IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-07-16

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pitillogood morning00:52
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DarkNekros_hi you @ll !!!02:47
vektoriSometimes I wish I had his enthusiasm.02:55
rxihe'll realise his folly soon enough03:01
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prologicwhat's wrong with that kind of enthusiasm :)03:23
prologicit's great!03:23
prologichiya all!!! first day completed at work yay :)03:23
prologicworking at PwC is great :)03:24
* prologic goes back to playing chess03:24
prologicmy time :)03:24
prologicgo away all of you :) answer your own bloody questions :)03:24
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pitillohey sepen04:04
DarkNekros_hi sepen04:05
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j^2morning all08:03
thrice`hiya j^208:04
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treachhm, anyone who knows where/how you set the colors in the console. (ie, not an xterm)?08:22
RedShifttreach: you mean something like gterm, konsole, etc...?08:22
treachthat would be like an xterm08:23
RedShiftoh you mean vc1, vc2, etc...08:23
RedShiftuse setterm08:23
treachah, thanks, will look into that.08:23
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RedShiftFrom Kaluo Dikko08:45
RedShiftAbidjan, Ivory Coast08:45
RedShiftWest Africa.08:45
RedShiftlong time since I got an african scam email08:45
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RedShiftI've been receiving alot of spam from hotmail servers lately08:45
RedShiftdamn those idiots, I can't send mail to them without it ending up in their spambox, but I receive spam from them08:46
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DarkNekros_RedShift, had you tried to resend to them their spam? ;-)08:52
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RedShift"hey this email probably got lost underway and stranded on my server, that'll be ? 5,- network data transport costs"08:54
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jjpk"I'm keeping your e-mail message hostage until transfer fees are paid"09:06
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DarkNekrosI prefer this one: "Ping email,  pong email, I win, you fall down xDD"09:16
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j^2la la la la, bored at work...13:10
j^2??? ???13:12
j^2any chance CRUX can find it's self there ;) ?13:13
rawStep-by-step GUI Configuration?13:14
rawwhat has google to offer that the common linuxian wants/13:15
j^2server space ;)13:15
rawI was talking about the applications you boon!13:16
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Romstertreach, PS1 would be what you alter for the console prompt.. in /etc/profile14:26
treachRomster: I'm not talking about the promt.14:26
Romsteroh actually like having green on black text etc. stuff.14:27
treachsomething like that.14:28
Romsteri hadn't bothered to mess with setterm.14:28
treachwhat I'm actually after is having a more sane shade of dark blue..14:28
treachsince it's basically unreadable on a black screen. :/14:28
Romsterah the blue is too dark and close to black.14:30
treachyeah, it's a bloody stupid choice. :/14:31
rawheh, finding a dark blue that's not badly readable on black will earn you the nobel price immediately14:49
rawin biocybernetics.14:50
treachwell, "dark" is a relative term obviously.14:50
rawI refer to 'black' here14:51
treachwell, if you have to shades of blue, one will be dark and the other one will be bright, by comparision to each other.14:51
treachthus, there is nothing that says that the "dark" one has to be retardedly dark, so you can't read it on a black bg.14:52
rawyeah but by 'brighter colors' I understand it is at least viewable brighter. and dark blue is always badly readable on black.14:54
rawno matter how dark it is. if it is, it's not dark anymore but bright blue.14:55
treachah, so the litmus test of a dark color is that it's not readable on a black bg..?14:55
rawwell, for blue yes14:58
rawother colors have an high contrast so the brightness matters not.14:59
treachok, I see your point, it's still stupid though. :s15:00
rawno it's not.15:00
rawblue is dark if it's badly readable on black.15:00
rawif it's not is bright15:00
treachthat's not what I meant.15:00
rawwelcome to my world of colours15:01
rawit isn't?15:01
treachIt's stupid to use default colors wich are not readable against the default background color.15:01
rawyes it is. that's why I change them.15:01
treachah, any hints on the topic?15:01
rawI can give you my xdefaults color settings15:02
treachI can't find anything useful for just changing that particlar setting.15:02
treachno, I'm not after *xterms*.15:02
treachit's the *console* I'm trying to change.15:02
rawman console15:03
treachx cuts battery life on my laptop effectively in half, and I don't need it.15:03
tilmanwhat video driver is that?15:03
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treach(the xorg one.)15:03
rawtreach: have a look at setterm15:05
treachI did, but couldn't find a way to get what I wanted.15:05
treachmaybe I didn't  get things right.15:06
rawyou, my friend, have _very_ high needs.15:06
rawgrandiloquent, even15:07
treachnot really. Maybe I just don't understand the manpage.15:07
rawthat might be possible as well15:07
rawthen again, who understands linux manuals?15:07
treachthe guy who wrote them, hopefully. :s15:08
rawI'm not sure about that15:08
jaeger-I don't think you get any better than the 8-color ansi stuff with setterm15:08
raw16 color is possible as well15:09
rawsetterm uses terminfo, you could experience various major fuckups15:09
rawespecially if you're connecting from or to remote15:10
treachheh, "-bfreq" -> "Sets the bell frequency in Hz. Without an argument, defaults to 0."15:11
prologic$ set | grep PS115:11
prologicPS1='\n\[\033[1;34m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\[\033[1;31m\]\h\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[0;32m\]\d \t\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;37m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\n\$ '15:11
prologicmorning all!!!15:11
treachfinally, a sane default. :D15:11
j^2prologic: PS1='\h:\w > ' Booya!15:12
* treach puts prologic against the wall.15:12
prologicyou all love me :)15:12
* treach assembles firingsquad.15:12
rawah #crux15:12
rawnp: Judas Priest - You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise on British Steel (5:04)15:12
rawnp: Billy Joel - You're My Home on Piano Man (3:13)15:13
rawjust changed15:13
Romstertreach, take a look at this
treachthanks, will do.15:13
prologicRomster, for you to be up this early, you didn't sleep did you :P ?15:13
treachraw: considering his position, "Jesus Bleibt Meine Freunde" might have been a better fit. :D15:14
rawtreach: your german makes no sense, I'm afraid.15:17
treachIt's not my german, it's Bach's. :p15:17
rawwhatever, it sucks.15:18
Romsterprologic, i sleept late afternoon and got up at 11pm15:19
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DarkNekrosstupid question: how much disk space I have to put in / ? (I have a 20GB hard disk)16:10
j^2DarkNekros: as much as you want16:10
treachDarkNekros: depends on how you're planning to use the rest.16:12
DarkNekrosI know that, but the less I can put in?16:12
treachDarkNekros: one moment.16:12
DarkNekrosI was planning that, 4GB as /, 1GB as swap and the rest as /home16:13
treachDarkNekros: just for reference ->
DarkNekrosthanks treach ;-)16:14
treachno problem, just remember that I don't use kde/gnome.16:14
DarkNekrosI prefer gnome or xfce :-D16:15
treachbloat. :>16:15
DarkNekrosbut it's like I was thinking16:15
treachanyway, in that case you might need a slightly bigger usr, if you break it out.16:15
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DarkNekrosussually I don't separe /var or /temp cause I don't need to do that16:16
treachI like to do it just in case.16:16
treachHate having runaway processes filling up / :s16:16
DarkNekroswhat is the difference on separing /home and /usr?16:17
treachwhack all partitions except /home and you're still safe.16:17
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treachbesides, /home is a raid 1 here.16:18
DarkNekrosi see16:18
DarkNekrosso it's the same as letting / separate from /home, isn't it?  (in only one hard disk)16:19
treachbasically yes.16:20
treachbtw, kernel src is in my home dir, so if you plan to put it in /usr/src, make space available accordingly.16:22
DarkNekrosbut kernel src it's not 1GB large xDD16:31
treachno, but it's still a chunk, 350MB16:31
DarkNekrosindeed :o16:32
DarkNekroswell, time to sleep16:38
DarkNekrosthanks you @ll ;-)16:39
DarkNekrossee you tomorrow16:39
DarkNekrosnigth, nigth u.u16:39
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SourfHi jdolan and tilman ... long time21:59
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nipuLhey jizzmonkey^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hdolan22:46
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