IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-07-31

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DarkNekroshi you all!!!01:20
DarkNekrosgood morning in the morning ;)01:20
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DarkNekrosstupid question: Is it a good idea make a prt-get install <package> while I do a prt-get sysup?02:51
tilmanyou can do it02:52
tilmanthe database is locked when it's about to be written02:53
DarkNekrostilman, so if I try to do a prt-get install xfce I could install it?02:53
tilmanit might abort the process half way through though02:55
DarkNekrostilman, lol02:56
tilmani'd wait for the sysup :P02:56
DarkNekrostilman, ok I will continue to wait (I had been waiting 2 day for it so I can wait 2 more :P)02:57
DarkNekrosI have done the sysup from a new installation of crux 2.3, but I do not understand why it takes so long to do it :S03:03
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tilmanDarkNekros: are you updating gnome or kde?03:05
tilmanthose huge desktops can take some time to build ;)03:05
DarkNekrosnope of them03:05
tilmanmaybe you are updating firefox twice ;D03:06
DarkNekrosperhaps it's xorg03:06
tilmanxorg-server takes some time, yes03:06
DarkNekrosI had done a basic installation of crux03:06
* tilman ponders switching to zsh again03:07
treachheh, another "rm -rf abc *" screw-up? :P03:09
tilmanresp trying it again03:09
tilmantreach: nono :)03:10
treachI hate that bash isn't smart enough to stop that one. :/03:10
tilmani once deleted ~/devel by accident though03:11
tilmanit's cool to know that zsh would have prevented that03:11
treachuhg >:|03:11
tilman"Zsh built-in FTP client"03:15
treachheh, smells a bit like featuritis, IMO. :)03:21
vektoriI'm still waiting for the built-in BitTorrent client...03:22
vektoriAnd Tetris.03:22
tilmani can has netris?03:24
treachHave you talked too much with romster? :p03:25
tilmansee 'i can has cheezburger' ;)03:26
treachI'd like to see built in replacements for acroread and firefox. :P03:26
vektorii'm in ur shell, transferin' ur filez03:26
treachtilman: sorry, doesn't ring any bells here.03:26
tilmantreach: it's "cat speak". or lolspeak i think03:27
vektoritreach: Did you happen to be a fan of Bergman?03:27
treachbooooooooooooring. :)03:27
vektoriWell, they did say he got much more respect abroad than in Sweden.03:28
vektoriHow can you not like Det sjunde inseglet, for example?03:28
vektoriOh well, I guess it's a matter of taste.03:30
treachI'm sure he was a fine director, but I just don't get much entertainment from two people sitting across a table and "conversing" with 5 min of silence between each line.03:30
treachdon't remember which film that was, but..03:31
vektoriMmh, if you're purely looking for entertainment, you won't probably find much of that in Bergman's films.03:31
treachI'm not just looking for that, but there are limits to everything.03:31
vektoriTrue, true.03:31
treachand his films are way out there, afaic.03:32
vektoriI guess you wouldn't be a big fan of the scene in Tarkovsky's Solyaris where they just drive around Tokyo for five minutes or so. :)03:32
treachprobably not.03:32
tilmanstuff like that also makes me mad ;)03:32
treachimo, if a scene doesn't add anything to the story it shouldn't be there.03:33
treachand the example I used above doesn't do anything but bore the audience.03:33
treachI mean, come on, a normal conversation isn't two people sitting at the table in the kitchen and speaking every 5 min without any other action going on. :/03:34
treachmaybe in finland, but not here. :P03:34
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tilmanhello cptn03:45
vektoriHey cptn.03:46
cptnhi vektori03:46
cptnlong time no see :-)03:46
cptn(I think I said the same the last time though)03:46
vektoriI think I've been hanging around here constantly since then. ;)03:51
cptnyeah, I see your nick whenever you drop by03:51
cptnbut probably miss you when you're online03:51
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cptnerr, whenever _I_ drop by of course04:20
vektoriAh, that makes more sense. :)04:21
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DaViruzhmm, if i losetup an image of an entire disk (with partition table and all), is it possible to get devices for the separate partitions? fdisking the loop device works fine, but i can't mount anything..05:30
DaViruzsorry if that question is a little too general to be asked here05:32
vektoriNot really.05:35
vektoriAlthough you can figure out the partition offsets and use mount's offset option to mount individual partitions.05:35
Romsterhmm shouldn't dbus install configuration files to /etc/dbus and not /usr/etc/dbus ?05:37
Romsteri see quite alot of /usr/etc on my desktop.05:37
DaViruzvektori: oh, great howto. thanks05:37
DaViruzheh the brute force forloop for getting the offset was awesome, hopefully i won't have to resort to that :-)05:41
vektoriI recall having seen a program which parses the partition table and spits out the offsets, but I can't quite remember where...05:41
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DaViruzfdisk seems quite capable of it05:42
vektoriOkay. :905:42
cptngpart maybe?06:03
vektoriYeah, gpart probably works, too.06:04
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tilmanthe one thing that a radeon can do reliably is to lock up07:10
surrounderthat bad ?07:11
tilmanexercising xv is a sure way to mess things up atm07:12
tilmannot yet sure which parts lock up07:12
tilmanmight be another openbox bug :))07:12
tilmanare you suggesting the use of the magic sysrq key or what?07:17
Romstertilman, Just the one pc and is it a older pc, and does it lockup on intensive graphics?07:18
tilmani just said it's caused by xv07:19
treachtilman and his experimental x stuff. :)07:22
treachxv works perfectly fine here with a radeon, so.. :p07:22
tilmantreach: do you want to try the randr-1.2 branch from git?07:23
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tilmanit's possible that the specific file that i'm playing is encoded in a certain format07:24
treachheh, want a guinea pig? :p07:24
tilmanwhose hw implementation is buggy07:24
tilmantreach: well, it's not _my_ code. if that helps :D07:24
thrice`i'm a bit confused, is the randr something that replaces radeon ?07:24
treachheh, I'm full of confidence in your coding skills. ;)07:24
tilmanRandR. rotate and reflect.07:26
treachbah, distractions ftl, sorry for that malformated sentence.07:26
tilmanan x extension that lets you rotate and reflect your screens07:26
tilmanrandr-1.2 however adds *sane* multi-head features to drivers and frontends07:26
tilmanit's kind of the follow-up to mergedfb07:26
tilmanno more xinerama, nice driver interface, etc07:26
tilmanin one word: LOVE07:26
treachheh, I hope that helps with the hydra thing. :)07:27
treachI *really* look forward to the day that works as advertised.07:27
tilmanalready does ffs07:27
treachit does?07:28
tilmanbut the only _released_ driver that supports randr-1.2 is intel (fka i810)07:28
treachit wasn't very reliable when I tried it, like 6 months ago..07:28
tilman6 months ago they barely started on randr-1.2 support for radeon :)07:28
* treach gets the feeling he and tilman is talking aobut different things.07:29
treachs is/are/07:29
tilmanwhat are you talking about?07:29
treachhydra setups07:29
treachaka multiseat07:29
tilmanmultiseat is something entirely different ;)07:30
treachwell, it's related to multi head etc.07:30
thrice`oh, ok...that's pretty cool07:30
treachand it fell on it's face wrt graphics drivers for me.07:30
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rxi_prologic: you alive?08:14
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tilmantreach: multi seat is implemented by MPX (multi pointer x) afaics08:37
tilmanusing mpx, you can use multiple keyboards or mice in one x session08:37
tilman(ie there's multiple keyboard focuses, too, it's insane :D)08:37
jaegeris mpx an evolution of dmx?08:38
treachtilman: no, I don't think that's the same.08:38
tilmanwhat's dmx again?08:38
tilmanDistributed Multihead X Project08:38
tilmanjaeger: don't think so08:39
tilmantreach: okay.08:39
tilmantreach: anyway. the diff between xinerama and randr-1.2 driver-wise is only that xinerama uses more than one "x screen"08:39
tilmanwith randr-1.2, you get one screen that's dynamically resized08:40
tilmantreach: btw, i believe the xv crash is because of hw support for a format that i requested myself 1.5 years ago. oh the irony08:40
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treachhaha, ok :)08:41
treachtilman: this is what I'm talking about
treachtilman: I'll be back later, got to close down now, thunderstorm approaching. :/08:42
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rehabdollnew firefox :/11:43
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tilmanat least they fixed those embarassing security bugs11:46
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j^2jaeger: ;)14:39
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jaegeranyone using vlc 0.8.6c or 0.8.6b to play DVDs and having sound problems?15:23
jaegerj^2: looks like a new version of irssistats, sort of15:23
j^2jaeger: :D15:24
jjpkPisg has been around for many years.15:25
jaegermaybe not new, then15:25
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prologicrxi, no quite dead :)15:41
prologicrxi, what's up mate ?15:41
prologicrxi, best if you email me - I have long days of getting up early, working, training then going to bed and doing it all over again :015:42
treachthat sounds hard. how do you do that while in bed?15:46
prologictreach, you're so funny sometimes :)15:51
treachrofl. "treach's faithful follower, Romster, didn't speak so much: 89737 words."15:52
prologicgawd tilman shut up will you :)15:52
prologic12k lines :)15:52
prologicyou too treach :)15:52
treachbah, it's barely anyone else speaking here.15:52
prologicnice stats jaeger15:53
jaegerpretty entertaining, at least. :)15:53
rehabdolljesuslemalin wasn't very popular, getting kicked 1 times!15:54
rehabdollFor example, like this: *** jesuslemalin was kicked by jdolan (screw jesus, CRUX saves)15:54
jjpkIirc, jaeger did provide these statistics over a year ago, but stopped.15:54
jaegerI was running irssistats at the time but couldn't always keep a client up to get the logs15:55
jaegerthis one parses the bot's logs15:55
jjpkOh right. You did have two clients doing logging and statistics.15:56
jjpktreach: it has been said earlier, the small minority makes the most amount of noise. :P15:56
jaegerI'll go ahead and set up a cron job for this one, should be entertaining15:57
jjpkCheers to that.15:57
jjpkGive it a few months and we should be seeing interesting numbers.15:58
jjpkHaha. The page lists most people as active.15:58
jjpkThere are at least a few who have not been here for quite a while.15:59
jaegerthe logs go back a while15:59
jjpkOf course. There would be much less information presented.15:59
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treachwell, if more people cared to get a bit engaged, I bet I and tilman wouldn't stick out as sore thumbs.16:08
jjpkYou know how this channel operates.16:09
treachof course.16:09
jjpkSome days the only action you see here is quit/join messages.16:09
treachmh, usually when I'm off .p16:09
treachwonder if there's a connection. :p16:10
jjpkI wonder how you've reached such a conclusion.16:10
treachbeats me.16:10
jjpkAstoundingly difficult to comprehend.16:10
jaegerI wonder how it's calculating last seen stats16:11
jaegernot by file date16:11
jaegerand apparently not by timestamp in the logfile16:12
jjpkI find it amusing how the stats portray tilman as a violent tyrant.16:12
Romsteromg rofl16:12
jjpkjaeger: suppose you can't always win and get everything working perfectly. :p16:13
jaegerso it would seem =/16:13
* tilman perks up16:14
RomsterRomster is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 12 times.16:14
tilmanme? tyrant? where?16:14
tilmani can has url?16:14
tilmanThe loudest one was DarkNekros, who yelled [...]16:16
treach"jdolan is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 1 people!"16:16
jjpkHaha, quite a vague framework.16:17
treachheh, and the fathful follower, tilman, kicked "about one". :)16:17
tilman"treach's faithful follower, romster, didn't speak so much [...]"16:18
treachYeah, noted above.16:18
tilmanoh, sorry16:19
treachBut I know I'm a bit wordy.16:19
jjpkYour point being? It's your style. :)16:19
treachof course, but it might not be ideal for irc. :)16:20
* tilman never noticed16:20
jjpkThere should be no reason to change.16:20
tilmannot sure what that means *ponders*16:20
jjpk1) your points get across 2) irc is not bitching about its limitations16:21
DarkNekrostilman, what about me?? (lol)16:21
treachI'm not intending to, it was just a reflection.16:21
tilmanDarkNekros: the bot is interpreting sentenceds that end with a "!" as yelling :D16:21
treach(Is that proper use of reflection?)16:21
Romsterjaeger, cool stats, didn't think i typed that much.16:21
jjpktreach: yes it is.16:22
treachI wonder how it com up with the idea that all is a nick..16:22
DarkNekrostilman, xDDD16:22
treachmight it be my fault.. :P16:22
tilmandoes it interpret the <3? :)16:23
jjpkIt could be that there was someone with the nick 'nick'16:23
treachwe need stats on who's using xD the most.16:23
jjpkErr, I mean the nick of all.16:23
tilmantreach: that has got to be sepen :)16:23
treachyeah. :)16:23
tilmanor maybe pitillo16:23
Romsterascii smilies16:24
treachI don't know why, but I can't keep those two guys straight. :/16:24
tilmanyou mean you cannot tell them apart?16:24
Romsternah pitillo has the 'good morning' phrase on time every morning.16:24
treachtoo bad it can't keep tabs on who's "cptn obvious" most frequently..16:24
jjpkLooks like pisg is having some difficulty interpreting the log file(s).16:25
Romstercould be added too its parsing a log file after all.16:25
jaegerjjpk: so it seems16:25
DarkNekrosI go bed couse I'm tired16:25
DarkNekrossee you 2morrow ;)16:26
DarkNekrosnight you all!! ;)16:26
treach..or who's got most stuff flying over his head.16:26
Romsternight DarkNekros16:26
jjpktreach: incoherent babble? :D16:26
treachjjpk: noo..16:26
Romsterya know having stats will make everyone type more maybe :D16:27
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treachbut that's part of the MO too, that's right. :)16:27
jjpkRomster: in the long term, probably not.16:27
Romstershort term defently.16:27
jjpktreach: criteria for such category is too subjective.16:27
treachI know.16:28
jjpkA.I. would be needed to detect and analyze lines for ya.16:28
treachyeah, a massive one.16:28
jjpkCould be an interesting project for, let's say, MIT.16:29
Romsterprologic, would get into AI :P16:29
jjpkWho knows, maybe they already have something capable.16:29
Romstertilman, ya got the best quote "dude, if you want to monologue, go talk to /dev/null"16:39
Romsterman thats funny16:39
jjpk/dev/null is an excellent listener, for lack of a better term.16:42
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jaegerRomster: what's with the extra kernel version info on the nvidia-legacy-* ports?16:57
Romsterwhen the kernel is rebuilt the port needs to be compiled to the new kernal version, so to ot forget to do that, a sysup would show it as changed and recompile it.16:59
Romsterif that's not needed or is a issue let me know.17:00
jdolan<treach> "jdolan is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 1 people!"17:01
jdolani think that was Han.17:01
tilman23:16 -!- jdolan was kicked from #crux by jdolan [jdolan]17:05
tilmanthat's the only jdolan kick i can find :D17:05
jdolanhaha, oh.17:05
Romsterjaeger, you get that ^^17:06
jaegerRomster: it's not a big deal, just have to make gl-select work around it17:09
jaegerbecause of the symlinks17:09
jaeger#crux.05Jul2006.log:2006-07-05T06:30:53  *** jesuslemalin was kicked by jdolan (screw jesus, CRUX saves)17:11
Romsterjaeger, in my opinion anything that hs to be recompiled after a kernel upgrade should be like how i've got it.17:12
Romsterif on'y nvidia would keep the drivers as one like they used too.17:12
jaegerit's not fool-proof... if you recompile to add new features but you lost the nvidia.ko in /lib/modules/ you still need to rebuild but the version would not reflect it17:12
Romstertrue, but it does hopefully remind the person of what did need rebuilding after a kernel upgrade.17:13
jaegerwell, I'll mess with it this evening at home17:14
Romsterguess it could hash the config file or something or check the timestamp, but thats not easily done with prt-get.17:15
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nipuLi just had an idea reguarding footprint mismatches19:27
nipuL99% of the time my mismatches are cuased by automagic dependency matching19:27
nipuLie: has librsvg, build svg support silently19:28
nipuLone could create footprint diffs that pkgmk will silently ignore rather than having to -if all the time19:29
nipuLor is that too complicated19:29
nipuLas in not "simple"19:29
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Romster8 days ago"i'll be back in 10 minutes" < lol20:59
Romsterthats <brointhemix>20:59
RomsternipuL, i'd like to see a warning for new files and a error for missing files in a footprint imo.21:00
nipuLi agree, but i'm talking about consistent footprint errors21:02
nipuLthe ones you get every time and you know are going to happen every time21:02
nipuLthat get in the way everytime you sysup21:09
nipuLand sysup -if doesn't sit right with me21:09
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nipuLOH CRAP23:45
nipuLi needed to make some room for a backup for a client today23:45
nipuLso i deleted some old backups23:46
nipuLthen this guy comes into today wanting some data i backed up for him23:46
nipuLCRAP CRAP23:46
Romsterand it was the old backup you deleated...23:46
nipuLand i'm guessing now is not the time to talk to him about regular backups23:47
Romsterhmm you got a redundent backup?23:48
nipuLi do for here23:48
Romsteror even undelete if oyu haven't over writen that area of disk yet.23:48
nipuLnope, no undelete23:48
nipuLzfs would have come in handy23:48
Romsteryou haven't writen over the disk yet?23:48
nipuLwho knows23:49
nipuLprobably, i backed up a 40gb drive today23:49
Romsterwhat filesystem?23:49
Romsterthen i dunno... if it over wrote it or not.23:49
Romsterwindoze jfa undelte thereshould be a linux tool about to see if any of it is recoverable.23:51
nipuLthere is a utility that can do it...for USD$50023:51
nipuLoh man....23:52
nipuLhe's going to yell at me :(23:52
Romsteris he there or on the phone?23:53
Romsterwell it is his fault for not making regulaer backups?23:53
nipuLyeah, i know that, you know that, but this is a "customer"23:56
nipuLthey are retarded by default23:56
Romsterhmm intersting method but don't think this is what your after23:56
Romstertake a look at that can grep dleated files.23:57
nipuLnah, this is photos and stuff23:57
nipuLi have no idea what was there23:57

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