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pitillogood morning00:46
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DarkNekroshi you @ll!!03:46
DarkNekrosmorning ;-)03:46
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RedShiftmorning :-)04:30
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treachmh, Dr. Estella is a crux contributor..? ;D05:36
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sepenwhat are your opinnions about this
sepenDr. Estella??????06:32
sepencore developer???06:32
treachspam spam spam spam.. :p06:33
sepenah oh!06:34
treach4 mails from the contrib ml, 4 peices of spam. S/N sucks. :p06:34
DarkNekros"OpenPKG since 6 years is the world leading instrument for the cost-effective deployment and maintenance of Open Source  Unix server software solutions when administration crosses Unix platform boundaries." I think it's blah-blah06:38
DarkNekrosbut it could be interesting to know how it works06:40
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treachhigly buzzwords compliant, thin on information.06:52
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j^2morning all08:07
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whirledhi, can anyone tell me what is happening with the Crux 2.1 ports lately.  Nothing has been updated in a long time, and now it randomly removes then checks out ports.08:52
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RyoSwhirled: you know curx 2.3 is out? :p08:55
jaegerthe 2.1 ports are not maintained actively since 2.3 is the current release08:55
jaegeras for the random deletes and checks, if you check out at the same time as the server is refreshing the rsync repos you get removed ports08:55
whirledI realize crux 2.3 is out, but it is not easy for me to perform an upgrade.  I have crux running on a production web server.  I guess I'll have to get around to it sometime though.  Probably for the best.09:03
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jaegerI have the same problem here, got a 2.1 box in production09:09
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whirledwell, thanks for your help.09:30
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jjpkWho would know Crux uses the CentOS support model. ;)09:31
RedShiftwhat's CentOS's support model?09:32
jjpkYou know, releases are supported for years.09:42
treachI thought that was the debian support model..09:45
treachor maybe that's "releases just refuses to die"09:45
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namenlosis there a possibility to get the download url of a port?10:47
jjpknamenlos: well you could run pkgmk -do and cancel it quickly.10:49
jaegerread the Pkgfile?10:51
namenlosjjpk: wanted to get that in in a shell script, so there is no possibility to cancel that...10:52
namenlosjaeger: yes, thought about that, i was only looking for a neat way to get it, since i couldn't find it...10:53
jaegernamenlos: try sourcing Pkgfile and then referencing $source10:53
jaegerPkgfiles are bash, after all10:53
namenlosjaeger: thanks, that is a good idea. unfortunatelly, i am already half finished doing it by hand...10:54
thrice`grep the Pkgfile for the source line?11:04
jjpkThat would not do much good. You get an incomplete source.11:05
thrice`ah...yeah, I suppose so11:06
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jaegerthat's what I was suggesting earlier11:15
namenlosjaeger: neat (somehow i never got bash-array concept...).11:17
jaeger <-- added output for grins11:18
namenlosheh, there's a paragraph about arrays in hte man page...11:24
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sacardedo you know if lexmark printer work in linux-ppc ?11:29
jaegercheck for your model... if cups/hpijs/etc. work in linux-ppc it should11:30
sacardebut driver i386 cant works in ppc, right ?11:30
jaegerif it's a native driver, no, but if it's a wrapper to a ppd or something, probably works11:31
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* jaeger waves11:45
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tilmanjaeger: did you see my flac patch?11:53
jaegerno, I must have missed it. I'll check the logs11:55
tilmanjaeger: jaeger-: can you check whether the new flac works with gstreamer now?
jaegerI'll give it a try :)11:58
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jaeger-plugins-good still building12:15
tilmani'll push the update12:18
tilmanand wait for the raging masses12:18
jaegerfor some reason I'm getting no audio playing a flac now with totem12:19
jaegeris there an easy way to play a file on the command line with gstreamer?12:19
tilmangst-launch playbin uri=file:///home/joe/my-random-media-file.mpeg12:20
tilmanjaeger: more options on
tilmanthe last Q12:20
jaegerwas just reading the manpage for gst-launch :) thanks12:21
jaegerbut yeah, that works fine12:21
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tilmanraw: when you spot anholt in #xorg-devel, point him at the bug and offer cookies. it might help14:03
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