IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-08-01

Romsterah k well thats a intersting methhod i didn't think of trying, letgs googld maybe able to recover atleast some of it.00:00
Romsterwas it archived in a tarball or all loose files in a directory?00:00
nipuLloose files00:00
Romsterargh thats gonan be fun..00:00
nipuLso it's most likely scattered across the drive00:00
nipuLthe funny thing is i deleted it this morning00:01
Romstercan you not write anything else to the drive like right now.00:01
nipuL"if is't anything consolation sir, if you came in yesterday i would have had your data"00:01
Romsteryou might be able to get it back, we need to google some tool to read and save the recovered files to another partition.00:02
nipuLfound e2undel, but that's for ext200:03
nipuLand there is one specifically for jfs, but it's not free00:04
Romstersame so far looking on freshmeant and sourceforge be a god place to start00:06
RomsternipuL, anoyingly huge but
Romsteris a boot cd.00:08
nipuLgiving magicrescue a go00:38
nipuLfound quite a few jpgs00:38
nipuLi may have just saved my arse00:44
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DarkNekroshi you all !! ;)01:20
DarkNekrosgood morning01:20
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RomsternipuL, cool01:25
Romsterhi DarkNekros01:25
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Romsterhi sepen01:53
* sepen 's trying to install crux586 on a small laptop with 16MB of ram01:56
Romstersepen, english.. or you typing random crap on a dvorak keyboard :P01:56
sepenmaybe spanish01:56
* Romster shrugs01:57
sepenRomster, I wrote as it sounds01:59
Romsterah ok.02:00
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sepenmorning tilman02:51
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namenlosthis guy must be bored... :D06:37
mike_kvery nice06:38
mike_kis it long?06:38
namenlosok, how do i quit this again? quit doesn't work..06:41
sepencontrolC ??06:41
namenlosdidn't work either...06:41
namenlosjust killed the process...06:42
sepenworks form me06:42
sepenwell, Im using netcat instead telnet06:42
DarkNekrostype exit??06:42
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rximaybe this is there first step to conquering the enterprise market :)09:05
rxiwell attempted09:07
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thrice`tilman: very nice :)09:14
tilmanwhat happened to blackbox?09:26
tilmanit totally sucks these days09:26
tilmanROFL what the fuck?09:27
tilmanserious issues with one large screen09:27
thrice`almost as bad as openbox09:27
* tilman slaps thrice` with a trout09:28
tilmando you know blackbox?09:28
tilmanit used to come with ~10 nice themes09:28
tilmanthe famous artwiz et al09:28
tilmanthese days it comes with 5 single-colored styles09:28
thrice`i'm guessing that's the same that ships with flux09:28
thrice`but no, I've not touched open or blackbox, really09:29
* tilman ponders going to #blackbox and flaming them09:32
tilmani cannot believe this09:32
tilmanthe broken xinerama support is the kicker09:33
namenlostilman: what happened to you homepage?09:34
tilmannamenlos: it went down.09:34
tilmanbut it will be up in the next 4 weeks again!09:35
namenlosah, ok09:35
tilmanthrice`: ffs, that's awesom09:35
tilmanwhat i wanted to say09:35
tilmanblackbox 0.70.1 *does* ship with artwiz etc themes09:35
tilmanbut apparently they aren't installed by default09:35
thrice`ah...yeah, I think you need to copy them from $SRC or that you mention it09:36
tilmanstyle_DATA = Blue Gray Green Purple Red09:36
tilman# style_DATA = Artwiz Cthulhain Flux Minimal Nyz Operation Outcomes Rampage Rancor Results Shade Spiff TDF Twice09:36
tilmanwhat the fuck?09:37
tilman> the old styles are untouched, but no longer installed (until updated09:39
tilman> or removed)09:39
tilman3 years.09:39
thrice`perhaps we should switch which WM we ship 2.4 with ?09:40
* jaeger votes for evilwm09:41
tilmanlet's add openbox to the iso09:42
* surrounder votes for fvwm09:44
* namenlos votes for dwm ;)09:49
jaegerlet's add them all!09:51
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jaegerit'll be awesome09:56
thrice`perhaps gnome too10:00
namenloswe could also create gcrux, kcrux and xcrux :p10:04
tilmanare there any other blackbox offsprings besides {flux,open}box?10:07
tilmangood ones10:07
thrice`not that I know of10:10
tilmani wonder whether openbox is causng my mplayer/xv lockups10:12
tilmanthat's why i'm running bb now ;)10:12
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tilmanthese xinerama problems are ridiculous10:24
tilmanclick a window that's on screen 2, it warps to screen 110:24
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nipuLthere's also hackedbox10:40
nipuLno idea if it's any good10:40
tilmanprobably not, their website is down10:41
vektoriAnd waimea.10:46
vektoriOh wait, that's not a fork.10:46
tilmanoh, right10:48
tilmanit once was a fork iirc :)10:48
thrice`i'll leave my input out, since I'm out numbered, and not very talented in the linux realm :)10:49
nipuLwe should just use twm as the default wm, scare away a few more noobs10:50
nipuLtilman: re: xorg-libx11 bug, solved :)10:52
tilmani have no recollection of "nipul && libx11 bug" o_O10:53
thrice`my gimp crashes constantly10:53
tilmanthe one caused by ansification?10:53
nipuLarchlinux was kind enough to provide a patch10:53
tilmanthat's probably it10:54
tilmani assumed it didn't affect crux10:55
tilmancause i never reproduced it10:55
nipuLi assumed it was a 64bit bug10:56
nipuLuntil i tried to run gimp on an i68610:56
tilmani will roll 1.1.3later and update the port10:58
nipuLis 1.1.3 out?11:01
nipuLi didn't see it in xorg's release directory11:01
tilmanno, that's why i'll roll it11:02
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bdfyHi All!!11:22
bdfySepen: I can't build Blender from your port :( Can you help my?11:22
sepenwhat are the question?11:24
bdfySorry for my worry11:25
sepenit seems you need openal installed11:25
sepenare you installing with prt-get depinst ?11:26
bdfyYes. "prt-get depinst --install-scripts blender"11:27
sepenpkginfo -i | grep openal11:27
bdfy# pkginfo -i | grep openal11:28
bdfyopenal svn-211:28
sepenprt-get fsearch alut.h    gives me   Found in /usr/ports/opt/freealut:11:30
sepen  /usr/include/AL/alut.h11:30
sepenI should add freealut as dependency also11:30
bdfyOne moment..11:30
sepenplease install that port before building blender11:30
sepenupdated port on my repo11:33
bdfyYes. Now I am building Blender with freealut.. It's need some time11:35
sepenupdated one more time, I removed openal (redundant dep due to freealut), now release = 311:37
bdfysepen: I had errors:
sepenseems it need also python as dependency11:50
bdfyNow I am reinstalling python. I had python before installing blender11:51
sepen$ prt-get fsearch Python.h11:52
sepenFound in /usr/ports/opt/python:11:52
sepen  /usr/include/python2.5/Python.h11:52
sepenI need more time to knowledge the problem11:52
bdfySorry  :( There is no file.. One moment..11:53
bdfysepen: # There is /usr/include/python2.5/Python.h but prt-get say: source/blender/python/BPY_interface.c:34:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory12:00
sepensorry I'll take a look later, now Im going to12:00
sepenbut I noted your pastes12:01
bdfyOk! Thank you! I will ask you later.12:01
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tilmanthrice`, nipuL: could you try libX11-1.1.3 to make sure it fixes your gimp crashes?13:44
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jjpkGimp causing problems That would be a first. :p13:59
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pedjaHi, all.Long time no see :)14:09
tilmanindeed, hello pedja14:09
pedjatilman, how are you?14:10
tilmani'm fine. you?14:10
pedjagood, I bought new computer today, after a month or so without it.14:11
pedjaStill struggling with it though :)14:11
tilmanwhat kind of problems do you have with it?14:11
pedjaI can't boot my old ide drive ( one with crux on it).I tried booting Crux-2.3 cd but it just hangs after a while.14:13
pedjaThis is on a ga 965 ds3 motherboard.14:17
pedjaUbuntu cd boots fine, and I managed to chroot to Crux install, and rebuild a new kernel.14:19
pedjaIt installed fine, modules and all, but I can't update lilo.conf.Lilo complains something about 'raid setup, blah, blah.'14:22
tilmanmmh, i know nothing about raid :/14:26
tilmanyou could try to disable it in the bios maybe?14:27
tilmanor play with the settings, if there are any14:27
jjpkpedja: hey! welcome back.14:35
pedjajjpk: Thanks, nice to see you :)14:35
pedjaThis might be the solution
pedjaBuild my own bootkernel with support for pata controler on this m/b.14:41
tilmanpedja: you could try jaeger's updated crux cd14:41
tilmanmaybe it has support for your hardware14:42
tilmanit handles serial ata better than vanilla crux, e.g.14:42
pedjaI could update kernel image on crux-2.3 cd and rebuild the iso, right?14:43
tilmanpedja: it could be that you have to edit the makefile to avoid rebuilding all of the packages14:44
pedjatilman: I'll make iso without packages, just the kernel and what it needs to boot, and later chroot to14:55
pedjaexisting crux install, update the kernel, and pray taht is boots :)14:56
pedjaNight is still young, so I might just as well do it now :)14:58
pedjaSee you around, it's good to be back.14:58
tilmanwere you gone for just a month?14:59
tilmanit seems longer, but maybe i wasn't paying attention :D14:59
jjpkUnusual installations ftl. :s14:59
thrice`tilman: i'll have to wait until i'm at home, in a couple hours15:07
tilmanthrice`: n/m, i released 1.1.3 without your blessing ;D15:07
thrice`oh no =|15:08
tilmanthrice`: but ofc you can still yell at me if it doesn't work :)15:08
tilmanthrice`: nah, not a problem15:08
thrice`haha, I know.  I first noticed with the devel version of gimp (which is supposed to be very near stable), but reverted back to stable to find the same thing.  couldn't find any useful errors at the time15:08
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jjpkLucky us that crux is not a bureaucrat hell like debian.15:16
jjpkIt won't take that long to find the culprit. ;)15:16
thrice`plus our perfect xorg maintainer =]15:17
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tilmanyou guys shouldn't hesitate to bitch if there's really strange problems15:27
treach"How many debian maintainers does it take to fix a bug?"15:28
jjpkA: form an investigative committee.15:28
tilmandebian people are doing good work for x :P15:29
treachyeah. "Is this really a bug" committee 5 people15:29
treachanother 50 to find out what else is affected.15:29
treachand then 250 to discuss if the fix is free or non-free, etc.15:30
jjpkI wonder which organization model they have been inspired by...15:32
treachthe bazar, with heavy inspiration from the polish parliament. :p15:34
jjpkA single "I object/refuse/disagree" and the whole show stops. :D15:37
tilmanis there any way i can tell zsh to move the cursor to EOL in the history-beginning-search-{for,back}ward actions?15:39
tilmanreadline does it automatically, and i'm sooo used to that now15:39
treach(maybe I'm misunderstanding.)15:46
tilmanactually, i'm not 100% sure that readline did what i want15:46
tilmantreach: let me think again15:47
tilmani'm not sure anymore why i wanted that in the first place15:47
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DarkNekrosnight you all !! ;)17:20
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thrice`tilman: gimp seems to work much nicer now, thanks :)18:09
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rbdyckI'm trying to install CRUX and having trouble, can I ask for help?20:06
thrice`of course :)20:07
rbdyckI'm trying to install from a CD, i burnt the .iso image from the website onto a physical CD. It isn't mounting during installation. I get Cannot open root device "sda" or unknown-block(0,0)20:09
rbdyckThe server is all SCSI, the CD-ROM is connected via SCSI Ultra narrow.20:09
rbdyckThe hard drives are raid, I configred two logical drives consisting of 2 physical drives each.20:10
rbdyckThe controller is an Adaptec AIC 7860, so it should be supported. It does detect a boot disk and try to boot.20:10
thrice`you can specify which device to load at the boot prompt20:11
thrice`like, CRUX root=/dev/sda120:11
rbdyckThe server is a dual processor Pentium III, I also appended acpi=off to end an "Unknown ACK" error message.20:11
rbdyckI'm sure I tried that, but I'll try again. I'm trying to guess the device name.20:12
thrice`i need to use root=/dev/hdd, or mine will not find it either20:13
rbdyckI just tried it, the server is beside this computer. I got the same error message.20:14
thrice`are you certain the path to the cdrom device is correct ?20:14
rbdyckI have no idea. I've tried /dev/sda, /dev/sda0, /dev/sda1, and replaced the letter from a through k.20:15
rbdyckI also tried /dev/hda1, /dev/hdc1, and /dev/hdc. I think I tried /dev/hda. Since you mentioned /dev/hdd I'll try that as well.20:18
rbdyckNope, same error.20:18
thrice`have any other livecd you can boot to check  it out?20:20
rbdyckYou mean an installation disk for Microsoft Windows? There isn't an operating system on the hard drive so I need a bootable something.20:22
thrice`no, like ubuntu or knoppix :)20:22
rbdyckSomething happened. A truck is parked on the support wire of a power pole. It's sitting about 45° up in the air. Gotta take my camera...20:31
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rbdyckI'm back. You wouldn't believe. The truck backed right up the wire. They said it was a stolen vehicle, the police blocked it off so the driver tried to back up quick. Police said the theif got away. They got the truck down, but a home owner's hedge is toast.21:23
rbdyckBack to computers, I don't have either of those packages but do have an install disk for QNX Neutino 2.1 with Photon.21:24
jaegerwhich driver does that AIC 7860 use?21:30
jaegerI see CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX=y in the kernel config, I would guess that's the one21:31
jaegerrbdyck: have you tried root=/dev/scd0?21:31
jaegermaybe I misread, the AIC 7860 doesn't control the cdrom, just the raid drives?21:32
rbdyckUh, the SCSI controller is kind of funny. One of the screens calls it an "extensible" SCSI controller or something like that. There's part on the mother board and a PCI card. The Ultra Narrow connector for the CD-ROM is on the mother board, as is an ultrawide backplane connector (not used). The card has an ultra wide connection to the hard drives.21:37
rbdyckThe QNX 6.1 (aka Neutrino 2.1) diskdetected SCSI aha8.21:38
jaegerso possibly 2 separate controllers21:38
rbdyckI'm rebooting with Crux; I'll try /dev/scd021:39
rbdyckHere it is, PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller BIOS1.4221:40
jaegera dell server?21:40
jaegerif so, know which model?21:41
rbdyckYup. Dell PowerEdge 4300. Dual processor Pentium III running at 500MHz.21:41
jaegerdoh, that's one of the ones I don't have any experience with21:41
rbdyckI got the same error with scd021:42
jaegerwhile it's booting do you see anything about the cdrom in the kernel logs?21:42
jaegerbefore the error21:42
jaegerhrmm... I wonder if my 6u box is a 4300, I forgot about that one21:43
rbdyckThe progress messages scroll on the screen so fast I can't read much of it. Didn't see anything that looked like a CDROM.21:43
jaegerwould that QNX disc allow you to get something akin to a dmesg and lspci output?21:43
rbdyckI haven't installed QNX in years. I was an expert in 2001. One project was to optimize the boot to reduce load size. Got it down to 2 3.5" floppies; one a boot disk, the other a tar archive of the hard drive including the application.21:45
rbdyckLet's see how rusty I am.21:45
jaegeran alternative, as mentioned above, would be a knoppix disc or something like it21:46
rbdyckWhat's that?21:46
jaegera more generic livecd than the crux install CD21:46
rbdyckAh! I selected boot from CD. It got as far as starting the Photon gui, brought up a window to select video card then hung. I'll have to select boot options. This thing boots slowly.21:50
jaegerthey usually do21:50
rbdyckThat QNX device name was interesting: aha8 implies the 8th something. Is that the 8th partition of drive a? Hmmm. It said it was assigning the CD-ROM to drive A, the previous drive A was reassigned to B. That would be the 3.5" floppy drive. Maybe the QNX install CD has partitions. Doesn't help though.21:52
jaegerah ha, found my info... it is indeed a 4300... mine's got a megaraid controller and 2 AIX7xxx controllers21:52
jaegerI'm not familiar with QNX, unfortunately21:53
jaegerwith that said, the crux iso supports the new generation megaraid controllers21:53
rbdyckI have the packing slip. It lists a 5060V COMPACT DISK DRIVE, S, 5.25" FORM FACTOR, HALF HEIGHT, 17/40X, NEC21:54
jaegerI wonder if the _MM or _LEGACY driver is required for an older one, or if your server has something different entirely21:54
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rbdyckHmmm. One friend suggested unpacking the .iso image to add a driver for the SCSI controller. The website said it supports the Adaptec 7xxx controller so I thought it already has support for an Adaptec 7860. I also downloaded the .iso image for CRUX 2.2, would that work any better than 2.3?21:57
jaegerI don't think we changed much by way of the kernel config between the 2 releases, at least not scsi stuff21:57
jaegerwith that said, you can see the config here if you want to know exactly what's included -;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-;h=01c20679f770b59e585c3934138e70c5dd54c4c0;hb=2.321:58
jaegermight be a long shot but you could also try root=/dev/sr022:01
rbdyckWoo hoo! That did it! Could I stay on while continuing? Don't know if something else might come up.22:03
jaegerof course, irc is free territory, more or less :)22:03
jaegerwhen you get your server installed would you do me a favor?22:04
jaegerthat is email me the output from 'dmesg' and 'lspci -v'22:04
jaegerIf you prefer not to that's fine22:04
rbdyck"ls /dev" lists bus, cdrom, cdrom-sr0, cdrom0, console, core, dac960_gam, disk, fd, fd0, full, initctl, input, kmem22:05
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rbdyckthe next step in the user manual says to create and format the partition. The first command listed is "fdisk /dev/hd?". I assume I'm supposed to replace the ? with my drive, but I dont' see any hd drives. Have I missed a step in the bios initialization?22:10
jaegerhdX devices would be IDE, for one thing. yours will more likely be sdX - try running 'fdisk -l' to list them22:10
rbdyckRight. It came back with nothing.22:11
jaegerok, try 'lspci' and look for the RAID controller22:12
rbdyckI thought I created 2 logical drives with the RAID bios, assigned 2 physical drives to each and initialized them. I guess I have to go back into bios.22:12
jaegerdon't reboot just yet, the proper driver might not be loaded22:12
rbdyckThere are 2 like lines: "02:06.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec AIC-7860 (rev 03)" and "02:0a.1 I2O: Intel Corporation 80960RP [i960RP Microprocessor] (rev 05)"22:13
rbdycktypo ;-)22:14
jaegerdoes /proc/scsi/scsi list any raid?22:14
rbdyckUh, there's nothing under /proc/scsi/scsi22:15
jaegerdoes 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi' return anything or does it not even exist?22:17
*** Jason5876 has quit IRC22:18
rbdyckOops, sorry. I should have looked at ls -l. All I did was an ls on that file assuming it was a directory. cat reveals only 1 device, the CD-ROM drive. Host: scsi222:20
jaegerthat means there should be a scsi1 and scsi0 host of some sort22:21
jaegerhow about 'dmesg | grep -i scsi' ?22:22
rbdyckSCSI subsystem intialized22:23
rbdyckLoading iSCSI transport class v2.0-724.22:23
rbdyckscsi2 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 7.022:23
rbdyck<Adaptec aic7860 Ultra SCSI adapter>22:24
rbdyckaic7860: Ultra Single Channel A, SCSI Id=7, 3/253 SCBs22:24
rbdyckthere are 8 more lines, one says:22:24
rbdyckipr: IBM Power RAID SCSI Device Driver version: 2.3.0 (November 8, 2003)22:25
rbdyckOh! The line above says:22:25
rbdyckFailed initialization of WD-7000 SCSI card!22:25
rbdyckIt includes the exclamation point.22:25
jaegerthat may not be important, I think the driver says that if one isn't present22:25
jaegerno lines that start with scsi0 : or scsi1 :?22:26
rbdyckThe last 2 lines deal wiht the CD-ROM, more?22:26
jaegerstill just trying to figure exactly what type of controller it is22:27
*** Jason5876 has joined #crux22:27
rbdyckiscsi: registered transport (qla4sxxx)22:27
rbdyckQLogic iSCSI HBA Driver22:27
rbdyckno thing about scsi0 or scsi1 thought.22:27
jaegerok, one last thing - 'lspci -v | grep -i raid' ?22:28
rbdyckOnly one line:22:29
jaegerthat's more than I expected22:29
rbdyck    Subsystem: Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 2/SC22:29
jaegerah. I bet if you run 'lspci -v' (without the grep) again and look for that line it'll be under something like:22:29
jaeger02:0a.1 I2O: Intel Corporation 80960RP [i960RP Microprocessor] (rev 05) (prog-if 01)22:30
rbdyckYup, that's the last item. I has 4 lines of detail beneath it.22:30
jaegersame as my 4300, which uses the megaraid driver. unfortunately it's a very old install so I've no idea which megaraid driver. my *guess* is you need megaraid_mm or megaraid_legacy22:31
jaegermegaraid_newgen is the one enabled on the boot disc22:32
rbdyckOk, now I feel like a total newbee. Where do I get that and how do I install it?22:33
*** Jason5876 has quit IRC22:34
jaegerboth are available in the kernel but not enabled on the boot disc. if you've got a floppy in that server you could put a custom kernel on the floppy and boot it... otherwise, rebuild the CD with a new kernel22:34
rbdyckOk, found a 3.5" floppy disk that works. How do I put a custom kernel on it?22:43
jaegerbuild one on a running linux box that has exactly the support you need for the server to boot (enough to get the RAID, the CDROM, etc.) - gotta keep it small because it's a floppy and build it without any modules - then just write the kernel image to the floppy and put it in - it's been a long time since I did that but I think you can force the root device without a boot loader22:46
jaegerrdev vmlinuz /dev/sr022:47
rbdyckThis computer is running Windows, the server has just a working CD-ROM and floppy and RAM. Is that enough to do it?22:52
jaegernot easily22:52
jaegerif it can wait a while, I'll build you one in the morning, but as it is I'm about to fall asleep22:58
rbdyckI was thinking of sleep as well. If you could build one that would be super fantastic great! Thanks. Have a good night.22:59
*** rbdyck has quit IRC23:00
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nipuLurge to kill rising23:54
nipuLthere's this guy, he bought a copmuter with vista. he hated it, i tried to use his license key for xp to install that. activation count exceeded. now he want's me to install vista again23:55

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