IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-07-24

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DarkNekroshi you all!!01:01
DarkNekrosgood morning ;)01:01
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sepenheyo tilman03:43
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* sepen Checkout: romster/libsexy05:56
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vicotilman: are you aware of the API changes while updating the flac port to 1.1.4 ?07:03
tilmanvico: the api has changed since 1.1.3, which i intentionally omitted07:03
tilmanvico: which packages is broken by 1.1.4?07:04
vicothat costs me a few brain cell yesterday :-)07:04
vicotimidity , hydrogen, vorbis-tools07:04
vicoand that maybe only the tip of the iceberg07:04
tilmanvorbis-tools still works for me07:05
vicoyeah but whitout flac support07:05
tilmanoh, indeed07:06
* tilman goes hunting for patches07:07
tilmanheh, 2nd hit on google <307:07
tilmanvico: they changed the api 9 months ago or so07:08
vicoprt-get update vico; done07:08
tilmanmmh? :)07:09
tilmanvorbis-tools svn trunk has been updated i think07:09
tilmantoo bad those idiots cannot roll a release :x07:09
vicoI found patches in gentoo and archlinux repositories07:10
tilmanah, arch ftw07:10
vicowell the used the patch from the mailinlist of vorbis :-)07:11
tilmanjust saw it07:11
vicoso it is not "conterminated" :-)07:12
tilmanvico: thanks for pointing me at this07:15
viconp :-)07:15
tilmani should have tested vorbis-tools after the flac bump :/07:15
tilmandidn't think oggenc would use libflac to do the decoding07:15
vicoAFAIK no07:16
tilmandamn, flac/fix-xmms-crash.patch is also still in the repository07:16
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tilmanthat patch doesn't seem to work07:43
tilmanoh, forgot to run autoreconf07:45
vicoor just autoconf07:46
tilmannow it doesn't compile07:49
tilmanvorbis sucks07:49
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vicoah scummvm must be recompiled but it works08:04
j^2hey guys08:13
RedShiftI like sleeping08:22
j^2not when you just get to work :(08:22
j^2and i'm sore to, i just started a "jumprope workout" last night08:22
j^2my body doesnt like me08:23
thrice`I'm trying to get a road bike, but they're all too expensive =\08:23
j^2thrice`: yeah it's one hellva investment08:23
thrice`and by bike, I mean bicycle =]08:23
rxihehe le tour getting you motivated? :P08:25
thrice`that, and my shins are getting beat up from running08:28
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DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)17:06
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nipuLheh, i'm cataloging all our second hand stock, just found a pcmcia token ring nic20:07
Romsterthrice`, yeah a decent road bike would set ya back at least $2k $3k aud20:07
Romsterheck a frame could be $3000aud or more.20:08
nipuLmy bike cost me $5020:08
nipuLi swear it's made of lead or something20:09
Romsteri gotta get a new bike my old one is gone it was inbeteen the weight of a racer and a moutain bike, used it as a trainer. extra weight when training and a lighter bike when racing.20:10
nipuLwhy do we have all this old crap? i just found a box fill of P75 cpus20:12
nipuLwe're never going to sell those20:12
Romstertoken ring, thats not the rj-45 bnc thingie to base eh i can't remember them all20:13
Romsterif there 266 or beter they be ok for a mp3 center.20:13
nipuLno, token ring is a ...ring topology network20:13
nipuLbnc is still ethernet20:13
nipuL(bus topology)20:13
Romsterah k..20:14
nipuLwith token ring you have an inline and an out line20:14
nipuLcommunication works by sending packets around the 'ring'20:15
Romsterhence ring while 10 base 100 was the coax 50 ohm impedence terminated entwork.20:15
Romstereach gets a turn, instead of colision detection20:15
Romsteri routhly know it but i've forgoten alot.20:16
nipuLnot much point in remembering it either20:16
Romsternot really old technology seagate is droping IDE hdd's now too.20:17
Romsterthere got  a 1 TB sata hdd out now :P20:17
nipuLhave you seen the price of hdds these days?20:18
nipuLit's ridiculous20:18
nipuLrrp for an 80gb is ~$65 from one of our suppliers20:19
Romstercheaper for 2 500Gb hdds than the 1TB one, yeah there cheap as.20:19
Romsteri want to build a raid.20:19
nipuLi want bigger raid20:19
Romsterfew TB's worth20:19
nipuLmy 120gb raid1 is full20:19
Romsterusing 1TB drives20:19
Romsteratm i got 2 200GB hdd's and there not raided.20:20
nipuLpersonally if i was buliding a TB raid, i'd go for cheaper drives and raid5 it20:20
RomsterZFS if it ever got in the kernel would be ideal for a FS or was it XFS20:20
Romsteri forget..20:20
Romsterwhat FS you using and is it hardwre raid or software?20:21
nipuLXFS is in the kernel already20:21
nipuLmy raid is UFS220:21
nipuLfreebsd file server20:21
Romsterah ZFS is the one that scales huge and would auto balence.20:21
nipuLbut i believe ZFS is availble for freebsd now20:21
Romsternot familer with that one.20:21
Romsterhope its gonna be for x86 too.20:22
nipuLwhy wouldn't zfs be available on x86? solaris runs on x8620:24
Romsterah i mena in the linux kernel.20:25
Romsteror it might only be aviable as a FUSE plugin?20:25
Romsterone thing is for sure i hate partitions. ones ya can't resize.20:26
Romsterwould rather use kernel/FS set limits.20:26
nipuLah, well i've heard that the GPL3 will allow for ZFS to be integrated. but given linus's opinions on the license, i doubt that will ever happen20:26
Romsteranyways keep digging in the work shop :)20:27
Romsterseen we have a GPL3 now.20:27
Romsterwell if it dosn't someone will make a kernel patch or fuse it.20:27
nipuLi think it's already been done20:28
nipuLbut licensing is getting in the way20:28
Romsterwell maybe soemone will makea spinoff version of ZFS?20:30
nipuLthere is20:30
Romsterif its license forbids it20:30
nipuLi forget what it's called though20:30
nipuLbtrfs or something...20:30
Romstermore than likely it would be linus that won't likeit, i dunno.20:30
Romsterbe nice if you could find it :)20:30
nipuLit is btrfs20:31
* Romster googles.20:31
Romsterupgrade to ext320:32
Romsterbut there is a ext4 in the newer kernels too.20:32
Romsteri really hate checking a 200GB ext3 FS takes a good 15 minutes.20:34
Romsterbe nice if it was self reparing.20:34
RomsterWritable snapshots, now thats a good feature.20:38
jaegerRomster: got a couple ext2 raid arrays at work that take hours to check :(20:52
jaegerevery time we reboot the checktime is met20:52
jaegerusually about once every 1.5 or 2 years20:52
Romsterhmm not much point in ext3 on a raid?20:52
Romsterwell least its not oftern.20:52
Romsteri get power interuptions every few weeks to a month20:53
Romsteryeah i'm gonna invest in a UPS20:53
Romstermost last just long enoguth to reboot..20:54
Romsterwould know of a program thats decent at colouring gcc compiles? ccze looks like a candidate but i don't see no template for gcc, miht have to make my own, there maybe others but i've tryed a few and not had luck.21:16
nipuLwhy on earth do you need to colourise gcc output?21:46
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Sourfwhat is the repository of .pkg.tar.gz packages ?22:39
Sourfis that distro crux based22:40
nipuLcrux is source based, not package repositories22:46
nipuLthat said, some people to provide packages online, but it is no way official22:46
Sourfbut it install packages default in the installation with extension .pkg.tar.gz22:47
SourfI have install here a lot of things compile22:47
Sourfbut there are some packages that I don't wnat to install compiling22:48
SourfToday was a busy day !?22:49
SourfI hate compile gnome packages !22:56
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ssimonunique irc client with yellow background, indeed.22:58
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SourfI will be crazy lol23:20
Sourfwhy didn't make contability23:21
SourfnipuL I will do teology lol23:22
SourfI hate this ... and I have a lot of coding in opengl and xcb X(23:23
SourfI will sleep today ;(23:23
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