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onestepwhat's wrong with libarchive?01:00
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DarkNekros_hi you @ll!!01:48
DarkNekros_good morning ;-)01:49
tilmanlibarchive guy says: "02:31
tilman2.2.5 will be up shortly."02:31
tilmanheh, already is02:32
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*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste"02:37
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Romsterman i want that connection ^^^03:15
luxhonly in sweden! ;-P03:25
Romsteri want it here in australia :P03:28
luxharen't the kangaroos fast enough? :P03:30
Romsterwonder if its also uploads at that speed..03:30
Romsterlol no..03:30
Romsterinternet ehre is expensive and behind the times.03:30
Romsteryeah sadly..03:31
Romsterlike hell i'm paying $70aud for a 512/128 unlimited DSL03:32
Romsterfor less than that sweeds get 100megabit both ways03:32
Romsterwell some get 100/10 megabit too. but they got a download limit.03:33
luxhyou can get a 100/100 connection for under 30 AUD if you live in the right place :-)03:35
luxhi don't though :(03:35
Romstersadly i don't either..03:35
Romsteryour a aussie too O_o03:35
Romsterluxh, you using crux for long?03:35
luxhna, swede03:35
luxhkinda new with it03:36
Romsterah k.03:40
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surrounder<- 100/100 for eur 306:48
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treachhm, that libarchive guy was pretty fast. :)06:58
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majykis it fixed now?06:59
treachHe forgot to enter what the difference is in the NEWS file or on the web, but he mailed tilman that a new version was coming up, in respons to the complaint.07:00
treachso it would probably be a fair assumption that it is.07:01
majyksweet, I downgraded the package after tilman found a bug07:01
treachgit builds without error now, so I guess that's confirmation for you. :)07:02
majykbuilding libarchive now07:03
treachRevert "SELinux: use SECINITSID_NETMSG instead of SECINITSID_UNLABELED for NetLabel"07:03
treach    "My system is too secure, I can not login :)"07:03
jjpkDefeating the purpose of computing. :D07:13
jjpkRomster: makes you wonder a bit. Wtf are people who won't even use a computer given such connections...07:17
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jjpkSecond, I doubt it reaches those speeds. Pure hype and marketing again.07:18
treachsome people do use it, and then it's probably cheaper to pull the wires to everyone, than revisiting the issue later..07:19
treachalso, there are quite a few non-computer users that use the connection anyway around here, like for tv or phone.07:19
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Romsterjjpk, yeah really07:34
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jjpkRomster: that's life. Unjust. :p07:46
jjpkMake a choice, then you might lose and gain something else in return.07:48
Romsterpreaty much07:50
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tilmantreach: he always is08:07
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treachI see, good for us. :)08:14
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tilmanmmh, i'm maintaining flac?14:48
tilmanhow the hell did that happen?14:48
RedShiftit's a new open source tactic14:48
RedShiftjust drop everything on tilman and all will be good14:48
tilmani have a theory14:48
tilmanRedShift somehow got access to our git repo14:48
tilmanand he put me as the maintainer in secret14:48
RedShiftshit! my world-domination plan uncovered!14:49
* RedShift runs14:49
tilmani missed two revisions of flac14:51
tilmancool, they finally added a pc file15:06
tilmani skipped .3 intentionally15:07
treachspeaking of omg..
treachanyone keen on going back to windows..? ;D15:07
RedShiftI have windows15:09
RedShiftI usually open them in the morning15:09
RedShiftthey provide a fresh breeze of air15:09
treachgood, you probably need that.15:09
treachor else you might suffocate from the stench of you smart ass comments.15:10
treachs you/your15:10
RedShiftwhoah where did that suddenly came from15:10
tilmanjaeger-: can you check whether the new flac works with gstreamer now?
treachmy keyboard, presumeably. :>15:11
tilmantreach: yeah, that advertising thing looks AWESOME15:11
treachindeed. There will be no escape. :)15:11
treach[0003] is just great! It reveals a mind so arrogant and filled with hubris, that I'm at loss for words.15:14
jjpkThe big brother of marketing is watching.15:22
treachmarketeers should all be flogged and sent to re-education camps. :/15:28
jjpkThat would be great. :p15:30
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prologicis that patent a joke ?17:14
jjpkThe US patent office is full of jokes. :p17:24
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prologicI should go register a patent :)17:35
prologicmight make millions17:35
DarkNekros_prologic, it will be expensive for you ;-)17:35
prologiconly ~$20k or something17:38
prologicthat's nothing :)17:38
prologicneways gotta go build this network17:38
prologiccyas later :)17:38
* prologic starts thinking of patent ideas just for kicks17:38
DarkNekros_I think it is very funny make patents like that17:39
prologicfuck'n ridiculous17:39
DarkNekros_I mean, there are a group of people who are seating on big chairs, saying nothing interesting and writing it dozn to make a bloody piece of patent17:40
DarkNekros_the world's craziest patent !!!!17:42
DarkNekros_has born !!!17:42
DarkNekros_do you think there are contest about it? xDD17:42
prologicI should build such a device17:44
prologicjust to see if I get sued17:44
prologicoh oppps17:44
prologicdid I just build a computer and monitor and place it on some building17:44
prologicand it just happens to spit our advertising ?17:44
prologicomg oops17:44
prologicI didn't mean to!17:44
prologicI'm sooo sorry :)17:45
prologicfuck'n "computer has insutrctions" geez how very specific is that!17:45
DarkNekros_prologic, computer patents are non sense and stupid17:49
prologicyeah well17:50
prologicI agree17:50
DarkNekros_we have to make code patents ;-)17:50
DarkNekros_well, time to sleep17:52
DarkNekros_good night you @ll ;-)17:53
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