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pitillobuenos dias00:42
pitillogood morning :)00:42
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namenlosrtfm: :D01:30
teK_xkcd ftw!01:32
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namenlosvektori: hi, tilman told me, that you are some kind of perl guru, so i wanted to ask you, why the *.bs files in perl modules are makred as junk files while using prtverify.02:27
namenloshm, forgot the /msg ..02:28
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DarkNekroshi you all!! ;)03:43
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acruxjaeger: when do you think to update your latest-iso ?05:39
surrounderhi peeps06:08
tilmansup surrounder06:08
surrounderall great here really06:09
surrounderhow about yourself ?06:09
tilmanyeah, same06:09
surrounderhopefully I'll order my new phone/abbo today06:10
surroundernokia e61i with flatfee gprs <306:10
vektoriNice phone, I have the same. :)06:10
surrounderaah sweet!06:10
surroundernever had it in my hands yet, tried 5 different shops but none of them had it06:11
surroundervektori: pros and cons ?06:11
vektoriWell, I love the keyboard and the fact that you can run a decent ssh client on it.06:12
vektoriWireless support is also a plus.06:12
vektoriI don't have anything bad to say about it, really.06:12
surroundernice :)06:13
surroundercan't wait to toy around with it, especially with unlimited gprs for only eur 10 a month06:13
vektoriNice. :)06:13
surrounderhehe the E90 is also amazing but I really can't afford that one :-(06:13
vektoriYeah, that one looks cool too.06:14
tilmansurrounder: i think around here you're paying 25+ euro for a gsm flatrate o_O06:14
surrounderouch :-/06:14
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surrounderbuh, have to toy around with centos soon06:15
surrounderthe distro they use at the company I'm going to work for06:15
surrounderah well, better than $random_mickeysoft_OS06:16
tilmanthat's an redhat enterprise offspring, right?06:16
tilmanrpm ftl :x06:16
surrounderjuh :(06:19
surrounderI hate it06:19
surrounderI think I should just convert the whole company to crux06:27
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mike_kMAKEFLAGS='-jn' overrides the actual `make -j1` inside a Pkgfile. opt/libpth suffers from that =(06:45
tilmanso pkgfiles should overwrite $MAKEFLAGS instead06:50
tilmanmike_k: make's behaviour is strange imho06:50
tilmani would think that the command line switch overrules any environment variables06:50
mike_kme too, but it's so tricky06:51
mike_kin the case of -jn I'd just use /bin/sed on MAKEFLAGS or even MAKEOVERRIDES inside Pkgfile06:52
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cptnhi there06:58
cptnmike_k: just read your comment on make in the log :-)06:59
cptnI can't reproduce the problem using an isolated case07:00
cptnMAKEFLAGS=-j3 make -j107:00
cptnruns all targets separately07:01
mike_kreproducable on two boxes here... MAKEFLAGS are exported in pkgmk.conf07:01
cptnare you sure it's not a problem of 'make install'?07:02
mike_kI'll recheck. That is after playing with distcc/ccache07:02
cptnin libpth?07:02
cptnsince that one is not limited in the Pkgfile07:02
mike_koh, yes. seems so07:02
mike_kwhat a shame of me07:03
cptncome on, nothing to be ashamed of07:04
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cptnit's an actual bug in the Pkgfile after all...07:04
mike_kyep, and a rapid reading of some old translated gnu make manual confused me a lot (07:05
mike_kcptn: are you fiollowing the channel life by examing logs?07:06
cptnonly when I'm bored07:06
tilmanmostly on friday afternoon? :D07:07
cptnyeah, now that you mention it... ;-)07:07
mike_k if anyone involved...07:08
cptnthanks, mavrick6107:09
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jaegeracrux: I was planning to start a bootstrap of it today, actually07:23
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Romstermavrick61, about O_o that be a first cptn07:28
acruxjaeger: ok, thanks. Then i'll wait for this new one.07:30
Romstermike_k, make -j1 overrides $MAKEFLAGS07:31
mike_kRomster: yes, I've managed finally to get this07:32
mike_kthat was a 'make install' call without -j1 causing troubles. (when I exported MAKEFLAGS=-j1 it worked, but not because they override actual arguments, but because a 'make install' also used them)07:34
Romsteryeah i see it now i'd send a "make -j1 DESTDIR=$PKG install" corection to viper07:36
Romstermike_k, if you ever see a waiting for unfinished jobs, then try -j107:36
Romstersome Makefiles are really bad and fail on even make install.07:37
Romsterso if someting failes i try adding make -j1 to bits or all the make commands and remove one at a time and recompile.07:38
mike_kyes. but hangs there for a long time07:39
Romstertill you can remove as many -j1's out of the pkgfile, using export MAKEFLAGS=.. is a bad way imo unless you got like 5 make commands in a Pkgfile that all need -j1... which is never imo.07:39
mike_kseems to be not verey relevant problem07:39
Romsterah i inform the maintainers when i hit any.07:39
mike_kRomster: and about $DISTCC_DIR: have you tried to omit that (and include a localhost in the $DISTCC_HOSTS)?07:41
RomsterDISTCC_HOSTS='localhost other host1 otherhost2'07:43
Romsterthe first one should be the fastist machine you want the main compile on.07:43
Romsterorder matters.07:43
Romsterand i've never used $DISTCC_DIR07:44
Romsterdoes it even write to /var/empty?07:44
mike_kat least on some port (can't remember that one)07:45
mike_kin my setup it does not want to talk to other machines unless I set $DISTCC_DIR07:47
Romsteri haven't had that issue..07:47
jaegeranyone have a working squashfs patch for
tilmanjaeger: RyoS had much trouble with 2.6.2207:48
jaegerseems a common theme07:48
jaegergentoo's and SLAX's patches don't seem to work, either, so far07:48
tilmani'm not sure whether it was only evdev breakage or something else, though07:48
Romstermike_k, can ya fidn it sometime and reproduce it?07:51
Romstermike_k, your using distcc on 2 machines?07:52
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RomsterMAKEFLAGS should be 2x the number of cpu cores of all the computers combined07:52
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mike_kRomster: I'll try to strace and debug that. 3-4 machines.07:54
Romsterwanna paste your configs?07:54
Romsteri've had quite a bit of expeareance with this stuff.07:55
mike_kRomster: yes, I'll prepare them07:55
Romsterand when the other maintainer droped the port i took it over.07:55
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mike_kI run that only from prt-get, which runs /usr/bin/pkgmk from pkgmk user using sudo08:15
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Romstermike_k, you don't have a export CCACHE_DIR='/var/cache/ccache'08:28
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Romsterand i don't see the point in moving export PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH to profile08:28
mike_kI do not need to. it just creates one inside $HOME/.ccache08:28
Romsterright you run it in your home.08:29
mike_kRomster: regarding $PATH - it was the quick hack08:29
Romster$DISTCC_DIR is a question mark..08:29
mike_knot my home, but /home/pkgmk/.ccache in my case08:29
Romsterhaving it in pkgmk i think is better as it'll use it when you run pkgmk, and not look in that path all the time.08:30
mike_kyes, but when this host is a slave? it does not use any crux specific stuff08:31
Romsterread HOST SPECIFICATIONS in man distcc.08:31
Romsterwhen its a salve its not even needed08:32
Romsterunless you compile on the slave too.08:32
Romsteronly the 2 lines in rc.conf is needed afaik.08:33
Romsterand defently ccache won't do anything on a slave.08:33
mike_kI do compile on the slave (by definition)08:34
Romsteras objects will be ccached on the main host. being the first one on the DISTCC_HOSTS08:34
mike_kccache is there because each such slave becomes a master when it's time to update something08:34
Romsterwell by compile i mean local compile on that machine.08:35
Romsteryeah so then each must have the setup then, and preferbly DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost ...'08:35
mike_kyes. ok, leave out that ccache.08:35
Romsterand each one will be diferent on each machine.08:36
Romsterwell ccache isn't really needed unless you wana recompile alot.08:36
Romsteri made the setup so its easy to use one or both together.08:36
mike_kyes. but some machines are damn slow, and I list localhost at the end of the list. and the way I set $PATH is not envolved here08:37
Romsteryeah the fastist machine should be lsited first.08:38
Romsterwhich would mean its not compiled locally then i think..08:38
mike_kso, any clue on why $DISTCC_DIR is a musthave in my case? or why you can omit it?08:39
Romsterman distcc and scroll down to HOST SPECIFICATIONS08:40
Romsterits stated there.08:40
Romsterpreaty much $DISTCC_DIR/hosts is a file containing a list of machines instead of using $DISTCC_HOSTS08:41
Romsterso use one or the other but not both.08:41
Romsterand oyu wouldn't point it to temp.08:41
mike_k"In order, distcc looks in the $DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable, the user's $DISTCC_DIR/hosts file, and the system-wide host file."08:42
mike_kif I have $DISTCC_HOSTS - it's useless for this purpose08:42
Romsteryes so that you have $DISTCC_HOSTS you don't need $DISTCC_DIR08:43
mike_k* for storing a hosts file. But I need one for lock files and state files08:43
mike_kso, where is your's ~/.distcc/ ?08:44
Romsterdosn't that already goto CCACHE_DIR08:47
Romstereh i'm confusing myself again..08:48
Romster/var/lock and /var/pid i'd expect them to goto.08:48
Romsteri never bothered to look it just works.08:49
mike_kis sudo involved in your build process?08:50
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Romsteronly when i type sudo pkgmk or sudo prt-get08:54
mike_kdoes prt-get itself calls pkgmk within sudo?08:55
Romstercalling prt-get with sudo makes pkgmk run as root too.08:56
mike_kgrep makecommand /etc/prg-get.conf08:59
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk09:00
Romsteri use nice so it dosn't hog the system.09:00
Romsterwonder if DISTCC_DIR would move my .distcc directory?09:01
mike_kit should!09:01
Romsteri only assocated it with host file noting else..09:02
Romsterthats a hidden gotcha09:02
Romstermike_k, if your after a bit better performance i'd use CFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=$(uname -p) -pipe"09:03
Romsterbut then the binarys only work on that cpu is the only downside09:04
mike_kthanks, I know09:04
mike_kI change harddrives here and there randomly09:05
Romster-fomit-frame-pointer, i'm not sure ifi should have permantly in there too.09:05
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Romstermike_k, what addon to pkgmk gives PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS again?09:07
mike_kah, that is for a crappy patch alowing to update from LAN mirror. But, tsss... I guess it'a a taboo here =)09:08
* mike_k is glad he haven't uploaded the whole home direcory somewhere09:09
Romsterexport DISTCC_DIR='/var/tmp' export CCACHE_DIR='/var/cache/ccache'09:10
Romsterthink that would be a good spot not over sure if i should use /var or /var/tmp09:10
mike_kyes, it does not matter. the reason I need DISTCC_DIR is that sudo line inside prt-get.conf  Runing directly from pkgmk user creates state files in his home dir (as expected)09:12
Romsterbeing root i would rather run it in /var09:12
Romsterbut you have a pkgmk user/group09:12
Romsteri should realy setup fakeroot..09:13
Romsteri got confused on the issue that only the host file was on the $CCACHE_DIR and not also the .ccache09:13
Romsterhow stupid of me..09:13
Romsteri doubt puting it to /tmp is a wise move as it'll loose it between reboots.09:14
Romstercan i bang agenst a wall now for not figuring that you :P09:15
Romsterthat out*09:15
mike_kRomster: at least you can add DISTCC_DIR explanation to the readme.09:16
Romsteryeah really.09:16
Romsteri was confused when you first said about it..09:16
mike_kyes, you silently use fakeroot/sudo/su and such... and then something confusing happens just because you totally forgot of that wrappers (which messed up the environment)09:18
Romsterheh true09:20
mike_kRomster: and if you'll adjust ther README, think about "/tmp/distcc", not just "/tmp" to avoid file conflicts with other stuff09:27
Romster/var/tmp/distcc sounds more like the spot.09:32
Romsterall though i could sneak it in /var/cache/distcc/.distcc posability without a problem.09:33
Romsterdecisions, sometimes hard to make.09:34
mike_kah, whatever09:34
Romsterjust wondering if loosting .distcc files between reboots is a issue or not.09:35
mike_ki guess it is not. even distccmon-* deletes them09:36
Romstereh that other path i got myself confused again.. why do i keep mixing distcc and ccache.09:36
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* rehabdoll slaps prologic 12:57
rehabdollbind needs updating12:57
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Roomsterargh somone is gonan hate me new version of boost :P15:22
Roomsterrebuilding it now.15:22
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* vektori hates Romster.15:24
aonlol, roomster15:24
Romsteryou use boost too.15:24
jjpk+1 for Romster haters.15:24
RedShiftnot too bad a chick15:24
RedShiftI'd do it15:24
aonalthough if you had to choose between that particular car and that particular chick...15:25
RedShiftI'd do the chick15:26
RedShiftI already have a car ^_^15:26
RedShiftthe new BMW 3 is nice15:26
Romstervektori, i said someone is gonna hate me for new version of boost, i've had 3 revisions of the current one.15:26
RedShiftDon't like the chrome borders though15:26
vektoriBoost being called boost is pretty ironic considering the time it takes to build it. :P15:27
aonsomeone at where i used to work had something like that15:27
aoni used to park mine next to that one or one of the M-B's, looked better like that :)15:27
RomsterRomster Roomster and Rooomster are my other nicks, stole an idea from google :D15:27
Romstervektori, too true.15:28
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Romsterjaeger, any way you can edit gl-select to allow the two legacy drivers to use the nvidia option too, 2 simple changes but i can't figure the best way to edit it.16:00
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jaegerwhat simple changes are needed?16:10
jaegeranyone use vlc 0.8.6b or 0.8.6c? does it play DVD audio correctly?16:16
Romsterline  88 grep nvidia to nvidia-legacy and line 85 checkInstalled nvidia to nvidia-legacy, i think thats the only 2 changes.16:19
Romsteri've sicne updated it and lost my hard coded changes.16:19
Romsterwould have to check for one or the other.16:19
jaegerso it would need to check for either nvidia, nvidia-legacy-71xx, or nvidia-legacy-96xx, more or less16:20
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root____oh shit.. I'm root I'll be back18:31
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untamedah better18:32
untamedI just hooked up my crux server to some kind of wireless network, through dhcp and it can only resolve some address18:34
untamedthe address that work, consistently do and those that don't consistently don't...?!?18:35
untamedI'm quite unfamiliar with that technology, I was stuck with 56k up until now18:36
untamedanybody has any pointer?18:36
Romsteri'm not famile with wifi setups but thats strange.18:37
nipuL*rolls eyes*18:38
Romsterdo you have the isp nameservers for your isp listed.18:38
Romsteri can never spell right :/18:38
untamedhey, yeah dhcp seems to have done it's job picking up the isp dns server and overwrote my existing resolv.conf18:39
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Romsterthen it should work.18:51
jaegerif you cannot resolve certain hosts with that/those nameservers, try different ones18:52
untamedI had the isp check some of those address and they worked at their end18:57
untamedbtw scratch that about consistency18:57
untamedfor a while there I couldn't get to reddit and now I can, I'm investigating packet loss but it seems fine18:58
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jaegerhave any other machines on the same network you can test?19:00
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untamedyeah I have another one with X, lemme see19:05
untamedsame thing19:11
untamedI got 6% packet loss for 850 ping requests to google, that shouldn't be an issue right?19:18
jaegerwell, ideally you should have no packet loss19:18
jaegerbut it may not be related to name resolution problems19:18
untamedyeah that's what I think...19:19
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untamedhehe! got it ...silly me, the server's resolv.conf was set properly by dhcpcd so I totally forgot about the client box'20:50
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