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pitillogood morning00:45
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Romsterhi sepen02:26
Romsternew tor works and squid :P02:26
Romsteroh i just did a sysup.02:32
Romsterfirefox-flash-plugin is a pain not having the version number on it.. had to deleate the old archive then sysup that.02:33
sepenjojojo interesting this 'tor'02:35
Romsterthats what i'm on to here though.02:37
Romsterbut freenode has a internel tor node.02:37
sepen**Tor network take a random pathway through several servers**02:37
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Romsterok something was unstable there..02:41
Romsterone of the nodes i went though must of restarted from a update :P02:41
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bdfyHi All!! I had problems with utf and ncurces. I can't read russian symbols in ncmpc client.04:11
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!04:15
DarkNekrosgood morning ;-)04:15
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bdfymike_k: Thanks, Mike!!04:44
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treach*groan* firefox is an absurdity, it must have been designed by a descendant of kafka. :/13:13
jaeger-too much credit :)13:17
treachheh, kazehakase's ui is a tad, shall we say "underdeveloped"? :)13:18
treachalso, the build isn't that reliable.13:18
treachlike in, very sensitive wrt c{xx}flags used. :/13:19
surrounderah well, works great here13:19
surrounderfaster then firefox too13:19
treachthat's true.13:20
treachbut no vimperator for it. :(13:20
surroundercouldn't get that to work13:20
surrounderit kept on complaining it would be loaded on restart13:20
treachI had no problems with it.13:21
tilmanvimperator is a bit strange13:21
treachworks perfectly fine afaic, with one exception.13:21
treachdefault search, which is a bit annoying.13:21
tilmantreach: what's absurd about firefox?13:22
surroundertreach: "this add-on will be installed when firefox is restarted."13:22
surroundereverytime I start it13:22
treachit's freaking huge, and takes half an enternity to build?13:22
treachsurrounder: strange.13:23
treachtilman: also, looking at the errormessages during the build isn't exacly confidence inspiring :p13:24
rawgtk + gecko13:29
raw= nightmare in hell13:29
rawI heard that the devil was about letting hell freeze over because he couldn't bear firefox and it's appendage13:30
treachgtk is being improved upon, at least from what I've seen. I'm not that confident about ff. :/13:32
rawtilman: so seriously, lolcats will become extinct if I lie.13:38
rawtreach: I doubt it's even possible to improve gtk13:38
treachwhy not? There's a lot of projects using it, so the code sees much use.13:40
treachalso, it doesn't seem to be half as much spagetthi as ff.13:40
rawyou just spotted the main problem13:40
jaeger-oh no! GTK in baby's diaper!13:42
tilmanoh my13:42
treachno, it turns raw into one whenever he looks at it. ;)13:42
rawlol I just found my new favorite internet meme13:43
jaeger-I feel much dumber now but that was still somehow awesome13:46
jaeger-oh, the conflict13:46
tilmanfn shockwave flash whatever >:13:46
rawjaeger-: I like how it conveniently sums up all the internet memes13:47
surrounderis there a word that rhymes on "month" ?13:50
jaeger-hrmm, not that I can think of13:51
surrounderhehe strange word13:51
trielgoogle says: "No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple."14:06
trielpretty strange, indeed14:06
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surrounderhehehe thanks14:15
loupgaroublondsurrounder, chuck norris rhymes with month, orange, silver, and purple14:28
rawthat's not true. if chuck norris would rhyme on anything the universum would have collapsed14:29
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teK_is there any information on about USB hotplugging as it does not work for me out-of-the-box15:32
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surrounderim on a jornada from a friend of mine15:51
surroundercool machine15:51
surrounderreally nice for ssh15:51
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treachgah. finaly got mutt working with msmtp and multiple smtp servers, only to screw it up the next moment. :'(16:42
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DarkNekrosgood night you @ll!!17:28
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Romsterwhat xorg package does the Shared Memory extension?20:15
Romsternevermind think its xorg-libsm20:27
Romsterlooking everywhere for shm...20:27
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thrice`isn't that a kernel thing ?21:31
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