IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-07-25

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nipuLah i love unix,  wget -O - | cat - > /dev/fd001:06
nipuLbut i hate floppy drives01:07
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DarkNekroshi you all!!01:25
DarkNekrosgood morning !! ;)01:25
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namenlosnipuL: why wouldn't "...6/floppy41.fs -O - > /dev/df0" work?02:12
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tilmangood morning03:10
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Romster<nipuL> why on earth do you need to colourise gcc output? < 1) becasue i want too 2) easy to spot cflags, links and includes04:05
Romstermorning to the other side of the globe04:05
tilmanevening Romster04:06
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sepen xDDD04:58
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RedShiftnice one05:14
treachheh, I'm not sure that's positive. :>05:21
treach"you've been identified as a genuine drug addict".05:22
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RedShiftI wonder if crux would validate...05:36
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j^2need to wake up..cant do it...want to go back to bed08:23
* rxi pokes j^2 repeatedly08:23
j^2eh :-/08:24
* j^2 rolls over and dies08:24
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j^2rxi: asking for my time eh? :P09:07
rxihehe dont know what your sooking about :P09:07
j^2because on cant sleep at work, though one can listen to's relaxing enough...09:08
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j^2i dont make sense till 1200CST ....09:14
j^2i dont think i ever have09:14
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rxihehe mornings arent my specialty either09:15
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j^2oi! if i wanted to get a money order in euros and i'm in the US, where can i do it? like a site or something?09:56
rxiwestern union?09:56
rxii dunno but they might do it09:57
tilmando you mean a bank transfer?09:57
j^2tilman: nope i think like check but not..09:58
tilmanmmh, right09:58
tilmani know what you mean09:58
tilmanj^2: just talk to your bank? :>09:59
j^2hey i'm asking for someone else ;), i know my bank wont do that stuff..they send me to a travel agency or something, it's stupid09:59
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treachif your bank can't do that, it's not a bank. It's a mom'n pop grocery store doubling up as a bank. :/10:04
j^2so true10:05
tilmanUS ftw?10:06
j^2totally ;)10:06
j^2 $HOME=/us/tx/austxn10:07
j^2frak, s/txn/tin10:07
vektoriThe j^2 encryption cipher beats everything.10:07
j^2it's uber1337 :D10:08
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tilmanwine pisses me off so much10:15
rxiso drink beer10:16
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SourfWhere will give op in nipuL ?!21:35
SourfnipuL :D21:35
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nipuLin my pants?22:39
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dauoalagio2hey guys ^_^22:47
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