IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-08-08

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rxiprologic: you around again?01:35
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DarkNekroshi you all01:50
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DarkNekrosgood morning ;)01:50
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prologicrxi, pong03:37
rxiprologic: in regards to my domain .. is the mx record pointed to my ip?03:43
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prologic$ host -t MX mail is handled by 10
prologic$ host has address
rxithanks .. i should have done that myself03:48
prologicyes you should have :)03:48
prologicif you need me to update anything I'll gladly do that :)03:49
jjpkIf your smtp is running on a consumer grade connection, I hope the admins are oblivious. :D03:50
prologicmy isp lets me run all my shit :)03:53
prologicplus 2 /29 blocks03:53
jjpkThe average isp around here gives you 5 dynamic ips.03:55
jjpkBut oh forbid if you want a static ip.03:55
jjpkIt certainly does not help that these people have no fucking concept of price competition.03:57
prologicmy isp ain't particuarly that cheap03:58
prologicbut I pay it03:58
prologicthey're reliable and one of the only ones that'll let me run servers and give me /29 blocks03:58
jjpkI will have to consider purchasing a virtual server one of these days.04:00
prologicwhat would you pay ?04:02
prologicI could host a vm server for you on my network!04:02
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jjpkI can just barely imagine how much the bank would fuck over on money transfers haha :D04:05
prologiceh ?04:07
prologicwhy would they ?04:07
jjpkDoes greed count for an explanation? :D04:10
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sepenany alternative to phpicalendar that uses .ics files??05:37
vektoriGoogle Calendar. :P05:41
sepenmmm Im need it for use it at office05:43
sepenI should install it to be accesible from my lan, not inet05:44
jjpkGoogle this and google that.05:56
tilmanwe welcome our new (well, not really) google overlords05:57
* jjpk does not.05:58
jjpkIn fact, time to get the gun.05:58
jjpkI see...05:59
jjpkFirefox decides to freeze right there and then.05:59
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treachthere's always elinks. :p06:02
jjpkMight be an option sooner or later.06:05
jjpkSooner, I would hope. :D06:06
jjpkbbl, I have an errand.06:06
tilmandoes dovecot have a bug that doesn't allow you to create mailboxes with a dash in them?06:09
tilmann/m, i'm an idiot ;P06:12
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prologicI'm a little concerned that you've called yourself an idiot quite a few tmies over the last few weeks tilman :)06:33
tilmani have become self-conscious (sp?)06:33
prologicis there anything wrong with being self-conscience anyway ?06:35
nipuLwell, looks like i'll be moving to manly06:35
prologicmy gf seems to confuse this with being "scared" :)06:35
prologicnipuL, congrats06:35
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nipuLbut have you seen the rent there?06:35
prologicnot my problem :)06:36
prologicyours now!06:36
nipuLyeah yeah06:36
prologicI'm paying $275/week here :)06:36
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prologicjust moved a few days back06:36
nipuLhow many rooms?06:36
prologic2 story06:36
prologicquite a nice place ihmo I'm loving it06:36
nipuLwe're paying $225 here06:37
nipuLsomething similar in manly would be like 800+06:37
prologicI hope thy're paying you well then06:37
nipuLnot well enough to live in manly06:37
nipuLeven the owner can't afford to live there06:37
prologiccould be a problem06:37
prologicthe owner of the company ?06:38
prologicwell move to where it's cheaper and live with the travel time06:38
nipuLand the business operates from 3 locations06:39
prologic800+/week is almost going to be what you'd likely get paid!06:39
prologicI generally live by "don't rent more than 40-50% of your income"06:39
nipuLaim for 35%06:39
prologicI'm painy 23% atm06:39
prologicso I'm happy06:39
jjpkNot too bad. How much is the average effective tax rate on income in .au, btw?07:06
nipuLdepends on how much you make07:19
jjpkLet's say you were to make about 50 thousand .au $ yearly.07:26
nipuLif you were right on 50k, you'd pay ~$9600 income tax07:30
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jjpkSuppose you could say that is somewhat sensible.07:35
jjpkThat's nice. Non-residents get milked.07:37
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nipuLdepends on who you talk to07:44
nipuLsome people, mainly the rich ones hate the progressive tax system07:45
jjpkNaturally. They have more income to be taxed.07:45
jjpkIf you were to put a flat income tax, the rich would essentially pay less in proportion than others.07:46
jjpkOf course, that is assuming everyhting gets taxed at a flat rate, no matter if it were capital gains or wages.07:47
jjpkThe Finnish system has the smell of envy written all over it.07:53
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jjpkThen again, it is expected when you have a democracy and people who do not understand basic market concepts.07:58
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bdfyHi!! Is there somebody using slim display-manager?14:02
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bdfytilman: I can't log as user, but i can log as root :(14:04
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bdfytilman: slim can't start session as user :(14:07
bdfyI can't understand..14:08
tilmanbut you can run 'startx' as user?14:15
bdfytilman: Yes. Startx is work correctly14:16
bdfy-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3853 2007-07-11 22:21 /usr/bin/startx14:17
tilmani believe i've heard of that problem before14:17
tilmanlet me search my irc logs14:17
bdfytilman: Thanks. I am waiting..14:17
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tilmanbdfy: does /var/lib/xkb exist? it's probably not related, but...14:19
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tilmanbdfy: is there any error message?14:20
bdfyls -l /var/lib/xkb -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 644 2007-03-01 10:18 README.compiled14:21
bdfytilman: There is no any messages..14:21
tilmanso what happens when you try to login?14:21
tilmanin slim14:21
bdfyBut login screen start again when I log as user14:22
bdfyAnd session cant start14:22
bdfyOnly screen and screen again14:22
tilmanthen it's probably a configuration problem\14:25
tilmansee the line with login_cmd in /etc/slim.conf?14:26
tilmanby default it will start ~/.xinitrc14:26
bdfytilman: But root can log to session..14:26
tilmanso make sure you exec your window manager in ~/.xinitrc14:26
bdfy-rwxrw-r-- 1 ivan users 10 2007-08-05 11:07 /home/ivan/.xinitr14:27
bdfy-rwxrw-r-- 1 ivan users 10 2007-08-05 11:07 /home/ivan/.xinitrc14:28
bdfy cat ~/.xinitrc exec ion314:28
RyoSwell then?14:28
tilmanis ion3 in your path?14:29
bdfyM.b. I need to do: "chmod 774 /home/ivan/.xinitrc"?14:29
tilmanat that point?14:29
tilmani'm sure it's the path14:29
tilmanexec /usr/bin/ion314:29
tilmanor wherever it is14:29
bdfyOh! It,s good idea!!!14:30
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treacha bit of an improvement, atleast. I think he's the one who confused "thanks" and "tanks" in the past. :>16:48
jjpkIf you say so :D16:49
jjpkIt is too fucking hot to sleep. :s16:49
treachIt is?16:50
treach18.3 C outside. :/16:50
treachfrankly, this "summer" we've had more use for umbrellas than parasolls. :>16:51
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jjpkEither my mind is playing games, but it is terribly hot and uncomfortable in this room.16:52
tilmanwe had a nice autumnish day, too16:52
jjpkHmm. It is supposed to rain in the following days.16:53
treachjjpk: too little ventilation, and too many computers in the room? :p16:53
jjpkVentilation is a problem in every room.16:53
treachyou know, windows isn't necessarily associated with computers. :p16:54
treachs /isn't/aren't/16:54
treachonly problem is that you tend to get in wasps or other insects, and then you have cats high an low. :D16:55
jjpkI suppose it is good to not have any pets around.16:56
treachnah, they are great company. I only worry about them actually catching a wasp some day.16:57
treachthat would probably not be healthy16:57
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jjpkNot too much, no.16:58
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Romstertreach hasn't heard of fly screens!20:07
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nipuLor bug spray22:41
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