IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-07-28

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DarkNekroshi you all!!05:26
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treachGood Day.06:26
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* RedShift is listening to horny latina teen fucks a big cock on the bangbus part 2.wmv [Kaffeine]15:40
* RedShift cleans his playlist...15:40
vektori<RedShift> I'll get me coat.15:40
treach"oops!" :p15:41
thrice`he he15:41
aonHethethethethet, pethethethethet. Chris Waddle.15:52
vektoriBoutros Boutros-Ghali!15:54
tilmanwhat's going on?15:55
jjpkSuit you, sir!15:56
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jjpkHi, I'm Ed Winchester.15:57
aonThis week I've been mostly wearing a thong.15:59
jjpkThe Fast Show <315:59
aonindeed :)15:59
* tilman wonders whether he's having some kind of lucid dream15:59
aoni had one last week15:59
treacheveryone seems to be on acid, or something.15:59
vektoritilman: Why? Do you feel like you're in control?16:00
vektoriApparently The Fast Show has been aired only in Finland. :16:00
treachor, the rest of us can't be bothered to watch tv. :/16:00
tilmanit's okay, i'm just reading the wp article on the fast show16:00
tilmannever heard of it before16:00
jjpkThe Fast Show was hysterical.16:01
aonthink i'll watch some now16:01
jjpkaon: did you get the dvd?16:02
DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)16:09
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treach"Jesse a verbally challenged country bumpkin who exclaims his strange diets, fashion tastes and experiments..." hmm.. :)16:14
aoni wonder how you can decide whether someone's verbally challenged or not if they just don't have much to say :)16:17
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clareHi Folks, I am trying to mount a CD -t udf, and it says unkown filetype22:59
clareI cant find it in the kernel make menuconfig23:02
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jaegerclare: should be in the same section as iso9660 and joliet23:23
jaegerFile systems -> CD-ROM/DVD Filesystems -> UDF file system support23:24
clareJaeger: thank you, how did I miss it??? cheers,23:26
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