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DarkNekroshi you @ll !!! ;-)02:30
DarkNekrosgood morning in the morning02:30
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tilmanmmh, new gcc release04:12
tilmani'm bored, maybe i should update glibc and gcc today04:12
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RyoStilman: are you still bored? :P06:09
RyoSi can reproduce that backtrace thing when i want to play a video with mplayer :p06:10
tilmanwhat backtrace?06:10
RyoSthe one from 2 days ago :o06:10
tilmani have no recollection of that06:11
RyoS0: X(xf86SigHandler+0x85) [0x80d01c506:11
tilmanoh, you mean you can reproduce the *crash*06:11
RyoSyea, but now only when i want to play a video ^^06:11
RyoSeverything else works fine so far06:11
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tilmanRyoS: sorry, forgot to answer :D08:23
tilmanRyoS: i don't really care. try #xorg or the xorg mailing list08:23
RyoShehe :p08:24
* tilman ponders playing nethack again08:25
RyoSi really tried a lot - works, altered config and old config do not work in :/ $ cat /dev/input/event1 shows that my mouse should work08:25
RyoSi wonder where the problem is :/08:25
tilmanthought you fixed the mouse problem08:26
RyoShave fun with nethack :p everytime i play it in school people start looking weird :p08:26
RyoStilman: nah i was in hurry yesterday and forgot to uncomment the mouse in the server layout section08:26
tilmanmmh, nethack is lame ;)08:27
RyoSnetris :>08:28
tilmanmaybe i should try quetoo now08:28
tilmanaccording to holarse there's an opengta08:29
RyoSoh rly?08:31
tilmanholarse has a list of "Roguelike" games08:31
tilmanangband and TOME08:31
tilmanand then there's a list of RPGs08:31
tilmanlisting nethack, among others08:31
tilmanhow weird is that :D08:32
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tilmani think i'llprepare food now08:33
tilmanand then i'll play every open game that holarse lists ;)08:33
aoni think i'll sit here and blow my nose periodically08:36
tilmanaon: ii'm having a bad cold, too :(08:37
treachbetter periodically than continously. :/08:38
aontilman: yeah, i caught it from the VolksWeightWatchers08:39
treachheh, more dangerous than the army, those guys. :P08:40
aonon one day 5/11 in our room were sick and thus not allowed to participate in anything (except eating)08:40
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treach..isn't that a bit contradictive? :>08:41
aoni can't see why it would be08:41
aonas that's the only thing you actually need to do08:41
aon(they're also allowed to go to the toilet)08:42
treachhaha, how generous.08:42
aonbut it sucks to do stuff like cleaning when five people just hang around and talk crap :)08:43
treachweightwatchers, and all you're allowed to do is eat. I feel there's a contradiction there, somewhere.08:43
treachbut maybe that's just me.08:43
aoni meant the army by that08:43
treachit somehow didn08:43
treach't make sense.08:43
aonyeah, seems reasonable that it doesn't :)08:43
* treach curses the idiot who put ' so damned close to enter, yet again.08:44
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aonstart using control+m instead of enter08:44
treachmmh, worth thinking over..08:44
treachI guess I "just" have to retrain my muscle memory then..08:44
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treachhowever, it doesn't solve the problem.08:45
treachunless I disable enter.08:45
aonah, indeed, i already forgot the context of the problem :)08:46
treachheh, bad colds ftw. :>08:46
treachclogs your head up worse than getting drunk.08:46
aonnah, that's just me in general :)08:47
treachyouth of today. *sigh*08:47
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tilmanwhen i have a bad cold, i often get nosebleed as well09:12
tilmanthat's unbelievable fun09:12
aoni haven't had nosebleed ever09:14
jjpktreach: if it's a laptop keyboard, I agree that the enter key is too close. :p09:19
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tilmanaon: lucky bastard ;)09:20
tilmancrux needs a game repository ;))09:28
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treachjjpk: it's not, but it's still too close.10:10
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tilmanjesus motherfucking christ11:08
tilmandid anyone around here try to compile (ta) spring?11:08
tilmanit seems their build system is totally screwed up11:09
luxhcan one build it on linux?11:09
tilmanluxh: should be possible11:09
tilmanaw crap11:10
tilmanthe latest linux source code release is 0.75b111:10
tilmanwhich apparently is b0rked anyway11:10
tilmanmaybe it's just not available on berlios :)11:11
tilmanluxh: so you played spring before?11:12
luxhmaybe a year ago11:12
luxhon windows though11:12
luxhi thought it was good11:13
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luxhi only played over lan with some friends11:14
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thierryFirst try sorry, no idea how it works11:32
tilmanseems okay11:33
thierryah so , I discover somethinf new.11:33
thierryA stupid question ? Everybody is reading what I'm writing ?11:36
tilmanyes :>11:37
treachNo, please go ahead11:37
thierryOk I have a another question concerning crux11:37
* treach fetches crystal ball.11:38
thierryI thing crux is made from LFS isn't ?11:38
treachNot really, even if you can get may hints from it.11:39
thierryIf you look in /etc/udev/ you will find 25-lfs.rules11:42
treachthierry: if we need some solution, why reinvent the wheel when the lfs people already have done it?11:43
treachie, just because you fit tires from a volvo to your volkswagen, doesn't mean your car was derived from a volvo.11:43
thierryI made a few installation with lfs which is  for me a great training course. But after a year or so I had to update web server11:44
thierrySo I start to look around. After a try with Arch I realise it was almost impossible to make a migration smootly11:45
treachif that's all you want debian seems to fit the bill.11:47
treachcrux *can* be upgraded, if you're careful.11:47
thierryI finally did it with crux, since the package management is so flexible11:50
treachvia the ports, I mean. Upgrading via cd should work, with the usual few exceptions.11:50
treachcongratulations, then. :)11:50
thierryTanks tanks I really enjoy11:50
thierryImagine on a single partition I did it11:51
thierryI made an explanation ok its was originall for Arch but the principle is the same11:52
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thrice`how to migrate to arch - just what i've always wanted =]12:10
jjpkFortunately I am in no rush to become an arch convert. ;)12:13
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patroclo7I am a crux convert from arch, the world is heterogeneous12:15
jjpkI simply said that I am happy with crux, it suits my needs.12:19
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tilmanRomster: so, do you know how to build boost_regex and boost_thread from contrib/boost?13:19
tilmanit's there13:19
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treacho'boy, configuring ck4up is really fun. :/14:07
treachmakes me think of churchill.14:07
tilmanit's not that bad14:08
treachI'm getting dizzy already, and I've only added the urls so far. :p14:09
tilmanRomster: please absolutely do apply this boost patch:
tilmanRomster: removing the stupid "gcc-version" suffix from everything helps compatibility14:10
tilmanRomster: and i also removed debug builds.14:10
tilmanRomster: probably helps build time A LOT (OMG FFS)14:10
tilmanboost pisses me off so much14:10
tilmantreach: go build boost, after that you'll enjoy configuring ck4up ;)14:10
treachno thanks, I'm tired enough as I am, and I have 0 use for boost.14:11
treachother than in the sense that *I*'d need a boost. :)14:11
treachI've been moving around furnitures a lot today, plus carrying some of them away, up and down in stairs. :/14:12
treachand it's awfully humid air, too. Sweating like a pig. :/14:12
tilmanthe weather is more bearable today here14:13
surrounderI got accepted for a job today o//14:13
treachsurrounder: yeah, that's having fun, isn't it? :)14:13
treachwhee. concrats.14:13
surroundertreach: hehe14:13
surrounderthanks! ^_^14:13
treachwhee. con*g*rats.14:13
surrounderI'm so happy14:13
surrounderfirst job interview ever, no previous working experience and no diploma whatsoever14:15
surrounderand still they hire me o//14:15
rehabdollwhat kind of work?14:17
surrounderlinux/bsd admin mainly14:17
surrounderbut also helldesking and programming14:17
rehabdollsounds fun, a lot more fun that my job14:17
tilmanhehe, helldesk14:17
rehabdolli sell paint!14:17
treachsätt färg på tillvaron då. :p14:21
surroundergekke zweed14:21
treachman, waiting to configure ck4up until you've got 50+ ports is a bad idea. :>14:22
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nipuLnice, xen is merging into the linux mainline20:36
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