he's around06:35
tilmanbut i really doubt that we did this ;)06:35
Romsteri've told jaeger about my problems numerious of times, but i didn't think it was this widespread..06:36
Romsteri'm getting a coffee and stuff, only just woke up.06:37
jjpkI feel my IQ dropping severely after watching that prologic.06:44
prologicsome people with a video camera have no life :)06:45
jjpkSeems so indeed.06:46
jjpkIf you like making your life just that much more difficult, then why not haha06:57
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Romsterthat was demented.07:10
prologicbut soo cool!07:11
Romsteryeah really, as long as he don't burn his arse or light the jocks he is wearing on fire :P07:14
rxiyay .. just got 329km/hr out of my vw golf r32 :)07:17
tilmanis there a chance that you screwed up the mph to km/h conversion?07:18
rxiforza motorsport 2 on xbox36007:19
rxii find it hard to believe07:22
jjpkhah video games07:25
rxinow if only i could buy a real version :P07:25
prologicI must try throwing a baseball at over 90mph :)07:32
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JeanHi! Can somebody help .. cant start nfsserver in Crux07:37
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teKwhat do/did you do to start it07:37
JeanI type "/etc/rc.d/nfsserver"07:38
prologicput " start"07:38
prologic/etc/rc.d/<service> <start|stop|restart>07:38
prologicit the normal syntax07:38
JeanSorry, I type "/etc/rc.d/nfsserver start" ofcourse07:39
prologicthen we need to know what errors you got07:39
JeanI use alsa,gpm, etc07:39
prologicor some except of logs, etc07:39
JeanCannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused07:39
prologicmaybe start the rpc service ?07:39
prologicI have no idea bout NFS :)07:40
prologicbut there seems to be nfs and nfsserver07:40
JeanMust I build rpc from ports?07:40
teKpkginfo -i | grep portmap07:40
Jeanportmap 5beta-407:41
prologicI'd say:07:42
Jean/usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd 8 in nfsserver script is not work correctly07:42
prologic/etc/rc.d/portmap start07:42
prologic/etc/rc.d/nfsserver start07:42
prologicmaybe :)07:42
teKportmap has to be started prior to nfsd, yes07:42
JeanWell, I executed "/etc/rc.d/portmap start" and then "/etc/rc.d/nfsserver start". I have "exportfs: /etc/exports [2]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export "". Assuming default behaviour ('subtree_check'). NOTE: this default will change with nfs-utils version 1.1.0"07:47
JeanI tupe "/home/pkgmk/packages,async,all_squash,insecure)" in /etc/exports07:48
teKps aux | grep portmap07:48
JeanSorry, i say "type"07:48
prologicyou know ...07:48
prologicit's easier to use sshfs-fuse if you just want to remotely mount some path on your machine07:49
jaeger-last time Romster and I talked about the *.au problem I checked the iptables on the server and there wasn't anything there that corresponded to eftel07:49
prologicmy data box has /data/crux/ that I mount on every machine I maintain07:49
JeanI have only bin       2164  0.0  0.0   1636   352 ?        Ss   16:42   0:00 /sbin/portmap and root      2205  0.0  0.0   3876   584 pts/3    S+   16:48   0:00 grep portmap07:49
prologicjaeger-, well all I can say is that we are getting "connection timed out" (telnet tests) from 4 different backbones here07:50
jaeger-all of them are au isps, right?07:50
prologictelstra, comindico, datafast and dataco07:50
prologicnot just that07:50
prologicmajor networks here07:50
jaeger-you need to ask charlie, not us07:50
teKJean: should be ok07:50
jaeger-it's not something we (crux admins) have done07:50
prologicI'm going to have to07:50
teKrpcinfo -l (or -p, don't remember, sorry)07:50
teK< afk07:50
prologicI'll ask him when he's around next time07:50
jaeger-wish I knew the answer, sorry =/07:51
prologicbecause whatever happened a few months back has prevented most (if not all) of AU from accessing the mail servers07:51
prologictis ok07:51
prologicas long as we get it solved07:51
prologicif you ever wondered why I a) no longer contribute to the ml ... or b) read the ml07:51
prologicthat's why :/07:51
prologicI"m not on any of them .07:51
prologicand can't get on any of them either07:52
prologicjaeger-, you could do me a favour, and manually enter my email address on the crux, contrib, crux-devel and crux64 lists for me :)07:52
jaeger-@seen mavrick6107:52
clbjaeger-: mavrick61 was last seen in #crux 1 year, 2 weeks, 2 days, 8 hours, 17 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <mavrick61> google07:52
prologicat least the server can send mail to me07:52
jaeger-prologic: sure, if you like07:52
prologicleast I'll receive ml updates, but won't be able to send till this is fixed07:53
rxiprologic: i cant telnet either and i go out through optus07:53
prologicthere ya go07:54
jaeger-for what it's worth, email addresses work fine07:54
prologic5 backbones all completely blacklisted07:54
tilmanjaeger-: do you have his email address?07:54
prologicsomething really wrong here :)07:54
tilmanjaeger-: i mean charlie's07:54
prologicand optus is powered by singtel07:54
jaeger-tilman: gonna look for it after I subscribe prologic07:54
prologicjaeger-, they possibly do, but never have for .au users07:54
jaeger-right, I'm just saying it's again not something we've broken intentionally07:55
prologicwhen about 90% of a country's major networks are blacklisted, something is wrong :)07:55
prologicno ofc, I never said that :)07:55
prologicit has to be something maverick has done, or further upstream07:55
tilmanyeah, your country sucks i guess07:55
prologicI imagine the box is in a data center somewhere ?07:55
rxitilman: lol07:56
tilmanprologic: yeah07:56
rxitilman: funnily enough doing a traceroute to lists, sends me through denmark07:56
prologicour country doesn't suck so much, (yes we're behind the rest of the world in terms of tech/comm), it's the stupid polititians that hold everything back07:56
prologicbastards :)07:56
tilmanrxi: oh really. denmark sucks as well. old news.07:56
Romster5 bvackbones/isp's blacklisted, this is insane07:56
prologicwe have fibre running through our streets, but you think anyone can get on it :P07:56
rxiprologic: i guess ol' rudd is gunna dig them up :P07:57
prologicI'd like to see that07:57
prologiche's a silly 'ol bastards too07:57
prologicI love their claims on tv "we're going to build a bugger and better broadband network"07:57
prologicand I'm like "yeah right!"07:57
rxilol yeah07:57
prologicthey wouldn't know the first thing about networks07:57
rxiim not paying 4 billion for that07:58
jjpkIt's about the profit, not about the service ;)07:58
rxiscary thing is optus is leading the other consortium07:58
prologicit doesn't cost $4G to build such a network :)07:58
JeanCan anybody help.. I can't install fuse from ports..07:58
prologicprt-get depinst sshfs-fuse07:58
prologicrebuild your kernel first07:58
prologicso that it has fuse suppose07:59
JeanCannot determine the version of the linux kernel source. Please prepare the kernel before running this script07:59
prologicisntall your kernel sources07:59
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prologicin /usr/src/07:59
JeanBut I type "make mrproper" in kernel sources07:59
jaeger-tilman: I don't seem to have any record of him in my mail at all07:59
prologicJean, it needs to match your running kernel08:00
prologicJean, just do a make menuconfig, make all, make modules_install, make install, etc08:00
tilmanjaeger-: that includes the crux lists i guess/08:00
prologicreboot into your new kernel08:00
prologicand install sshfs-fuse08:00
Romsterjaeger-, theres a later gnutls and libgcrypt not sure if there beta's or stable releases? plus there is a modulaer gnutls 2.0.5 out too, wondering if its worth switching to that or would it break alot of programs?08:00
jaeger-checking the archives now08:00
jaeger-Romster: haven't tested at all yet, I'm very wary of gnutls updates08:01
Romsterk ok to put it on your todo list? no rush just wondering.08:02
JeanMy kernel is OK, it is with CRUX 2.308:02
tilman /whois mavrick6108:02
Romsterthanks :)08:02
JeanWell, I will rebuild my kernel.. But why?08:02
prologicJean, becuase fuse requires it08:03
RomsterJean,  did you enable userspace in the kernel config?08:03
prologicJean, you should _ideally_ always have an up-to-date source that mathces your running kernel08:03
prologicie: build your kernel from sources (don'y copy cd binaries or similar)08:03
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JeanMy kernel was build from sources when CRUX was installing08:04
prologicumm ok08:05
JeanI was type "make mrproper" in kernel source tree when i start install fuse08:06
JeanWhat is need else?08:06
Jean":-/Cannot determine the version of the linux kernel source. Please prepare the kernel before running this script"08:07
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jaeger-tilman: he's tough to find =(08:07
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn08:07
* prologic writes a wiki page on sshfs-fuse08:08
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tilmana cptn in need is a cptn indeed08:08
prologichi cptn :)08:08
tilmancptn: do you happen to still have charlie's email address?08:09
JeanWhere is it (URL)>***prologic writes a wiki page on sshfs-fuse08:10
cptntilman: Charlie the hoster?08:10
tilmanyeah :D08:11
cptnprobably, let me check08:11
tilmansounds like a mobster's name08:11
cptnyeah, I have two08:12
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tilmanjaeger-: i'll mail him08:14
prologicJean, let me write it first damnit :)08:14
jjpkUnfortunately howtos are not written in seconds ;)08:15
tilmanprologic: can you give me an ip that's failing to connect?08:15
tilmanwell, aaaactually.08:16
JeanOk. But how i can know about it? Where your articles (URL)? Thanks08:16
tilmanit might just be some black list service that we're polling from postfix08:16
jaeger-I don't see any _restrictions clauses08:17
tilmanerm, no.08:17
tilmanthey cannot even connect.08:17
tilmanso it can't be postfix ;)08:18
jaeger-went over that last time, too :)08:18
tilmanRomster: IP?08:18
Romstertell me something i don't know :D08:18
Romstermy ip?08:19
tilmancan you connect to
Romsterstill trying..08:21
Romsteri'm guessing it'll time out.08:21
prologictilman, need any more ips ?08:21
prologicrxi, what's your ip ?08:22
prologicnipuL, ping (ip address)08:22
Romster$ telnet 2508:22
tilmanprologic: probably not08:22
prologick :)08:22
prologicMust enter valid code08:23
prologicwhat the hell is wrong with the wiki :/08:23
prologicI enter the code it says08:23
prologicdamnit :/08:23
Romstertilman, nope it finaly timed out :/08:24
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tilmanmail is out08:28
*** majyk has joined #crux08:30
cptnarnuld will be SHOCKED08:37
cptn(/usr/src/linux symlink on
jjpkWe wouldn't want that to happen now would we? :D08:38
prologicold habit08:38
jjpkSomething tells me arnuld probably wouldn't even read the site.08:38
prologicand I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) some apps that need to compile against the kernel look for /usr/src/linux08:38
jjpkIt lacks so-called comprehensive documentation :p08:38
prologicwhen they can't find /proc/config.gz08:39
prologicjjpk, yeah well good docs can't be written in seconds08:39
jjpkprologic: I don't disagree with that. I meant that crux is much more DIY.08:40
prologicindeed it is08:40
jjpkMeaning you can re-use other documentation as long as you adapt it to your circumstances.08:40
prologicI think a lot of new users don't quite understand that :)08:40
prologicneways sshfs-fuse is a piece of pie :)08:41
jjpkIt has worked fine for me.08:41
prologic2.6.22 supports Blackfin DSPs now :)08:42
prologicnot that I'm even sure I'd ever buy one or do anything with one08:43
*** Jean has quit IRC08:46
*** lasso has quit IRC08:56
jaeger-I haven't had a /usr/src/linux symlink in years09:03
*** Viper_ has quit IRC09:03
prologicfeel free to contribute to the page :)09:05
prologic(old habits never die) :)09:05
cptnnot sure if the kernel building page is really needed09:07
cptnas it's already covered in the handbook09:08
prologicI know :)09:12
prologicbut Jean didn't seem like the type to read things properly09:12
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thrice`oh man...linux symlink09:20
*** majyk has joined #crux09:22
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*** prologic__ is now known as prologic10:48
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jjpkYou know you are bored when you reinstall your laptop for no apparent reason.15:10
vektoriAh, the neverending cycle of tweaking things... <315:11
jjpkI could intentionally screw up 10 times just for kicks.15:11
jjpk...but that's a job best left for arnuld15:11
tilman"ooooh, crap, did i really type rm -rf / now?"15:11
jjpkid -eq root? :D15:12
jjpkIt gets interesting when there is uncertainty.15:13
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j^2"CRUX Lacking the BASICS since 2001"16:19
j^2i love that wallpaper16:19
RedShiftj^2: url16:24
j^2give me a few, i think it's on the crux site but i'm not too sure16:24
* RedShift gives j^2 a few16:25
loupgaroublonddo you have that in widescreen? or does crux lack that too?16:30
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:34
rehabdollfyi: gimp is free software16:36
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:36
rehabdollthat didnt take long16:39
j^2your mom is
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*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
jaeger-mavrick61: did you get tilman's mail about the au problem?19:10
prologicprogress :)19:11
*** blueCommand has quit IRC19:22
thrice`jaeger-: new xchat is out (2.8.4), and builds fine with a bump :)20:05
*** aspetos has joined #crux20:05
jaeger-ok, thanks20:07
thrice`and fancy new effects20:07
prologicany other new features /20:08
prologic2.8.2 here20:08
thrice`um, looks like you can drag the user list around and change it's location20:08
prologicahh nice20:08
thrice`heh...not very useful :)20:08
prologicquick jaeger- :)20:08
prologicbump it up :)20:08
prologicmust be other useful features for sure20:08
* prologic finds the changelog20:08
thrice`looks like it asks you if you *really* want to leave a network too20:09
prologicwhat's wrong with people these days20:09
thrice`linux is truly evolving20:10
prologicif you bloody type /quit /exit or click the X20:10
prologicyou want to leave!20:10
prologicyeah one thing I find ...20:10
prologicas more and more people switch from the other world ro ours20:10
prologicthey expect and almost demand that linux apps and linux perform the same tasks20:10
prologicin the same way20:10
prologicif I do one thin gin my career, I'll ensure there are curses apps for everything I (or any other user) do :)20:11
thrice`i'll take a CAD app20:12
prologicfine :)20:12
prologicirssi, sc, hnb, mutt, abook20:13
prologicall great apps :020:13
prologicjust need a good pim or todo manager20:13
prologicslpim is nice, but not sure the author is still working on it20:13
prologiconly has addressbook module :/20:14
prologicbut I got the latest version 0.1.1 working here20:14
prologicoh and don't forget elinks20:14
prologicgreat browser!20:14
prologicsome nice new features there20:29
* prologic updates20:29
*** prologic has quit IRC20:33
*** prologic has joined #crux20:33
treachprologic: have you tried "remind"?20:48
prologicno I haven't20:49
treachit could be worth a look, for calendering. Or maybe not. :)20:49
prologicI'll check it out20:50
prologicI use cal to check the calendar :)20:50
treachmmh, but you can't enter any events in that, right?20:51
prologicit just prints a nice pretty cal20:51
prologicand it's not ncurses-based20:51
treach ;)20:52
treachit's not ncurses either, but it still works.20:52
treachyou can make it output .ps files though :p20:53
prologicyeah I noticed20:53
prologicwow cool20:54
treachthere's wyrd btw20:54
prologicpurely command-line as far as I can tell20:54
prologicI was gonna write something like this20:54
treachif you want an curses front end20:54
treach"ncurses". :p20:55
prologicoh nice20:55
prologic"Because you're tired of waiting for your bloated calendar program to start up."20:55
prologicdamn straight!20:55
treachmmh. kontact or evilution.. pick your poison. ./20:55
prologicI'll pass on both thanks20:56
prologicmutt is awesome :) has been for years and years and years :)20:56
treachmh, doesn't suit my needs atm, but it's nice.20:56
treachsylpheed works well enough for me.20:57
prologicwhat on earth could it be lacking for you ? :)20:57
treachmultiple outgoing servers.20:57
treachI can't get it to work for some reason.20:57
prologicI'll look into this for you20:58
prologicI've never had a reason to have multiple outgoing servers20:58
prologicI generally run my own MTAs ofc20:58
treachI think I have msmtp correctly set up, but it fails with some strange error message when I try to use the non-default  outgoing server.20:58
treachworks perfectly with sylpheed though, so it's not some firewall issue.20:59
prologicwell I use esmtp here on my desktop20:59
prologicwhich just forwards to my mail server (a few m away from my feet)21:00
treachI don't have such an elaborate setup.21:00
prologicwhat a 5-machine home network :P21:01
prologiceveryone has that don't they ?!21:01
treachI've got 4. But they aren't continously on.21:02
treachactually, there's a 5th, but it's getting too old to be of any use.21:02
prologicahh well :)21:04
treachanyway, time to sleep. :)21:04
prologicI guess my excuse is I've been running this network since 2002/200321:04
prologick :)21:04
prologichey wait21:04
prologiccan you sync remind to contrib :)21:04
treachno, I'm not a participant.21:04
treachfeel free to grab it though.21:05
prologicI will21:05
treachgood. :)21:05
treachnow, good night.21:05
*** treach has quit IRC21:05
*** majyk has quit IRC21:21
prologicour parts have arrived21:48
prologic2 more hops in this network21:48
prologicand we're done :)21:48
prologic4x 12dB Omnis, 4x 17dB 5.8Ghz Panels, 1x 17dB 90(deg) Sector21:49
prologiccables and boards and conenctors21:49
prologicall here :)21:49
Roomsterthat'll keep you busy for a short while21:50
*** Roomster is now known as Romster21:51
prologicnot so sure about the "short while" bit21:51
prologicI'll be out for the rest of the day by the looks21:51
Romsterheh, maybe long while.21:51
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:04
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:04
*** prologic has quit IRC23:51

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