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nipuLRomster: no locally, with a remote iso03:22
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DarkNekrosgood morning you all ;)03:41
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tilmangood morning04:24
tilmanw00t, glib 2.14.0 is out04:28
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tilmanhum hum05:40
tilmancan ps2pdf generate good looking pdfs, too?05:40
DarkNekrosI have new problems installing xfce05:54
DarkNekrosit says that I haven't got xfce pakage05:54
DarkNekrosI've download the rsync file from portdb and put it on /etc/ports and made a ports -u05:55
DarkNekrosI have the xfce directory with all the files and directories05:56
DarkNekrosI can't figure out what's wrong :?05:56
tilmanit's apparently poppler's fault, btw05:56
tilmanit's looking alright in acrobat reader05:56
tilmanDarkNekros: so.05:57
tilmanthere's this language barrier05:57
tilmanand you don't provide details05:57
tilmanso i suggest you *always* paste your full error messages somewhere05:58
DarkNekrostilman, my full error message is: "The pakage 'xfce' could not be found" after doing a prt-get depinst xfce05:58
tilmanthis is a faq05:59
tilmanlet me find it05:59
tilmanprt-get manual:
tilmanDarkNekros: read section 2, Configuration06:00
tilmanwhat you need is near the top06:00
tilmanbut i won't give it away :P06:00
DarkNekrostilman, you are going to hate me xDD06:00
DarkNekrosso, every time I want to add a new rsync file into /etc/ports I have to edit /etc/prt-get.conf, haven't I?06:02
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tilmanDarkNekros: yes06:05
DarkNekrostilman, ;)06:07
mike_kRomster: hi! I guess, you've missed the '-a' switch in the 'usermod -G vboxusers <your_user>' command in the virtualbox README06:08
Romstermike_k, i'm not the maintainer of virtualbox..06:49
RomsterJose is and i think thats sepen.06:50
RomsterDarkNekros, do you even read the handbook.txt file?06:51
mike_kRomster: oh, sorry07:20
DarkNekrosRomster, yes, but I've printed it, so there are some links that I didn't realize :S07:20
tilmanmike_k: Romster is right, jose = sepen :)07:20
DarkNekrostilman, I agree with you ;)07:20
mike_kok, he is not here. I'll drop him a line.07:22
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tilmanmavrick61: did you see my mail about australian isps being blocked at apparently?09:20
Romsteronly to the mail server not anything else as that i'm aware of.09:37
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Romsterhi treach09:45
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jaegeranyone have a laptop with an ATI Xpress 1100 graphics chipset in it?13:09
tilmanwhy are you asking?13:10
jaegerbecause I do too, as of today, and the ati port doesn't seem to like it13:10
tilmanare you after fglrx support or after a free driver?13:11
jaegerI'd like both, sometimes. the xorg driver works fine, at least13:11
tilmanxf86-video-ati doesn't support those newer chips yet13:11
tilmanbut this one does:;a=summary13:11
jaegerit's the same as an xpress 200 with some extra features, as I understand it13:12
tilmanjaeger: could you paste the chunk from lspci -v?13:12
jaeger2d's working fine with xorg-xf86-video-ati13:12
tilmanmmh, i misread13:13
tilmanjaeger: this could help13:14
jaegerI have to reboot into windows to get the ethernet working again after using it in linux once, then rebooting :P13:17
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zbrownAny Crux-PPC users around?13:31
treachafaik, they have their own, mostly italian channel somewhere else.13:34
zbrownOh hrm13:35 or something, haven't seen anyone of them for ages13:35
zbrownwell the channel was empty13:35
zbrownhrm maybe crux-ppc is not the way to go13:35
zbrownguess I will cut my losses there13:36
treach@seen acrux13:42
clbtreach: acrux was last seen in #crux 1 week, 2 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <acrux> jaeger: ok, thanks. Then i'll wait for this new one.13:42
treachthat's one of them, apparently13:42
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tilmanhehe azzuri.net14:07
jjpkWhat is supposed to be?14:13
treachno idea, but iirc the ppc guys had their irc channel there.14:14
jjpkIt does not even lead anywhere.14:15
treach*had* :)14:15
jjpkFrom what it seems, indeed.14:16
jjpkTheir irc was taken underground.14:16
jjpkWho knows, cruxppc is too hot to handle for public consumption. :D14:17
treachbetter watchout so we don't get associated with them. :>14:17
jjpkThere are times when saying two numbers gets it going.14:17
jjpkBefore you even know it, mass hysteria hits and people go apeshit.14:18
* treach adds honeydew melon to things that cats apparently eats..14:19
tilmani thought that was supposed to be joke14:43 :P14:43
tilmanclb: ORLY14:43
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vfuller_hey, can i ask crux questions here?20:41
treachwhy not?20:41
vfuller_well, i'm running 2.3, and i'm having trouble installing audio20:42
nipuLdon't you start20:42
vfuller_err, i can't get my soundcard to work20:42
jaegerwhat have you done so far and which part of it isn't working as expected?20:42
vfuller_here we go...20:43
vfuller_ok, i recompiled the kernel for alsa support20:44
vfuller_then i installed the packages libasound, alsa-driver, and alsa-utils20:45
nipuLare you in the audio group?20:45
vfuller_in the kernel configuration?20:46
nipuLin /etc/groups20:46
treachthat's step 120:46
jaegerfor what it's worth, I recommend against using the alsa-driver port these days. I should add something to that effect to the readme20:46
treachvfuller_: there are some hints in the handbook on this topic, iirc.20:47
treachdid you read it?20:47
jaegerit works fine but it and glibc have conflicting files for some reason20:47
thrice`_I think adding yourself to the audio group will likely fix it20:47
vfuller_okay, sounds good, but should i try oss instead or something??20:48
nipuLit is the most common error new comers encounter20:48
jaegernah, alsa is fine20:48
jaegerbetter than oss by far in most cases20:48
vfuller_yeah, i read the handbook20:48
jaegerI just recommend using the in-kernel drivers instead of the alsa-driver port20:48
vfuller_can't find the sound20:49
vfuller_okay, i'll try group thing20:49
jaegerwhether or not one uses the alsa-driver port, though, the information contained in its README is useful20:50
treachdon't forget the alsa guys are somewhat retarded and mutes the audio by default20:50
vfuller_do i have to mess with the amixer?20:51
jaegerunless you've already done so, yes20:51
jaegeryour sound will be muted if you haven't fixed it already20:52
jaegeralsamixer might be a bit more intuitive alternative20:52
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vfuller_heh, i'm not that newbish20:55
jaegerdidn't mean to be insulting, just a suggestion20:56
vfuller_okay, heh20:56
vfuller_heres something else thats weird20:58
vfuller_ when i try to watch a flash with sound, firefox spits out error messages in the terminal20:59
vfuller_damn, its on another tty, let me type it out20:59
vfuller_ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1351:(_snd_pcm_hd_open) Invalid value for car21:01
jaegerdoesn't mean much to me, sorry21:02
vfuller_well, i'll try the the inkernal drivers, and see how that goes21:03
vfuller_anyways, crux has been good so far, prt-get is amazing21:04
vfuller_thanks for the help21:04
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Romstertilman, misread, thats my job :P23:24
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