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vfullerwell, whatever00:33
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DarkNekroshi you all !!02:30
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DarkNekrosgood morning ;)02:30
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rxiprologic: you around mate?06:47
prologicI sure am06:48
prologicwhat's up ?06:48
rxicould you tell me if is pointed at my ip?06:51
prologic$ host has address
prologicit is on my name servers06:52
prologicbtw, network was down for 4 days while I was moving06:52
prologicFriday till today06:52
rxiahh .. i didnt notice :)06:52
prologicgood :)06:53
prologicnot planning to move again for a while06:53
prologicleast not till I'm married :)06:53
mike_kprologic: you can't really plan anything after a marridge06:55
prologiccourse not :)06:56
tilmani can't figure out why vim automatically sets syn=sh for Pkgfiles06:58
tilmanit's not an autocommand06:58
tilmanit's not a filetype plugin06:58
tilmanwhat else could it be?06:58
tilmanah, i suck06:59
tilmanit's a line in ~/.vim/filetype.vim06:59
tilmanshould have grepped for Pkgfile06:59
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nipuLfroot, just got back from sydney07:39
nipuLleft yesterday at 4:30pm07:39
rxidid you walk?07:41
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thrice`tilman: I also (I saw jaeger's comment) find ati xorg driver 6.6.193 to work well, although I had to declare a mandir in configure to get them to go to the correct location07:42
nipuLi had a job interview07:42
nipuLso we drove07:42
rxioh left armidale yesterday07:43
nipuLand now im going to bed07:46
tilmanthrice`: okay07:51
tilmanthrice`: but since that's a pre-release/rc, i probably won't put it in ports07:51
thrice`tilman: fine fine ;)07:51
thrice`it doesn't seem that distrowatch is tracking our ports properly08:00
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tilmanmy domain hoster sucks08:07
tilmandoesn't let me configure subdomains08:07
tilmanwhich i need.08:07 could be an option, right?08:07
tilmananyone have any experience with them?08:07
vektoriI use ZoneEdit, which is nice.08:07
tilmani *could* host my own nameserver, but i'd rather not08:08
tilmanvektori: i'll have a look08:08
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treachman, I *really* wish there was a sane gtk alternative for firefox. :/10:07
tilmantheir slogan could be: "at least it has a cool name!"10:08
treachstill have to build firefox for that, and it's not very stable either imo.10:08
thrice`yeah, my ff is using alot of cpu for some reason, pretty regularly10:25
thrice`maybe i've just never looked before10:25
tilmanwell, i guess kazehakase is our best choice10:25
tilmanso go report crash bugs etc10:26
thrice`lol.  my bug submission:  it takes about 50 minutes to build, which is too slow.  can you make this less?10:26
tilmani meant kazehakase10:26
tilmani doubt the firefox people would take "too much bloat!" kind of bug reports seriously10:27
thrice`yeah, probably not =]10:27
thrice`plus they do provide binary builds, so build time wouldn't be valid10:27
tilmani *hope* they will make firefox depend on gnome one day10:27
tilmanthen much more people will go look for alternatives :)10:28
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treachwell, you're supposed to be able to build kazehakase with the gtk-webkit stuff, but I've never tried that10:29
treachit doesn't adress the issue of kazehakase being very immature, and probably only adds more bugs. :/10:30
tilmanprobably schmobably10:35
tilmango report bugs if you want things to improve10:35
treachthat's silly.10:36
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Romstermorning all13:28
jjpkMorning Romster.13:30
sepenhere 20:4213:41
jjpkIt is morning in australia. :p13:43
jjpkAt leat in the eastern part. :D13:45
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tilmanThis is another ati driver RC aimed at server 1.3. Still not randr-1.2.15:54
tilman> It contains a bunch of fixes for the upcoming (I swear) 6.7 release.15:54
thrice`is that the 193 ?15:55
jaegerI'm running 193 on the laptop, works well so far15:55
jjpkThey just take their time, don't they?15:55
tilmanthe radeon driver is a beast that doesn't get much loving15:56
tilmannobody wants to maintain it officially15:56
jaegerit would get love if it exercised more15:56
tilmanin one release announcement, dave airlie signed it with:15:56
* treach imagines the driver doing push-ups15:56
tilman"and i'm still sooo not the maintainer!!"15:56
tilmanradeon's randr-1.2 driver is really cool15:57
tilmanand the authors are really good guys ;)15:57
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DarkNekros_night you all ;)17:24
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surrounderhi ladies!19:22
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* loupgaroublond throws a high heel at surrounder20:04
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