IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-07-17

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pitillogood morning00:46
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!!01:43
DarkNekrosgood morning in the morning ;-)01:44
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sepenprologic, ping?04:27
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sepenprologic, ping?04:57
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prologic2 pings / :)05:07
prologicdon't you know I work :)05:07
sepensorry, Im problem with routes at work05:07
prologicroutes ?05:07
sepenprologic, I recently updated my 'syslinux' port on my repo05:07
prologicand you're asking me why ? :)05:07
sepenyou are the mantainer of this port05:08
prologicyou mean network routing ?05:08
prologicof routes ?05:08
sepenIm the packager05:08
prologicwtf I am ?05:08
sepenno no nothing about routes05:08
prologic$ prt-get info routes05:08
prologicprt-get: using cache05:08
prologicPackage 'routes' not found05:08
sepenprologic, I recently updated my 'syslinux' port on my repo05:08
sepenand you are the contrib mantainer of  this port05:09
sepenplease if you want you can update it05:09
prologicyou're not listening05:09
prologicthere is no such port05:09
prologicno in my repo05:09
prologicnor in contrib05:09
prologic$ find . -type d | grep routes -i05:10
sepen$ prt-get info syslinux05:10
prologicyou said "routes" ?05:10
sepenprologic, I recently updated my **********'syslinux'*************** port on my repo05:10
sepen3 times05:10
sepenjjje sorry for the confusion05:10
prologicI don't recall ever building or maintaining this port05:11
prologichow strange :)05:11
prologicthis is weird05:11
prologicnot even sure why I have it in my repo05:11
prologicbut ok I'll update it k :)05:11
prologicin the morning :)05:11
sepenwell and thanks05:11
prologicnps :)05:12
prologicsorry for a minute I thought you were talking about some port called "routeS" :)05:12
sepenno no05:12
sepenonly that I problems with my default gateway on my network office05:13
sepenand due to this I ping more than one time to you05:13
sepenbut sorry one more time for the confusion05:14
prologiceh no worries :)05:18
prologicat my office we only have http access05:18
prologicsucks horribly :/05:18
sepenheh, we develop perimeter systems which can do this kind of tasks05:21
sepenIm working here http://www.ozonosecurity.com05:21
prologicso you're the person to hunt down becuase of compires like the one I work for that use these products05:23
prologicand lock us sysadmins and developers out :)05:23
* sepen looking for *hunt down* meanning of05:24
prologicor "blame" :)05:25
sepenIm working here for a few time, only 9 months05:26
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nipuLnamenlos: are you running the cgit 0.5 anywhere? i want to see the difference between it and HEAD05:58
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nipuLyay, got 8mbps adsl now07:20
rxilol about time07:26
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nipuLspeed test to sydney only gives 4mbps :(09:06
j^2morning all09:07
rxinipuL: i rarely get anything more than 500-600k/s09:09
nipuLit's not too bad i guess, i do live on the edge of town09:09
nipuLi used to live about 300m from the exchange09:10
nipuLbut for some reason my f**king ack prioritization isn't working :[09:11
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j^2hey tilman09:47
tilmansup j2?09:47
j^2tilman: do you ever play diplomacy?09:47
j^2not much, last day at work :D09:47
tilmanlike being nice to other people?09:48
j^2i dunno i can see us playing an online game sometime09:49
j^2hell it takes only email09:49
j^2and you can make moves as long/short as you want09:49
tilmanlet me read the description09:49
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j^2i did this --->10:02
j^2i need some help with swat10:02
j^2then in firefox i get connection interrupted...10:03
j^2any ideas? :-/10:03
treach#samba, #ubuntu, #firefox. That's three for free. :)10:07
j^2love you too tilman10:07
j^2opps s/tilman/treach10:08
thrice`didn't mean to paste10:08
tilmanj^2: don't think diplomacy is for me10:12
j^2tilman: :(10:16
j^2btw it seems to be a iptables issue :-/10:16
tilmanplay with treach10:17
j^2treach: you a player?10:17
treachme, diplomacy...?10:17
treachsurely you're jesting.10:18
* treach tries to picture himself being diplomatic.10:18
* treach fails, horribly.10:18
jjpktreach + diplomacy = wwIII? hmm10:24
jjpktreach could pursue a mobster or "von Bismarck" career :]10:27
* j^2 gets gun10:28
* j^2 shoots everything10:28
j^2stupid connect only from :P10:29
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treachjjpk: I fail to see myself in either of those careers. I'm not a criminal, and Bismark was a skilled politician.11:10
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rawtreach: well you could be both at the same time11:11
rawnot that there is much difference11:11
j^2 there is no god, the spice girls have reunited11:11
rawno, I'm just busy with more important things11:11
treachraw: good point.11:12
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treachnamenlos: I think your repo is missing a port11:22
namenlostreach: which one?11:31
luxhrugek: you there?11:32
luxhseems the xmms2 port fails without python, but maybe i'm doing something wrong :)11:33
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treachnamenlos: either I'm blind or "p5-lwp" is missing.11:45
namenlostreach: sorry, i assumed, that everyone has contrib enabled...11:48
treachsorry, I got a bit mislead by your mail. :]11:49
namenlostreach: sorry, for that... next time i will make it more clear...11:49
treachmy fault as well, being too literal again I guess. :)11:50
treachConnecting to||:21... connected.11:52
treachLogging in as anonymous ...11:52
treachLogin incorrect.11:52
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treachj^2: of course there's a god, it's just that he's switched over to contracting full time, working for the highest bidder. :/11:57
treachgod is a mercenary these days.11:58
jjpkAge of holy wars left and right woo.12:00
rugekluxh: you're right! waf requires python12:57
rugekwill fix this soon, thx12:57
luxhok, np :)13:14
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prologicmorning ya'all!!!!! :)14:52
vektoriHaha. :D14:52
prologicwhat a beautiful morning! :)14:52
tilmanare you on drugs?14:52
prologicdark outside14:52
prologicbody is sore and tired from trianing :)14:52
prologiclovely :14:52
prologicif you call adrenaline drugs, yeah sure!14:53
prologichmm caffeine ;)14:53
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prologichow the hell can an adsl2 link do over 40Mbps14:58
vektoriYou probably spilled some adrenaline on it.14:58
tilmanwheee, magic adrenaline14:58
prologicdoesn't make much sense14:59
prologicbut I don't spose cacti can lie ;)14:59
prologichaha cool15:32
prologicif you search for my nick in google15:32
prologicI'm #7 :)15:32
vektoriYou're :P15:34
prologichas it changed already :P15:34
prologicit's definately 7 :)15:35
vektoriGoogle probably does some reordering here. Dunno why.15:35
prologicand I get too15:35
prologicrather than whatever you get15:35
prologicneways gotta get ready for work15:36
prologiccyas later15:36
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vektoriBye. :)15:36
RyoS#7 with is right15:37
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nipuLi get #217:37
nipuLvia digg :\17:37
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nipuLhmm it appears australian broadband isn't as expensive as first thought17:55
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