IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-07-22

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tilmanRomster: seen my msg regarding contrib/boost?04:56
Romsteryeah working on it i've nearl got it sorted.04:56
tilmanworking on what?04:57
tilmanmy patch was working :D04:57
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Romsteryour patch was just the footprint not the Pkgfile..04:59
Romsteri've made some other changes to it too.04:59
Romsterbeen emaning too.04:59
Romsterwas on my todo list04:59
tilmani'll upload the full diff05:01
Romsteri've solved the footprint problem jsut testing some other stuff before i commit it. but i'll have a look at the Pkgfile05:01
tilmanoh god i'm so worried you'll fuck this up05:02
Romstertilman, pfft.. i've done it another way but is it wrong to not use the configure makefile routine...05:09
tilmandoes your new boost port depend on boost-jam?05:10
prologic$ prt-get dependent boost05:12
prologicprt-get: using cache05:12
prologic$ prt-get dependent boost-jam05:12
prologicprt-get: using cache05:12
Romsterno it dosn't have too but i tryed it with that05:12
prologicso what do we use boost for again ? :)05:12
Romsterdistcc hates bjam :/05:12
Romsteri tryed to speed compilation time up...05:13
tilmanoh well, whatever05:13
tilmanif you fuck it up i'll just make my own boost port05:13
Romsterbut that failed it only works on ccache05:13
Romsterlol i have recked it..05:13
Romsteri actually removed some stuff i looked in git from my previous version..05:13
prologicyou'll want wrecked too :)05:14
treachheh, I was just wondering about that. :p05:14
treachwreckless spelling isn't your forte, is it? ;)05:14
prologicwrecked, past tense of wreck. as in to break something that wasn't broken.05:14
prologichmm yummy fried rice :)05:15
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DarkNekroshi you @ll !!! ;-)05:22
prologichi :)05:22
RedShiftzomg d4kn3kr0s!05:23
RedShifth0w 4r3 y0u d0!ng?05:23
DarkNekros1m pr3p4r1ng f0r lunch05:24
DarkNekroswhy 4r3 y0u wr1t1ng l1k3 th4t? xDD05:24
* aon |-|45 f1|_|05:24
prologicb3c4us3 h3 c4n :)05:24
tilmanDarkNekros: he's making fun of you because you write '@ll' instead of 'all'...05:25
RedShiftwhat tilman says :-)05:26
prologicand here I thought he knew him from somewhere and was talking l33t sp34k05:26
DarkNekroswell it's to say hi to both sexes :-)05:27
prologicthere ya go, a reasonable explanation for everything!05:28
DarkNekrosI don't like l33t sp34k05:28
tilmanDarkNekros: it doesn't make sense at all in english05:28
DarkNekrosprologic, it's true ;-)05:28
tilmanDarkNekros: and it looks silly and stupid05:28
DarkNekrostilman, thank you ;-)05:28
prologicwell how would you say hi to both sexes then tilman ? :)05:28
tilmanDarkNekros: there's no word "oll" in english, right? :D05:28
RedShiftprologic: what about "Hi"05:29
tilmanwhat about "hi all"05:29
aon"all" probably means both sexes too05:29
aonand secondly, both sexes? come on, this is freenode05:29
tilmanaon: yeah, the girls are male fbi agents, right? ;)05:30
RedShiftsomething like that yeah05:30
RedShiftnot enough females in the computer world :-(05:30
DarkNekrosaon, who knows if there's a girl? ;)05:31
aonin fact, i think there has been at least one05:31
aonor two05:31
DarkNekroswell, in spanish @ can meaning a and o05:31
rxiRedShift: go get yourself a domain name :P05:31
RedShiftrxi: Why? (and I have enough of those)05:31
prologica domain name is as good as a girl ?05:32
prologicwtf :)05:32
rxiaon: crystal is a gentoo-sparc person and oper i think05:32
rxiRedShift: havent you heard the old saying?05:32
RedShiftyeah, domain names are like girls05:32
RedShiftall good ones are taken05:32
RedShiftexcept the foreign ones :-)05:32
* DarkNekros goes to the river to eat05:33
rxiyou like raw fish?05:33
aonrxi: i meant this channel :)05:35
rxihehe oh05:36
rxiclare is a girl05:36
RedShiftrxi: pics05:36
aonand i think there was someone from germany05:36
rxiRedShift: of what?05:37
RedShiftrxi: "<rxi> clare is a girl"05:37
tilmantreach: that's marisol?05:37
treachsarah used to be here, until she defected to arch.05:37
tilmanlooking at logs05:37
tilman< marisol> well i am one of his former friends from arch linux (sarah31/sarahhay) [...]05:37
rxiRedShift: *shrugs* ask her next time she is here05:38
treachsarah31 seems like the nick I remember05:38
aon0MG TORRENT PLZ!05:38
treachbut that was ages ago.05:38
tilmanoh noes05:44
RedShiftwell that was to be expected05:44
RedShiftwe'll probably see an increase in sales...05:44
RedShiftthey are going to put filters on it05:45
RedShiftfilters lead to censorship05:45
RedShiftrxi: are you FOR censorship???05:45
rxifor underage children seeing porn sure05:46
rxinothing more than just about any school with internet access05:46
tilman"primary school"05:46
tilmanthese kids are giving the laptops for free to help them study05:47
tilmanit's not like they pay for full internet access05:47
RedShiftI have nothing against blocking porn and such, but once you start blocking stuff, you can easily add some other stuff, like different opinions or what really happened at certain events in their country05:47
rxihehe i think giving them a laptop at a young age will decrease their learning05:47
tilman"get an alert when there are new stories about:05:47
tilman[ ] abuja05:48
tilman[ ] explicit sexual materials05:48
tilmannice service05:48
rxiRedShift: you make a big jump from internet filtering of porn to kids to censoring political issues05:48
RedShiftit wouldn't be the first time that happens :)05:49
treachfiletering porn is a political issue.05:49
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RedShiftI'm against all censorship05:49
aonfinland is apparently filtering child porn05:49
RedShiftfor example, mein kampf (written by hitler) should be available for everyone to buy and read if they choose so05:50
RedShiftI'm not saying I'm pro-hitler05:50
RedShiftwhat he did was awefull05:50
treachaon: here too, but it's stupid.05:50
RedShiftand there's no way to talk out of it05:50
aonthe people at the parliament are apparently experts at searching for it since i don't know of anybody who has been able to verify the ban05:50
aonRedShift: yeah, forgetting is hardly the right solution to anything05:50
aonis mein kampf banned in germany?05:50
RedShiftluckily we don't have censorship in Belgium05:51
RedShiftI can buy mein kampf whenever I want05:51
RedShiftI just hope it stays that way05:51
tilmanRedShift: can any 6 yr old buy the violent video game of the day in .be?05:51
aonavailable at your local library :)05:51
treachafaik, the bayern gov has asserted the copyrights for mein kampf and tries to supress any reprinting anywhere05:52
RedShifttilman: in which country can't they :-)05:52
treachtilman: I'd say that's a parenting problem.05:52
tilmantreach: that story sounds familiar (bavaria copyright thing)05:52
prologicit all comes down to parenting problems.05:52
tilmanit might be true :D05:52
tilmanwhat's the 3 P of belgium again?05:53
tilmanpornos, pralines (does this work in english), and?05:53
treachtilman: yeah, I know it's like that. we had some ruckus about it here a few years ago, since someone tried to put it in reprint here.05:53
RedShiftthe 3 P's of belgium?05:53
RedShiftnever heard of that :\05:53
RedShiftand we're not quite famous for our pornography, you probably mean holland for that05:54
RedShiftI can see I can get mein kampf at my local library too05:54
tilmani'm sure it improves your quaity of life05:55
RedShiftthat's not the point05:55
treachno, it's boring. :>05:55
rxitilman: quality05:55
RedShiftthe point is, information should be freely available05:55
RedShiftno restrictions05:55
tilmanrxi: lagging badly05:55
prologicI actually do happen to agree with RedShift05:55
prologicbut over the years parenting and education is quite laccking05:55
RedShiftyeah that's a common problem these days05:56
RedShiftnow that both parents go to work, they don't have enough time for their kids anymore05:56
RedShiftso they buy them gifts or 3th party activities instead05:56
treachprologic: censorship is a pretty bad substitute. :/05:56
RedShiftwhich makes them spoiled05:56
prologicand they try to pass on the responsibility to others05:56
tilmanRedShift: is kiddie porn censored in belgium?05:56
RedShifttilman: kiddie porn is illegal in belgium05:57
rxiso you could argue kiddie porn is censored05:57
prologickiddie porn just should not be produced QET.05:57
rxisince you cant freely access it05:57
RedShiftin theory yes, but published kiddie porn is not an opinion05:57
tilmanquod erat temonstradum?05:57
prologicindeed :)05:57
treachcensoring it is stupid.05:57
tilmanRedShift: ?05:58
treachgo after the bastards who spread the shit instead05:58
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RedShiftbut if you are talking about internet censorship, we don't have that here05:59
RedShiftlike treach said, we should be going after those that spread that cruft05:59
treachmake problem invisible, *poof* problem solved.05:59
rxiits no different to drugs06:00
treachworks like magic, and so much easier and cheaper than actually doing something about it.06:00
treachdrugs are probably harder to track than kp.06:00
rxidunno about that06:01
tilmani think it's perfectly fine to say that nigeria wants the olpc to not be able to surf $favouritepornsite and :)06:01
tilmanif they censor their isps in general it's a different story06:01
rxiseems to work ok for china06:02
aonnigeria should be cut off internet entirely06:02
RedShift <- as you can see, the situation is already grave06:02
treachimagine if half the resources spent on chasing filesharers would have been spent on chasing kp instead. :/06:03
RedShifteven alot of EU countries have watchlists06:03
RedShiftif we don't watch out our freedom will come to an abrupt halt -p06:04
aonwhat does the gray mean? :o06:05
aonheh, north korea has the same level of filtering as fi&se as the south has substantial06:05
RedShiftaon: gray, you mean the white areas?06:05
* rxi changes the channekl06:05
RedShiftit means no filtering is being done06:05
aoni see06:05
* prologic goes on a porn spree :)06:07
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treachwhat is black, gray or white is just political.06:08
RedShiftbeware of your governemnt06:08
RedShiftwatch it as closely as you can06:09
treachrecently the police here was about to put tpb in the kp filter, since someone had uploaded such crap there.06:09
treachthey didn't bother with contacting them first even.06:09
treachguess why...06:09
RedShifttreach: "kp" filter?06:10
treachbasically a stupid dns-filter.06:11
RedShiftsounds like censorship to me06:11
treachall major isps here filters certain adresses, from a list provided by the police.06:11
treachof course it is, I said so above06:11
treachand it's fucking lame and stuid.06:12
treachand practially begging to be abused, as seen above. :/06:12
RedShiftI'm against cameras too06:12
RedShiftthey are putting them up in major cities now06:12
RedShiftsome day you won't be able to fart without someone else knowing it06:13
treach"Big brother sees you".06:13
treachbeen there. done that, have the t-shirt.06:13
tilman"is watching" actually06:13
RedShiftlike I said, if we don't watch out, our freedom is going to an abrupt halt -p06:13
* rxi hands RedShift a roll of tin foil06:14
RedShiftrxi: it's that lazy attittude of people "I don't care" that will be the end of freedom06:14
RedShiftI should start my own political party to ensure freedom to the people06:15
treachproblem is that nobody will care.06:16
RedShifttreach: exactly :-(06:16
RedShiftuntill they lose it06:16
treachpeople should read about martin niemüller.06:16
treachbut, then again, they will probably not care about that either.06:17
treachpeople are just too stupid.06:17
* RedShift shower06:17
rxithats democracy for you06:19
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tilmanopt/openal is so fucked up07:24
tilmanit's so fucking insane to just grab code from the trunk07:24
aondon't they have releases?07:29
tilmanthe latest release is 1.5 years old or something07:29
tilmantrunk crashes for me anyway07:34
tilmanthe release doesn't07:34
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Romstertilman, try mine in my repo.08:57
Romsterr1426 of openal08:58
Romsterand boost is done, i ended up ditching the configure/make method it was making extra code in the Pkgfile quite a dumb build method in there setup.08:59
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* Romster is off to bed09:05
tilmanRomster: mmh09:05
tilmanoh well09:05
tilmanfuck it09:05
Romsteri'm still about..09:09
Romstersomething wrong with what i've done?09:10
Romstertilman, ..09:10
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tilmanRomster: nevermind, it's my fault09:13
Romsteroh ok..09:13
Romsterthought i did something you didn't like..09:13
tilmannope, it's alright09:14
Romstertilman, for amusment this is what i had done before i abanded it
treachheh that's funny. Tilman gets annoyed, and Romster immediately wonders what he did wrong. :D09:16
Romstershutup treach :P09:17
treachwhy? It's the truth. You can't stop it. :D09:17
Romsteri actualy get  a chance to tell ya off :D09:17
treachhah, I'm shaking. :p09:18
Romsteri'm off to bed now..09:19
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majykanyone have tips on how to best figure out what deps a package has when creating new ports?09:38
treachreading the docs is probably the best way.09:40
majyklots of the time that doesn't always provide all necessary information09:41
treachtrue, then you look at the output and try to make sense of it.09:41
treachit's not perfect, but I don't think there's a better way, sorry.09:41
rxican also checkout the ports from other distros09:42
majykunless one were to set up a sterile build environment with just the crux base system and build new ports from there09:42
majykrefreshing the env each time a new port was to be created09:43
treachkvm ftw :)09:43
treachI wish I had the hw for it.. :/09:43
majyktaking into considerations all the extra deps as well one would figure out on the fly that were needed of course09:43
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Romsterpreaty much what i do with the safe-build chroot wraper script for seeing what dependencys are missing from a package.15:29
Romstermorning all.15:29
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Romstertreach, did you fix the blue being to dark on your console?15:55
treachdepends on how you look at it. I decided to disable coloured output from ls etc rather than mess around with it.16:02
Romsterhmm k, ls is independent of the console itself though?16:05
treachnah, but if you use --color=never, the problem kind of goes away. :)16:06
Romsteralong with colour output...16:07
treachsure, but I'm not that concerned about it in that case.16:07
DarkNekrosgood night16:17
treachgood night.16:17
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jjpkls outputting colors annoyed me, fortunately you can tell it to stop.16:18
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Romsteri have it as auto in my /etc/profile16:37
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