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pitillogood morning01:26
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namenloshi, can anyone tell me, why perldoc shows02:52
namenlos"รข<80><99>" for ' ?02:52
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DarkNekroshi you @ll !!03:02
DarkNekrosgood morning03:02
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prologichiya all!!!!!!!!!!07:32
tilmanhave you turned into a 15 yr old?07:32
tilmanor have you been lobotomized maybe?07:32
prologicbam ?07:38
prologicI just don't give a shit now :/07:38
j^2ba-ba-ba-good moring :P08:08
jjpk"tumbleweeds 'n ricochets"08:23
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j^2hey define <defunct> processes for me?08:36
j^2they are busted and broken riht?08:36
jjpkGhost processes, exactly what defunct says. ;)08:37
j^2yeah i thought so...what happens if they keep changing?08:38
j^2it's never the same number08:38
jjpkMaybe a more important question is what application is doing that08:38
j^2[] <defunct>08:45
j^2qmaill   19484  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [multilog] <defunct>08:45
j^2root     19487  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [tcpserver] <defunct>08:45
j^2root     19493  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [supervise] <defunct>08:45
j^2root     19494  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [supervise] <defunct>08:45
thrice`tilman: see the ML ?  you got a personal one :)08:45
j^2qmails   19495  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [qmail-send] <defunct>08:45
j^2clamav   19500  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    08:42   0:00 [clamd] <defunct>08:45
tilmanthrice`: oh, thanks08:46
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treachprocess starts subprocess which dies in a bad way, becomes a zombie because the parent is still alive. Parent dies, respawns, rince an repeat, with new pids. I guess.09:14
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RedShifteeeh qmail09:29
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nipuLheh i used qmail, for about a day09:44
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j^2nipuL: yeah i'm feeling the same way, but alas this i sa "high avalibility" server cluster that is totally busted10:07
j^2so i have to hack my way through learning this shite so i can get it back up to optimal ability10:07
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RedShiftj^2: start by replacing it with postfix10:26
j^2RedShift: jeusus i wish i could10:27
RedShiftwhy not?10:27
j^2RedShift: i'm just not ready for that switch yet. i'm still learning the rops10:27
j^2as my manager says...10:29
j^2rome wasnt built in a day :P10:29
RedShiftexcept that qmail was :X10:30
jjpk...right. qmail was farted out in a day.10:33
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j^2nope i think that was exim :P10:34
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jaegerthat's ironic11:11
tilmanit's pretty gay that they kind of shift the blame to ie11:11
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jaegeragreed, but still ironic11:24
jaegerheyo, sepen11:24
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sepensomething has test 'pando' ?11:27
thrice`hiya sepen11:27
sepenreally fast imo11:28
sepenmore than torrents for me11:28
thrice`never heard of it11:28
sepenfor now, only pandodownloader it's available for linuxes11:30
sepenhehe ""Equally delicious on Windows and Mac""11:31
sepen... and crux11:31
tilmanclosed source?11:32
jjpkInteresting concept, but I could not say it is something revolutionary.11:34
jjpkJust a retake that has been repackaged. ;)11:34
tilman"In fact, they use the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files privately and securely [...]"11:36
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DarkNekrosI have a stupid question: can reiserfs break a hard disk?14:41
RedShiftand that is a stupid question14:43
DarkNekrosso it's my hard disk :S14:43
RedShiftanalyze it using smartmontools14:43
DarkNekrosbut I was ubuntu installed and now I wanted to re-partition my HD and here it is, dma I/O error14:44
DarkNekrosit's in the crux cd?14:44
RedShiftknoppix has it14:44
DarkNekrosI'm going to try14:45
j^2DarkNekros: reiserfs can s/break/kill your hdd ;) ZING!14:51
RedShiftyeah I read the latest kernel changelogs and they added if(user == "DarkNekros") { do_something_bad(); } all over the place14:52
treachno, it can't, Please don't waste bandwidth bullshit, even if it's tripple distilled.14:52
DarkNekrosI'm not sure about that because it's my 2nd hdd who has the same problem and I began to think that's or my pc problem or reiserfs one14:52
DarkNekrostreach, nobody it's speaking xDD14:53
treachsorry, can't make sense of that14:53
RedShiftDarkNekros: reiserfs will *not* destroy harddrives14:53
RedShiftin fact14:53
RedShiftno filesystem will14:53
j^ one got my prison reiser reference :'(14:53
treachwe did.14:53
treachwe just don't care14:53
RedShifthowever, there are utilities which you can pretty much screw your disks in the ass14:54
RedShiftbut that requires low-level access and are tools you don't normally use :)14:54
DarkNekrosperhaps it's my computer's trade or the disk was almost break14:55
RedShiftdid you analyze it with smartmontools?14:55
RedShiftanyone who doesn't have smartd running should be hung!!!!14:55
RedShift(just kidding)14:55
treachheh, it's usually useless. :P14:55
DarkNekrosI'm in the edge RedShift ;-)14:56
RedShifttreach: well I've never seen disk just die *poof* like that14:56
treachI've never gotten any SMART warnings, until it's been too late..14:56
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RedShifttreach: you have to monitor it closely though, it can go downhill very fast14:56
DarkNekrosit could be cfdisk?14:56
RedShiftbut that's why smartd exists :-)14:56
RedShiftDarkNekros: no14:56
treachif you're getting strange errors, get the data off the disk, and replace it.14:57
DarkNekrosperhaps I had partioned it wrong...14:57
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treachthat shouldn't cause dma errors14:57
DarkNekrosthere's no data, it was an old windows hdd (perhaps was windows xDD)14:57
RedShiftDarkNekros: for the last time did you run smartmontools to check the disk's health???14:57
treachDarkNekros: mkfs.ext -c -c /dev/hdx14:57
treachDarkNekros: mkfs.ext -c -c /dev/hdxN, I mean.14:58
treachahem, make that ext3, or something that makes sense. :p14:58
DarkNekrosRedShift, I'm searching my knoppix cd14:58
RedShiftI'm going to dump(8)14:59
treachDarkNekros: if you have no data on the disk you value, use what I wrote above.14:59
treachsee the manpage if you're not sure what it does14:59
DarkNekrosok treach ;-)15:02
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j^2other than rebooting...i've totally forgotten15:12
DarkNekrosI think my hdd has died :S15:14
DarkNekrosmy motherboard doesn't reconize it x.x15:14
j^2frak it i just rebooted15:17
treachsmall wonder, presumeably it felt that once properly excorcised it could rest in peace.15:35
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DarkNekrostreach, I think it's my motherboard who is messing to my hdd :S16:55
DarkNekroswell, tomorrow I will continue to this16:55
DarkNekrosnight you @ll !! ;-)16:56
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prologicmavrick61, crux mls fixed ?20:11
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