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DarkNekroshi you all!! ;)02:55
DarkNekrosgood morning02:56
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jjpkRainy sunday. \o/08:18
aonnot here :)08:20
treachno rain here either, for the moment.08:22
* treach reads about the japanese elections, where the opposition seems to have won 5565 mandates of the 242 that where at stake, according to DN.08:23
jjpkDN has thoroughly investigated.08:24
treachapparently so. :)08:24
jjpkIn other news, "Disney to quit smoking"
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jjpkI do not understand the militant anti-smoking campaigning these days.08:28
jjpkYou can eat until you weigh 500 KG and die, but $DEITY forbid, you cannot smoke.08:29
surrounderhehe lol08:29
surrounderso true08:29
aonwell, you can't ban food08:30
aonsmoking, otoh, does absolutely no good for you08:30
jjpkFor the record, I do not smoke, yet I find smokers to be persecuted on many levels.08:30
surrounderpeople shouldn't whine about it that much08:31
surrounderif I want to destroy my lungs it's my buisiness08:31
aonsure, but you shouldn't destroy others' while at it08:31
surrounderpeople walk around in big cities inhaling crap all day but smoking? no way of course08:31
aonthus banning smoking in public places is quite good08:31
surrounderno it's bullshit08:31
tilmantreach: DN is dagens nyheter or what?08:32
surrounderhere in .nl they try to make all bars non-smoking too08:32
aonthe "there's already crap so why not add more" line of thinking is quite bullshit08:32
aoni'm not against separated smoking areas in bars08:32
surrounderseperated is ok imho08:32
aonas i do like to smoke sometimes while drunk :)08:32
tilmanin south-western germany you may not smoke in bars and clubs etc anymore08:32
surrounderfull band isn't08:32
tilmanstarting in august08:32
tilmanbasically anywhere i gues08:33
surrounderthey tried creating smoke-free bars here, didn't work08:33
surrounderpeople just don't come there08:33
surrounderso why is the goverment pushing it that much ?08:33
tilmanaon: that's a silly habit :P08:33
surrounderaren't we supposed to live in a "free" world ?08:33
aontilman: yeah08:33
jjpksurrounder: free? of course not.08:33
aonhaven't done it lately, though08:33
jjpksurrounder: it is another attempt to dictate "for your own good".08:34
surrounderindeed, I hate that08:34
tilmani like the anti-smoking campaigning \o/08:34
surrounderI don't, and non-smoking friends of mine don't like it either08:34
aonhaven't also drank alcohol lately08:34
surrounderif you're in a bar with good ventilation there's no problem at all08:34
* surrounder is listening to The Kovenant - New World Order08:35
aonand if there's not too much people08:35
surrounderif the room is totally blue there's something wrong with the ventilation08:35
aoni found it scary when i had to rush through a packed crowd of polish people at the victoria station in london and everyone was holding a cig :)08:35
aonwas afraid at least ten of them would hit my arms08:35
treachtilman: yes08:36
surrounderoh btw guys? do you know CRUX? it rocks!08:38
jjpkNever heard of it. :)08:39
surrounderhehe my fridge is too powerfull08:40
surroundermy tonic is frozen ^_^08:41
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majykI'm trying to package gazpacho and one of it's deps is kiwi. I've written the Pkgfile and I can build a package that looks correct but I'd like to see if somebody can take a look at it because once installed I cannot get gazpacho to build as it errors out on the kiwi specific stuff.
thrice`you don't need --prefix=$PKG/usr ?09:39
thrice`ie, it's actually getting packaged correctly?09:40
majykyes but there is no way to redirect the install into the $PKG dir09:41
majyknot that I can see09:41
thrice`treach: won't that stick it to / ?09:41
treachah, python.09:41
treachsorry, I thougth you were refering to the configure option.09:41
majykI wish I was09:42
majykI searched the port db and there is no kiwi or gazpacho ports so maybe it's not a trivial thing to create09:42
majykalso searched google09:42
thrice`or --root=$PKG ?09:42
treachI was just about to point to that.09:43
thrice`python install --root=$PKG09:43
thrice`perhaps that'll work09:43
treachbut otoh, it's Romster's doing so... :p09:43
treachah, sorry, prologic's I mean.09:43
treach(looking at the "pil" port)09:44
majykah, I'm not familiar enough with installing python modules09:44
majyklet me try that09:44
thrice`that's what I used to package sonata, too09:44
treachRomster: forget about it, ok? ;)09:45
Romsterquite easy to find a python port to compare too.09:47
majyksweet that works nicely!09:49
thrice`of course it does =)09:50
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DarkNekrosgood night you all!:! ;)16:59
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