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nipuLwhat a shame, if i do well in this interview i'll have to work on manly beach04:19
vektoriSounds like a place with a lot of testosterone.04:26
nipuLboom ching04:29
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LithiumFXHey everybody04:57
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LithiumFXAnybody use oldfiles to manage port distfiles?05:21
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DarkNekrosevening RedShift ;)06:47
RedShiftehlo DarkNekros06:47
DarkNekrosevening Romster ;)06:47
DarkNekrosI'm sorry RedShift xDD06:48
Romsterhehe best to tab a couple of times or set last person talked order for nick completion06:48
Romsterhi RedShift06:48
Romsterhi DarkNekros06:48
DarkNekrosI know, but some times I forgot xDD06:48
Romsterhad a afternoon sleep06:48
RomsterDarkNekros, thers a option in xchat06:49
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Romsterhi mike_k06:50
DarkNekrosRomster, thanks ;)06:51
mike_khi, Romster06:51
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LithiumFXAnybody had success building wxPython?08:09
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vektoriProbably someone has. People rarely commit broken ports on purpose.08:20
LithiumFXI've tried building 2.8 and 2.608:25
LithiumFXNeither works08:25
LithiumFXI've got all the dependencies08:26
Jason5876I just tried 2.6 and it failed.08:26
vektoriI just tried to start my car. It failed, too. Any suggestions?08:27
LithiumFXvektori, fuck you08:27
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jjpkDetails. Users here are not psychic.08:29
vektoriYou've actually managed to spew seven lines (with one of them being the oh-so-lovely "fuck you") without giving ANY information about the problem.08:29
LithiumFXI'm building wxPython, with wxGTK 2.6.4 (unicode) installed08:29
LithiumFXIt falls over building _core_08:30
vektoriMuch better.08:30
LithiumFXThat's a dump of the error, it continues like that for a while08:30
LithiumFXI've tried more recent wxPython builds, and 2.8 ones08:30
LithiumFXI've tried wxGTK 2.8 for the 2.8 wxPython builds, obviously08:31
LithiumFXUsing Python 2.508:31
LithiumFXSorry about the comment, just found out my cousin is engaged to someone who's 15 years older than her, so not in the best of moods08:31
LithiumFXI'm using gcc 4.1.2 CFLAGS are -march=k8 -msse3 -O2 -pipe08:32
LithiumFX & are the ports I'm using (anything else is from the CRUX repos)08:33
tilmanthat's just warnings afaics08:34
tilmanwhere's the error?08:34
LithiumFXThat's the build log after | grep error08:35
tilmanseems wxpython just sucks08:36
tilmanwxgtk doesn't include that "animate" stuff08:37
tilmanwhereas wxwindows does08:37
LithiumFXI thought wxGTK was wxWindows08:37
LithiumFXWell, I thought the ports were anyway08:37
LithiumFXCould it be Python 2.508:38
LithiumFXAs the wxPython site only lists prebuilt binaries for Python 2.4 (Windows ones are for 2.5)08:38
LithiumFXSo maybe the source is only meant for <=2.408:38
LithiumFXtilman, do you have wxPython installed (or can you build it?)08:39
tilmannope/didn't try08:40
tilmanLithiumFX: when i said 'wxwindows' i meant the codebase that's used on win3208:40
LithiumFXOh, right08:41
tilmani doubt it's related to python 2.508:41
tilmandoesn't look like it08:41
LithiumFXI'm sticking with wxGTK 2.6 since (most) software I use that needs it breaks with 2.808:41
tilmanwxwindows sucks anyway ;p08:41
LithiumFXI want wxPython for that08:42
LithiumFXMetamorphose and Photoshop are the only reasons I've kept a Windows partition08:43
tilmanjesus fucking christ08:44
tilmanoh, a windows program08:45
LithiumFXI'll try a different wxGTK port08:48
LithiumFXThanks for your help tilman & vektori08:51
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rbdyckjaeger, are you there?11:09
rbdyckStill having the boot problem. Can you help?11:12
jaegerwhich one?11:12
rbdyckPCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 0000:00:07.111:15
jaegerIf I had to guess I'd say that's just a warning and isn't the problem11:15
jaegernot sure, though. with that said, it doesn't mean anything to me11:16
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rbdyckThat's the last message before it pauses and generates a panic trap.11:25
jaegeranything before it that looks suspicious?11:25
jaegerlike root-fs mount problems?11:26
rbdyckIt doesn't mount the root fs, that problem occurs when it should do so.11:26
jaegerthat's much more likely the problem than that PCI resource message11:26
rbdyckI says "unpacking linux... Ok, booting" then it generates the PCI message.11:27
jaegerdoes your lilo.conf have quiet in it?11:27
rbdyckShould I comment out that line?11:28
jaegerremoving that will give you more boot info11:28
jaegerbut anyhow, you need a few things:11:28
jaeger1) kernel support for your filesystem AND raid hardware11:28
jaeger2) the correct root= line in /etc/lilo.conf11:28
jaeger3) properly configured /etc/fstab11:28
rbdyckthe full lilo.conf now says:11:29
rbdyck"image", this keyboard needs cleaning11:30
rbdyck# append="quiet"11:30
jaegeris sda1 the correct root partition? your / partition11:30
rbdyckyes. I configured sda with 2 partitions, sda1 has a ReiserFS and sda2 is the swap partition.11:31
jaegerdid you make sure that reiserfs support and the support for your RAID controller (megaraid_legacy) are both built in statically, NOT as modules?11:32
rbdyckthe other logical disk is sdb, I configured the whole thing with one partition, sdb1, with the intention of putting user data there.11:32
jaegerthat's fine11:32
rbdyckUh, yes but I would like to confirm. Where is that again?11:33
jaegerin the kernel configuration11:33
jaegertypically /usr/src/linux-<version>11:37
jaegeryou want to see <*>, not <M> for those options in menuconfig11:41
jaegergotta go to lunch, back later11:43
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treachwhat's left? right, right? ;)12:37
vektoriNo rights left.12:37
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tilmandoes a crux package contain files, items or entries?12:46
teK_files I'd say.12:47
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rbdyckHi. I had looked at your webpage about the kernel config, but hadn't changed it myself. I used your kernel for the boot floppy, but one step of installation rebuilds the kernel. Where is the kernel config? I don't see a linux-
teK_dunno, but maybe there's a /proc/config.gz13:18
rbdyckHmm. I just looked at the Makefile. It includes a line "NAME = Homicidal Dwarf Hamster"13:20
vektoriThat's the name of the kernel release.13:21
treachiow, don't blame us. :)13:25
* vektori hugs treach.13:25
jaegeryou could use the kernel from the floppy if you want but you'll need to add the driver for your network adapter to it, I didn't included any as it needed to be floppy-sized13:25
jaegerotherwise, you build and use your own in /usr/src/linux-<version>13:26
jaegerthe config will also be in /usr/src/linux-<version>/.config if you've built it already13:26
treachvektori: hemm, the pride festival is still going on afaik, but I'm not a participant. :p13:26
rbdyckfound it. The config file name is ".config". I went through the Makefile to find it. It comes up with a ls -a13:26
vektoriCome on man, open your heart.13:26
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rbdyckWhat was the line I had to enable again?13:31
jaegermake sure that and reiserfs are built in <*>, not modules <M>13:34
jaegeras well as SCSI Disk support13:34
rbdyckGoing through menuconfig... MY! there are a lot of options.13:49
rbdyckI assume the "Adaptec AIC7xxx support (old driver) is required and built-in. It wasn't selected.13:50
rbdyckI should be able to trim this to match my hardware, but afraid of taking out something I need.13:51
jaegerbetter to add than remove, most times13:52
jaegeror if you remove, keep a backup kernel handy13:52
rbdyckI have the boot floppy and CD. I still have to boot from them until I get the hard drive kernel to boot.13:52
jaegerI enabled /proc/config.gz on that boot floppy kernel if you want to use it for comparison13:53
jaegerit's missing support for any network cards but otherwise it should work well with your hardware13:53
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rbdyckAhhhhhhh. First successful boot from hard drive.14:00
vektoriMmh. You'll always remember the first time.14:00
rbdyckIf I enable my specific processor family, do I also need Generic x86 support?14:10
jjpkQ: when was the last time you have configured and compiled a linux kernel?14:11
treachhe's not Q, Q is dead. :(14:11
vektoriAh, the days of compiling your own kernel... :(14:12
* vektori gets a handkerchief.14:12
treachyeah, yeah, you windophile. :>14:13
rbdyckNever. I was an application and systems programmer on Unix System V in the mid'80s, did some system administration but didn't build the kernel. I built Ultrix version T2.0 (beta test, prior to first release) from DEC. And I built and optimized QNX systems in 2000/2001. I've never built a Linux system.14:13
tilmanrbdyck: no, you don't need generic x86 spport14:14
rbdyckHow did you know I'm Q? Actually, when I went to the local science fiction convention many Trekkies said I look like Q. So I got a Q costume.14:14
tilmanrbdyck: see the help  texts for each option. most of them are really useful14:14
treachheh, if you actually used those systems, you've got to be his age. :)14:15
tilmanwhat does a Q custome look like? ._o14:15
jaegerlooks like John deLancie (sp)14:15
tilmanthat's not my point ;)14:16
rbdyckQ: Star Trek: The Next Generation captain outfit. It's just a shirt that zips up the back, worn with black pants. You need a black Tshirt underneath because it keeps riding up. Has 4 pips on the collar.14:16
tilmanokay :D14:17
rbdyckI went I went to university 1980-84 we still used punched cards. Actually had dumb terminals with 8" screens logged onto a PDP-11 for first year. Submitted programs to run on the mainframe, got printed output. Second year we used punched cards on the mainframe directly. They upgraded for 3rd year: dumb terminals on the mainframe. Used their own proprietary editor and real-time environment: TSO was just too much of a pig for all those stude14:19
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tilmanrbdyck: btw, there's also a kernel howto, which might help. i don't know whether it's been updated for 2.6 though14:22
tilmanit should be tldp.org14:23
rehabdollblades of glory - movie of the year!14:45
tilmanit's barely august14:53
DarkNekrosnight you all!! ;)14:53
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vektoriI think he's trying to tell us something!15:03
jjpkEmpty lines and more silence. :p15:04
treachactually no.. apparently I managed to focus an off screen window. :/15:28
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rbdyckHey, me again. I went for coffee with a friend. It's summer, gotta enjoy the heat while it lasts. Most of the controller options went away when I completely disabled IDE support. This is an all-SCSI server.15:57
rbdyckThe /etc/fstab has tmp disabled. Should it?15:57
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jaegerthat's fine15:58
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rbdyckOdd. I got the error message "Cannot allocate resource region 4" again, but it scanned the hard drives and booted anyway. It also tried to scan ata1 and ata2 even though I removed IDE support from the kernel. Huh?17:24
jaegerI still think the pci resource thing is a warning, it's obviously not a fatal error17:29
jaegeras for the ata stuff, guess something is left anyhow17:29
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majykanyone know if there is a port for vmware-player for Crux? I've searched but haven't found any. The vmware-workstation port should be close enough but I haven't tried hacking it to work with vmware-player. Just trying to guage if hacking is required or if the work has already been done.22:09
jaegercheck - if not, make one :)22:11
majykI already did22:11
nipuL$ vmware-player22:11
majykas in I already searched22:11
majykif I could make one I wouldn't have asked =P22:11
majykit's a little challenging22:11
nipuLworkstation is in ports if that is of any use22:12
majyknipuL, I know it is22:12
majykthat's why I mentioned it22:12
nipuLpfft, i'm far to busy to read backlogs22:12
nipuLof 3 minutes ago22:12
majykhaha I only asked one question that you responded to, there is nothing else to read22:13
majykeveryone in here must come from the tilman school of smartass22:15
nipuLi don't need some dorky german teaching me how to be a smart arse, i'm australian22:17
majykanyway I'll hack the vmware-workstation port22:18
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