IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-08-06

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rxigrr what happened to the detailed search on the portdb :(01:31
Romstersucks don't it..01:50
Romsteri just found something out for all the ck4up users that hate sourceforge01:51
Romsterthe<project> will goto the project id number!01:51
Romsterbut only with prdownloads, dl, don't01:51
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rxisomeone needs to invent remote desktop for xbox360 so i cn play it on holidays :P02:41
wiwanybody here know what the deal is with crux and texinfo docs?02:42
wiwi find the infos for gcc, bison, flex, etc. invaluable and it seems i'm missing them02:44
tilmanyes, crux 2.3 doesn't have texinfo02:44
tilmanthere's a texinfo port in contrib though02:44
rxijdolan_: you awake?02:44
wiware there plans to integrate it into the core in the future?02:46
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DarkNekroshi you all !!04:29
DarkNekrosgood mrning ;)04:29
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Romsterhi DarkNekros05:11
Romsterhi sepen RedShift jjpk mike_k rxi05:12
sepenmorning all05:12
Romsterhi tilman (s your not left out :)05:16
Romstertilman, any reason why wxgtk is not current? i rebuilt mine but looks like i'll have to rebuild it with 2.6 compatability. for scorched earth.05:17
tilmanaon: can you update wxgtk?05:18
tilmanRomster: talk to aon05:18
Romsterah he is on but away, i wasn't sure whos nick that port belonged too05:18
Romsterta tilman i'll email aon if he isn't awake/here soon.05:19
tilmanaon is serving his military service atm, so some delays in ports updates should be expected05:19
jjpkRomster: aon is in the military, e-mail is your best bet.05:20
Romsterah thats right i'll email05:20
Romsteri've made a port of my own for now but i'll still contact aon via email.05:20
treachcarrier pigeon? :>05:20
tilmanRomster: did you see the wxgtk errors that lithiumfx reported a few days ago?05:21
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tilman2.8.something didn't even build for him iirc05:21
Romsteri think it was wxpython that wouldn't build05:22
Romsteri got wxgtk and wxpython to build.05:22
tilmanoh, right05:22
Romsterthink i'll throw wxpython in contrib but it won't work with aons wxgtk :/05:23
Romsteri'd get flamed if i throwed wxgtk in contrib too.05:23
Romsteri made it unicode to.05:24
Romsteroh yeah you probablly noticed gtkmm update. among the rest.05:25
RedShiftsup Romster05:25
Romsternot alot messing with this new wxgtk/wxpython seeing if i haven't borked anything.05:25
tilmani wonder whether clb should announce port updates in this channel05:27
tilmanand whether he also should look after contrib05:27
Romsterhmm i find there ok in devel but not amny are in there.05:27
tilmancome again? :P05:27
tilmanoh, you meant they're05:28
Romsteri find the notices in #crux-devel is ok but becasue i'm in there.05:28
Romsterisn't hard todo a ports -u every day to se changes, or hit the git web.05:28
vektoriRSS FTW!05:28
Romstersupose it wouldn't hurt to anounce them in here.05:30
Romsterhrmm ok i borked another program yay for creating a problem.05:32
jjpkTroubeshooting is fun isn't it...05:34
treachsometimes it feels more like the trouble is shooting you. :/05:35
jjpkFind a solution for one problem, yet another problem pops up immediately.05:35
treachthat's a good case..05:35
jjpktreach: there are those times as well.05:35
treachsometimes, fix one problem, have 3 or more others popping up. :/05:36
treachbecause the first one "fixed" the other ones..05:36
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jdolan_rxi, am now.  what's up?06:30
Romsterodd ballencing06:33
Romsteri always mess up their/there/they're.06:35
treachand "balancing"06:35
Romstersee more reason i can not spell.06:36
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treachthat's a consequence, not a reason06:36
Romstermaybe i figured out why aon didn't update wxgtk.. breaks other things...06:38
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rxijdolan_: just curious about q1/q2 .. is that the full game in your port?07:26
jdolanrxi, if i recall i separated them into data vs engine ports.07:27
jdolanso the quake2 port just provides a clean way to install the game data.07:27
jdolanthen there are engine ports: quake2-icculus, quake2forge, and quetoo (my engine)07:27
jdolanrxi, really if you're hankering for some Quake lovin you should check out http://quake2world.net07:27
rxisweet thanks .. on holidays with my lappy and im bored :P07:28
rxijust want some sp action07:28
jdolanah i see.  q2w has no sp.07:30
rxiyeah thought that might be that case07:31
jdolanit's pure hardcore dm07:31
rxiso i need quake2 and quake2forge?07:32
jdolanyea that'd be the way to go for q2 sp on crux.07:33
rxiand the same with  q1?07:33
jdolani'm willing to bet you'll have to modify the Pkgfile and pass --disable-warn to ./configure for recent gcc, btw.07:33
rxiahh .. quakeforge only gives me the rc file07:35
rxitrying q2 now but looks like the id ftp max's out at 16k07:39
jdolanyou could google the filename and find a faster mirror i'm sure.07:47
rxiyeah im in no hurry07:49
rxiyou know the quake2forge and quake2 ports get the same file?07:50
jdolando they?  hm :-/07:57
jdolani don't maintain my ports anymore.07:58
jdolani'm still running CRUX 2.2 and 2.1 :)07:58
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bdfyHi ALL!!08:33
bdfyI had any problem with pkgmk :(
bdfyI don't understand08:36
bdfyCan somebody look at it& Thanks08:36
bdfyCan somebody look at it?08:36
vektoriThe patch file is probably not listed in the source array.08:37
vektoriAnd therefore not copied to the work directory.08:37
bdfyvektori: Is there wrong patch-file?08:37
vektoriWell, take a look at the Pkgfile and see if the patch is listed there.08:38
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bdfyvektori: One moment..08:38
vektoriYeah, it's missing.08:39
tilmannot there08:40
bdfyvektori: There is wrong Pkgfile&08:41
vektoriThe package needs two patches: mc-4.6.1-bash_3_2.patch  mc-4.6.1-utf8.patch08:41
vektoriThe Pkgfile has only this: $name-$version-bash_3_2.patch08:41
vektoriYou need to add $name-$version-utf8.patch there.08:42
vektoriAnd tell the maintainer about it.08:42
bdfy ls says that patch here08:43
bdfyPath exist. Pkgfile was corrected my08:43
j^2morning all08:44
vektoriYes, patch there, but patch not listed in Pkgfile.08:44
vektoriMorning j^2.08:44
bdfyI listing patch in Pkgfile:
bdfyj^2: Good evening :)08:45
vektoribdfy: It still only has $name-$version-bash_3_2.patch.08:45
vektoriYou need to list the utf8 patch in the "source" part.08:46
bdfygrep 'utf' Pkgfile08:47
bdfypatch -p1 -i $SRC/$name-$version-utf8.patch08:48
vektori16:46 <@vektori> You need to list the utf8 patch in the "source" part.08:48
bdfyI am so stuppid Oh I don't understand ..08:48
bdfyvektori: I am need to pach source.tar.bz2 ? This is wrong patch?08:49
Romeo-i think you have to edit the Pkgfile08:50
vektoriOkay, let's get obvious. You have this:08:50
vektorisource=($name/$name-$version.tar.gz \ $name-$version-bash_3_2.patch)08:50
vektoriIt needs to be like this:08:50
vektorisource=($name/$name-$version.tar.gz \ $name-$version-bash_3_2.patch $name-$version-utf8.patch)08:50
bdfyvektori: Thanks!!08:52
vektoriYou're welcome.08:52
vektoriAlthough I feel like I've given a man a fish instead of teaching him how to fish himself.08:53
tilmani'm thankful anyway08:53
* thrice` agrees08:54
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bdfyvektori: I dont understand.. I need pach MC, wen I build hi from port09:24
bdfyCan You look at it? Thanks.09:25
* tilman does a dance09:25
thrice`bdfy: it has to go in the "source09:30
bdfythrice`: What I can do?09:31
thrice`add it to the source array09:31
thrice`any patches you use in the port have to be listed in the md5sum (which you've done), and the source=(...) of the Pkgfile (which you haven't)09:32
jjpkvektori already said what you have to do. He even did the work for you. :o09:35
bdfythrice`: mc-4.6.1-utf8.patch is listed in the .md5sum09:35
bdfySorry :( Sorry for My English09:35
jjpkThe .md5sum is created by pkgmk, you should not edit it by hand.09:36
thrice`yes, but not in the Pkgfile's source array, as I mentioned09:36
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jjpkSomething tells me this is not ending well. :D09:37
thrice`I don't know how else to explain it09:37
jjpkYou explained it well imo.09:38
thrice`not as detailed as vektori already did :)09:38
jjpkYou put the ball in his court, see what happens next.09:38
jjpkA bit of clarification to vektori's example.09:40
jjpkEither way, I'm afraid it fell to deaf ears.09:42
jjpkWhat can you do when the user is unwilling to read documentation? :s09:44
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Romsteryikes my head hurts reading all of that.10:05
treachdon't then.10:06
Romsterto late :P10:10
Romsterdo you have to correct everything..10:11
treachyeah. :)10:11
RomsterIt's IRC not a resume10:11
treachor maybe you could tell me the way to "late"?10:11
* Romster facepalms10:12
* treach makes another mark on the keyboard.10:13
RomsterNow that would be interesting and confusing at the same time.10:13
treachI guess that's how you "score" on irc. :p10:14
treachand btw, it's a "resumé" iirc. resume is something else.10:16
* treach runs 10:16
Romsteri odn't have easy access to that e.10:16
Romsterwikipedia says the tick is above both e's but some others say it's only the last e, i can't figure what is right there,10:17
RomsterOT anyways.10:17
treachI was just joking anyway. :)10:18
Romsteryeah i know.10:19
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bdfyYeah! Its work! I forgot "source=" in Pkgfile. Thanks for All!10:22
bdfyBut I will be more experimental in the future!10:25
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loupgaroublondRomster, ping11:32
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loupgaroublondRomster, ping12:07
Romsteri'm here... drats i typed if you wanted something then no reply so i went to get food and a drink.12:07
loupgaroublondRomster, never saw it :P, no worries :)12:08
loupgaroublondwell, hello12:08
Romsterwhats up?12:08
loupgaroublondanyways, remember a bit back, i was asking if you had any interest in running smolt in crux?12:08
Romsterhmm thats awhile ago and i'll need to refresh my memory on smolt but i recall talking to you.12:09
loupgaroublondit's the hardware database project we're doing in Fedora12:10
Romsterah thats right hardware profiler now i remember12:10
Romsterand yes i have a interest in it.12:11
Romsteryeah got the site up now.12:11
loupgaroublondawesome :), someone helped us support it on Crux and relatives12:11
Romsterits designed with plugins for the backend of its work right?12:11
loupgaroublondit isn't 'plugins' yet, though we're moving towards that12:12
loupgaroublondhopefully he'll have the ebuild for us to stick in the repo as well12:12
loupgaroublondsorry, packagebuild12:12
Romsterloupgaroublond, are you mmcgrath ?12:13
loupgaroublondnope, that's mmcgrath XD12:14
loupgaroublondi'm ynemoy12:14
Romsterah k, well i can do a Pkgfile when its ready to try it out.12:17
Romsterah k12:17
loupgaroublondit is12:18
loupgaroublondthe latest commit is mostly stable, we'll have to put it through QA, but i want to make an interim community release for other distros before Fedora 8 comes out12:18
Romsterso you got a CRUX pc to test it out on?12:18
loupgaroublondnot here :/, i'll be setting up a VM later12:19
Romsterah k.12:20
Romsterloupgaroublond, you don't have a channel on freenode for your project?12:20
Romsterah you do.12:21
loupgaroublondjust #fedora-admin12:21
Romstershould move this chat to there. #smolt12:21
Romsterah heh but i'm no fedora-admin so it isn't my place there :)12:22
loupgaroublondme neither, i'm just an intern12:22
loupgaroublondbut the cool people definitely stop by there from time to time12:22
Romsterah i see.12:24
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j^2Sign out14:50
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treachAug  6 22:19:43 thing kernel: raid1:md2: read error corrected (8 sectors at 129134544 on sda6)15:31
treachAug  6 22:19:43 thing kernel: raid1: sdb6: redirecting sector 129134536 to another mirror15:31
treachat least it was mirrored. :/15:31
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jjpktreach: another buggered hd?15:56
treachyeah. :/15:56
jjpkIt could have not been that long ago that you said the same.15:57
treachit's not unexpected, it's the other one.15:58
treachI bought 2 of the same model at the same time.15:58
jjpkSuppose it is a good thing that it was not entirely unexpected.15:59
jjpkI have two different hd brands in raid.16:00
jjpkWaiting for that to give me the blues.16:00
jjpkSo far so good, but I probably jinxed myself now.16:00
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treachmmh, trying to use a browser to order a replacement from a system that is somewhat busy remapping blocks isn't such a good idea after all.. :/16:02
jjpkProbably not the very best idea, no.16:03
jjpkAs long as it holds up, no problem.16:03
jjpkBut that is something you already know, I hope. :)16:03
jjpkNow to spend even more money.16:05
treachmmh. indeed.16:05
treachand no budget for it currently. :/16:06
treachof course, I migth add.16:06
ssimon(a comment for the statistics ;)16:06
jjpkgood night ssimon.16:07
treachssimon sspoke. that's rare. :)16:08
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jjpkX locked up and took the system with it. o_o16:13
treachmh, had the same experience here earlier, thougth it had something to do with my bad hd.16:14
treachmaybe it hadn't..16:14
treachI think tilman reported such issues as well.16:14
jjpkI was looking at a video with mplayer -vo xv, this is not the first time it has locked up everything.16:15
tilmanjjpk: interesting, i was seeing the same16:15
tilmanjjpk: what kind of codec/format?16:15
tilmanplanar YV12 maybe?16:16
jaegercurse that fickle planar YV12!16:16
jjpkI see that message on about everything I watch.16:16
tilmantreach: what i mentioned yesterday was just a basic x crash. i didn't have to reboot16:16
jjpkmpg or avi, both have taken it down.16:16
treachah. k16:16
tilmani had a theory it was related to that16:16
jjpkmplayer -vo x11 seems not to have any problems.16:16
tilmanyeah, well.16:17
jjpkor -vo sdl for that matter.16:17
tilmanthat's not accelerated16:17
jjpkI realize that much. :p16:17
tilmanxv uses your card's backend scaler(s) (BES)16:17
jjpkHardware rather than software doing the displaying. :p16:18
tilmankind of ;D16:19
jjpkAt least this is not some full high definition that requires full hardware support.16:20
jjpkOh well, I'll live. :D16:22
tilmani should file a bug for that crap16:22
tilmani find it highly annoying16:22
tilmani can reproduce it easily, too16:22
jjpkThis is on a laptop, using the i810 (or is it intel these days?) driver.16:23
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tilmani'm distracted16:28
tilmani just assumed you were using the radeon driver, too16:28
jjpkUnfortunately I do not have any ATI hardware.16:31
tilmanintel is probably better anyway16:32
jjpkUp to now, at least. :P16:32
jjpkNormally this has never given problems.16:32
tilmanyou should definitely report it16:33
jjpkYeah. There is something disturbingly wrong ffs.16:37
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jaegerno luck with this radeon xpress 110017:55
jaeger(for 3d, that is)17:55
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Romsterhmm whos leading the market nowdays socket 775 intel or am2 amd?20:23
Romsteron cpu's20:23
treachhard to see any point in "who's leading"20:27
treachget what you need for the amount of money you're prepaired to spend, after looking at your workloads.20:28
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vfuller_hello, anyone alive?21:21
vfuller_hey, i was hear yesterday asking for sound help21:30
vfuller_and i haven't gotten too far, is there any how to's online on how to get sound working from scratch?21:30
vfuller_i've done some google stuff, but all the guides are a couple of years old21:31
vfuller_does anyone have any good suggestions?21:31
wiwhow is your sound not working?21:31
jaegerusing alsa?21:32
vfuller_yes, trying to21:32
vfuller_i'll try to play something in mplayer, but it complains theres no sound device21:32
jaegerhave you read the README file for alsa-driver? it lists good entries for your rc.modules and modprobe.conf files21:32
vfuller_sure haven't21:32
jaeger1) configure rc.modules and modprobe.conf, 2) set mixer levels (amixer or alsamixer), 3) make sure your user is in the audio group in /etc/group21:33
jaegershould be that simple, really21:34
wiwwhat's it say in /proc/asound/cards?21:34
thrice`udev might even take care of the modules for you21:35
jaegerwell, kernel module autoloading would, not udev :)21:35
vfuller_/proc/asound/cards doesnt exist21:36
jaegerit should after the proper modules are loaded21:37
vfuller_ah, terminal's messed up21:42
*** vfuller_ has quit IRC21:42
*** vfuller has joined #crux21:44
vfullerokay, i'm installing the alsa-driver package21:47
vfullerdo i have recompile the kernel with the alsa-driver modules?21:48
jaegeryou can use the alsa-driver port OR the in-kernel drivers but not both21:49
jaegerwhich one you use is up to you, really21:49
jaegerif you use the alsa-driver port, you need to rebuild the port AFTER you change kernels or rebuild your current kernel and modules21:50
vfulleri built alsa-driver using a tutorial but it didnt work21:54
vfulleris there still modules and other stuff i should delete before i rebuild21:55
jaegerif you rebuild the old stuff should be overwritten21:57
vfullerright, right21:59
vfullerso once the kernel is compiling i have to rebuild alsa-driver?21:59
jaegerafter the kernel has been built and new modules installed22:00
jaegerpart of the kernel recompilation process is the 'make modules_install' part22:00
jaegerthat step replaces the modules in /lib/modules/<kernel-version>22:00
vfullerokay, makes sense22:00
jaegerso any port that puts modules there (alsa-driver, nvidia, ati, madwifi, ndiswrapper, fuse, etc.) needs to be rebuilt after a new kernel build is done22:01
vfullerso the /sbin/modprobe loads modules?22:04
vfulleri'm reading the readme22:05
vfullerare those the modules in /lib/modules/<kernel-version>22:05
jaegeryes and yes22:05
vfullergreat, this kernel stuff is starting to make sense! i may have been making it too complicated22:06
*** vfuller has quit IRC22:14
Romsterwtf thats a new one.22:30
Romstereh wrong channel22:30
*** vfuller has joined #crux22:37
vfullerjaegar, you still here?22:38
vfullertheres lots of modules for me to choose from22:39
vfulleri have an intel motherboard chipset22:40
vfullerbut, i don't know the best one to choose22:40
jaegerfor audio or in general?22:40
vfullerfor audio22:41
vfulleri general i mean22:41
vfulleris there one that will work for most of them22:41
jaegerwell, there's IDE, AGP, Audio, etc.22:43
jaegerjust need to figure out which matches your hardware22:43
jaegeror use a generic kernel like the one on the boot CD22:43
jaegerthe more times you build your kernel the better you'll get at sorting out what's useful and not, of course22:49
vfulleroh yeah, i got the kernel part22:50
vfulleri'm editing /etc/rc.modules22:50
vfulleri'm trying to pick the one that modprobe will use22:50
jaegerwhat does 'lspci | grep -i audio' show you?22:51
vfuller00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 01)22:53
jaegeryou probably want snd-intel8x0, then22:54
vfullerokay good, the readme suggests that one22:54
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vfullerokay done23:03
vfullerlets see if this works23:03
*** vfuller has quit IRC23:03
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vfullerthe startup segfaulted when i loaded snd-pcm-oss23:22
vfullerwhy is this si hard!23:23
vfullerdmesg says they're all unknown symbols23:26
vfullerdo i have to give the full path to modprobe in the rc.modules file?23:27
jaegerit doesn't hurt to but if you see those unknown symbol messages, modprobe isn't the problem. some other module is missing, perhaps, or kernel support23:29
jaegerhopefully you can tell my the missing symbols but maybe not23:31
vfullerheh, i don't know that much23:36
vfulleri did comment a module out because it was segfaulting on startup23:42
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