IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-08-04

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DarkNekroshi you all !!!03:30
DarkNekrosgood morning in the morning ;)03:30
tilmani don't want to hurt your feelings03:31
tilmanbut in english, "good morning _inthemorning_" makes no sense at all03:31
DarkNekrostilman, I known xDD03:34
DarkNekrostilman, how we can say good morning, but pointing that it's the morning?03:35
tilmanyou don't!03:35
tilmanDarkNekros: "good morning" at 8 o'clock is as good as "good morning" at 1103:35
DarkNekrostilman, so I cannot?03:36
tilmannot afaik at least03:36
* DarkNekros think about it with buthead sight --> o_*??03:37
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nipuLyay, for 8mbps adsl. downloading the crux iso in 10 minutes is fun05:23
Romsternot so yay for getting 12K/s off sourceforge.05:35
Romsternot even that now..05:35
nipuLwhich mirror?05:36
RomsterDarkNekros, 'gug'05:36
Romsterdunno i'm using the standared dns randompool05:38
Romsterthat's useally fast...05:38
Romsterits the closeist to me to.05:39
Romsterno packet loss either..05:39
* Romster shrugs05:40
Romsteri could use another mirror but it'll get there evently.05:40
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DarkNekrosI have some problems with pkgutils, pango and gkt11:59
DarkNekrosI will paste the error out11:59
rehabdollnot in here you wont11:59
rehabdolluse a pastebin11:59
DarkNekrosdon't worry xDDD12:00
tilmanif it's a missing libarchive  people will be angry12:00
tilmanand by people i mean myself12:00
tilmanand by angry i mean they'll call you names and swear etc12:00
rehabdolli guess there were no problems :D12:07
DarkNekrosyou are going to laught at me, but I have some problems12:13
DarkNekrosI have no idea how to paste the errors if I don't have xfce installed and I'm in console mode :S12:14
treachlynx/elinks + screen12:14
treachyour error must be in a screen window though.12:15
rehabdollbut doesnt he lack BASICS?12:15
DarkNekrosnope, in a tty12:15
DarkNekrosin fact I'm in the begining of the installation, I have made ports -u and a prt-get sysup and I have problems building gtk, pando and pkgutils pakages12:16
DarkNekrosI have tried with prt-get install and also with pkgmk -d12:17
treachjust look at the error. what does it say? Does it say anything about "libarchive", for instance?12:18
DarkNekroswait a minute12:18
tilmanor just "archive"12:19
DarkNekrosI've got it :D12:24
tilmanokay, now.12:26
tilman(19:18) <    treach> just look at the error. what does it say? Does it say  anything about "libarchive", for instance?12:26
tilman(19:19) <@   tilman> or just "archive"12:26
tilmanread that again12:26
* treach hands tilman his baseball bat.12:27
* teK_ takes cover12:27
treachDarkNekros: step one is some thing fails. Make sure you12:27
treach've got all deps.12:27
treachREALLY sure12:27
DarkNekrosand if I need one dep but it fails on install?12:28
treachno it doesn't12:28
DarkNekrosI think gtk needs pango, but it fails also12:28
treachnot related..12:28
tilmanthe crap you pasted was only about pkgutils o_O12:29
treachand I bet that's what fails with gtk/pango too. :>12:29
DarkNekrosyes, treach :D12:29
DarkNekrosso what I have to do?12:30
treachread the errors.12:30
rehabdollinstall libarchive12:30
rehabdolli just couldnt stand watching anymore..12:30
tilmani wonder how many years of yoga it would take to make me face situations like these with a smile only12:30
rehabdollits just too cruel12:30
DarkNekrosbut libarchive is not installed?12:31
treach /o\12:31
rehabdollperhaps crux 2.3.1 should be released containing libarchive? :)12:31
DarkNekrosrehabdoll, perhaps :D12:32
DarkNekrosand where in the error log I can read that I need libarchive?12:32
DarkNekrosor I just see the deps?12:33
rehabdollall erros contain the word "archive"12:33
rehabdollthat might be a clue12:33
tilman(19:26) <@   tilman> (19:18) <    treach> just look at the error. what does it  say? Does it say  anything about "libarchive", for  instance?12:33
DarkNekrosrehabdoll, lol12:33
tilman(19:26) <@   tilman> (19:19) <@   tilman> or just "archive"12:33
tilmani can paste that again should the need arise12:33
tilmanDarkNekros: if a build fails, read Pkgfile and look at the line that says "Depends on"12:33
treachor you could press "up-arrow" ;)12:33
DarkNekrostreach, ;)12:34
tilmantreach: i like how the new timestamp gets added12:34
treachah. right.12:34
tilmanDarkNekros: every entry in that line is a package name that must be present!12:34
DarkNekrosthanks you all ;)12:34
DarkNekrosI will try it :D12:35
DarkNekrosis it sane do a prt-get depinst upgrade pkgutils?12:40
tilmanyou can only have one command12:43
tilmannot two12:43
DarkNekrostilman, I did it and it has installed libarchive :D12:44
teK_[tek@irwin][~]% prt-get depinst upgrade pkgutils12:44
teK_prt-get: no package specified for install12:45
teK_prt-get: installed successfully12:45
teK_DarkNekros: no it's insane12:45
DarkNekrosteK_, lol12:46
treachno it's not sane, it just happens to work anyway..12:46
DarkNekrosanyhow thanks you all ;)12:56
tilmanteK_: eh, that's strange13:00
tilmanteK_: want to find and fix that?13:03
teK_not right now. It's Saturday night! :p13:05
teK_okay it's one of the two saturdays a year I'm actualy going _outside_ at night13:05
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tilmanyou download kde.rsync, copy it to /etc/ports/, and run "ports -u kde"16:59
tilman(from )17:00
eereah yea. thx17:01
treachhappy compiling. :)17:01
tilman"see you in 24 hours"17:02
eerelol yea. ha ha17:02
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DarkNekrosstupid question: what I have to do to install xfce?17:24
treachsame as the guy above, but with the xfce repo.17:25
tilmanstart by visiting the port db (see topic)17:25
tilmanand search for xfce17:26
tilmanthen go to the xfce repo17:26
DarkNekrosthanks ;)17:26
DarkNekrosI was already looking for it17:27
treachheh, it's only 5th from the top of the list..17:29
DarkNekrostreach, what?17:29
treach5th entry17:30
DarkNekrostreach, I see xDD17:30
DarkNekrosI was reading the httpup user manual17:30
DarkNekrosin fact, I'm with xchat in winbug$ and in other pc installing crux ^.^17:31
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treachI once heard a guy being told over the radio to "open his ears and wash them with a pointy piece of soap" after complaining about poor "readability".17:32
treachsometimes I feel like substituting ears for eyes with some people on irc.17:32
treachbut otoh, that would probably be contra productive.17:32
DarkNekrostreach, I misundertand what I read so dont be patient ;)17:33
DarkNekroswith me, of course ;)17:33
treachah, don't take it personal.17:33
treachyou're far from the worst17:34
DarkNekrossepen say so xDD17:34
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treach(btw, I suppose you meant to ask me to be patient.. not being patient is hardly something you have to ask for..:o) )17:35
DarkNekrossepen says Im sometimes like a pain in his ass xDDD17:35
treachI would't know anything about that.17:36
treachI'd say that issue is entirely  between the two of you.17:36
DarkNekrosI'm sooooooo lazy xDDD17:36
treachwrong distro for you then I guess.17:36
DarkNekrosI dont think so, I think its about my old computer17:37
DarkNekrosI've tried some distros but I don't feel free enought as I feel with crux17:38
treachsure. but freedom always have a cost.17:39
DarkNekrosso I think ;)17:40
treachIn this case, you have to know a lot more to effectively operate the system, than if you'd stuck with opensuse, or something.17:40
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DarkNekrosproblems with pango and gtk :S18:02
DarkNekrosI can't compile them18:02
Jason5876Does the compile fail by a mismatched footprint?18:03
DarkNekrosJason5876, how I can know it?18:04
treach... look at the screen?18:04
Jason5876That would be the error message you would get, and it is 90% or more the reason a package fails for me.18:04
tilmanrehabdoll once suggested to make it merely a warning iirc18:05
DarkNekrosuhm... it's says that was moved18:05
tilmanand iirc i even was in favor of that18:05
tilmanDarkNekros: paste the error somewhere18:05
DarkNekroswait a minute18:05
treachtilman: I think we all were for it, "Fatal error" sounds quite a bit more scary than necessary.18:06
tilman$ tda research error->warning in footprint mismatches18:07
treachhowever good ideas are pretty useless if nobody acts on them. :)18:07
tilmancool, that doesn't actually work18:07
treachmaybe something for libpkgutils? ;)18:07
tilmanthe -> sems to fuck up devtodo18:07
treachmissing deps again?18:09
DarkNekrosI don't think so18:09
tilmangrep: /usr/ports/core/expat/work/pkg/usr/lib/ No such file or directory18:10
tilmanwhy the hell does it do that18:10
DarkNekrostreach, I've tried prt-get install _deps_, nut it says that there are already installed18:10
tilmani think it means that some in /usr/lib points at that file18:10
tilmanDarkNekros: grep core/expat /usr/lib/*.la18:11
DarkNekrosI think I will do the entire installation again18:11
DarkNekrostilman, wait a min18:11
treachDarkNekros: It looks like it's looking for expat, which was why I thought you were missing a dep18:11
tilmanlooks like something's wrong with the expat installation, yes18:12
DarkNekrosit all began with my bios date which was outdated :S18:14
tilman<@   tilman> DarkNekros: grep core/expat /usr/lib/*.la18:15
tilmanthese four files are bad18:17
tilmanbecause they reference a port's *working directory*18:17
tilmanwhich only exists temporally, usually18:17
tilmanthe root of te problem is this:18:17
treach"*This* is your computer on drugs"18:17
tilmanDarkNekros: do this:18:18
tilmanDarkNekros: 1.) re-install expat18:18
tilmanDarkNekros: 2.) re-install cairo18:18
tilmanthen it should work18:18
treachnote, make sure you rebuild them, not just reinstall the same package again..18:19
tilmanafter step 1, grep libdir /usr/lib/ and make sure it doesn't point at /usr/ports/core/expat/work/... again18:19
tilmanyeah, good point18:19
DarkNekrostilman, so I do prt-get install -f {expat, cairo} ?18:19
treachI'm not tilman, but the answer is no18:19
tilmani think that will short-circuit compilation18:19
treachprt-get update -fr expat18:20
DarkNekrostreach, ok18:20
tilmanheh, right18:20
treachsame with cairo, of course18:20
tilmanwonder how that happened...18:21
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DarkNekrostilman, It was ly bios date, I'm sure18:22
tilmani don't see how a bad system date could cause this :P18:22
DarkNekrosI don't know either18:23
DarkNekrospethaps when i tried to make a prt-get sysup...?18:23
treachme neither. but I think it's proven that whenever you think something is foolproof, someone comes up with a better fool.. :>18:24
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DarkNekrostreach, xDDD18:24
DarkNekrosreally I don'y know hoq I can do this stupid things xDDD18:25
treach..let me assure we are equally astonished.18:25
tilmani've never seen that problem before anyway18:25
treachsame here18:26
tilmanbut libtool sucks anyway :P18:26
DarkNekrostilman, xDD18:29
DarkNekroswell, I can make stupid problems true :P18:30
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DarkNekrosit works :D18:39
DarkNekrosanother stupid question: what about all the warnings? I know that are warnings, but I don't know if they can broke up the port18:40
tilmanthey are usually safe to ignore18:41
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DarkNekrostilman, treach thank you for your patient ;)   I works!!!  \o/19:05
DarkNekrosnow time to sleep .zZz.19:06
DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)19:06
tilmanindeed, night19:06
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nipuLok, no more burning over wirless20:16
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Roomsternever took me 24 hours to compile kde.20:57
Roomsteroh man what a back log... DarkNekros raelly needs to learn some more.21:02
RoomsternipuL, remote burning a cd?21:02
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