IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-08-02

RomsternipuL, moments like these you wanna install linux on there machine.00:46
nipuLi snuck a linux box into the internet cafe00:51
nipuLthen themed it to look like vista00:51
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Romsterneat :P00:58
Romsterwhat desktop did you use icewm?00:58
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sepenmorning all01:10
Romsterhi sepen01:12
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nipuLnah, it's just a spewbuntu box01:39
nipuLthe funny thing is, it's only a p3 900 and it's more responsive than vista01:40
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nipuLoh sweet01:52
nipuLjust got a reply for this job i am applying for01:52
nipuL"...You have all the quality's I am looking for sure."01:52
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DarkNekroshi you all !! ;)02:02
DarkNekrosgood morning02:02
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Romsterhi DarkNekros03:33
Romsteroh man bridge colapse,23599,22175891-1702,00.html?from=public_rss03:33
RomsternipuL, rofl goes to show ya how much bloat vista has.03:34
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cryxYea the bridge colapse is all over the news even here in NZ04:03
tilmanthe uhci usb controller on my mobo decided to die04:05
tilmanwhich means the two usb ports at the back are unusable :'((04:06
tilmani was hoping for some sympathy, you insensitive clods04:15
teK_tilman: :(((04:16
sepenhi anyone knows an application to translate characterset (i.e 8859-1 to utf-8) ??04:17
tilmancontrib/recode :)04:17
sepenhmmm gnu04:17
sepentilman, too many thanks04:18
tilmanlike this "recode latin1..utf8 thefile"04:18
sepenjust what I needed it, thanks04:19
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* cryx amazed 64GB usb04:23
tilmandon't mention usb04:24
tilmani think i'll have to use this mouse with a ps/2 adapter soonish04:24
tilmanhow lame is that!04:24
jjpktilman: how old is the motherboard?04:27
tilman4 years04:27
jjpkMine is about the same age.04:28
jjpkI'm getting a bit paranoid as the years go by. :p04:28
jjpkWonder what will be first to call it quits.04:28
tilmanthis system is working well in general04:28
tilmanthe cpu fan is a bit too loud now04:28
tilmanbut no other problems04:28
tilmani was swapping gfx cards, and then it didn't power on04:29
tilmantried a few times, then it worked, but the uhci controller was gone bananas04:29
tilmanyes, quite strange04:29
jjpkI hope you unplugged the psu before you changed anything.04:30
jjpkThen again, somtimes it's completely controlled by the flying spaghetti monster.04:31
jjpk"what a fine day to die!"04:31
tilmani don't think i touched the {north,south}bridge either04:32
tilmanwhichever has the usb stuff in it. probably south?04:32
jjpkNot sure myself.04:33
jjpk50/50 is your choice.04:34
cryxits south :P04:36
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nipuLuh oh,
nipuLi sure hope he's superman04:47
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jjpkI hope mr. bike superman enjoys healing a broken collar bone.04:56
cryxha ha those guys are insane just like emerge04:59
jjpkWith some luck, the problem will solve itself.05:08
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Romstertilman, damn hope you got a spare pci slot to use a usb card.05:18
Romstermaybe the bios went corupt and a bios reset may fix it :/05:21
* Romster has had some funky bios problems on other computers.05:21
jjpkYou could say that is the unfortunate side effect of linux and open source.05:23
jjpkHardware ages much slower, or so it seems.05:24
jjpkTry the same with windows and you tend to notice after a few years that the machine crawls.05:24
Romsterhmm as it gets more bloated and fraged while linux keeps about the same pace.05:25
treach"Windows - Making computers crawl since 1990" (or something.)05:25
Romstermy old windows never slowed much, i keept the registery defraged and the swapfile, and the hdd.05:26
Romstermore to the point faster computers = microsoft puts more bloat in05:26
treachbah, it's a huge difference between kde 1.0 and the current releases.05:26
cryx"Microsoft windows - failure is not an option"05:26
jjpkRemove 'not'.05:27
Romsteri'm on KDE 3.5.705:27
treachfailure is the *only* option.05:27
Romstertreach, whats so diferent?05:27
cryxyea hence "is not at option"05:27
jjpkNot really, but it is the most popular choice.05:27
treachRomster: are you kidding?05:27
Romsteri've never used anything lower than 3.5.4 iirc05:28
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treachthen I suggest you stfu. :>05:28
Romsterbefore that i was in windows, and only used linux for server stuff.05:28
Romsteri guess just ceurious whats so diferent.05:29
treach1.4x  was useable on a 486, with a lot less ram.05:29
jjpkIt must be a developer attitude. "They have plenty of resources to be used"05:30
Romsterah you run it on a very old computer.05:30
treachwell, 1.4x didn't do nearly as much.05:30
jjpk"..therefore we should take advantage and forget about proper optimizing"05:30
treachkde is not a good example of that, it's actually pretty efficient, imo.05:31
Romsterjjpk, i think it's that attitude.05:31
treachgnome, otoh... :P05:31
treachalso, compare opera/konqi to ff, koffice/openoffice.05:32
treachiow, some are worse than others.05:32
Romsterwell there is a choice in what you use :/05:33
* treach growls at the abnomination formerly known as the "swedish royal postal service".05:33
treachindeed, which is what windows doesn't offer05:34
Romsteryeah a flaw in windoze05:34
Romsterthe is/was a exploer replacement i've heard aobut but i never did try it when i was a windows person.05:34
treachthere are a few, like lightstep for instance.05:35
jjpkThen another problem strikes: you wander off into the unsupported.05:35
treachbut they tend to need the crappy explorer thing anyway.05:35
jjpkAt least in the eyes of microsoft.05:35
treachof course.05:35
jjpkI tried one of those lighstep variants back in 2002 or so.05:35
treachusing anything but ie for internet is unsupported, after all. :P05:35
jjpkOf course.05:36
jjpkAnything non-microsoft = BAD!111twelve05:36
treachie, if you set another browser than ie as default you must have made an error.05:36
treachuser==idiot, RESET!05:36
jjpk"this is for your own good!"05:36
tilmanRomster: i found two old usb->ps/2 adapters05:37
jjpkYou would not know better.05:37
tilmanRomster: my motherboard shipped with an extra usb slot thingie05:37
treachok, let's leave windows on the manureheap it's resting on, before people with wite coats come for me. :/05:37
tilmanfor the ehci controller. 4 slots05:37
tilmanbut i connected it to the front slots of the case05:37
jjpktreach: might be a good idea.05:37
tilmanand since i do want to connect mass storage devices from time to time, i'd rather not switch that :)05:38
jjpkExercising microsoft demons is exhausting enough as is.05:38
Romstertilman, for a backplate or for the front ports if your case has that option.05:38
Romsterah i should read before typing..05:39
treachthis isn't slashdot you know.05:39
treach"read, before typing?" "What a novel notion."05:39
Romsteri glimpsed though the text but i didn't read it all fully.05:41
treachmmh, we've noticed that you do that.05:42
tilmanit's okay05:44
jjpkReading and understanding would reduce the amount of nonsense. ;)05:44
treachwhich would be a good thing.05:44
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sepensomo subversion mantainer here?06:59
sepenIm problems when I tried to commit a .gpg encrypted data file06:59
sepenI checked if the fstype of the repo and switch them between dbd and fsfs07:00
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Romsterthis is what you don't want happening in the le tour :P08:36
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jjpkHehe. The technician would get quite the reprimand. :p08:39
jjpkSometimes all it takes is a few small mistakes to cause big problems sooner or later.08:40
Romsteryeah i've always made sure my wheels are up tight :D08:42
Romsterfor that reason08:42
Romsterand at a finish line too, how ironic it got photographed.08:43
jjpkYeah, it's adding insult to injury. :p08:44
Romstersure is08:44
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Romsteroh man must see
jjpkIt lol'd.08:47
Romsterso could use that at a good time in a chat.08:47
Romsterhmm i should do something productive now.08:48
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j^2does anyone know an iptables converter to ipfw?11:38
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RedShiftyou mean BSD ipfw?12:29
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jjpkj^2: if at all possible, use PF.12:31
rbdyckHello Jason, are you there?12:32
rbdyckYou're the one I talked to last night about installing crux?12:32
jaegerrbdyck: if you didn't get your server sorted already, here's a floppy image for you -
jaegerthat would be me12:33
jaegerI *think* it'll work but of course that's no guarantee12:34
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predatorfreakQuick question, anyone happen to know a tool to rename files based on a regex?12:48
predatorfreake.g. rename [0-9] "" *12:48
predatorfreakMatching any numbers and removing them from the file name, basically.12:48
tilmanpredatorfreak si teh back!12:48
predatorfreakI'm sure I can hack something up in shell, I just don't feel like it.12:48
predatorfreaktilman: People remember me?12:48
predatorfreakThat's a first.12:49
tilmanof course!12:49
tilmanpredatorfreak: i have a rename perl script, let me look for the url12:49
tilman v0.3 ;)12:50
predatorfreaktilman: Thanks a lot, I'm getting annoyed by having to fix up stuff by running rename a million times :)12:50
jaegerpredatorfreak: we remember you, heh12:51
predatorfreakWhile I'm at it, anyone have a good recommendation for a quiet case fan?12:51
predatorfreakPreferably 120mm.12:51
predatorfreakI can't seem to find anything that isn't 20 bucks and I don't feel like paying 20 bucks for an expensive case fan.12:52
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predatorfreakI only need ~20-30 CFM, but everything in that range that I can find seems to produce way too much noise XD12:52
predatorfreakjaeger: Also, I suppose there's a first for everything.12:53
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jjpkpredatorfreak: I've had good luck with an Akasa 120mm fan.12:54
jaegerno 120mm fans in my stuff, only 80 and smaller, but I'm very happy with akasa noise-dampening material12:54
jaegerfor what that's worth12:55
jjpkI like my antec case, but the noise levels could be lower.12:55
* predatorfreak googles around.12:55
jjpkProblem being it only has 80mm fan slots and openings.12:55
jjpkActually, the only noisy fan is on the power supply.12:56
jaegerget something with blue LEDs, they make it more quiet :)12:57
predatorfreakMy power supply fans are actually surprising quiet, for the cheap PSU it is.12:57
predatorfreakjaeger: Naaahhh, that's for Gentoo users ;)12:57
predatorfreakReal men use a hammer if it's not quiet enough.12:58
jaegerright, right, my bad12:58
jjpkUsing a hammer to quiet it down is not much of a solution.13:01
predatorfreakjjpk: Yeah, but it's fun.13:02
treachwell, it *does* silence the thing13:02
predatorfreakSee! treach sees my logic!13:02
treachof course, it's my line of thinking. ;)13:03
jjpkDamn right it will silence it, and a few surprises to boot.13:10
jaegerrbdyck: any luck?13:10
jjpkIt could just be me, but I don't appreciate malfunction. :)13:10
treachjjpk: details ;)13:10
predatorfreakjjpk: I agree with treach!13:11
treachjo, men varför ska det kosta 100MB ram?13:12
jjpkDetail details details.13:14
treachmmh, this keyboard is pretty ok, but the esc key definitly seems to be designed for windows users. :/13:15
treachbut otoh, I got my desk back. :)13:15
*** sepen has joined #crux13:16
treachindeed. it's like 2/3 the size of my old. :p13:16
treachI can put a book or a bunch of papers next to it now. :D13:17
treachinstead of having to rely on magic tricks with levitation. :>13:17
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > du -sh devel/other13:18
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >13:18
sepenwho's mark rosestand? is here'13:19
tilmansepen: that's maro13:19
sepen@seen mark13:19
clbsepen: I have not seen mark.13:19
sepen@seen maro13:19
clbsepen: maro was last seen in #crux 7 weeks, 0 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <maro> prologic: there?13:19
tilmansepen: he's here...13:19
sepenmaro, ooh13:20
tilmanright now i mean13:20
jaegerthe bot's seen module only tracks chat, unfortunately13:20
sepenmaro, seems that mtools depends on texinfo13:20
sepenmakeinfo -I. mtools.texi --no-split --output=mtools.info13:21
sepenmake: makeinfo: Command not found13:21
marobeen working 12 hours a day on my job and use 1.5 hours to get there and another 1.5 hours to get home, so little time for anything else :)13:21
sepenafter install it I can build mtools perfectly13:21
jaegermaro: ouch, hope it calms down sometime13:21
sepenmaro, only you need is adding a dependency13:22
sepennot now, when you want, later ...13:22
sepenIm running mtools13:22
marojaeger: the season ends in 2 weeks, then we're only open 9 hours a day13:22
maroand in a month it's all over and I'll start doing mail delivery13:22
maro(~6 hours a day)13:22
jaegersounds better13:22
marosepen: do you have a workaround?13:23
sepenjurl? what ?13:23
maroadding texinfo as a dependency would suck ass13:23
sepenyour mtools depends on it for now13:24
maropatching the makefile would be a better fix13:24
sepenyeah surely13:24
tilmantreach: i'm not sure i can take the different output of the time builtin command in zsh (compared to bash)13:24
treachk, what's so bad about it?13:26
tilmanit's... different!!13:26
tilmanmaybe i can convince my brain to adapt to it :]13:27
treachooh, better go back to windows then. ;)13:27
treachafter all this is very different from that as well. :P13:27
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predatorfreakHuh, I must be doing something wrong, 'cuz perl refuses to full delete say [2346347], it deletes like 7] and leaves the rest.13:30
predatorfreakIf I use "s/[[0-9]] //g13:30
predatorfreakWhich I'd think should work.13:30
tilman[0-9] is for idiot RE engines that don't have \d13:30
tilmanlike gnu. fuckers.13:30
predatorfreak's/\[\d\] //' then?13:31
predatorfreakThat seems to be producing nothing at all XD13:31
tilmanlet me try13:33
tilman[[ and ]] is actually correct :)13:33
tilmanso: [[\d]]13:33
predatorfreakStill the [200 effect.13:34
predatorfreakRemoves the last two chars and then leaves the rest o.O13:34
tilmanrename -nv -e 's/[[\d]]//g' worked for me13:34
tilmantried it on foo[123].txt13:35
maropredatorfreak: s/[0-9]+//?13:35
*** bdfy has quit IRC13:36
predatorfreakUsing expression: sub { s/[[\d]]//g }13:37
predatorfreak'[2006] test' renamed to '[200 test'13:37
tilmanah, okay13:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:38
tilmani can reproduce that13:38
predatorfreakWeird, isn't it?13:38
predatorfreakI can get s./.[\d].// to semi-work, but I can'13:39
predatorfreakcan't remove the space at the end*13:39
tilmanwe're only matching one digit13:39
tilmanbut that's not the problem o_O13:40
predatorfreakregex-rename -nv -e 's/.[\d][\d][\d][\d]. //g' \[2006\]\ test works :)13:40
predatorfreakThat's a hack-and-a-half, but it works :P13:40
tilman's/\[\d+\] //g' works, too13:40
tilmani'm glad my original escaping was right ;)13:41
predatorfreakThanks tilman and you too maro.13:42
rbdyckI Jason. Thanks for the floppy image. Um, I'm still stumbling. It couldn't mount a file system from the floppy. I assumed the floppy only has the boot image so I tried boot with root=/dev/sr0, but it didn't find sr0. Does that image have drivers for the SCSI CD-ROM13:54
rbdyck"I" should be "Hi". My typing is getting worse.13:54
jaegerthe image should boot into syslinux; I made two options available - CRUX (which tries sr0) and CRUX-scd0 (which tries scd0)13:54
jaegerif the cdrom is indeed on the aic-7860 controller, it should13:55
rbdyckOk, trying CRUX without a root= option...13:56
*** bdfy has joined #crux13:56
tilmanrbdyck: fyi, jaeger != jason13:58
bdfyHi All!! Can somebody help my?
bdfyI don't understand.. What is needed MC. I had prebuilded packages14:01
tilmanbdfy: fyi, it's "help me". "my" is used for possession stuff, e.g. "this is my problem" :D14:01
bdfySorry my English :((14:02
bdfyBut Russian Crux comunity is too small.14:02
tilmanbdfy: it looks like you built mc some time ago14:03
tilmanyou probably linked it against libiconv14:03
tilmanthen at some point you removed libiconv14:03
tilmanso now it is missing14:03
tilmanbdfy: you can try: prt-get remove mc && prt-get install mc14:03
tilmanie, re-install:)14:03
tilmanbdfy: my guess is that mc uses libiconv if it's available14:03
bdfymmm.. OK but I want to install application from prebuild packages on new computers :(14:05
bdfyEverytime I must do "prt-get install" :(14:05
rbdyckOops. Neither was able to open root device.14:05
bdfyI want do "pkgadd"14:05
tilmanbdfy: you could also install libiconv14:07
tilmanbut i advise against that14:07
tilmanseveral users had problems with that before14:07
jaegerrbdyck: hrmm... that's odd14:07
jaegerrbdyck: I'll rebuild it with the older aic7xxx driver, give me a few minutes14:08
bdfytilman: Thanks! It is works.14:13
predatorfreakbdfy: FYI, you don't need is there.14:14
predatorfreakIt works is enough.14:14
tilmanbdfy: cool :14:14
predatorfreak</English Professor mode>14:14
jaegerrbdyck: try, replace the one on the floppy with that14:14
RedShiftdoes that even fit on a floppy?14:17
RedShiftwho even uses floppies these days14:17
RedShiftthey are the root of all evil14:17
treachwindows users who wants raid..?14:18
RedShiftpoor windows users14:18
tilman3.5" floppies with high density have 1.44 mb14:18
tilman_young_ padawan14:18
RedShifttilman: but the filesystem uses space too14:18
RedShiftIIRC you can at most store 1,38 MB14:18
treachfat12 is so small'14:19
tilmanRedShift: mmh14:19
jaeger1440 * 1024 = 147456014:19
RedShifttreach: are you sure about that?14:19
treachwell, not zero, but near14:19
RedShiftfat32 even only uses 28 bits for its filesystem entries14:20
treachit's negligeble, and besides, with some fancy formatting you can put 1,72 MB on them. :p14:20
RedShiftmicrosoft really wrote some crap14:20
treachbah, they didn't design fat14:21
tilmantreach: they didn't use fat16?14:21
RedShifttreach: you are looking at one of the few owners that had a 2,88MB drive with matching disks ^_^14:21
treachtilman: not on floppies.14:21
tilmani see14:21
treachhehe, ibm. :P14:21
RedShiftthey were even more unreliable that their 1,44MB brothers14:22
treachno need for 16 bit to adress a floppy..14:22
predatorfreaktreach: I just use nLite if I HAVE to install windows.14:22
treachmmh, mechanical contact ftl14:23
predatorfreakMuch less annoying than "INSERT FLOPPY HERE"14:23
treachpredatorfreak: true, but most people down14:23
treach*don't* know what that is.14:23
treach(unfamilar keyboards ftl..)14:23
predatorfreaktreach: Well, I propose that someone just give everyone a Windows XP Pro disk with a volume license key and drivers for all modern hardware on it.14:24
predatorfreakLike I have :)14:24
treachmost people get seriously confused if they have more than one harddrive.14:24
treachI don14:24
predatorfreakI need the MONEY for more than one hard drive.14:24
treach't think alot of people would sort out that stuff anyway.14:25
treachharddrives are dirt cheap14:25
predatorfreakBut when you don't make a ton like me.14:25
treachEven *I* can afford one..14:25
predatorfreakand are planning to get out of the U.S.14:25
predatorfreakAll your money goes to the bank account dubbed "GTFO".14:26
treachescape of the harddrives?14:26
tilmanemigrating to sealand?14:26
predatorfreakWell, not all of it, but like 90% of my spare money.14:26
predatorfreakYes ;)14:26
predatorfreakPlus I need my pirate ship too.14:27
predatorfreakSo I can troll the Atlantic ocean and board trading vessels.14:27
tilmanwith cannons14:27
treachbah, just over $100 and you get 400GB..14:27
predatorfreakHey, that $100 is money I need for my pirate ship ;)14:28
predatorfreakYou can't call yourself a serious Internet pirate without a galleon loaded to the brim with cannons and a bunch of grizzly seamen.14:29
bdfysepen: Hi! I can't build Blender. Can You help?
treachgalleons were loaded with gold and what the spaniards refer to as sailors, afaik14:30
treachnot pirates.14:30
predatorfreakHey, you steal a solid galleon.14:30
predatorfreakReplace the gold with cannons.14:30
predatorfreakand the sailors with grizzly seamen.14:30
predatorfreakand a jolly roger.14:30
predatorfreakand you've got yourself a pirate ship :)14:30
tilmanpredatorfreak: have the running wild discography yet?14:32
predatorfreakIn fact, never heard of them.14:32
tilmanit's a german metal band, the lyrics are mostly about pirate stuff14:33
predatorfreak"The band has carved its niche in the metal world as the first "pirate metal" band, a theme which took off with the release of Under Jolly Roger in 1987 (thus abandoning the paganic imagery of their earlier work). The band is still active today."14:33
predatorfreakLET THE PILLAGING BEGIN!14:33
rbdyckUm, Jason? This floppy image says "Direct booting from floppy is not longer supported. Please use a boot loader program instead."14:34
jaegerI'm still not Jason :)14:34
tilmanplay along14:34
jaegerthere's a bootloader (syslinux) on the floppy image.. "vmlinuz" is just a kernel image14:35
jaegerremove the old "vmlinuz" from the floppy and put the new one in its place14:35
predatorfreaktilman: Got anything else involving piracy I should know about? :P14:36
jaegersail the seas of usenet14:36
predatorfreakjaeger: I'd need to get on usenet first...14:37
jaegerit's pretty easy to do so these days14:37
tilmangoogle groups14:37
predatorfreakWell google only tells me pay money if you want to subscribe.14:37
rbdyckI feel so stupid. This computer is running Windows. I had to download a program from the web that would copy an .img file to a floppy. I had intended to configure my computer as dual-boot with Windows and QNX 6.1, but the boot manager that comes with QNX is compatible with Windows, I upgraded to Windows ME. I decided to stop upgrading at that point; I shot myself in the foot enough times.14:38
jaegersabnzbd + + firefox/greasemonkey/sabnzbdicon14:38
treachhehe, that's a bad point to stop upgrading..14:38
jaegermy ISP has a news feed with decent retention so I only have to pay a tiny bit for the newzbin service14:38
predatorfreakjaeger: Firefox? You insensitive clod! I use Opera :P14:38
jaegerpredatorfreak: well, the greasemonkey stuff isn't required, it's just quicker14:39
treachME is probably *the* worst peice of junk to ever leave redmond.. at least up till vista.14:39
jaegeryou can download a .nzb file in any browser then import it into sabnzbd14:39
Jason5876rbdyck: did you use rawrite?14:39
jaegertreach: I'd say ME is far worse than vista14:39
jaegermy personal opinion14:39
jaegervista is a pain in the butt for the end user but ME just sucks14:40
tilmanvista is shiny14:40
treachI' trust your opinion on that. :)14:40
jaegerthat's bold, hehe14:40
rbdyckI have an Athalon K-7 Thunderbird running at 1.3GHz, equivalent to a Pentium4 @ 1.8GHz. I've had since before the P4 ran that fast. I also have 256MB RAM, and the video card is a G-Force3 v8200 with 64MB video memory. This is a supercomputer beside my desk.14:40
jaegerI consider myself reasonably unbiased, though14:40
rbdyckBut WindowsXP makes it look lame.14:41
treachmmh, I know, I'm a bit of a cowboy sometimes. ;)14:41
jaegerI use (and like, believe it or not) both linux and windows14:41
jaegerironically, vista seems a bit snappier than XP *IF* you turn off all the desktop candy14:41
jaegerwithout aero vista looks much like XP14:42
treachheh, I'm running this athlon xp @700 MHz, plenty of oomph for me.14:42
treachjaeger: same story as usual, eh?14:42
rbdyckAs for Windows Vista... I prefer not to see my foot after shooting with a bazooka. Oh, I started with a Z80 (8-bit) computer @ 4MHz, 60k RAM, and CP/M operating system. MS-DOS 2.11 with an 8088 was an upgrade.14:42
treachxp wasn14:42
treach't so bad, if you turned of the kindergarten interface.14:42
tilmantreach: what kidn of strange keyboard did you get?14:43
treach(man, the place they put "'" really sucks..)14:43
treachmoment mal bitte14:43
rbdyckYea, I used rawrite.14:44
predatorfreakjaeger: I take it in order to steal from newzbin I'm going to have to make an account?14:44
treach :p14:44
treachbut with a swedish layout.14:44
tilmana laptop keyboard?14:44
jaegertreach: <-- basically what my XP desktop looks like... I change the background and whatnot of course but I like simple themes14:44
tilmantreach: i used to hate them, but the one in my notebook isn't tooo bad either :D14:45
jaegerpredatorfreak: I think only to make .nzb files14:46
treachthis is different from my laptop.14:46
jaegerpredatorfreak: you can browse without paying as I understand it14:46
jaegerit's dirt cheap, though14:46
predatorfreakjaeger: So, I can look but not touch?14:46
predatorfreakHeathens! :(14:46
treachthe enter key is much smaller, and the ' is on \ on that image.14:46
jaegeryou can look AND touch, it's just a lot less convenient to touch without .nzb files, hehe14:46
predatorfreakI'm not seeing the "touching" bits here.14:47
jaegernewzbin doesn't actually give you the feed, you go through your ISP or some other news server... they just aggregate, etc.14:47
jaegerso I use my ISP's news server with a .nzb file from newzbin to actually download something14:47
predatorfreakWell, seeing as I'm on Comcast, I doubt I have the glory of a news server.14:48
treachjaeger: doesn't look disturbingly bad, but I think I'll pass14:48
treachmy hatred for windows is more than skin deep, after all. :)14:48
jaegertreach: that's fine :) just tossed it out there to show it's possible NOT to have an eyebleeder of a windows desktop14:49
treachof course it is, there's always windowblinds if nothing else.14:49
predatorfreakThat kinda complicates things, Comcast never told us our fancy password thingiemabob ;)14:49
treachput that wasn14:49
treach't the point.14:49
treachmajor inconvinence..14:50
jaegerapostrophe key abuse14:50
jaegeractually, more like user abuse BY the apostrophe key14:50
treachthe enter keys sticks out where ' *used* to be..14:50
predatorfreakAh well, I'll just stick to ye new-fangled bittorrent.14:50
treachthat's why.14:50
jaegerpredatorfreak: read if you want more info; bittorren't easier but sometimes usenet's faster14:51
jaeger(not download but postings)14:51
jaegerspeaking of apostrophe key abuse14:51
predatorfreakHaha, I can't believe this, there's actually people pushing for Gentoo to add a Larry The Cow boot logo to their kernel sources.14:52
predatorfreakI love the kernel bug reports I get from them at times.14:52
jjpkPatriotism for linux distributions.14:53
tilmanif the crux penguin wasn't so ugly i would want to have them in the kernel, too14:54
* jaeger beats oracle until it stops sending him emails!14:55
jaegerrbdyck: any  better luck with that second kernel image?14:55
jjpkGood luck with oracle. :p14:55
jaegerjjpk: to be honest I've got it mostly beaten into submission14:56
jaegerbut it sends me cranky messages when it gets low on available tablespace14:56
rbdyckOk, I feel so dumb. I re-copied the floppy.img with rawrite the just did a DIR A: from MS-DOS. I saw files so copied the new file onto the floppy. It worked! I booted and now see /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.14:59
jaegerrbdyck: good!14:59
jaegersda and sdb are most likely your bios-configured containers15:00
bdfysepen: bdfy: Hi! I can't build Blender. Can You help?
predatorfreakbdfy: You need python.15:02
jaegerhe's got it installed, looks like15:02
predatorfreakWell, it needs a patch then.15:03
predatorfreakProbably not updated to deal with the new python version.15:03
predatorfreak(Probably looking in python2.4 or something)15:03
jaegercould be, yeah15:03
predatorfreakIf I had blender on hand I'd hack up a patch.15:04
predatorfreakJust update blender.15:04
predatorfreakThat versions old :)15:04
predatorfreakShould be 2.44.15:04
*** maro has quit IRC15:15
*** triel has quit IRC15:17
*** lasso has quit IRC15:17
*** lasso has joined #crux15:18
*** triel has joined #crux15:18
*** hp_tux has joined #crux15:18
*** triel has quit IRC15:22
*** lasso has quit IRC15:22
*** lasso has joined #crux15:23
*** triel has joined #crux15:23
rbdyckI have a silly question: How big should I make the swap partition? I intend to use it as a webserver.15:34
jaegerhow much RAM?15:34
jaegerI'd probably make it 1024M, myself15:35
predatorfreakI generally got away with 512MB of swap.15:35
treachit would be plenty.15:35
predatorfreakThen again, I never did anything too massive on my old box.15:35
predatorfreakWith 2GB of RAM I doubt I even need my 512MB swap anymore..15:35
treachchances are you'll never use it anyway. :)15:35
treachunless you get a massive amount of traffic15:36
jjpk512mb in swap should be fine, you could even make it less.15:36
rbdyckThanks, I'll use 1GB. A server needs more memory than a workstation. And I hope to get a burst of heavy traffic over a period of 6 weeks once every few years. That's when it will be most important.15:36
jaegerprobably so15:36
predatorfreakrbdyck: My server uses less memory than this system does.15:37
predatorfreakand this system doesn't do all that much.15:37
tilmanbecause your desktop runs firefox15:37
tilmanand gnome15:37
predatorfreaktilman: Nah.15:37
tilmanor kde15:37
treachkde doesn't use much15:38
predatorfreaktilman: Openbox + XFCE4 Panel + Opera :P15:38
tilmanwow, an openbox user15:38
predatorfreakHey, what can I say, I love it.15:38
jaegerone of my servers is currently using 7.7G RAM and 22M swap :) and that's the most loaded one15:38
treachquick, get the champagen15:38
predatorfreakI went from Fluxbox to Openbox and never looked back.15:38
predatorfreakNow anytime I try anything else I'm like "But..... but..... It's not Openbox and it feels WRONG!"15:39
treachfvwm ftw15:39
predatorfreaktreach: HERETICAL BELIEFS!15:39
* predatorfreak gets the purging stick15:39
tilmanfvwmftw? is that the next vesion of fvwm? ;))15:39
treachyeah, when they are done with the 2.5 series. :p15:39
tilmani had the strange idea to work on my own wm again15:39
tilmanopenbox is a bit annoying at time15:40
*** morlenxus has quit IRC15:40
treachwe could use fvwm as default wm. it's light, fast, maintained and the defaults are ugly enough to scare away the noobs. :p15:40
tilmanthe one i toyed with was called apanwm15:40
*** morlenxus has joined #crux15:40
jaegerI vote evilwm, you can't even open an xterm without reading a bit15:41
predatorfreakI vote twm with xclock instead of xterm being spawned.15:41
treachtilman: have you considered learning swedish? :)15:41
RyoSjaeger: thats true :p15:41
predatorfreakIt's IMPOSSIBLE to use without changing the WM ;)15:41
tilmantreach: yes, but not seriously15:41
jaegertwm has a menu option to fire off an xterm if I recall correctly15:42
treachyou seem to like it though. :)15:42
RyoSi'd say NO X by default :D15:43
predatorfreakjaeger: Write a WM that just loops infinitely.15:43
tilmantreach: i wrote a weird little xmms2 client called snett, too15:43
predatorfreakand call it a WM.15:43
treachyeah, I remember15:43
treachthat's why I suggested "rakt" for the pdf thingy15:43
jjpkI think evilwm would be a sensible choice.15:43
jaegerecho "exec /bin/true" > .xinitrc15:43
jaeger"why does my wm die instantly?"15:44
predatorfreakBetter yet.15:44
jaegeror /bin/yes15:44
treachdefault shell /bin/false15:44
predatorfreakDamn it!15:44
predatorfreakYou stole my idea.15:44
tilmantreach: also ;)15:44
jjpkHere the rule is simple: you lose if you snooze.15:44
tilmantreach: i actually like the rakt prefix :D15:45
treachtilman: I remeber that hexeditor as well.15:45
treachshort and straight to the point I guess :p15:45
treach"Krita" has to be one of the better names out there though.15:45
treach(meaning Chalk/Crayon)15:46
treachand "rita" being "draw"15:46
tilmanalways thought it meant something like write15:46
treachwrite is "skriva"15:47
tilmanthe french verb for to write is ecri-something ;)15:47
treachshreiben isn15:47
treacht' to different.15:47
treachI've got to get used to that damned key!15:48
treachI'll never understand why they didn't make enter vertical, rather than horizontal!15:48
predatorfreaktreach: That is why I change keyboards only after I've thoroughly smashed my keyboard.15:48
predatorfreakI mean like tiny bits of a keyboard remaining smashed ;)15:49
treachtrue, but my old one suddenly stopped working.15:49
predatorfreakI use superglue and ducktape to keep this thing working!15:49
treachso I took the oppertunity to reclaim my desk15:49
treachheh, I don't know what happened to the old one.15:50
treachsuddenly no contact at all, and no way to get it back apparently15:50
predatorfreaktreach: Did you try hitting it repeatedly with a hammer?15:51
predatorfreakThat NORMALLY works for me :P15:51
treachsorry, it was a logitech, not an ibm.15:51
predatorfreakHehe, that'll teach you to buy logitech!15:51
treachsure, I had a go at something even crappier this time. :p15:52
treachbut I actually like it, thus far - with one glaring exception..15:52
treacha well, I'll get used to it eventually, I guess. :/15:53
tilmanhehe, i really wonder what that might be :D :D15:53
treachmmh, indeed15:53
predatorfreakHoly crap, I just caught myself singing Blondie lyrics in death grunts.15:55
tilmanholy crap, you admitted it on irc15:56
predatorfreakHey, I've got no shame.15:56
tilmantreach: swedish doesn't seem too popular in the local evening schools15:56
tilmanthere's no beginner courses this fall o_O15:56
treachmaybe I can try to remember my first german lessons and reverse them. :p15:57
vektoriI'm still eagerly waiting for ekonomisvenska...15:57
*** maro has joined #crux15:58
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux15:58
*** thrice` has quit IRC15:58
tilmanin contrast, there's 4 beginner courses for spanish in the area15:58
treachwere do you live?15:59
tilman~in the middle of the country15:59
jjpkPure numbers at work. There are many more Spanish speakers than Swedish speakers.15:59
tilmanin the north of hessen, if you want more detail :P15:59
treachah, I see. Maybe there's be more courses if you lived further north16:00
treachnono, middle is fine.16:00
tilmanyep, i could iamgine it's more popular in the north16:00
tilmanjjpk: i think spanish is the 2nd most widespread language. not sure how swedish ranks :D16:01
treachmmh, quite popular around here. :P16:01
treachPresumeably it would work pretty well as long as you stay in the nordic countries.16:02
bdfyI can't uderstud..
predatorfreakbdfy: I don't use KDE, so no idea.16:05
treachnever seen that error before.16:05
treachmissing dep?16:05
bdfyI don use KDE.. I have ION316:05
tilmanany keyboard related commands in ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc or the like?16:06
bdfySince I change koi8-r with UTF8-r, I had that messages..16:06
predatorfreakShouldn't it just be flat UTF8?16:07
predatorfreakNot UTF8-r?16:07
jjpkUTF-8 is only one encoding, at least it should be. :P16:07
bdfyThanks. I am thinging..16:08
schniggiehi all16:09
schniggiei have a little problem ;) i want to change my lilo.conf to use UUID instead of the ordiname /dev/sda1, cause when i insert my other disk, sda will be set to sdb, so i think uuid is nice16:10
schniggiemy fsat mounts with the uuids work but in lilo i get, cannot open root device "UUID=blab-bla-la" or unknow-block(0,0)16:11
schniggiefsat = fstab16:11
schniggiei am using kernel
predatorfreakLILO doesn't support them, by the looks of it.16:12
schniggienot correct man lilo.conf says it can ;)16:12
jjpkschniggie: Suppose you have to use the full path to the uuid.16:13
schniggieok i can try this but nowhere read that :D16:14
predatorfreakAhh, yeah, seeing as those are just symlinks to /dev/BLAH, I'd say that's a good idea :)16:14
schniggieshould i use the root=UUID=bla-bla or without the UUID state only root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/... ?16:15
predatorfreakOtherwise I bet it will fail again.16:16
schniggieok reboot ;)16:19
schniggiecool ;)16:21
predatorfreakIt works?16:21
predatorfreakNo explodo?16:21
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:22
predatorfreakAmazing, I'm actually giving semi-correct advice today.16:22
schniggieok now i can use my other disk without problems ;)16:23
treachalltså, jag gillar den här musen. Om man inte använder den på ett tag, så stänger den AV sig.16:24
treachI lose.16:24
predatorfreaktreach: Remind me to learn Swedish.16:24
vektoritreach now goes for something completely different.16:25
predatorfreakand move to Sweden and join the pirate bay.16:25
schniggiedamn ;) still getting kernel panic, cause that gay lord wants to mount the ntfs disk as root ...16:25
predatorfreakI'll dock my ship in their harbour and load up on pirated MP3z!16:25
schniggieanyone can tell me why ?16:25
treachvektori: bitlbee in another window.16:25
predatorfreakschniggie: Nope.16:25
schniggieuuid sucks :D16:25
bdfyI can't use XDM on CRUX. Can somebody post /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config to pastebin?16:26
predatorfreakI don't even have it installed, otherwise I'd help out.16:27
predatorfreakSorry bdfy :\16:27
bdfyOh! No Sorry! :)16:44
bdfyI am reading manual16:45
*** Jason5876 has quit IRC16:48
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:49
treachheh, my brother just got this on msn. :P
treachhint: I think it would be a bad idea to do as it says. ;)16:52
tilmansee the last question, treach O:)16:54
predatorfreaktreach: People still use MSN messenger?16:57
predatorfreakI mean, I still have an account, but christ, I haven't used it in...... forever.16:57
predatorfreakAll my friends migrated to BETTER networks.16:57
predatorfreakLike google talk.16:57
treachalas, we don't all have such friends.16:57
predatorfreaktreach: Hey, if you can't convince your family to use a Jabber-based IM server.16:58
predatorfreakYour family needs some reeducation ;)16:58
predatorfreakI suggest the Richard Stallman Bootcamp.16:58
treachmy "familiy" uses jabber.16:58
predatorfreakWhere they'll be educated in the evil ways of proprietary software!16:58
treachit's everyone else16:58
*** cryx has joined #crux16:59
predatorfreakWell then send the rest of the world to Richard Stallman Bootcamp.16:59
jjpkIt's good to dream.16:59
treachthat's just a tiny bit unwieldy.16:59
predatorfreakNah, if I ever sold PCs, I'd make it mandatory to buy my PCs.17:00
predatorfreakand then produce clones of everyone who went.17:00
predatorfreakSo as to increase my market share.17:00
predatorfreakComes in as one person, leaves as 20.17:01
treachtilman: "There are no dark or mischievous intentions behind." yeah, right. :>17:01
treachpardon my suspiciousness. :>17:02
predatorfreaktreach: No seriously, we won't eat your account and sell your buddies to penis enlargement spammers.17:02
tilmanwe'll sell them to nigeria!17:03
predatorfreakAll hail the Grand Spammerlord of Nigeria!17:03
treachabsolutely not, they are just angels trying to make some extra money. :>17:03
treachno, but I think superglue isn't the right fix for your keyboard.17:05
jjpkNigerian spam is more deeply rooted in money scams, not viagra or other derivatives.17:05
treachit appears you applied it to the shift key17:05
predatorfreakNaaahhh works perfectly.17:05
predatorfreakjjpk: Oh yeah, I forgot, that's China.17:05
jjpkGet a few gullible people with too much money to spend, bam.17:05
predatorfreaktreach: Isn't your spam in all uttercase?17:05
predatorfreakI swear, if I receive ANY with lowercase characters, it's a miracle.17:06
treachactually I don't get any spam other than what comes from the contrib ml..17:06
jjpkViagra spam mostly does originate from China and other east Asian states, but my bet is that the ringleaders are all from developed countries.17:06
treachand sometimes I get some chinese spam on an account I never used.17:07
treachbut that's like twice a year or so.17:07
* jjpk hugs spamprobe.17:07
predatorfreakI'm way too lazy to spam filter.17:07
predatorfreakSo I just get delete happy.17:07
treachI think my isp is doing some pretty heavy filtering.17:07
predatorfreakI run my own server, so, I control filtration ;)17:08
predatorfreakAlthough, I love how my friend keeps sending me mail through his server and it gets tagged as spam by his server.17:08
predatorfreakIt's hilarious.17:08
jjpkConfigure an ambitious filter, but forget to train it properly and that is what happens. :D17:09
treachI'm too lazy to bother with that, and besides my isp stops port25. :/17:10
treachdamn spammers17:10
jjpkMany isp's block port 25.17:10
jjpkTruly fun when the idiot users have no idea and run without firewalls.17:11
jjpkIt ruins the fun for the rest.17:11
predatorfreakI just run my mail through a forwarder.17:11
predatorfreakGoes from their port 25 to my 2525.17:12
predatorfreakNo way in fuck I'm giving up my precious homebrew mail setup ;)17:12
predatorfreakI need it for sending penis enlargement ads!17:12
cryxlanguage now, they maybe 8 year olds in this channel lol17:14
predatorfreakI don't think so ;)17:15
predatorfreakBesides, what eight year old could run CRUX? :)17:15
treachoutsiders should watch their mouth.17:15
tilmanregulars may swear all they want17:15
predatorfreakWait, am I considered a regular yet?17:15
predatorfreakDespite the fact I disappeared for like 3 months?17:16
treach're just an apprentice. :)17:16
cryxha !17:16
predatorfreakBut the Gentoo forums say I'm l33t!!17:16
jjpk#crux is rated x17:16
treachyou're not a true regular unless you're here christmas eve, new years eve and midsummer eve. :p17:17
predatorfreaktreach: I think I can manage that.17:17
predatorfreakIn fact, if it wins more props.17:17
predatorfreakI can be here christmas.17:17
tilmanmidsummer's eve is only important criteria if you're swedish17:17
tilmanor maybe scandinavian in general?17:17
jjpkIt's a fairly important "event" in Finland as well.17:17
treachactually, I don't know. Maybe.17:17
* predatorfreak dons viking armour and moves to Finnland.17:17
jjpkAnother excuse to get hammered beyond belief.17:18
treachand beat up some random person, or of course get beaten up by some random persons. Or raped if you prefer that.17:19
jjpkFinland has very little to do with viking history, btw.17:19
jjpkIt never was scandinavian in the viking sense.17:19
predatorfreakYeah, but why live in an actual Viking country when I can live in Finnland and PRETEND to be one?17:19
predatorfreakand also spread the good word of Linus Torvalds.17:20
treachjjpk: well, they *did* bring christianity to you afaik ;)17:20
tilmanhave you become more insane in the last 3 months?17:20
predatorfreak"CONVERT TO LINUX OR DIE."17:20
tilmanor is it just me?17:20
predatorfreaktilman: I was sane?17:20
tilmanjust less insane17:20
treachfrom "off the deep end" to "off the deeper end". :/17:20
jjpkOpen source is doing well without ay further publicity.17:20
predatorfreakWell, insanity has this thing where the longer you're insane.17:20
predatorfreakThe insaner you are.17:20
predatorfreakSo 3 months ago I was "insane", now I'm "going batshit insane."17:21
predatorfreakand in 3 months I'll be "batshit insane."17:21
jjpkInsane is insane is insane.17:21
predatorfreakContinue that over a couple of years.17:21
* tilman strokes beard17:21
predatorfreakand I'll be destroying planets.17:21
jjpkI'd like to see that happen.17:21
treachor confined in a isolation cell. :>17:22
treachs a/an17:22
predatorfreaktreach: Pfft, been there, done that.17:22
predatorfreakCells don't hold me.17:22
jjpkIsolation cell with a few cryptkeepers and dungeon masters.17:22
predatorfreakNeed more than that jjpk.17:22
treachyou mean, "been there, done that, have the jacket"? :p17:22
jjpkYou'd be in excellent company.17:22
jjpkEveryone is fuck crazy in some way.17:22
predatorfreaktreach: three jackets, in fact.17:23
*** cryx has quit IRC17:23
treachhe had enough. :D17:23
predatorfreakI think we scared off cryx!17:23
predatorfreakAww, I was only going to eat his brains.17:23
tilmanthere's only so much an 8 yr old can take17:23
predatorfreakand sacrifice his body to the CRUX gods.17:24
treachpompus jackass.17:24
predatorfreakNow, for a little bit of music.17:25
* treach takes out the garbage17:25
jjpkSacrificing to crux gods. haha17:25
jjpkGood luck sacrificing to nothing, they do not exist.17:25
predatorfreakjjpk: Well I figure jaeger and tilman and such could use a body.17:25
predatorfreakand seeing as they're the ops here.17:25
predatorfreakThey're the CRUX gods ;)17:26
predatorfreakThey tower over us in power!17:26
jjpkThey are not spirits, they cannot possibly be gods. :p17:26
predatorfreakSure they can.17:26
predatorfreakThey could suddenly make /bin/bash /bin/ywes17:26
predatorfreakand you'd login one day only to find "y" repeated a million times.17:26
jjpkLet me guess, they compelled you beyond your will.17:26
jjpkand POOF! it just happened.17:26
predatorfreakNah, they warped the package.17:26
jjpktilman might do so, he does have a b0fh bone or two in his body.17:27
*** sysadman has joined #crux17:27
tilmani'd never do that17:27
predatorfreakThankfully, I run zsh.17:27
predatorfreakSo you'd need to warp my zsh package.17:27
*** sysadman has quit IRC17:28
jjpkHope you're wearing your tinfoil hat.17:28
jjpkThey have super human powers.17:28
jjpk...and they are after you.17:29
predatorfreakPfft, let 'em come in me head.17:29
predatorfreakPlenty have tried, they all get lost 'n eaten by Krakens.17:29
jjpkWhat are you going to do? Make 'em walk the plank? hah17:29
predatorfreakMen were not made to venture into me mind!17:29
jjpkMaybe not metaphysically.17:30
* jjpk gets the chainsaw and opens predatorfreak's head.17:30
jjpkLet's see what we have here.17:30
* predatorfreak sends the Kraken out.17:30
predatorfreakGET IN ME HEAD.17:31
predatorfreakI NEEDED MORE SOULS.17:31
*** tilman has left #crux17:31
predatorfreakNooo tilman!17:31
predatorfreakThe kraken ate the wrong person <_<17:31
predatorfreakDamn stupid fish thingie.17:31
treachheh, I don't think the crux-gods would like the contents of the cats litterbox (among other things) as sacrifice.17:32
predatorfreaktreach: Cats?17:32
predatorfreakThose are for sane people!17:32
predatorfreakReal people keep sharks as pets.17:33
jjpkWelcome to hell, and treach is sanity in the flesh.17:33
*** tilman has joined #crux17:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman17:33
predatorfreaktreach: Why didn't you tell me you were sane?17:33
jjpkInsanity is the exception 'round 'ere, y'know.17:33
predatorfreakYou're to have me believe that everyone who uses CRUX is perfectly sane!17:34
treachI'm sane, the jury is still out wrt the cats though.17:34
predatorfreakAw damn.17:35
jjpkThere's a jury? o_o17:35
predatorfreaktreach: and here I was gonna recruit you to work on me pirate ship.17:35
treachno thanks.17:35
predatorfreakDamn ye sane people!17:35
treachthen I'd be forced to use windows and stuff. :(17:35
treachAnd then I'd go insane.17:36
predatorfreakNote to self: Sell treach into Windows slavery, liberate post-insanity.17:36
*** treach has quit IRC17:37
predatorfreakWhy the fuck do Gentoo users need a GTK frontend FOR THEIR INIT SYSTEM?17:38
tilman<3 treach17:38
predatorfreakand D-Bus binding too.17:38
jjpkVictim of sanity? haha.17:38
jjpkSimple, gentoo folk want pwetty gwaphics17:38
predatorfreakI don't use sysvinit myself, but that's just because my choice is runit.17:39
predatorfreakand 'cuz I've prepared a beautiful ass runit environment.17:39
jjpkRemoves their minds from the feeble oblivion of the black screen.17:39
predatorfreakBut if anyone tried to put a GTK frontend around runit.17:39
predatorfreakI'd bash their heads in <_<17:39
predatorfreakWhich reminds me, I need to port my runit stuff to CRUX sometime.17:40
*** Romster has quit IRC17:40
predatorfreakI'm sure I can make a full-blown runit environment for CRUX in a week :)17:40
jjpkAnother init replacement I have heard of is initng.17:40
*** RyoS_ has joined #crux17:41
jjpkSeems a bit abandoned or mishandled, though.17:41
predatorfreakDislike it even more than einit.17:41
*** RyoS has quit IRC17:41
predatorfreakThe format for rc.d-type files is fuckity, in my opinion.17:41
predatorfreakI like the totally-freeform nature of runit or standard sysvinit myself XD17:41
*** bdfy has quit IRC17:42
predatorfreakrunit is also probably the easiest to write files for, I mean, in less time than it takes to make a standard rc.d script for CRUX or Arch or something, I can make a runit sv directory.17:42
predatorfreakand have the service up-and-running.17:42
jjpkReminds me of djb's system.17:43
predatorfreakIt's essentially daemon-tools as init.17:43
predatorfreakIn fact, runit could be used as a straight daemontools replacement.17:44
predatorfreakminit and cinit are nice too, I suppose.17:45
predatorfreakI like the emphasis on file layout in minit and cinit a lot.17:45
predatorfreakMakes everything really predictable.17:45
jjpkI think it was Alan (the kde maintainer) who had replaced sysvinit on his box.17:46
jjpkMentioned it on the mailing list a long time ago.17:46
predatorfreakIf I ever get unlazy enough to kill this installation I'll try to prime up something professional with runit.17:47
predatorfreake.g. a directory for standard services, a directory for the main parts of the boot system, etc.17:47
jjpkInteresting. minit seems to require dietlibc17:52
jjpkAlthough the wording does suggest you could link it against glibc.17:53
jjpkNevermind. :p17:55
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jjpkchannel surfers \o/19:13
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jaegerrbdyck: server sorted out?19:57
rbdyckNot really; there's always something. When I tried to boot from hard drive I got "SCSI BIOS Not installed!". This message had come up before but with a boot CD in it followed that by "SCSI BIOS Installed!"20:09
jaegerperhaps the controller's bios isn't set to active or something20:10
rbdyckI'm not sure what else to check. I get a message "press ^M to enter setup" which brings up PERC BIOS configuration utility. It's one of 4 bios setups available. ^A brings up the Adaptec configuration,which doesn't list any RAID drives. PERC BIOS has Emulation set to I2O rather than Mass Storage. Everything is enabled except Cluster mode.20:14
rbdyckI was going to ask about /etc/lilo.conf, it has 2 entries, boot device and root device. I assume both should be /dev/sda1 after I setup crux there.20:17
Jason5876If I may add,   boot=/dev/hda   and  root=/dev/sda120:29
Jason5876That is,   boot=/dev/sda   not  boot=/dev/hda20:29
predatorfreakI love the internet at times, apparently, Microsoft invented the concept of I/O prioritisation.20:40
predatorfreak(What the fuck?)20:40
jaegerrbdyck: jason's right about the boot/root - as far as the raid controller goes, is there no option that looks like "install scsi bios" or the like?20:42
jaegernot sure what I2O is20:42
jaegerah, that looks like disk scheduling/block stripping stuff, probably not relevant20:43
predatorfreakjaeger: Remind me to "invent" the concept of storing data in tiny blocks on the hard drive, then patent it and sue Microsoft :)20:45
rbdyckI see /etc/lilo.conf also has a line "read-only", should that be removed?20:45
predatorfreakNo wait, they probably already patented that.20:45
jaegerrbdyck: which filesystem did you use?20:45
jaegerpredatorfreak: probably =P20:45
rbdyckMS-DOS verison 1.0 was a direct rip-off of CP/M, version 2.0 ripped off Unix. Windows ripped off Macintosh who ripped off Xerox. What is there that's new?20:47
predatorfreakjaeger: Which reminds me, apparently, you can trademark icons in the U.S.20:49
predatorfreakBecause Microsoft have over 100 trademarks on their freaking icons.20:49
rbdyckThe PERC BIOS is set to emulate I20 (or is it I2O?). I created the partion as a primary partition, it listed as Linux. Then created the file system using mkreiserfs, so it's a ReiserFS. I try to stick to recommended settings when installing anything.20:49
jaegerI'd change read-only to read-write, then20:49
predatorfreakDamn my lack of sleep is getting to me.20:49
predatorfreak-trademark +patent20:50
predatorfreakThey seriously patented icons, which you trademark (there, fixed :P)20:50
rbdyckMicrosoft held-off creating a GUI. Then Digital (not Digital Equipment Corporation) who created CP/M noticed they were loosing to MS-DOS. They tried to stay in business by creating a GUI called GEM. It looked just like Macintosh; Apple sued. Digital's defence was they ripped-off Xerox but Apple claimed it had the "look and feel" of Macintosh. The court ruling required Digital to change the "look and feel" of GEM.20:52
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:52
rbdyckWith that ruling in place Microsoft wrote Windows, ensuring the "look and feel" is unique.20:52
rbdyckhe left anyway20:53
rbdyckWhat does "install=text" mean?20:53
jaegermight be the option to use a splash screen or text boot with lilo, I don't remember for sure... been a long time since I used lilo much20:55
Jason5876Yes, that is it.20:56
rbdyckAh, I hadn't run lilo to "make the system bootable". Trying again...20:58
rbdyckNew message: "LILO Loading CRUX" ... "PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 0000:00:07.121:00
rbdyckall messages:21:01
rbdyckSCSI BIOS Not installed!21:01
rbdyckLILO Loading CRUX....21:01
rbdyckBIOS data check successful21:01
rbdyckUncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.21:01
rbdyckPCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 0000:00:07.121:01
rbdyckKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)21:02
rbdyckThat last message is what it always gives when it can't boot, but usually the block numbers are (0,0)21:02
rbdyckIf there's a boot CD in place it says "SCSI BIOS installed Succesfully!"  The message appears to like it's exclamation point.21:05
jaegerI guess it's the adaptec one doing that, then, not the raid controller21:10
jaegerI didn't realize it was booting, thought it wasn't getting that far21:10
jaegerthe kernel loads but then can't mount the root partition21:10
jaegerso something's missing - support for the raid controller, maybe, or the filesystem? or scsi disk support21:11
rbdyckI didn't get that far until I ran LILO21:11
rbdyckOk, various configuration files I'm not sure about. First /etc/fstab21:28
rbdyckI didn't change it, perhaps I need to enter a device for the reiserfs_root. There are a number of devices commented out21:29
rbdyckSomething still isn't right. I still get "Cannot allocate resource region 4". Could you help me get /etc/fstab right?22:06
rbdyckI'll come back tomorrow.22:48
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