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pitillogood morning00:50
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DarkNekroshi you all !!04:26
DarkNekrosgood morning ;)04:26
RedShiftyou changed your greeting04:29
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DarkNekrosRedShift, I don't know why I changed it... (xDD lol)04:34
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rcameronhi all04:46
rcamerondoes anyone here know how to re-master the CRUX 2.3 installation ISO?04:46
mike_krcameron: you can try;a=tree04:48
rcameronthx mike!04:48
rcameronhave u used it befor?04:49
mike_knp. - here is an updated iso04:49
mike_kI've played a bit. but did not end up with a working image =(04:50
rcameronwhat I'd like to do is build a simplified ISO with only the minimum for a firewall on it,... any ideas for that?04:50
mike_kyou can look into for pkgdiet and for a general info and a git:// url.04:54
rcameronthx very much04:57
rcameronwhat does pkgdiet do?04:59
mike_kit strips useless files (in embedded context) from packages. f.e. /usr/include/* , /usr/lib/*.a05:02
mike_kif you were familar with russian:
mike_kI guess using pkgdiet and adjusting crux 2.3 Makefile might do 95% of the job05:04
rcameronok cool thankyou05:06
rcameronis this list always so quiet?05:06
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thrice`hey jaeger07:52
thrice`you have an xbox, right ?07:52
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thrice`do you like it ?07:53
jaegersure. I don't use it to play games much, though07:53
jaegerxbox media center is quite cool07:54
rxijaeger: dont you find it too slow?07:54
thrice`really?  hrm.  alrighty07:54
jaegerrxi: for most things, no07:55
rxijaeger: hmm must have been my vista box slowing it down07:55
rxithrice`: its pretty nice for games07:55
jaegerthrice`: I recently bought a 360, play games on that one. the original xbox is my media center07:55
rxioh i thought we were talking aboutthe 36007:56
thrice`ah...yeah, that's what I meant when I said xbox.07:56
rxijaeger: got forza 2?07:56
rxilike it?07:56
jaegerForza 2, Crackdown, Gears of War07:57
jaegeryeah, it's great07:57
rxiyeah im playing it atm07:57
rxiabout ~60% way through07:57
jaegerI'm not that far in, split my time too many ways07:58
rxihehe i shouldnt play it so much but its hard to put down07:58
thrice`crackdown looks like fun08:00
jaegerI think it is :)08:00
rxijaeger: i tried the new juiced demo .. god it was so lame08:02
jaegerhaven't messed with it, myself08:03
rxii wouldnt bother08:03
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j^2morning all08:08
jjpkhey j^208:09
j^2had a good weekend?08:17
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subbiwasnt there some "micro" crux available somewhere ?08:53
namenlossubbi: see ucrux08:58
subbinamenlos: not maintained anymore?08:59
namenlossubbi: doesn't seem so. maybe you can contact the maintainer, and ask him whether he could give you some tipps to make a iso with uclibc and then build your own iso with the git sources...09:00
namenlossubbi: but i think then you would have to maintain your own port tree, which might not be funny...09:00
subbinamenlos: no... i just try 2.1 :P09:01
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tilmancool, there's a new firefox vuln10:31
tilmanhooray firefox10:31
thrice`the ie vuln ?10:31
thrice`ah...figures ;)10:32
treachopera ftw, I guess.10:55
treachnow, all that's needed is a qt epdfview replacement. :p10:56
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thrice`kpdf ?11:06
treachahem.. no.11:06
treachthat's a *KDE* replacement.11:06
treachor rather, a kde based replacement, not a replacement for kde. :p11:08
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j^2anyone had expriance with DRBD or heatbeat? or any linux-ha apps?13:30
RedShiftdrbd doesn't seem to be as stable as it should be13:30
RedShiftI advice against it13:30
j^2hmm, had bad turn experiance with it?13:31
j^2what would you advise instead?13:31
j^2this needs to be in a real ha system...13:31
RedShiftwell, nothing, that's kind of my problem too13:35
RedShiftI was looking to building a redundant NFS server with drbd13:35
RedShiftbut after reading much of the horror stories :\13:36
j^2yah i'm looking at a redundant qmail server, it looks like it's running...but it's jsut not intuitive... i thought it might be the set up but it looks like it's drbd it's self13:39
RedShiftget rid of it13:40
RedShiftuse postfix13:40
j^2but alas, this is a corporate network, i cant change it for a while13:40
j^2only my 4th day here :P13:40
teK_aawwww get him!13:40
* treach gets popcorn13:40
RedShiftsorry guys13:41
RedShiftyou can put your flamewar gear back where it belongs :-)13:41
treachdang, I'm bored. :p13:41
RedShiftj^2: if you want real redundancy, use a professional NAS or SAN13:42
j^2that seems like the right answer, but i only have access to two boxes that have to "mirror" each othre13:43
j^2my question is why only one of the filesystems can be mounted...that just seems odd, wouldnt you want both so if you change one you change the other?13:48
j^2(or do i smoke crack?)13:48
RedShiftyou smoke crack13:50
RedShiftfilesystem redundancy is a real tricky subject13:50
tilmanall the cool ghetto kids do13:50
RedShiftI think the easiest solution would be a kick-ass NFS server13:55
RedShiftand multiple MX and pop/imap frontends13:55
RedShiftand for those frontends you can buy some cheap-ass machines13:56
teK_j^2: what do you mean by not intuitive13:56
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j^2teK_: i dunno the dbrd pages i read, any stats on the status, or if it's running is cat /proc/drbd, and the config file is so simple i'm not confidant that it even does what it claims.  Hell i dont even know what my "primary" machine is mirroring14:04
j^2i'm so lost it's unreal14:04
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RedShiftwell if you do decide to go the drbd way14:25
RedShifttest it good14:25
RedShiftand try restoring too14:25
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DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)17:04
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