IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-07-30

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DarkNekroshi you all !! ;)03:52
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nipuLyay, got my brother dcp-130c running on crux08:14
j^2everyone have a good weekend?08:22
jaegernew updated 2.3 iso posted today08:22
jaegernipuL: nice08:22
jaegermorning, j^2. not bad, not long enough08:23
nipuLyep, i'm covered in bruises and road rash, the sign of a good weekend08:23
j^2jaeger: yeah i'm starting to feel the same way, i actually had to come in yesterday to debug our webserver :-/08:23
j^2nipuL: hardcore08:24
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nipuLdoing one of these,
thrice`hrm, new irssi files in new pidgin?  interesting08:39
j^2what does restart signal 15 mean?08:41
j^ i need to figure why it crapped out08:44
Romsterjaeger, too bad you don't have exclusive to release it as 2.3.1, although i don't do crux installs much mainly just sysups.08:55
jaegerI do just enough reinstalls that it's handy to have09:06
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Romsteri'm pinching your tags idea on your site :P09:17
Romsterand making a feature on my repo that i've been meaning todo for a long time.09:17
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thrice`jaeger: pidgin builds alright here with a version bump to 2.1.0, and not changes to the port15:02
jaegerbuilding it right now, actually :)15:03
thrice`ah, ok =]15:03
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thrice`yay, another firefox18:53
thrice`just as finished compiling =\18:57
tilmanhehe, yeah18:57
thrice`my poor 2100 is going to die :(18:57
tilmankazehakase now! :D18:58
surrounderopera now o//18:58
* tilman slaps surrounder around with Qt18:58
surrounderqt <318:59
surrounderit even sounds as 'cutie' as you pronounce it like a moron, how much more proof do you need!!!11119:00
surrounderhm, time for another carnivale EP19:00
tilmanare you kidding? that's how you pronounce it...19:00
surrounderyeah in english, was thinking dutch, sorry ;)19:01
tilmanoh, okay19:01
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majykwho do we submit ports to for approval to get into opt or contrib? I've created ports for gnochm, pychm and libchm which to the best of my knowledge and searching on google did not previously exist.20:30
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thrice`FF runs at about 15% CPU constantly =[20:58
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Romster<thrice`> just as finished compiling =\ < ccache to the rescue :P but heck firefox dosn't release this fast..23:09
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